25 Unique Hawaiian Gifts You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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Are you looking for the best Hawaiian gifts for Christmas? Or perhaps you need gifts from someone who is obsessed with Hawaii. Whatever the case, you’re in for a treat hotter than a volcano luau! We’ve scoured the islands, navigated through coconut jungles, and even wrestled a pineapple or two (they’re a feisty bunch!) to bring you a collection of Hawaii gift ideas that are rarer than a surfing cat. Yes, you heard that right – we’re diving into the world of 25 unique Hawaii-themed gifts you won’t find anywhere else!

Grab your coconut water (or piña colada, we won’t judge), kick back, and get ready to explore these truly one-of-a-kind Hawaiian treasures.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Hawaiian gift ideas by budget.

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The 25 best Hawaiian gifts

Hawaii gifts for large budgets

#1 Hawaiian gifts for her: koa wood earrings

Koa wood earrings
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These earrings are great Hawaiian-themed gifts in multiple ways.

First of all, they are made in Honolulu by the Honolulu Jewelry Company in Hawaii. Second, they have the shape of the typical Hawaiian flower, the plumeria. And lastly, they are made from koa wood. Which is wood from a native Hawaiian tree, the Acacia Koa.

The Acacia Koa is the second most common tree in Hawaii and its wood is used for many different purposes. For example for ukuleles, traditional surfboards, handcrafts, and furniture.

For more typical Hawaii gifts for her, check out #12.

#2 Hawaiian-themed board game

Latice Hawaii board game
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Hawaii gift ideas for people who love board games? Then this tile-laying strategy game is the gift you are looking for.

Latice Hawaii uses typical Hawaiian tiles, such as sea turtles, plumeria flowers, and dolphins. The aim of the game is to be the first to lay all your tiles. It’s a game for 2-4 players and usually takes about 20-40 minutes.

For more gift ideas for board game lovers, check out these travel-themed board games.

#3 Map of Hawaii

Map of Hawaii
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

If you are looking for Hawaiian-themed gifts for someone’s home, a map of Hawaii is a great gift idea.

Personally, I loved the illustrated art map of Hawaii from Not on the High Street, but check out Etsy for more designs.

#4 Hawaiian rum

Black bottle of rum
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

If you are looking for unique gifts from Hawaii for people who love rum, then traditional Hawaiian rum is the gift you need.

Koloa is one of the first licensed distilleries in Hawaii and they produce all sorts of rum, such as coconut or coffee rum. They are not only great gifts for rum lovers but also for cocktail lovers, because flavored rum is perfect for cocktails!

#5 Ukulele

A ukule
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for traditional Hawaiian gifts for someone who loves music?

A ukulele is the gift you need!

Even though this Mahony one is not made in Hawaii or from koa wood, like the traditional ukuleles in Hawaii, it’s still a fun gift idea. Especially for people who are just starting out and who want to learn how to play this classic Hawaiian instrument.

#6 Handmade trinket dish from Hawaii

A set of handmade dishes with an ocean-theme from Hawaii
Photo courtesy of TBM Creations

Looking for gifts for someone who loves Hawaii?

Check out this trinket dish!

It’s handcrafted in Maui with the use of non-toxic resin, Monkeypod, and Acacia woods (truly eco-friendly). Not only does it look stunning but it also contains real shells and rocks too! A perfect addition to a Hawaiian beach house or a beach wedding!

It’ll definitely give them that much-needed ocean vibe.

Hawaii gifts for mid budgets

#7 Hawaiian-themed cutting board

Map of Hawaii cutting board
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This cutting board in the shape of the big island of Hawaii is the perfect Hawaii-themed gift for people who love cooking. They can cut all their veggies on the Hawaiian-style cutting board!

#8 Hawaiian cookbooks

Book cover of cookbook 'Cook real Hawaii'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Cook real Hawaii

If you are looking for Hawaiian gifts for foodies, a cookbook is a great gift idea. This book was written by the two-time Top Chef Finalist Sheldon Simeon and includes 100 delicious Hawaiian recipes.

