The 40 Best Going Away Gifts For Someone Going Traveling

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Are you looking for the best going away gifts for travelers? Perhaps it’s for a friend who is going traveling soon. Or for a coworker who resigned to travel around the world. Either way, you will find over 40 awesome farewell gifts for all types of travelers. From essential travel gear to fun and personalized going away gift ideas!

If you are short on time and just need a quick gift tip, here are my top 3 gifts:

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40+ best going away gifts for travelers

Farewell gifts for large budgets

#1 Viator tour or gift card

People in a raft boat
Rafting is a fun activity you can find on Viator

One of the best going away gifts for travelers is something they can actually use on their trip.

Or even better.

Something they can actually experience. (Did you know that most people prefer experiential gifts over physical ones?).

And for that, a cool tour or activity from Viator is the perfect gift.

If you are not sure what kind of tours the recipient likes, a Viator gift card (the Global Experience Card) is a better idea. They can spend it on all Viator tours.

#2 eReader

Kobo libra

An eReader is one of the best going away gifts for travelers who love reading.

Books take up a lot of space and weight, so a compact eReader with over a hundred different books is the perfect solution for travelers.

Both Amazon’s Kindle and Kobo are excellent eReaders.

#3 Something from the country they are traveling to

A gift from the country they are going to is also a great thoughtful gift. For example, this Fjallraven backpack is a cool gift for people who are going to travel to Sweden.

For more inspiration for specific countries, check out my destinations page.

#4 Water bottle


Water bottles are another example of great practical going away gifts for travelers.

There are two options you can go for.

The first one is the water bottle with a filter by LifeStraw. The filter allows travelers to safely drink unpurified water in different countries. It’s a great gift for hikers, campers, and people who love being outdoors in nature, where purified water is not always available.

The second option is a personalized water bottle from Zazzle. You can find a million different designs. So I am sure you can find one for your recipient.

#5 Portable espresso maker

Portable espresso maker

Are you looking for going away gift ideas for travelers who love coffee?

Then this portable espresso maker is the perfect gift!

Not having a good cup of coffee in the morning (or any time of the day, really) is any coffee lover’s nightmare. So with this travel-sized espresso maker, they can have a high-quality cup of coffee whenever and wherever they want.

For more fun coffee gift ideas, check out the coffee guide or gift #26.

#6 Power bank

Black power bank
Photo courtesy of RAVPower

Are you looking for going away gifts for travelers who are into technology? Or for someone who can’t survive without his or her phone? Then a power bank to keep their batteries up and running is the perfect gift.

RAVPower is one of the best brands when it comes to power banks, so basically any RAVPower portable charger works.

#7 Floatable sunglasses

Rheos sunglasses

If you are looking for farewell gifts for someone who loves being on the water (such as a surfer), then these floatable sunglasses by Rheos are perfect.

Even if the recipient loses his or her sunglasses on the water, they will stay afloat and the recipient won’t lose them!

#8 Portable speaker

JBL Go 3

Portable speakers are great going away gifts for travelers who love music.

And come on. Who doesn’t love music?

I love JBL’s GO 3 because it’s small, water and sand-proof, and the sound quality is really good for such a small device.

#9 GoPro action camera


If you have a large budget for this gift, then a GoPro action camera is one of the best going-away gift ideas for someone going traveling soon.

GoPro cameras are great for people who love active holidays. They make high-quality photos and can be taken underwater or on a helmet.

#10 Rainjackets


If there is one type of clothing that all travelers swear by, it’s a rain jacket. Not only is it super practical to keep you and your clothes dry when it rains. It also keeps you warm when it’s windy or cold outside.

The North Face is one of my favorite outdoor brands. And I can highly recommend their rain jackets too!

#11 Mobile hotspot

Mobile hotspot

Mobile hotspots are another one of the great going away gift ideas for people who love technology. With this device, they will have a safe and reliable internet connection wherever they go. They are not dependent on the hotel’s or restaurant’s free wifi but simply have their own device.

One important note though. This device by Huawei is unsuitable for travelers who are traveling in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. But for all other countries, it works perfectly!

#12 Smartwatch

Garmin smartwatch

Are you looking for going away gift ideas for someone who loves to track everything they do? A smartwatch by Garmin or Apple is the perfect gift for them. They can use it to track their hikes, cycling routes, and every activity they do while traveling.

