30+ Best Gifts & Souvenirs From Amsterdam (Local’s Choice!)

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Tulips with miniature Delfs Blue pottery canal houses

If you’re wondering what Amsterdam souvenirs to bring back from this enchanting city, you’ve come to the right place. Having lived, studied, and worked here for almost ten years, I’ve gathered a bunch of insider knowledge on where to find the most authentic and delightful gifts in Amsterdam—from uniquely Amsterdam brands to mouthwatering Dutch delicacies.

In this post, I’ll guide you through the streets of Amsterdam, showing you not just what to buy, but where to find it too.

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30 Unique Amsterdam souvenirs & gifts with images of tulips, Delfts Blue mug and the Rijksmuseum

Overall best Amsterdam gift

A statue with light from Amsterdam canal houses
Me at the Amsterdam Light Festival

Best gift from Amsterdam

Experience gift

Whether you’re looking for gifts for Amsterdam ex-pats, a unique souvenir for yourself, or a gift for someone obsessed with the city, nothing can beat the fresh smells of cannabis and stroopwafels mixed with the sweet sound of bicycle bells. Only an Amsterdam experience gift can match this feeling.

My personal Amsterdam experience gift for locals is the Netherlands Museum pass, which gives free access to hundreds of museums across the country, including some interesting ones in Amsterdam.

But for visitors, I would check out Tinggly and Viator for the best experiences in Amsterdam. But to give you some inspiration:

  • Canal tour
  • Museums
  • Annual Museum pass
  • Guided city tour
  • Swing
  • Unique restaurants/drinks
  • Heineken tour

Unique Amsterdam souvenirs

A heineken beer statue and glass
Heineken vintage souvenir

Best gift for beer lovers

Beer from Amsterdam brands

I always get funny looks when I tell foreigners that Heineken is not the most popular beer for Dutch locals. I actually prefer other Dutch brands (Grolsh or Hertog Jan). However, if you are looking for an authentic Amsterdam souvenir, I just have to recommend Heineken because there is no denying they are the biggest beer brand from Amsterdam.

Another less famous Amsterdam beer that is often recommended is Amstel. But here’s a fun fact; Amstel is owned by Heineken! So they’re quite comparable, and honestly, Amstel is not my favorite either.

If you want a GOOD recommendation for Amsterdam beer, I suggest you buy Boruwery ‘t Ij. It’s a local brewery that makes delicious draft beers. My favorite is the Ijwit, but I think a mix of their beers is the best gift or souvenir to take home.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Brouwerij ‘t IJ tap rooms or brewery, Dutch liquor shops, Supermarkets

A paint by numbers kit for starry night painting by Van Gogh
Van Gogh paint by numbers

Best creative souvenir

Paint by numbers kit

This is a super cute gift from Amsterdam! Whether you’re taking it home as a fun activity and keepsake for yourself or someone who loves Amsterdam, painting your own canal view or Van Gogh painting is the perfect way to capture the beauty of Amsterdam at home.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: You’re more likely to be successful online for this paint-by-number gift. However, when you’re in Amsterdam you can try Pippoo’s or HEMA.

A shirt of Amsterdam soccer club Ajax
My Ajax shirt

Best gift for soccer fans

AFC Ajax keepsakes

I grew up in a big Ajax-supporting home and I’ve been to a few of their games in the Arena with my brother, so I love recommending Ajax merchandise for soccer fans! From shirts to mugs and scarves, there is something for everyone.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Ajax fan shop at the Arena, other fan shops in the city.

Amsterdam Vintage Metal Tin Sign Auto License Plate
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Best quirky souvenir

Something from the Red Light District

I always feel awkward when foreign friends visit me in Amsterdam and want me to take them to the Red Light District. But, I can’t deny it’s one of the most unique and typical Amsterdam locations. And truth be told, they have some of the quirkiest gag gifts and souvenirs to take home for friends (or yourself, we don’t judge in Amsterdam).

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Any sex shop in the Red Light District (or shop online on Amazon if you’d rather shop anonymously).

A jigsaw puzzle from the Rijksmuseum
Rijksmuseum puzzle

Best souvenir for culture lovers

Museum souvenirs

I love Amsterdam’s museums! I have a Museum Pass (the one I mentioned in gift #1) that allows me to visit them for free, so I’ve spent quite some time exploring them while living in Amsterdam!

And I think a gift from a Dutch museum makes the best cultural souvenirs. Not only do you get a unique keepsake, but you’re also supporting our museums and the Dutch cultural scene. Some of the most popular museum’s to shop at include Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum, and the Maritime Museum.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: At the museum’s shop of your preference.

A vintage poster of Amsterdam canalhouses
Vintage Amsterdam poster

Amsterdam wall art

Bring home a piece of Amsterdam with a unique poster. I love the Amsterdam Canal looks, but you can also find vintage travel posters or imitations of famous painters.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Many souvenir shops sell wall art too, for more unique designs check poster shops such as Art Unlimited, and Art NL.

A map of Amsterdam in words
Map of Amsterdam

Map poster of Amsterdam

Another one of my favorite gifts from Amsterdam is those unique prints of the city. For online shoppers, check out Amazon or Etsy.

But if you’re in the city, there are quite a few cool options too, such as Wijck which produces maps of any kind in their Amsterdam shop.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Many souvenir shops sell maps, but I would recommend Wijck for unique map designs and supporting local brands.

Ticket to Ride board game with Amsterdam map
Playing ticket to ride

Best Amsterdam-themed game

Ticket to Ride Amsterdam

As a big game lover myself, this is probably my favorite gift, Ticket to Ride Amsterdam version!

It’s a smaller edition than the European one, making it an easy game to take along and play with only two players.

For those of you who don’t know the game. It’s a strategic board game where players need to build rails to connect their destinations on a vintage map of Amsterdam.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Toy stores such as Intertoys or Blokker might sell it, but it’s quite a specific game, so you may need to order online.

A jigsaw puzzle of a canal and bicycles in Amsterdam
Amsterdam canal jigsaw puzzle

Amsterdam jigsaw puzzle

My favorite way to pass time on another rainy Dutch day is with an Amsterdam-themed jigsaw puzzle!

Where to buy in Amsterdam: For unique puzzles check out local Museum shops, for classic puzzles souvenir shops will be more likely to sell them. As a last resort, I would check out kid’s toy stores such as Intertoys and Blokker. Though I don’t guarantee they sell Amsterdam-themed puzzles.

Book cover of Anne Frank's Diary
Dutch version of Anne Frank’s Diary

Best souvenir for bookworms

Books set in Amsterdam

Since I am a bookworm myself, I always recommend books as gifts. And for Amsterdam, my three top three recommendations are:

  • Diary of a Young Girl: This is a must-read for anyone coming to Amsterdam and visiting Anne Frank’s house. The book left a deep impression on me and made my visit to the small house feel more meaningful.
  • Why the Dutch are Different: This is just a hilarious read about weird Dutch stuff, I think it’s perfect for expats, tourists, or people married to a Dutch(wo)man.
  • The Book of Revelation: An interesting and weird psychological thriller about a man being kidnapped in Amsterdam and used as a sex slave.  

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Many bookshops have English sections in Amsterdam, but for large collections head to Waterstones bookshop, Athenaeum Boekhandel, or The American Book Center (ABC).

A fridge magnet with Amsterdam canal houses
Our Amsterdam fridge magnet

Best small souvenir

Amsterdam-themed keepsakes

What’s a list of Amsterdam souvenirs without your classic keepsakes? Whether you go for shirts, tote bags, or the all-time favorite magnets, you will find plenty of these in Amsterdam. My boyfriend and I also have a magnet collection, and of course, Amsterdam had to be part of it.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Seriously, any souvenir shop.

Souvenirs from local Amsterdam brands and shops

Cosmetics from Rituals
My Rituals gift set

Best Amsterdam gift for her

Rituals cosmetics

Born and bred in Amsterdam, Rituals blends home and body cosmetics with a touch of luxury that’s accessible to everyone.

They have many awesome gift sets, but I think the best one from Amsterdam is the “Amsterdam Collection”. However, I may be biased because my boyfriend gave me this set when I lived in Turkey.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: At one of the Rituals stores across the city, at other luxury perfume shops, or at Bijenkorf (a large department store in Amsterdam).

A block of Old Amsterdam cheese
Old Amsterdam cheese

Best gift for cheese lovers

Old Amsterdam cheese

I am as Dutch as you can get when it comes to cheese. I LOVE Dutch cheese! And it’s one of the main things I miss when traveling.

So whether it’s a souvenir for yourself or friends or family, you can’t go wrong with an original old Amsterdam cheese. (Or any of the typical Dutch ones such as Gouda, but it wouldn’t be a typical Amsterdam souvenir).

Where to buy in Amsterdam:  Dutch supermarkets and cheese shops which are anywhere. Supermarkets are cheaper, but the cheese stores usually have nicer wrapping, making it more suitable as a gift.

Three bars of Tony Chocolonely chocolate
Tony’s Chocolonely gift package

Best gift for chocolate lovers

Tony’s Chocolonely

For a double good souvenir, Tony’s Chocolonely is the place to be. This is not just any chocolate, Tony’s is a treat with a mission from Amsterdam to make chocolate 100% slave-free.

They break the traditional chocolate rules and make delicious fair-trade chocolate.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: For the real experience check out Tony’s Chocolonely Super Store in Amsterdam. Otherwise, head into any supermarket and you will find Tony’s in the chocolate aisle.