Cookbook cover 'Aloha Kitchen: Recipes from Hawaii '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Aloha Kitchen: Recipes from Hawaii

Aloha Kitchen is a great cookbook for people who love to know about the stories and history behind recipes.

Cookbook cover of 'Hawaii: A vegan paradise'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Hawaii: A vegan paradise

As you probably already guessed, this is one of the best Hawaiian gifts for vegans. The book includes 120 different plant-based recipes from the islands.

#9 Macadamia nuts from Hawaii

Bag of Mauna Loa nuts from Hawaii
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These macadamia nuts are one of the most popular gifts from Hawaii that people take home after a trip.

You can find over 700 different macadamia farms in Hawaii and they make up a large part of the islands’ export.

Besides that, macs (as the locals call them) are also just delicious and healthy which makes them awesome Hawaiian gifts.

Alright, I’ll admit. The salted and chocolate-covered macs kind of lose their healthy title with all the sugar or salt that’s added. But they are still delicious.

#10 Hawaiian coffee

A bag of coffee from Hawaii
Photo courtesy of Bean Box

Hawaiian coffee is one of the most expensive coffee in the world. So if you are looking for unique Hawaii gifts for someone who loves coffee, coffee from Hawaii is perfect.

This blend is mixed with macadamia and nut ginger cookie to create a unique taste.

#11 Fun books about Hawaii

Book cover of 'The great book of Hawaii: The crazy history of Hawaii with amazing random facts and trivia'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The great book of Hawaii: The crazy history of Hawaii with amazing random facts and trivia

Are you looking for Hawaii gifts for people who love history and trivia? Then this book is the gift they need!

Book cover of 'Captive Paradise: A history of Hawaii'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Captive Paradise: A history of Hawaii

This is a more in-depth book about the history of Hawaii, so it’s great for people who want to know all the ins and outs!

Book cover of 'Moloka'i'
Photo courtesy of Amazon


Moloka’i is a beautiful historic novel about a young girl from Hawaii who contracts leprosy and is exiled to the leprosy island.

#12 More Hawaii gifts for her: plumeria necklace

3 necklaces of flowers
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

The plumeria flower is one of the most iconic flowers of Hawaii. Funny enough, the tree from which the flower grows is not endemic to Hawaii. It was brought there in the 19th century and flourished in Hawaii’s tropical climate.

But nowadays, they are mostly associated with Hawaii, which is why many Hawaii gifts and souvenirs include the plumeria flower. For example, these cute necklaces, which are available in gold, rose, and silver.

#13 Hawaii-themed passport cover

A passport cover with typical icons from Hawaii
Photo courtesy of Happy Wahine

If you are looking for practical gifts for someone going to Hawaii soon, a passport cover in Hawaii style is the gift you need!

I liked the passport cover with a print of typical Hawaiian things, but for different covers, check out Etsy.

#14 Hawaiian shirt

Hawaiian shirt
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Hawaiian or Aloha shirts are probably the most iconic Hawaiian gifts you can think of. So of course, I had to include them on this list.

They originated in Hawaii, even though they are now produced and worn around the world. Aloha shirts remain one of the best Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs.

#15 Hula course

An online hula dancing course is a great traditional Hawaiian gift idea for someone who loves to dance.

Hula is a traditional Polynesian dance that has been developed by the Polynesian settlers in Hawaii. The online course on Udemy will teach a few basic moves, which are then put together for a dance/workout. So it’s perfect for people who love dance workouts and who love to learn traditional dances.

#16 Honey from Hawaii

A jar of raw honey from Hawaii
Photo courtesy of The Republic of Tea

Do you know any honey lovers?

The Rare Hawaiian Honey Company produces the rarest honey in the world which makes their honey one heck of a gift Hawaii fans will undoubtedly love!

No less than 80,000 bees make the honey taste unique by munching on Kiawe trees from a massive 1000-acre Kiawe forest at the Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii. The honey remains unpasteurized and it naturally turns into crystals, giving them even more awesome health benefits.