Farewell gifts for mid budgets

#13 Travel journal

Scratch off travel journal

Travel journals are awesome going away gifts for travelers who love recording their travel memories and adventures.

This adventure journal on Amazon also contains scratch-off maps, so the traveler can keep track of all countries they have visited so far.

For more travel journal ideas, check out these 25 cute options.

#14 Packing cubes

Packing cubes

Are you looking for going away gift ideas for someone who could use some help with packing efficiently? Or with staying organized?

Then packing cubes are the perfect gift for them.

You could either go for the set of 4 compression packing cubes on Amazon. These also help the traveler to fit more clothes in less space by compressing.

But for a more personal touch, you could also go for the set of 3 personalized packing cubes from Personalization Mall. Even though they’re not compression cubes, they still help travelers to stay organized.

#15 Travel-sized games


If you are looking for farewell gifts for travelers who love games, then travel-sized games are the perfect gifts!

One of my favorite games that’s easy to take for travelers is Bananagrams. It’s somewhat comparable to scrabble, except you don’t need a large board, and players all play at the same time.

Of course, you can find plenty more travel-sized games, so check out Amazon for more options.

Or check out gift #22 for a personalized going away gift.

Or if you are looking for gifts for board game lovers, and size doesn’t matter, check out these 25 awesome travel-themed board games.

#16 Fun shirt

Vacay Mode shirt

This shirt is a super cute and fun going away gift for someone who will be traveling for a long time. They will be in Vacay Mode for a long time!

#17 Going away gift ideas for her: jewelry organizer

Travel jewelry organizer

Are you looking for going away gift ideas for a woman who loves jewelry? And who will probably take her jewelry on her trip too? Then this cute bag to help her organize and safely store her necklaces, rings, and whatnot, is the perfect gift!

If you are looking for more ideas for women check out #34 or the next gift if you are .looking for jewelry gifts for female coworkers.

#18 Going away gifts for coworkers: bracelet


Are you looking for a sweet going away gift for a female coworker? Then this cute bracelet with “you will always be part of us” is the perfect gift!

For more jewelry gifts, check out #34.

#19 Travel pillow

Memory foam travel pillow

Travel pillows are probably one of the least unique going away gift ideas for travelers, but they are practical nonetheless.

#20 Travelguide

Lonely Planet Europe

If you know which country the recipient is going to visit, then travel guides for that country are great farewell gifts.

The Lonely Planet is a popular guidebook for budget travelers and backpackers. So this Europe edition is perfect for someone going traveling to Europe on a budget.

#21 Travel-sized cocktail kits

DIY travel margarita

The travel-sized cocktail kits by The Cocktail Box Co. are the best farewell gifts for travelers who love cocktails!

You can find them for pretty much any popular cocktail, such as margaritas, gin tonic, Moscow mule, old-fashioned, and many more.

The kits include all ingredients (except booze and other liquids) to make their favorite cocktail on a plane, bus, train, or wherever they want!

#22 Personalized deck of cards

Deck of cards with family photo
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

Are you looking for more going away gift ideas for someone who loves games?

Then a personalized deck of cards is the perfect gift.

There are different personalization options at Personalization Mall. Personally, I liked the one with the photo best.

#23 Travel toiletry bag

Toiletry bag

Toiletry bags are another one of the travel essentials and thus very practical going away gifts for travelers.

You can go for the practical one from Amazon, which is a great gift for basically anyone. Or go for a personalized toiletry bag from Personalization Mall.

#24 Personalized passport cover

Passport cover with black and brown
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The personalized passport covers on Zazzle are great farewell gifts for travelers. A passport is the most important document for a traveler, so a gift to help them keep that document safe will always be appreciated.

There are over 75,000 different travel-themed passport covers on Zazzle, so if you don’t like the one I picked, I am sure you can find one you’ll like on Zazzle.

#25 Pickpocket-proof scarf

Infinity scarf with zipper

Do you care about the person you are getting this gift for? And do you want them to stay safe on their next trip? Then this infinity scarf with two hidden pockets for their valuable items is perfect!

There is no better way to say “I care about you” than a gift that will keep them and their belongings safe.

For more safety-related gifts, check out these 25 personal safety gifts.

#26 Travel mug

Travel mug with map
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Travel mugs are also great going away gifts ideas for travelers who love coffee.

You can find a design in literally any theme on Zazzle. Or simply go for the one with the map of the world, because travelers love maps.

