A Zeus-Approved Gift Guide For Greece Obsessed People In Your Life

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White building and flag of Greece

Ever wondered what to gift your favorite Greek friend? Or maybe you’re just a fan of all things Hellenic yourself and want to treat your inner Zeus or Athena. Well, we’ve got you covered with our list of 30 Greek gift ideas so divine, even Mount Olympus would be envious! From quirky to classic, these Greek-themed gifts are as irresistible as a tray of baklava at a Greek festival.

So, grab your laurel wreath, put on your best toga (optional), and let’s dive into the world of Greek-inspired gifts that’ll have you shouting, “Opa!” in no time!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Greece-inspired gifts by budget.

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#1 Greek coffee maker

Coffee maker on a stove
A briki coffee maker

A real Greek coffee is made with a Briki coffee maker, so if you want to give a Greece gift to a coffee lover, getting them a Briki would be the best gift! And the best gift to go with this Briki is of course real Greek coffee beans.

Oh and if this coffee maker seems familiar from other Arabic countries, that is because it’s the traditional way of making coffee in those countries too. This is why I also included the Briki on my list of best Turkish gifts.

#2 Map of Greece

Map of Greece
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Maps are great Greece gifts for travelers or locals who can’t visit Greece right now. (If you pick a map of Greece of course).

It’s a beautiful addition to their home and it links back to the country they love the most!

There are many different map designs on Etsy, but I personally really like this colorful one from Amazon.

#3 Greek spa gift box

Greek spa gifts box
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This spa box is one of the best Greek gifts for her and him if he enjoys a bit of self-care. The spa box includes:

  • Two soap bars
  • Body oil
  • Moisturizers
  • Foot balm

And what’s even better is that the products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, and all-natural.

#4 Greek food gift box

A Greek gift basket with food
Photo courtesy of iGourmet

A food box is one of the best Greek gifts for Greeks who moved abroad and miss the taste of home!

The box includes classic Greek ingredients, such as olive oil, ouzo, and Greek spices.

Of course, this food box also works perfectly for Greek lovers who are not actually from there, but who simply love the food!

#5 Board games

Greek mythology chess game
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This chess game in the Greek mythology design is one of the best Greek gift ideas for people who love chess!

If you are looking for gifts for people who like board games, but not chess. Check out:

  • Cyclades: A strategy game in which you need to favor the gods in order to win land
  • Fight for Olympus: A strategy war game for two players

#6 Greek tea gifts box

Photo courtesy of Happy Greeks

If you are looking for Greece gifts for tea lovers, this Greek tea hamper is the perfect gift for them!

It includes sage tea, wild mint, and a Greek-themed kitchen towel.

#7 Greek-themed blanket

Blanket with a map of Greece
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This Greek-themed blanket is perfect for people who love Greece and camping. This blanket will keep them warm during the cold nights outdoors!

#8 Traditional Greek music instrument

A typical Greek string instrument
A Greek bouzouki

If you are looking for traditional Greek gifts, this authentic musical instrument might be a good option for you.

The bouzouki is the classic sound you hear in many traditional Greek songs.

It kind of looks like a long and small guitar, but it has a distinctive sound.

It is one of the pricier gifts from Greece, but for music lovers, I think it’s the best! For even more beautifully decorated bouzoukis, check out Etsy.

#9 Greek seasoning gift set

Greek seasoning gift set
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Turn their cooking into a true Greek kitchen with this set of six different Greek seasonings. From tzatziki to lamb and beef kabob, with this Greek gift basket, they’ll be able to recreate authentic Greek dishes in a breeze.

#10 Greek sandals

A apir of leather sandals from Greece
Greek leather sandals

These sandals are the best Greek presents for people who adore the Greek fashion style!

Greek gifts for mid-budget

#11 Ouzo gift set

Bottle of ouzo
Photo courtesy of Drizly

One of the best gifts from Greece for alcohol lovers is of course one of the most famous Greek spirits: ouzo.

At Drizly, you can find quite a few different ouzo brands from Greece, though the most popular one is Metaxa Ouzo.

#12 Greek-themed gifts: socks

Socks with a geometrical design
Photo courtesy of Zazzle.

