74 Awesome Homemade Coupon Ideas (& 7 Free DIY Coupon Templates)

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Multiple homemade coupon ideas

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A homemade coupon book is one of my favorite DIY personalized gifts. First of all, it’s a great way to give a specific experience or favor to someone you love. And because you can include multiple homemade coupon ideas in one book, you and the receiver can enjoy these favors and experiences all year long. And lastly, the extra effort that goes into DIY gifts shows how much you love the recipient. (And as long as you don’t tell them you actually used a super simple printable homemade coupon template, they will never know how easy it was.)

So now that we know why a DIY coupon is such a great gift, let’s have a look at how to make it and what to put on homemade vouchers. The latter depends on who your homemade coupon book is for of course. But in this post, you will find awesome templates for Christmas, your parents, your lover, your friends, and anyone else.

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74 Awesome homemade coupon ideas

Alright, first thing first. What do you put on homemade vouchers?

Honestly, everything.

Seriously, you can write down any type of favor or experience together. For your loved one you can go for sexy coupons, for your friends you can think of something funny or crazy, and for your parents, you can think of something practical.

Since I am a big travel lover, I included a few favors that I know other travel lovers will enjoy. But really, you can get as creative as you want.

A coupon for an activity of their choice
A coupon for an activity of their choice
  1. Coffee at a coffee shop of their choice
  2. Dinner at a restaurant of their choice
  3. For travel lovers: Offer to pay for dinner at a fancy restaurant during their trip.
  4. Prepare a homemade dinner for them
  5. Take them out for lunch to a restaurant of their choice
  6. You pay for lunch of their choice while they’re traveling
  7. Prepare lunch for them
  8. Take them out for brunch to a restaurant of their choice
  9. You pay for brunch of their choice while they’re traveling
  10. Prepare brunch for them
  11. Take them out for breakfast to a restaurant of their choice
  12. You pay for breakfast of their choice while they’re traveling
  13. Bring breakfast to bed
  14. Accommodation in a fancy hotel
  15. Spa day
  16. Free massage from you
  17. You pay for a professional massage
  18. Unique travel experience (balloon ride, bungee jump, helicopter rides, kayaking)
  19. Plane tickets
  20. Take care of their pet during their holiday
  21. Water their plants during their holiday
  22. Mow their lawn (once or during their holiday)
  23. A tank full of petrol
  24. A night of babysitting
  25. Pick the next destination
  26. Pick any activity to do together for a day or afternoon
  27. Pick the songs for the next road trip
  28. You pay for dessert
  29. 1-hour video call
  30. New travel guide of their choice
  31. New backpack of their choice
  32. New clothes of their choice
  33. New travel items they need
  34. Clean their home upon return
  35. Take them to the airport/ pick them up from the airport
  36. Tickets to a game or theatre show abroad
  37. Concert tickets of their choice
  38. A night out on your costs
  39. Language course on your costs
  40. Another type of class, such as surfing, sowing, photography, etc
  41. Carry their bag for a day
  42. Get a surprise from you
  43. Go on a weekend trip together
  44. Go on a hike together
  45. Do their laundry
  46. Receive a postcard from you
  47. Day without whining
  48. Day of compliments
  49. A souvenir of their choice
  50. Help to move in or out of a new home
  51. Window seat
  52. Skip middle seat
  53. Sex when they want
  54. Sex where they want
  55. A picnic at a location of their choice
  56. Be their designated driver
  57. Pick a museum
  58. Pick a must-read book for you
  59. Pick a must-see movie for you
  60. Wake early for a sunrise
  61. Go skinny dipping
  62. Wild fantasy fulfilled
  63. Dress up the way they want
  64. One veto anything
  65. One wish granted
  66. Ask me anything
  67. They’re in control for one day
  68. Tech free day
  69. Wear matching outfits for a day
  70. Take them to a secluded beach
  71. Take them to a romantic sunset
  72. Professional photoshoot
  73. Go to a karaoke bar and sing a duet or song for them
  74. Pick a tattoo for you or a matching one
A love coupon for a romantic picnic
A love coupon for a romantic picnic

How to make a homemade coupon book

Alright, so hopefully you’ve now got an idea of what to put on your homemade vouchers with these 74 homemade coupon ideas.

Now it’s time to put these ideas into a real homemade coupon book. I’ve designed seven different printable homemade coupon templates for different occasions and recipients. You can find the printable PDFs if you want to write the favor or activity yourself. If you don’t have fancy handwriting, you can also and the link to the templates on Canva (a free and super easy online graphic design tool) below.

But before you pick your template or make your own, let’s have a quick overview of how you’re going to put together your homemade coupon book.

What do you need?

  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon, twine, or string
  • Hole puncher (though it’s also possible without)
  • Free templates printed (see the templates below)

If you don’t have a printer at home or you prefer to make the coupons from scratch, you also need these items:

  • Paper (colorful makes the coupons stand out more, but white works too)
  • Ruler (if you want to be very precise)
  • Colorful pens, stickers, decorated tape, and other decorative items to make your coupons pretty
What you need

Step 1: Gather your coupons

First, you need to decide which free printable homemade coupon you will use or whether you will make one from scratch.

If you decide to use mine, I highly encourage you to use Canva. It’s a free tool that allows you to make the most beautiful creations you can imagine. You can just make a copy of the template, add all the voucher ideas you want to give to the recipient, download your design from Canva and print it.