#27 Foldable summer hat

Summer hat

Do you need going away gift ideas for female travelers who love sunny destinations? Then this foldable hat is perfect!

It’s a super fashionable way to keep the sun from their faces. And because it’s foldable it’s super practical for travelers to take on a trip.

Farewell gifts for small budgets

#28 Travel gift cards

Photo by David Balev on Unsplash

If you are not sure what the recipient likes or needs, then you can always go for the safe option; a gift card.

Try to find out which service or product the recipients uses often and go for a gift card for that.

Or go for Airbnb, Netflix, or Spotify, services that are very popular among travelers as well.

#29 Travel discovery game

Anywhere travel guide

These anywhere travel guide cards are one of my favorite farewell gifts for travelers.

The pack includes 75 cards with different assignments that travelers can do at each destination. The assignments are fun questions or activities that will help them to explore the place in a unique way. For example, one card may say “ask a local about their favorite street and go there” or “buy coffee for a stranger”.

#30 Cute keyring


Are you looking for cute farewell gifts for a traveler you love?

Then this sweet keyring with “I love you more than the distance between us” is perfect.

You can find them from all US states, so just head over to Amazon and find the state you or the recipient is from.

#31 Coloring book for adults

Coloring book

Are you looking for going away gifts for travelers who love to relax and have some quiet time?

This travel-themed coloring book by Lonely Planet is the perfect gift for them.

It’s a great activity to help them unwind and meditate.

#32 Travel-themed tote bags

Tote bag with word "wanderlust"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are great farewell gifts for eco-minded travelers.

Tote bags barely take up any space and weigh virtually nothing. And the best thing for sustainable travelers is the fact that they are made from recycled material and can be used more than once.

The wanderlust tote bag is a great one for all sorts of globetrotters. But for more options, check out Zazzle.

#33 Travel cutlery

Travel cutlery

Another great farewell gift for sustainable travelers is a reusable cutlery set, such as this stainless steel one.

With this set, travelers don’t have to use plastic disposable knives and forks anymore. And personally, I prefer stainless steel cutlery over plastic and bamboo ones.

#34 Going away gifts for her: necklace


This cute necklace with a compass and a world map is another one of the great going away gift ideas for her.

#35 Farewell gifts for photographers: camera strap

For those of you who are looking for going away gifts for travelers who love photography, this is the perfect small gift. A camera strap to attach to their camera.

I loved the colorful embroidered one, but if you are looking for farewell gifts for men, you may want to check out Amazon for a different design.

#36 Fun socks

London-themed socks

Are you looking for small, fun, and practical farewell gifts for travelers? Then a pair of travel-themed socks are perfect.

All travelers take a pair of socks (even if they are going to sunny destinations), so your gift will actually be taken and worn during the trip.

You can go for the London-themed socks on Amazon, or head over to Zazzle to find socks in pretty much any theme.

#37 Travel towels

Travel towel

Travel towels are one of those essential travel gear. They are small, lightweight, and dry super fast so travelers can pack them in their bags even after they’ve just used their towel.

And that is exactly why they are such practical farewell gifts for travelers.

Even if they already have one of these, most people prefer to have at least two towels when traveling.

#38 Make-up mirror

Make-up mirror with text

These cute makeup mirrors are great going away gift ideas for travelers.

If you are looking for a gift for a friend who is going away for travel, then I would go for the one by Amazon. For more going away gifts for friends who are going traveling, check out the next gift too!

If it’s for someone else, check out the mirror on Personalization Mall, where you can completely customize your message.

#39 Reasons why you’re my Bestie mini book

Reasons why you are my Bestie book

This cute book with 50 fill-in-the-blank prompts is one of the best going-away gift ideas for best friends!

#40 Travel-themed luggage tags

Luggage tag with stamps
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Luggage tags are great small (and if you want, personalized) farewell gifts for travelers.

I liked the tag with passport stamps. But if you want a personalized option, check out Zazzle. They offer over 211,000 different travel-themed luggage tags!

#41 Laundry bag with map

Laundry bag

This is one of the special recommendations by one of my friends (who is also a frequent traveler). So if you are looking for small, practical, and cute farewell gifts for travelers, this is the one she highly recommends. And me too, as a matter of fact 😉

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The 40+ best going away gifts for travelers

Final note on going away gifts for travelers

Alright, I hope you liked these 40+ going away gifts for travelers, and if you still haven’t decided which gift to buy, here are my top 3: