The 25 Best Housewarming Gifts That Will Make Travelers Feel Home

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It’s a rare thing, a traveler who settles and buys a house. But when they do, you need to find the best housewarming gifts for travelers to make them feel at home instantly. To help you out, I handpicked the 25 best travel-themed housewarming gifts that they will surely love!

There is something for any type of traveler, whether they love nature, mountains, or beaches, this list includes awesome gifts for all of them.

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The best housewarming gifts for travelers

Travel-themed housewarming gifts for large budgets

#1 World maps

Scratch map
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is probably the number one home-decor gift for travel lovers; world maps.

I have said this numerous times before and I still stand by it. Travelers and maps are a perfect combination. You can never go wrong with world maps.

Such as the standard scratch-off world map. Despite the fact that it’s a standard gift, it’s an all-time favorite and will always bring joy. Or go for a more unique wooden world map.

Are you also looking for the best housewarming card and message to go with your gift? Then have a look at these hilarious new home wishes!

#2 Travel-themed kitchenware

Blue electric tagine
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Kitchenware is a good example of a practical housewarming gift that will always work.

And for travelers, kitchen items would be even better if they are somehow related to travel.

One way to achieve that is to gift a kitchen tool that is common in the recipient’s favorite country, such as this tagine for people who love Morocco and Tunisia.

Other cool kitchenware ideas include a Takoyaki maker for Japan lovers and a pasta maker for Italian lovers.

For more ideas like this, check out the destination’s page to find a gift guide for the recipient’s favorite country.

#3 Board game

Ticket to ride board game
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best housewarmings for travelers who won’t hit the road again for a while; a travel-themed board game.

You can actually find an entire post dedicated to the 25 best travel-themed board games, so definitely check that one out if you would like more inspiration.

The game I selected for this post (Ticket to Ride) is one of my personal favorites. I’ve only played the European edition, which is why I selected this one. But if the recipient loves a different part of the world, check out the other editions on Amazon too.

#4 Goggle-shaped photo frames

Photo frames in the shape of goggles
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for unique housewarming gifts for travelers who love to dive or ski?

Then these photo frames are the gift you need. The photo frames are shaped like diving and ski goggles!

Keep in mind that the goggle frames are sold separately, so the price is only for one frame.

#5 Skyline tealight holders

City skyline tealight holders
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These skyline tealight holders are unique travel-themed housewarming gifts for people who love US cities.

And they are specifically great for people who love one of the following eight major cities: Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle, or Washington, D.C.

#6 Bedsheets

Bedsheets in travel theme
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Bedsheets are super practical travel-themed housewarming gifts because every homeowner needs them.

The two options I selected for today are sheets with passport stamps or sheets by the Finnish brand Marimekko.

#7 Mountain-shaped shelves

Mountain-shaped shelves
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Here is a cool example of a great housewarming gift for someone who is obsessed with the mountains.

The shelves come in a pair of two and are made from torched finished wood creating that rustic and industrial mood.

#8 Color-in map mug

Mugs wit maps
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Generally speaking, mugs are always a safe option when it comes to housewarming gifts. And the same applies to travel-themed housewarming gifts (as long as the mugs are travel-related).

And luckily you can find plenty of mugs with a travel theme. But if you are looking for unique housewarming mugs, then check out these color-in maps on Uncommon Goods.

There are two designs you can choose from. Either a map of the US or one of the entire world.

The recipient can then color in all the states or countries he or she has visited (one marker is included) and place the mug in the oven to make sure the colors stay permanently. And each time they visit a new place, the mug can be updated!

#9 Turkish coffee maker

Turkish coffee maker
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need housewarming gifts for travelers who also love coffee?

Then I just found the perfect gift for you; a briki!

A briki is a typical coffee maker that’s often used in Turkey, some Arabic countries, and Greece. It makes a strong, but delicious coffee and it’s a cool kitchen item for new homeowners.

Other fun gift ideas for coffee lovers include international coffee beans or a Bialetti coffee maker.

Travel-themed housewarming gifts for mid budgets

#10 Bookends

Two bookends shaped like mountains
Photo courtesy of Amazon

There are many cool travel-themed bookends on Amazon, so whatever type of traveler your recipient is, I am sure you can find matching bookends.

For example, if the recipient is a mountaineer, these mountain-shaped bookends are perfect!

#11 Bucketlist scratch-off poster

Scratch off poster with 100 places to travek too
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Scratch-off posters are super popular among travelers (and non-travelers as well).

There is something so satisfying about scratching-off items. And for travel lovers, it’s even better when they’re scratching-off places they have visited.