And guess what? This honey will never go bad.

#17 Hawaii travel guide

Book cover of 'Lonely Planet: Honolulu, Waikiki & O'ahu'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet: Honolulu, Waikiki & O’ahu

Are you looking for gifts for people going to Hawaii on a budget? Then the Lonely Planet is the gift you need.

Book cover of 'DK Eyewitness Hawaii'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

DK Eyewitness Hawaii

DK Eyewitness guides are great in-depth guides for all sorts of travelers. And also for travelers who are planning to visit multiple islands.

Book cover of 'Fodor's Essential Hawaii'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Fodor’s Essential Hawaii

Fodor’s travel guides are beautifully illustrated and are great for people who love books with images and lots of visuals, making them the perfect gift for any Hawaii trip.

Hawaii gifts for small budgets

#18 Hawaiian pineapple wine

Bottle of wine
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

This pineapple wine from Maui is one of the best Hawaii gift ideas for people who love sweeter wines.

Pineapple wine is actually made from pineapples (no sh*t, Sherlock). The pineapples are harvested and the juice is put in tanks for fermentation for 14 days, after that it takes about 12-116 weeks before the wine is bottled.

#19 Hawaii coloring book for adults

Hawaii coloring book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Nature is one of the many reasons why people love Hawaii. And this coloring book for adults allows them to color some of the typical Hawaiian landscapes. It’s a great gift for Hawaii lovers who need to take more time to relax. Coloring books for adults have been proven to work suiting and meditative.

#20 Black lava salt from Hawaii

A jar of salt from Hawaii
Photo courtesy of Walmart

Did you know that Hawaiian Sea Salt is one of the top choices in the world of gourmet condiments?

That’s because it has more minerals and is much richer in flavor (has a wide range to boot). It’s one of a kind and 100% natural.

One of which is the Hawaiian Black Lava Salt – harvested from the Pacific Ocean, it takes its color and smoky flavor from lava and activated coconut shell charcoal. It’s a wonderful gift from Hawaii for cooking enthusiasts. Not only will it take the food’s taste to another level but studies have also shown that it will enhance any person’s digestive health (source).

#21 Hawaii-themed socks

Hawaii socks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for fun and small Hawaii-themed gifts, these warm travel socks are the perfect gift. They are available for both men and women and in different sizes.

#22 Hawaii-themed gifts for the home

Set of six travel posters from Hawaii
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This set of vintage travel posters from Hawaii is one of the best Hawaiian-themed gifts for someone who would love to bring a bit of Hawaii to his or her home.

#23 Hawaii travel journal

Hawaii-themed travel journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A travel journal specific to Hawaii is one of the best gifts for someone going to Hawaii soon! They can keep track of all their amazing travel memories in a structured way. The journal provides space to record what they saw, did, or learned that day.

It also includes pages they can use for preparing for their trips, such as to-do and packing lists.

#24 Hawaiian-themed tote bags

Tote bag with sea turtles
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The 4700 different Hawaii-style tote bags on Zazzle are great practical Hawaiian-themed gifts for sustainable travelers. Because they will use their cool tote bag instead of a plastic one, which reduces the amount of plastic waste.

I loved the tote bag with the three turtles because turtles are a popular symbol in Hawaii. They represent peace, good luck, and the spirit.

#25 Hawaiian-themed luggage tag

Luggage tag with Hawaii
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Hawaiian-themed gifts for surfers?

This luggage tag with a surfboard is a great practical and small gift!

For more luggage tag designs, check out Zazzle because they offer over 2000 different Hawaiian-themed options.

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25 unique Hawaiian gifts

Final note on these Hawaiian gifts

Alright, since you are still reading this post, I am assuming you need more tips to find the best Hawaiian gifts. So let me help you out.

Here are my top three Hawaii gift ideas in each price range, so you can pick the one for your budget and buy that awesome gift for your recipient!


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