25 International Gifts For Whiskey Lovers Who Travel

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So you are looking for the best gifts for whiskey lovers, right? Well, first of all, you came to the right place! In this post, I will share my 25 best whiskey gifts for the whiskey enthusiast on your shopping list. But, I will even go beyond your regular whiskey-lover gifts.

I gathered the most awesome international whiskey gifts to take your whiskey-drinking friend or relative from Ireland, to India, to the USA, and back to Scotland! On top of that, I also included some useful gifts for a whiskey lover who is about to leave for a trip, so they can take it with them!

Are you curious about the best international gifts for whiskey lovers who travel? Let’s check them out!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts by budget.

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25 travel whiskey gifts

Gifts for whiskey lovers for large budgets

#1 DIY whiskey-making kit

Barrel for whiskey
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This whiskey-making kit is perfect for whiskey lovers who would love to start distilling their own whiskey! They can choose to make Kentucky bourbon whiskey or Highland malt whisky (or rum, though I would assume a whiskey lover picks a whiskey)

#2 Whiskey globe decanter

Whiskey globe decanter
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best gifts for whiskey lovers who travel across the globe; a globe decanter that can hold a full bottle of whiskey!

It’s a cool home decoration and it contains whiskey. What else could they ask for?

#3 Whiskey-tasting gifts

A white box with 21 openings for whiskey bottles
Photo courtesy of Flaviar

Of course, if you are looking for the best whiskey lover gifts, then tasting sets are always the best solution. And this set of 21(!) different whiskeys is by far the best and most complete set you can give. It’s the perfect advent calendar for any whiskey enthusiast! This is also noticeable by the price tag, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s the perfect gift.

#4 Whiskey-tasting experience gifts

One of the best gifts for whiskey lovers who are planning a trip around the world is a whiskey-tasting experience abroad. If you know their itinerary you can book an experience on Viator for them.

#5 Whiskey smoker kit

Whiskey smoker kit with a torch
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looking for the perfect gift for a whiskey lover? Look no further than the whiskey smoking kit! It’s the ultimate present that will have them raising a glass in delight.

Unlike other handheld smokers, it includes wood chips and all the necessary accessories, so they can smoke their favorite whiskeys and even cocktails, charcuterie, or cheeseboards with ease. The elegant and portable design allows indoor smoking, adding a tantalizing aroma to their gourmet creations in just minutes.

#6 Whiskey infusion kit

Whiskey infusion kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This all-inclusive whiskey infusion kit provides a simple and efficient way for your recipient to enhance the flavors of their favorite drink. It includes whiskey containers, filters, stainless steel whiskey cubes, wood chips, aromatic botanicals, and detailed instructions.

This gift set is perfect for any whiskey lover who enjoys exploring new flavors. It allows them to become a master infuser in the comfort of their own home!

#7 Personalized decanter

Personalized whiskey glasses and decanter
Photo courtesy of Flowertown Weddings

Whether you’re looking for whiskey gifts for Father’s Day, a friend’s birthday, or for Christmas, this personalized whiskey decanter is the perfect gift for anyone!

#8 Whiskey barrel shelves

Six shelves made from old whiskey barrels
Photo courtesy of Addie James Designs

Looking for a unique whiskey gift that combines functionality, rustic charm, and a touch of history? Look no further than this reclaimed whiskey barrel shelf! Crafted from authentic, reclaimed whiskey barrels, this shelf not only provides a stylish storage solution for their prized bottles of whiskey but also adds a unique and vintage aesthetic to their decor.

#9 Whiskey subscription box

A wooden box with four small bottles of whiskey
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Looking for the perfect gift for whiskey lovers? Look no further than a monthly whiskey subscription box from Whisky Flavour! It’s a whiskey enthusiast’s dream come true.

With each box, they’ll receive four original branded miniature bottles of whiskey, allowing them to explore a variety of premium flavors. The box also includes a glencairn glass, cork cup base, marble ice cubes, and snacks (subject to availability) to enhance the tasting experience.

#10 Whiskey glasses

A luxury box with whiskey glasses
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This whiskey glasses gift set is a gorgeous practical whiskey lover gift for basically anyone, because you can never have too many whiskey glasses (especially not a a true connoisseur).

Whiskey gifts for mid budgets

#11 Scratch off poster with 100 whiskeys

Scratch off poster with 100 whiskeys
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This scratch-off poster is not only fun for whiskey lovers to track all the whiskies they have tried, but it’s also a cool home decorative item!

The poster includes whiskies from across the globe, from Australia to India, Scotland, and the US!

#12 Scotch whisky scratch map

Scotch whisky scratch map
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for gifts for whiskey lovers who travel to Scotland for the scotch, they will surely like this Scotch distilleries scratch map. It includes the major distilleries which make for a perfect whiskey-themed road trip through Scotland!

Also, check out my Scotland gifts guide for more cool Scottish gifts!

#13 Insulated whiskey glass sleeve

Insulated whiskey glass sleeve
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This insulated stainless steel sleeve is a game-changer that ensures a delightful whiskey-drinking experience. It’s designed to keep whiskey drinkers’ hands warm and their whiskeys cold. Whether they’re sipping indoors or enjoying a backyard, poolside, or BBQ party, this glass with the insulated sleeve is the perfect companion to enjoy their drinks in style.

#14 Irish whiskey distilleries map

Irish distilleries map
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Did you really like the last two gifts, but are you looking for whiskey-lover gifts for someone who prefers Irish whiskeys?

Then this map of Irish distilleries is the perfect gift for you!

#15 Whiskey course book

The complete whiskey course book cover
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The complete whiskey course is the perfect gift for whiskey drinkers who would love to learn even more about their favorite drink.

Yes, they may become one of those annoying know-it-alls, but at least they will learn the real facts from this book, instead of just making it up.

#16 More books about whiskey

Four books about whiskey

Besides a book to help them become a real whiskey know-it-all, there are plenty of other interesting books about whiskey that you can give, some of my favorites include:

#17 Whiskey-spirited coffee

Bag of coffee beans infused with whiskey
Photo courtesy of Firebox

Are you looking for the best whiskey gifts for people who also love coffee? Then these spirited coffee beans are what you are looking for!

The bag consists of ground Arabica coffee infused with whiskey, but no worries it does not actually include alcohol, so they can enjoy their spirited coffee any time of the day.

#18 T-shirts

A man wearing a black shirt with "Happiness is whiskey"
Photo courtesy of Elli Gail

Do you need funny gifts for whiskey drinkers? Then head over to Etsy and check out their complete selection of whiskey-themed shirt. I quite liked this about happiness there is a shirt for everyone!

Whiskey gifts for smaller budgets

#19 Bourbon gummy bears

A bunch of red gummy bears
Photo courtesy of Vine Gelee

Looking for a fun and unique gift for a whiskey lover? Look no further than these bourbon gummy bears! These delectable treats combine the sweetness of gummy bears with the rich flavor of bourbon, creating a delightful indulgence. Whether enjoyed as a snack or used to garnish cocktails, Bourbon Gummy Bears are a playful twist on traditional whiskey enjoyment!

#20 Whiskey rocks

A box and bag with whiskey rocks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

There is nothing worse than a diluted glass of whiskey, except for maybe a warm glass of whiskey. But luckily for your favorite whiskey lover, you just found the perfect solution!

Whiskey stones that ensures that every sip of their favorite drink stays pure and undiluted. The set comes in a handcrafted wooden box and a velvet pouch, making it a gorgeous whiskey gift.

#21 Whiskey tote bag

Tote bag with: if all else fails, drink whiskey
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Whiskey-inspired tote bags are super practical gifts for whiskey lovers who travel because they need it when traveling and it doesn’t take up much space.

There are plenty of tote bags you can choose from, I liked this one that said “If all else fails, drink whiskey” but check out Zazzle for more options.  

#22 Whiskey socks

A whiskey box with socks in a whiskey theme
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Travelers will always take socks on a trip, so if you get them the whiskey ones, there is a good chance they will actually take the socks on a trip!

#23 Whiskey notebook

Whiskey notebook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A notebook always comes in handy for travelers, and this fun whiskey-inspired one will always remind them of their favorite drink and of course of the person who gave it to them.

#24 Whiskey activity book

Whiskey facts activity book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Remember I said something about random facts coming in handy for one of the whiskey gifts on this list? Well, this is it, the whiskey facts activity book!

A great gift for all whiskey-know-it-alls to keep them entertained for a few hours.

#25 Spreadable whisky

A jar of marmalade with whiskey
Photo courtesy of iGourmet

Are you looking for gifts for whiskey lovers who could have whiskey for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

You can make their dreams come true with this spreadable whisky jar! It’s a single malt marmalade with goes perfectly with a toasted slice of bread.

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25 gifts for whiskey lovers who travel

Final note on whiskey gifts

Alright, these were all my 25 whiskey-lover gifts! Just out of curiosity, which gift did you end up buying? Tell me in the comments! And if you need more help, have a look at my personal top 3.


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