I love the Greek ornament style, and that’s why I picked the cute designed socks from Zazzle.

But if you want to give socks as Greek-themed gifts, but you don’t like this ornament style as much as I do, check out the other designs on Zazzle!

#13 Santorini-themed planter

A planter shaped like a white house on a Greek island
Photo courtesy of Meow 3D Store

This is one of the coolest Greece gift ideas for someone who could use a bit of the island vibes in their homes. Whether it’s for a local Greek who moved abroad, or someone who just returned from their trip to Santorini, with these unique planters they can reminisce from the comfort of their home while also adding some more green to their house!

#14 Greece gifts: jewelry

Necklace with a pendant of the map of Greece
Photo courtesy of Bubblebox

If you are looking for Greece-inspired gifts for women, jewelry is always a great idea!

Check out this beautiful necklace with a pendant in the shape of the map of Greece for both locals and travelers obsessed with the country.

#15 Cookbooks

Greece: The Cookbook book cover
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Greece: The Cookbook

“Greece: The Cookbook” is the ultimate gift for Greek lovers. Packed with easy, delicious recipes and cultural insights, it’s a one-way ticket to Greek gastronomic bliss. Whether they’re a tzatziki pro or a moussaka beginner, this book’s got them covered

Book cover of 'Master Greek Desserts: 55 delicious and easy recipes from Greece'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Master Greek Desserts: 55 delicious and easy recipes from Greece

With 55 delectable Greek desserts and pastries, it’s like a Greece experience gift from the comfort of home. It’s a sweet tooth’s dream come true. From baklava to halva, this book will teach them how to make the best Greek desserts at home.

Book cover of My Big Fat Greek Cookbook: Classic Mediterranean Soul Food Recipes ''
Photo courtesy of Amazon

My Big Fat Greek Cookbook: Classic Mediterranean Soul Food Recipes

The last cookbook on this list is the perfect Greek gift idea for those who have a smaller budget. It still includes all the amazing Greek dishes, but just has a smaller price tag.

#16 Greece puzzles

The box of a jigsaw puzzle of Santorini in Greece
Santorini jigsaw puzzle

This stunning puzzle of Santorini is one of the best Greece gift ideas for people who miss the island life. With a 1000-piece puzzle, they can keep themselves busy and dream about Greece at the same time!

No worries if you prefer a different design, there are plenty of Greece-inspired puzzles on Amazon.

Or check out these puzzle-lover gifts for more inspiration.

#17 Greek-themed coasters

Greek-inspired coasters with a blue tile print
Photo courtesy of Sensibly Said

Whether you’re looking for housewarming gifts for Greek friends or for foreign friends who love the laid-back Mediterranean style, these coasters are the perfect gift to bring the Greek vibe to their new homes.

#18 Books about Greece

Book cover of 'Greece - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Greece – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture 

This book is the perfect gift for someone going to Greece soon to live, work, or study. It will help them to settle and mingle with the locals. Or for people whose lover is Greek, so they will learn more about their culture and background.

Book cover of 'Bucket To Greece Volume 1: A Comical Living Abroad Adventure'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Bucket To Greece Volume 1: A Comical Living Abroad Adventure

This book about a British couple that moves to Greece to start a new life, is a funny Greece-themed gift for anyone who loves Hellas. It’s a comic and inspiring book, and it’s part of a series of eight books so that you will have a gift for the coming few occasions!

Book cover of 'Greek to Me: Adventures of the Comma Queen'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Greek to Me: Adventures of the Comma Queen

This is the perfect gift for Greek language and culture lovers, who prefer a fun and easily digestible book. The author writes about her personal trip to Greece and shares fun and interesting stories about the Greek language, culture, and history.

#19 Greek-themed shirts

Shirt with "I have Greece on my shirt"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for Greece gift ideas for travelers or locals moving away, this funny Greek shirt is the perfect idea!

If you do like the idea of giving a Greek-themed shirt, but don’t like the design of this one on Amazon, check out Etsy for more inspiration.

A quick warning though. The list also includes a large number of Greek sorority-themed shirts. Nothing against sorority shirts, I just think it’s not the type of gift you are looking for when searching for actual Greek gifts.