Free online tool Canva

The benefit of doing this in Canva is that it’s all made with the same font style and it looks pretty. Especially if you’re like me and you don’t have fancy handwriting.

If don’t want to use Canva, simply print the empty homemade coupon templates and add your ideas by hand. It gives that nice personal touch and saves you from the hassle of learning how to work with Canva.

Lastly, if you don’t have a printer at home, don’t worry!

You can easily make these vouchers yourself from scratch. All you need is paper (colored paper is a nice way to make it look prettier, but is not necessary).

Draw rectangles on your paper and cut as many vouchers as you would like to add. Use your colored pens and stickers to give the coupons a beautiful look. I used an old receipt to get the right shape, but you can also use a ruler or any other shape, as long as all coupons are similarly shaped.

First draw the coupon shapes

How many vouchers do you need in one coupon book?

Well, that’s highly personal of course. It all depends on how many favors you are willing to do, or many activities you can pay for. Personally, I would add a minimum of six, so that it actually feels like a book. But again, it’s totally up to you. I went with eight coupons and one front cover because I could cut three coupons from one piece of paper.

DIY coupon: the start

Next, I folded the coupons at about a quarter to make it easier to tear them later.

Fold the coupons at about a quarter

To make it even easier to tear the coupon and to add a bit of a nice shape, I decided to cut out a triangle at the fold. You can either use a ruler to measure it out. Or simply cut one side first and then use that triangle to measure out the other side.

Cut out two triangles at the fold

Step 2: Make or cut a cover

If you are using the Canva printable, you’ve probably already noticed that each design comes with a cover. Again, you can customize this any way you want. And if you are going for the homemade coupon book without the templates, design your own cover.

You can use my example for inspiration. It’s in Dutch because it was a gift for my parents before I left for another long-term trip around the world. But you get the idea.

I just used decorative tape because I am not the most artistic person around the block (just have a look at my handwriting and you’ll understand what I’m talking about).

DIY coupon front page

Step 3: Punch holes in each coupon

If you have a hole puncher, perfect! Just make holes in each coupon.

If you don’t have one, no worries. Just grab a pair of scissors and make holes yourself. This is what I did too, it’s slightly less pretty, but honestly, it works just fine.

I made the holes before I decorated the coupons, but either way is fine.

I used a pair of scissors to make holes

Step 4: Thread your ribbon (or twine, or string) through the holes of the coupons

Now it’s time to put the homemade coupon book together. Start with the last coupon and add each new one on top. Once you’ve added the cover, tie the ribbon together and you’re all set!

DIY coupon book

Basic printable homemade coupons template

Homemade coupon ideas

This is the simplest homemade coupon template and you can make it work for any type of receiver. If you want to add a bit of color and more images, check out the Canva template here.

If you just want to print this example and add your personalized coupon ideas by hand, download the PDF versions below and print it.

Empty homemade coupon template
Empty homemade coupon template

Basic 2 printable homemade coupons template

Empty homemade coupon template

The second DIY coupon template is slightly more advanced than the first. Mainly because it requires you to cut a few more curves, but I’m pretty sure you’re more than capable of just that!

Head over to the Canva template if you want to personalize it online.

Or print the empty DIY coupon PDF and front cover below.

Empty homemade coupon template
Empty homemade coupon template

Christmas printable homemade coupons template

DIY coupon template for Christmas

If you are looking for a cute Christmas DIY coupon idea, then this Canva Christmas template is perfect for you!

Or go for the pdf version below.

DIY coupon template for Christmas
DIY coupon template for Christmas

Mother’s Day printable homemade coupon

Mother’s Day homemade coupon ideas

Are you making a homemade coupon book for your mom?

Then this design for Mother’s Day is exactly what you need! Edit the template in Canva or print the empty vouchers below.

And if you are looking for a cute physical gift to go with the coupons, check out the Mother’s Day travel gift guide.

Mother’s Day homemade coupon ideas
Mother’s Day homemade coupon ideas

Father’s Day printable homemade coupon

Father’s Day homemade coupon ideas

Even the toughest dads need a favor every once in a while. And with this super sweet homemade coupon book, you give him the opportunity to ask for one without feeling guilty!

Check out the Father’s Day Canva template.

And have a look at this Father’s Day travel gift guide if you need more gift ideas.

Father’s Day homemade coupon ideas
Father’s Day homemade coupon ideas

Valentine’s Day printable homemade coupon

Valentine’s Day homemade coupon ideas

A homemade coupon book for your lover is perhaps the most fun book to make!


Because you will add activities and favors that you will (probably) look forward to!

To give an idea of things you can put in a love coupon book here is a short list.

  1. Sex when they want
  2. Sex where they want
  3. A picnic at a location of their choice
  4. A Wild fantasy fulfilled
  5. Redo your first date
  6. Write a love letter
  7. A free massage
  8. Moonlit walk
  9. Candlelight bath together

And I’m sure you can think of more fun and sexy things you would love to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend. So go ahead and edit the Canva template, or print the PDF versions.

And have a look at the Valentine’s Day travel gift guide.

Valentine’s Day homemade coupon ideas
Valentine’s Day homemade coupon ideas

Printable homemade coupon templates for friends

DIY coupon template

Alright, the last template is great for anyone who is dear to you, including a friend! Check out the Canva template, or write your voucher ideas by hand on these PDF examples.

DIY coupon template
DIY coupon template

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