Shop display of Rainkiss
Rainkiss’ display

Best sustainable gift

Rainkiss items

If there’s one thing you learn quickly in Amsterdam, it’s that a good raincoat isn’t just useful, it’s essential. And with our unpredictable weather as a testing location, Rainkiss could field test all their products, making them the best to stand up to the elements.

Besides being high-quality and Amsterdam-made, all Rainkiss products are made from recycled polyester!

Where to buy in Amsterdam: The Rainkiss Showroom

Wooden Amsterdam canal houses
Wooden canal houses

Handmade souvenirs

Whenever I want a piece of authentic Amsterdam, I head to The Maker Store in De Hallen. This place is a hotspot of creativity. It’s not just one store, but several stores selling everything from local fashion to unique accessories, all handmade by Amsterdam locals.

If you happen to visit on a Maker Market Day, definitely head to the Hallen and shop your heart out with locally-made products. Check out the dates here.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: The Maker Store at the Hallen

A screenshot of A-dam site
A-dam website


There is something about undies and socks that makes me want to buy more and more, and even better if they tell a story, such as A-dam undies!

Found in Amsterdam, A-dam is an underwear brand focused on responsibility, subtlety, and sustainability.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: It’s sold in various stores across the city, check out the A-dam site for one nearby.

A pair of trousers from the brand Daily Paper
Daily Paper trousers

Best souvenir for fashionistas

Amsterdam fashion brands

I could probably write an entire post about the coolest clothing brands from Amsterdam, so for the sake of this post, I limited my selection to four awesome local brands that you can find in stores all around the city.

Dutch food to buy in Amsterdam

Seperately packed stroopwafels with Pokeman figures
Insta-worthy stroopwafels (though not my favorite)

Best Traditional souvenir


Stroopwafels are probably the most famous Dutch cookie, and if you’ve tried one of the fresh ones with hot caramel syrup in between the two thin waffles, you will understand why. They are delicious!

Whenever I need a small gift from Amsterdam for foreign friends or family, stroopwafels are my first pick.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: You can join the long line at Van Wonderen for the Insta-famous stroopwafels with chocolate dip and other flavors, but for a more traditional taste I would hop into a Dutch bakery, or find a Stroopwafel stand at a market such as the Albery Cuyp or Ten Kate market.

Small cookies in jars
Homemade kruidnoten

Best seasonal souvenir

Sinterklaas sweets

If you’re lucky enough to visit Amsterdam in November and December, you can eat your heart out with our seasonal delicacies! Traditionally eaten around Dutch Sinterklaas time (5th of December), there are three sweets that make great souvenirs to take home from Amsterdam:

  • Kruidnoten (small circular crunchy cookies with gingerbread spices)
  • Pepernoten (small chewy anise cookies)
  • Chocolate bars in the shape of a letter.

However, don’t worry if you visit in another season, the Peppernuts Shop Holland is open year-round nowadays, so you still get to try them. Funny enough, I never eat them outside of the Sinterklaas season. But for tourists, I would highly recommend you try them (even if you’re not in the winter season).

Personally, I don’t like pepernoten, but you should just try all of them yourself before deciding which one you’ll bring home.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: At the Peppernuts Holland Shops year round, and in November and December you buy them in supermarkets, and Dutch bakeries too.

Black coin-shaped licorice

Drop (licorice)

Another typical Dutch candy is drop (licorice), a black confectionary made from an extract of the licorice plant. In the Netherlands, it’s often combined with ammonium chloride to make salty drop. But trust me, you can find them in all sorts of flavors (and shapes and sizes).

Many Dutch people love drop, and that is reflected in the amount of variety of drop we have. Just head to a supermarket and the confectionary section and you’ll understand what I mean. It makes the perfect souvenir from Amsterdam for kids and adults alike!

Where to buy in Amsterdam: For unique souvenirs check out Het Oud-Hollandsch Snoepwinkeltje (the little old Dutch candy store). For a cheaper alternative, head over to the candy store Jamin or the supermarkets,

A package of Dutch speculaas cookies
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Speculaas cookies

Stroopwafel may have all the fame as a Dutch cookie, but among the elderly population in the Netherlands, speculaas is far more common. It tastes a lot like kruidnoten, but it is eaten throughout the year.

It’s like the typical biscuit for coffee and tea, whereas stroopwafel would be more of a “special-” or “fancy-occasion” biscuit.  

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Again, you can find speculaas at any supermarket. But for a more flavorful experience, I would encourage you to pay a little more for your speculaas and buy from a bakery instead.

A bottle of Ketel1 jenever
Bottle of Jenever

Best gift drinkers


For the gin lovers among us, jenever is a must-try and a great souvenir from Amsterdam! It’s often called the Dutch gin and has a long history in the Netherlands.