#20 Travel guides

Book cover of 'Fodor's Essential Greece'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Fodor’s Essential Greece

Do you need a gift for someone traveling to Greece for the first time? Then general guidebooks about Greece, such as Fodor’s will always do well.

Book cover of 'Lonely Planet Greece'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet Greece

Lonely Planets are extremely popular and good guidebooks for budget and mid-range travelers.

Book cover of 'Frommer's Athens and the Greek Islands'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Frommer’s Athens and the Greek Islands

And lastly, even if you need a gift for someone traveling to Greece for the thousandth time, a guidebook about an island or a city they haven’t visited yet, such as Frommer’s Athens and island guide is perfect.

#21 Greek gifts wall art

set of four posters from Santorini
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you like the idea of a Greece-inspired gift to decorate their homes with, but do they already have a map of Greece?

This beautiful set of four posters from Santorini might be a good alternative!

Or check out Amazon for one of the many cool Greek-inspired wall art ideas!

#22 Coloring book for adults

Coloring Europe: Magical Greece coloring book for adults
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This beautiful Greek-themed coloring book for adults is the ideal gift for Greek enthusiasts. It’s like sending them on a mini vacation to the Aegean without the sunburn or long flights.

And it’s a unique way to channel their inner Picasso and add some color to those iconic Greek islands and mythological gods. Plus it’s probably a healthier method for stress relief than chugging those ouzos!

#23 Picture frame

A personalized Greek-themed photo frame
Photo courtesy of Bella Busta Gift

Whether it’s a wedding gift for a couple that has a honeymoon planned to Greece, or for a Greek friend who misses home, with a personalized Greek photo frame you can bring the Greek vibes home so they can enjoy it even when they’re far away.

#24 Name necklace

A woman wearing a necklace with a name written in Greek letters
Photo courtesy of Dainty Minimalist Art

This Greek name necklace is a thoughtful gift for Greek lovers, adding that personal touch with a hint of Greek flair to their style. 

It’s like wearing a subtle nod to their love for Greece. Simple, elegant, and a special way to celebrate their connection to Greek culture.

Greek gifts for small budgets

#25 Baklava

A package of baklava
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Though baklava is not only a Greek treat (it’s a popular treat throughout the Middle East, Southeast Europe, and Central Asia too), this box includes various baklava varieties making it one of the best Greek presents for sweet tooths.

#26 Greek tote bag

Tote bag with Greek mythology symbols
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags with a Greek mythology design are perfect small Greece gift ideas for history buffs!

Tote bags, in general, are super practical, so if you would rather have a different design, check out the other alternatives on Zazzle.

#27 Greece travel journal

Greece-themed travel journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The best Greece gift idea for someone traveling to Greece soon is a travel journal specifically about Greece, so they can write about everything they have seen, tasted, smelled, and experienced during their trip to Greece!

Alternatively, you could get a travel journal that is not specifically for Greece. Check out my list of 25 super cute journals!

#28 Mugs

A Greece-themed mug with an ancient pattern
Photo courtesy of Souvenirs from Greece

This mug is the perfect way to add a daily dose of Greek ambrosia with their morning joe!

Every sip transports them to the blue-domed churches of Santorini or the bustling streets of Athens, no jet lag involved.

Plus, they get to sip their frappe or ouzo (we won’t judge, whatever tickles their Greek fancy) in style.

#29 Greece-inspired glasses

Shot glass with the map of Greece
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Greek-inspired gifts for people who want to bring a bit of the country home, and who love shots?

Then this cute shot glass is what you need! From now on they can serve ouzo shots in Greek style with these awesome designs.

#30 Pillowcases

A set of nine different Greek-inspired pillow cases
Photo courtesy of Nile Art Design

These Greek-themed pillow covers are the perfect gift for Greek lovers who just bought a house. 

Transform their living space with a touch of Greece, so they’ll dream of the Aegean every night. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come with the filling though, so you should order these separately.

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Final note on Greek gift ideas

Alright, I hope that this post helped you to find the perfect gift for someone going to Greece or for locals. Check out my personal top three if you need a bit more help, or shoot me a message so we can brainstorm together!


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