25 Exotic Ibiza Gifts That Capture the Island Spirit: From Ibiza With Love

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Are you ready to dive into the world of Ibiza gifts? If you know someone who lives and breathes the sun-soaked shores of this vibrant Mediterranean paradise, we’ve got you covered. From boho-chic treasures to party-perfect surprises, our list of unique and unforgettable gifts and souvenirs from Ibiza will have them shouting “Olé!” in no time.

So, grab your sunglasses, crank up the Balearic beats, and join us on a journey through the coolest, quirkiest, and most delightful presents that capture the essence of Ibiza.

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Ibiza gift guide with six photos of typical gifts from Ibiza such as wine and jewelry

Ibiza gifts for large budgets

#1 Ibiza Adlib Moda fashion

Woman wearing a typical Ibiza style dress made from white cotton
Photo courtesy of Anytta Boho

This Adlib style dress is the perfect Ibiza gift idea for your fashionista friend who loves the Ibiza boho style.

Adlib moda is a unique fashion style that originated in Ibiza. It is characterized by its bohemian and free-spirited aesthetic, featuring flowing fabrics, lace, crochet, natural materials, and often white colors. Adlib moda embraces a relaxed and elegant vibe, with comfortable clothing that still looks fabulous, perfect for the island’s laid-back lifestyle, and anyone who matches this style!

#2 Licor de Hierbas

A bottle of Licor de Hierbas made in Ibiza
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Do you need Ibiza gifts for someone who is obsessed with the island? Look no further than licor de hierbas!

This herbal liqueur is like a tiny bottle of Ibiza itself, infused with the island’s wild party spirit and boozy traditions (and local herbs and botanicals). It’s the perfect present for that friend who knows how to have a good time and might have, ahem, indulged in a drink or two during their Ibiza escapades.

#3 Boho necklace

Woman wearing a large white necklace decorated with shells and beads
Photo courtesy of Anytta Boho

This gorgeous necklace is an awesome Ibiza gift idea for your island-loving fashionista friend who is obsessed with the typical Ibiza beachy boho vibes.

Not only will it perfectly complement their boho chic style, but it’s also a sweet reminder of her time in Ibiza (including the nights she can’t remember). And don’t worry if this necklace is a bit over your budget, I’ve included another beautiful seashell boho chic necklace (#20) in this guide, because it’s Ibiza after all.  

#4 Cookbook

Eivissa: The Ibiza cookbook cover
Photo courtesy of Amazon

From simple yet delicious grilled courgette ribbons to tantalizing grapefruit & juniper-encrusted pork salad, this cookbook contains the perfect collection of recipes from Ibiza. And with stunning photography capturing the beauty of the island, it’s the perfect Ibiza gift for home chefs.

#5 Map of Ibiza

A geometrical map of the island of Ibiza
Photo courtesy of Lasaris

This one-of-a-kind geometric map of Ibiza is the ultimate Ibiza gift idea for someone who misses the hedonistic island!

They can add a bit of the vibe into their home or office with this cool map.

For more designs such as a vintage map or an animated one, head over to Etsy.

#6 Crochet bag

A women wearing a crochet sling bag decorated with pearls and fringes
Photo courtesy of Be Unique Ibiza

This beautiful handmade crochet bag from Ibiza is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the boho Ibiza style!

This unique bag is a stylish ode to Ibiza’s bohemian charm, crafted with love and attention to detail. With its intricate crochet design, mother pearl, cotton, and glass bead, it’s more than just a bag—it’s a fashion statement that embodies the carefree spirit of Ibiza. Whether they’re strolling along the beach or dancing the night away, this bag will be their go-to accessory, carrying a piece of Ibiza’s magic wherever they roam.

#7 Water bottle

A stainless steel water bottle with sunglasses and "Ibiza vibes"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Quench their thirst for island vibes with Zazzle’s Ibiza-themed water bottles, the must-have accessory for the (de-)hydrated party animal in your life. This bottle will not only keep your loved ones refreshed, but it’s also a fun reminder of wild pool parties and unforgettable beach adventures!

If you’re captivated by the allure of the best Ibiza gifts, and you’re passionate about unique gifts and cultural exploration, you’re in for a treat!

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Ibiza gifts for mid budgets

#8 Sea salt from Ibiza

Two containers with "Sal de Ibiza"
Photo courtesy of Sal de Ibiza

Do you want to add a touch of Ibiza to your friend’s cooking?

Say hello to Sal de Ibiza, the best souvenir from Ibiza for home cooks!

This isn’t your ordinary salt; it’s salt straight from the sparkling waters of Ibiza that will allow your friend to sprinkle a pinch of Ibiza’s coastal magic into their culinary creations. Trust me, it’s the secret ingredient that will turn their kitchen into an Ibiza-inspired food haven.

#9 Spiritual gifts from Ibiza

A set of tarot cards from Ibiza
Photo courtesy of Kisses from Ibiza

Are you looking for Ibiza gifts for your spiritually inclined friend?

Then these tarot cards from Ibiza are the ultimate present! This major arcana version includes everything from numerology to astrology and the Phoenician alphabet.

Whether they seek cosmic guidance or just want to add some bohemian flair to their tarot practice, these cards will give them a piece of Ibiza’s divine wisdom to guide their spiritual journey.

