Cyclopaths Gift Guide: The 25 Best Gifts For Cyclists

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Are you looking for the best gifts for cyclists? Do you have to find unique cycling gifts for the cyclopath in your life? (And no, that’s not a typo). You came to the right place! I gathered the 25 best gifts for bicycle riders (you know those people who get everywhere on their bicycles AKA cyclopaths). And as a Dutchie, I pretty much ride my bike every day, so I think you can say that I quite know what cyclopaths like and need.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts by budget.

Fun facts about The Netherlands and bicycles.

Did you know that there are more bikes than people in The Netherlands?

About 1.2 bikes per person. And apparently, we cycle an estimated 1000 km per year!

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Best gifts for cyclists for large budgets

#1 Bike and tote bag combination

Bike bag

This tote bag is one of the most useful cycling gifts for travelers who also travel by bike. This bag will allow them to carry some extra luggage right at the front of their bikes, such as route planners, their phones, water, and snacks. And when they’re done biking for the day, they can simply take the tote bag off the bike and carry it around like a regular bag.

#2 More practical gifts for cyclists: lights

Rechargeable bike light

Before you discard lights as boring cycling gifts, let me say something about the biking lights I picked for today’s gift list!

First of all, they can easily disconnect the lights once they arrive at the destination. And I can tell you from experience, you do want to be able to take the lights off your bike in The Netherlands because for some reason bike lights are a very popular object to steal.

But what makes these biking lights super useful gifts is the fact that they are rechargeable by USB cables!

And yes, biking lights may not be the most unique gifts for cyclists, but in some way, they are the ones that say “I care about you” the most. Because you’re basically giving them something that will help them to stay safe on the road.

Also, check out my safe travel gifts if you are interested in gifts that keep your loved ones safe!

#3 Bike six-pack holder

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This bike six-pack holder is one of the best cycling gifts for travelers who love beer. With this holder, they can easily take a beer with them on the road, or when they’re going to chill at the park, beach, or wherever!

#4 Cycling gifts for families

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you are looking for the best cycling gifts for families, this super cute personalized tandem print is the perfect gift!

#5 Sports hydration pack

Sport hydration pack
Sports hydration pack

Sport hydration packs are small backpacks in which bikers (or hikers or festival ravers) can put water and with the tube, they are able to drink water while biking. It is one of the best cycling gifts for travelers and for people who bike long distances.

#6 Windproof cycling jackets

Windproof jacket
Windproof jacket

Every biker needs clothing that is both warm and dry, but not too warm because otherwise, they will sweat too much. And that is why these windproof cycling jackets are awesome Christmas cycling gifts.

They come in different colors, so you pick one your cyclopath will like.

#7 Cycling gifts: shorts

Cycling shorts
Cycling shorts

Whoever has biked for a couple of hours will know the terrible pain a full day of biking brings to your butt. So when you are looking for the best gifts for cyclists who actually travel long distances by bike, these shorts with butt padding will surely make them happy!

Oh and if you do want to give something else to make their butts happy, but these shorts are a bit over your budget, check out #25 on this list of cycling gifts!

#8 Cycling gifts for the home

Bicycle bookend and clock
Bicycle bookend and clock

If you are looking for a fun gift for bike riders’ homes, this bicycle bookend is the perfect gift.

#9 Cycling game

Cycling board game
Cycling board game

Cycling-themed games are the best cycling gifts for cyclopaths who can’t cycle and whose friends and family can’t hear another word about cycling.

The Flamme Rouge game is about winning the cycling race, it’s a strategic game that is still fun for people who are not into cycling! So it’s a win-win. Cyclopaths still get to do something that relates to cycling, and non-cyclists can play a fun board game.

Best gifts for cyclists for the mid-budget

#10 Unique cycling wall decoration

Cycling-themed wall art
Cycling-themed wall art

Amazon offers a wide range of cool, unique, and sometimes funny different designs of cycling-inspired wall art.

I quite liked the tin one that with funny laws of cycling. But there is something for everyone.

#11 Jewelry gifts for cyclists

Small bicycle necklace
Small bicycle necklace

If you are looking for cycling gifts for female travelers, perhaps this cute biking necklace is a good gift. It’s small, subtle, and easy to take with them on a (biking) trip, yet it’s still cute enough to wear on a night out.

#12 Bicycle repair kit

Bike repair kit
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

A bicycle repair kit is probably one of the most practical gifts for cyclists who travel around by bike. With this kit, they can fix their bikes wherever and whenever, so they can continue their trips in no time!

It includes all the tools, but not the description, so let’s hope the cyclopath learned how to fix a tire before his trip!

#13 More repair cycling gifts

Pocket bike pump
Pocket bike pump

Together with the repair kit, this pocket bike pump makes the best cycling gift set for travelers. Because after they fixed the flat tire, it is obviously still flat. So they need this super handy pocket bike pump. It’s small and light, so it’s easy for bikers to take with them when traveling.

#14 Book gifts for cyclists

Books to inspire you to cycle the world

There are plenty of cool stories about people who cycled around the world. And the good thing is, they also wrote books about it. There are quite a few books that are in my opinion great gifts for cyclists:

#15 Travel book gifts for cyclists

The best cycle travel books

You may be looking for cycling gifts for travelers who are already inspired to cycle around the world, so the previous gifts may not be of interest to them. In those cases, I would recommend getting a travel book about cycling. There are quite a few great books about the best bike rides around the world including:

#16 Shirt gifts for cyclists

Two people wearing a shirt with cycopath
Photo courtesy of Redbubble

These cycopath shirts are super funny cycling gifts for travelers, as they are easy for them to take with them on a trip. Or this one for people who love beer, which says “Will bike for beer”.

Though, no worries if you are not really fond of the design of this shirt. On Etsy, you can find plenty of fun bike-inspired shirts, and I am sure you will find one that matches your cycopaths preference.

#17 Techy cycling gifts

Bike phone holder
Bike phone holder

Are you looking for cycling gifts for a techy traveler? Someone who always takes their phone with them everywhere? And do you care about their safety?

Then this bike phone mount holder is the perfect gift. It fits any phone and ensures that they’re biking with both hands on the steering wheel and both eyes on the road, instead of trying to navigate while holding their phones in their hands!

#18 Saddlebag

Just like the tote bag, saddlebags are super practical travel gifts for cyclists because it allows them to bring extra luggage without carrying extra backpacks.

#19 Bike-inspired travel mug

Travel mug
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for cycling gifts for travelers who are not actually traveling by bike, but who simply love cycling, this cool bike-inspired travel mug might be a good solution.

And if they do travel by bike, this travel mug will go really well with the next biking gift (the bike cup holder)!

Best gifts for cyclists for small budgets

#20 Bike cup holder

Bicycle coffee holder
Bicycle coffee holder

I already shared this awesome bike cup holder when I talked about the best travel gifts for coffee lovers because it is super useful for people who love coffee to be able to hold it while riding their bikes!

And especially if you are looking for biking gifts for cyclopaths who travel anywhere by bike, and never take a break for a coffee. With this holder, at least they will still be able to get that caffeine shot.

#21 Cycling-inspired luggage tag

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This super cute cycling-inspired luggage tag is one of the best cycling gifts for travelers. Luggage tags are always useful because they will help them to find their luggage when it’s lost. And this bike-inspired one will not only help them to do just that, but it reminds them of their favorite thing to do.

#22 Bike-inspired keychain

Cycling key chain
Cycling key chain

If you are looking for the best gifts for cyclists who travel, then a key chain is always a good idea. It is small, cute, light, and of course very useful to hang to their bike key so they won’t lose it as easily!

The two keychains I thought made the greatest gifts for bike riders were this one that said “It’s not the destination it’s the ride” and the one that said “cycologist, No gas, all ass”

#23 Cycling gifts for travelers: logbook

Cycling logbook
Cycling logbook

Cycling logbooks make the best cycling gifts for travelers because it allows them to keep track of everything they have cycled during their trip. From the distances to the places, to the inclines and declines, and of course their personal opinions about the cycling routes. They can track everything in this cycling journal!

There are actually more log designs, but I just thought this “All ass no gas” one was the funniest.

#24 Bike-inspired socks

Socks with bikes
Socks with bikes

I always include socks when I am talking about practical gifts for travelers. Why?

Because every traveler needs socks, it’s a very easy, thoughtful, and practical gift to get them socks in the theme of something they love the most, in this case, bicycles.

So if you are looking for simple, useful, yet still fun and thoughtful cycling gifts, I think you will like these bicycle socks!

#25 Biking gifts for their butts

Remember I told you I would also share gifts for bike riders that are kind for their butts, but cheaper than the shorts?

This saddle cushion is it!

It’s a cover for any saddle which contains soft padding, so their butts won’t hurt as much after a long day on the bike.

Save these travel gifts for cyclists

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25 gifts for cyclists

Final note on cycling gifts

What did you think of these cycling gifts for travelers? Did you find what you were looking for? Let me know in the comments! Or check out my personal top 3 if you need more inspiration.