So if you are looking for fun housewarming gifts for travelers, check out the two posters I selected. But trust me when I say that you can find a scratch-off poster for pretty much anything (books, flowers, moons, national parks, you name it). Such as this one with 100 places every travel lover must see.

#12 Travel memories box

Box to collect memories and tickets
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This box is perfect for people who always save everything from their trips. from plane tickets to museum tickets, from now on they can collect all their tickets in one place and proudly display their tokens and souvenirs in one box.

#13 Destinations of a lifetime book

Destinations of a lifetime book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Books make great housewarming gifts for travelers (as long as they are related to travel of course).

Destinations of a Lifetime by National Geographic is a cool book for travelers who need some inspiration for their next destination.

Besides that, it’s also an awesome coffee table book or a beautiful contribution to a bookshelf, which makes it a great gift in multiple ways.

#14 Bear-shaped wall art

Wooden bear with pine trees
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for travel-themed housewarming gifts for nature lovers, look no further!

This wooden piece of wall art in the shape of a bear is what you need.

It’s available in three different prints; dark walnut wood with green pine trees, grey wood with blue pine trees, and the one you can see in the photo.

And if you do want to look further, check out the next gift for more ideas for nature lovers.

#15 Sloth-shaped planter

Planter in the shape of a sloth
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This super cute planter in the shape of a sloth is probably one of my favorite travel-themed housewarming gifts for sloth lovers.

First, it allows them to add some green plants to their new home, something that nature lovers will surely appreciate. And second, it comes with a cute animal.

Can it get any better for people who love nature?

#16 Bath mat

Bath mat with text
Photo courtesy of Amazon

There are two bath-related housewarming gifts for travelers on today’s list.

The first one is this bath mat with the text “yes to new adventures”. And it’s a fun gift to motivate the new homeowner to make the most out of life every time he or she steps out of the shower.

#17 Travel-themed clock

Clock with an image op the word map
Photo courtesy of Amazon

As a housewarming gift for travel lovers, a clock with a map of the world can never go wrong!

#18 DIY Italian cheese-making kit

Mozerella & ricotta cheese making kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need travel-themed housewarming gifts for someone who loves either cheese, cooking, or Italy?

Or all three?

Then this DIY kit to make Italian mozzarella and ricotta is perfect!

Travel-themed housewarming gifts for small budgets

#19 Pillowcases

Set of six pillows
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This set of six pillowcases with different designs is one of the great travel-themed gifts for new homeowners. Pillows are a very effective way to add some travel atmosphere to a new home.

Keep in mind that this set includes pillowcases, the actual filling (or pillow) is not included.

#20 Travel-themed piggy bank

Travel fund box
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the most practical housewarming gifts for travelers; a travel fund to help them save for their next trip.

Buying a new home is quite expensive, so they’ll probably need a little help saving for their next adventure after that.

#21 Beach-themed coasters

Coasters with beach theme
Photo courtesy of Amazon

New homeowners want to keep their homes and furniture looking new for as long as possible. And that’s why coasters make great gifts for new homeowners because they will help them to keep their brand-new table spot-free in style.

You can find a wide range of travel-themed coasters on Amazon. But if the recipient loves the ocean and the beach, this set of eight coasters is the best.

#22 Mountain-themed table decor

Set of three wooden mountains
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This set of wooden signs is another one of the great travel-themed housewarming gifts for mountaineers (or people who simply love the mountains).

They come in a set of three and can either be placed on a shelf or hung on a wall to add a bit of mountain atmosphere to a room.

#23 Metal compass

Metal compass
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Would you like to gift more wall decor items?

Then this metal compass is a great gift idea. It measures only 11 inches (28 cm) so it’s not a giant piece of wall art, but it wouldn’t go unnoticed either.

It’s available in six different colors.

#24 Hanging photo display

Hanging photo display
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Even though this hanging photo display is not specifically for travelers, it is still one of the cutest travel-themed gifts for new homeowners.


Because travelers have a bunch of photos and this display is an awesome bohemian way to display these photos.

#25 Shower curtain

Shower curtain with map of the world
Photo courtesy of Amazon

As promised, here is the second gift for new homeowners’ baths; a shower curtain.

Check out Amazon to find cool travel-themed shower curtains for any type of traveler. Or go for this one with the world’s most iconic buildings and the map of the world (what did I say about never going wrong with a map?).

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The 25 best housewarming gifts for travelers

Final note on housewarming gifts for travelers

Alright, I hope you found the perfect housewarming gift for your recipient. But if you need a little more help, have a look at the editor’s top three housewarming gifts for travelers again.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!