It’s usually served neat in a tulip-shaped glass, which is brim-filled to encourage that first, careful sip. While it’s not my go-to drink (even though I now live in a Jenever city myself!), I can’t deny it’s a classic Dutch experience.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Any liquor store, or at a distillery such as De Ooienvaar or Wynand Fockink.

Dutch souvenirs to buy in Amsterdam

C*D-souvenirs on display

Best gift for the stoners

Stoner-inspired gifts

It may be legal to buy these souvenirs in The Netherlands, but many other countries have strict rules about bringing in such products. So please check the regulations of the country you’re visiting after The Netherlands!

For many people this is the main reason to visit Amsterdam; cannabis or CBD products. And well, you don’t have to try hard to find them in the city. Seriously, you can find coffee shops anywhere.

And if you can’t bring back any actual weed products to your country, there are plenty of cannabis-related gifts and souvenirs. From ashtrays and lighters to funny shirts and mugs, there is something for everyone and every country.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: For real cannabis you need to go to a coffee shop, but for other souvenirs, you can just hop into any souvenir store.

Tulips in different colors
Fresh tulips

Best souvenir for gardeners


Did you know tulips are not originally from the Netherlands? As a Dutchie, I always love sharing this fact. They are originally from Central Asia, and only found their home here during the 17th century.

Buying tulip bulbs or any tulip-themed souvenirs in Amsterdam is a great way to bring a piece of Dutch tradition back home. Whether you plant the bulbs or display a tulip painting, each serves as a colorful reminder of your time in this beautiful city.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: At the Bloemenmark (or any souvenir shop, though these are usually the best quality, I once bought them for my grandparents from a souvenir shop and they never flowered). But for tulip-inspired souvenirs such as mugs, a regular shop is fine.

A bicycle bell in the shape of a bee
Cute bee bicycle bell

Bicycle accessories

Rain or shine, we Dutchies ride our bikes. And since we spend so much time on our bikes, we have all sorts of fun tools such as bike bells and souvenirs that are bike-related.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: For souvenirs such as t-shirts or mugs a simple souvenir shop will do. But for fun tools, you can check out HEMA’s bike section or step into a Bike repair shop.

A delfts blue style coffee mug
Our Heinen Delft Blue mug

Best Home-inspired Amsterdam gift

Delfts Blue Pottery

Another product that’s not originally Dutch, Dutch Delfts Blue pottery is actually an imitation of China Blue pottery. Though it has been centuries since the craftsmen in Delft (not even Amsterdam) first started imitating China, so by now, I should say the Dutch are quite skilled in the typical blue pottery patterns.

It’s the perfect gift from Amsterdam for a housewarming or for your mom, grandma, or aunt.

 Where to buy in Amsterdam: At Heinen Delfts Blue Stores.

A woman standing in wooden clogs
The only time I wore wooden clogs

Best historical souvenir

Wooden clogs

Right. So I know that wooden clogs are a classic Dutch souvenir and that’s why I included them. But let me make this clear once and for all.


We do not walk around in wooden clogs. The only group of people who might have and use them are farmers. But other than that, you will see absolutely no one in Amsterdam wearing wooden clogs.

Does that mean you can’t bring clogs back as a souvenir from Amsterdam? Nope, it’s a fun typical and historical gift. Besides clogs, you can find all sorts of clog-inspired souvenirs, such as t-shirts, magnets, and more.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Souvenir stores, The Rembrandhoeve

Miffy toys
Miffy toys

Best Amsterdam souvenir for kids

Anything from Miffy

If you’re looking for souvenirs from Amsterdam for kids, definitely stop by the cute Miffy store in Amsterdam.

Miffy was invented by Dutchman Dick Bruna and makes a great souvenir to take home from Amsterdam. The original Dutch name of this cute bunny is Nijntje (hence the shop name). However, when Nijntje went global it turned out no one could pronounce her name, so they came up with “Miffy”.

Woman standing in front of a Windmill
Me on my visit to our local windmill

Windmill-inspired gifts

Windmills are an iconic sight across the Netherlands, including in Amsterdam. These majestic structures are not just picturesque; they’re a vital part of our Dutch heritage, historically used for everything from draining wetlands to grinding grain.

Bringing home a windmill-themed souvenir, such as a miniature replica, a painting, or a windmill-shaped cookie cutter, is a fantastic way to keep a piece of Dutch history with you.

Where to buy in Amsterdam: Souvenir stores or at the windmill stores.

Save these souvenirs from Amsterdam

Did you save these gifts from Amsterdam yet?

30 gifts from Amsterdam with a background image of Amsterdam canalhouses painted

Final notes

I hope this guide helps you find unique Amsterdam souvenirs and gifts for yourself and others. Whether it’s fashion, food, or history, each item has a story to tell.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!

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