#10 Handmade crochet pillow cover

A crochet cushion made from white cotton in Ibiza
Photo courtesy of Be Unique Ibiza

Searching for the ultimate gift from Ibiza that will transport a friend to their own little island oasis?

Look no further than these handmade cushion covers straight from the White Island! With their crochet cream cotton and playful tassels, these covers will brighten up any dull chair, sofa, or bed, bringing the whole Ibiza experience right into their living room!

#11 Books about Ibiza

Book cover of "Ibiza Bohemia"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Ibiza Bohemia

Ibiza Bohemia is the ultimate coffee table book that captures the essence of this hippie-chic paradise. Whether they’re craving roaring nightlife or peaceful yoga retreats, this book has it all. It’s like a virtual vacation, allowing them to immerse themselves in the soul of Ibiza and discover the blissful world that awaits in the Mediterranean.

Book cover of "The White Island: The Extraordinary History of the Mediterranean's Capital of Hedonism" by Stepan Armstrong
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The White Island: The Extraordinary History of the Mediterranean’s Capital of Hedonism

This is by far the best Ibiza gift for history buffs, but also for non-history fans, who love Ibiza. It hardly reads like a history book, yet it covers the full length of Ibiza’s history from the Carthaginians to the Romans to the present day. It’s almost like reading a novel, except it’s filled with true stories.

Book cover of "Is Harry on the boat?"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Is Harry on the boat? By Colin Butts

This cult novel spills the beans on what really happens behind the scenes of your dream vacation in Ibiza. From backhanders to questionable liaisons, the reps are up to all sorts of mischief. It’s a laugh-out-loud gift for Ibiza lovers who want a taste of the outrageous side of the island.

#12 Ibiza-inspired candle

A candle with "Ibiza affair"
Photo courtesy of Nutty Parks

Bring home the smell of Ibiza with this Ibiza Affairs candle! It will transport them straight to a sun-soaked citrus paradise, making it a great gift for Ibiza lovers who can’t visit the island right now. With notes of basil, cèdrat, juniper, and subtle florals, this candle is like a summer morning breeze giving their nostrils a VIP pass to paradise!

#13 Wine from Ibiza

A bottle of wine from Ibiza
Photo courtesy of Ibizkus

Ibiza is the perfect destination for alcohol lovers. Whether they’re there for the party and shots (of Licor de Hierbas #2) or to enjoy the boho lifestyle and fine dining, Ibiza has something to offer for everyone.

And for people who love fine dining, this bottle of wine from Ibiza is the perfect pairing gift!

With each sip, they’ll taste the Mediterranean sun, the rhythm of the waves, and the vibrant energy of the island.

 It’s a surefire way to reminisce about their last wild trip to Ibiza without leaving their living room!

#14 Ankle bracelet

A bracelet made from silk sari with moon and star charms made in Ibiza
Photo courtesy of Kandy Disenos

Do you want an Ibiza gift for a friend who loves to shine?

Then say hello to this Ibiza-style ankle bracelet adorned with moon and star charms! This boho beauty adds a touch of whimsy and positive vibes to any outfit. And here’s the bonus: when you gift this anklet, you’re not just giving jewelry; you’re supporting families in India and Nepal through the Fair Trade program that provides the silk sari for the anklet.

It’s a win-win, moon-loving, and heartwarming gift idea for Ibiza lovers!

#15 Dream catcher

A dream catcher hanging outside
Photo courtesy of Be Unique Ibiza

Traditionally, dream catchers were designed by Native American tribes to catch positive dreams in the web and allow them to descend upon the dreamer while dissipating the bad dreams with the morning sun. Nowadays they’re more often used as beautiful decorative items that bring positive energy. And that’s something that matches perfectly with the Ibicenco lifestyle, which is why you can find plenty of beautiful handmade dream catchers on the island, such as this one.

#16 Ibiza-inspired coloring book for adults

Ibiza-inspired coloring book for adults
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for unique Ibiza gift ideas that will bring out their inner child?

Then check out this Ibiza-themed coloring book for adults!

They can unleash their creativity with 15 hand-drawn illustrations that capture the essence of this hedonistic island. Created with love by an Ibiza resident, these detailed drawings showcase everything from stunning nature to wild parties and iconic landmarks.

#17 Funny mug

A coffee mug with "I don't need therapy, I just nee to go to Ibiza"
Photo courtesy of Flora Love Gift Store

Start their day with a dose of laughter and caffeine with this funny Ibiza-themed mug. It combines their daily dose of caffeine with a free therapy session. It’s the perfect reminder that the ultimate remedy for any problem is a dose of Ibiza’s wild parties and carefree vibes!

Ibiza gifts for small budgets

#18 Boho ring

A hand with a handmade ring from Ibiza
Photo courtesy of Anytta Boho

Do you have a friend or loved one who is obsessed with the Ibicenca style?

Then this ring that’s as unique and bohemian as them is the perfect Ibiza-inspired gift!

This boho ring is straight from the island’s legendary hippie markets and perfectly captures Ibiza’s free-spirited soul.

#19 Travel guide

Lonely Planet pocket edition for Ibiza
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you know someone who is traveling to Ibiza soon? Then Lonely Planet’s Pocket Ibiza is a great gift idea.

It’s packed with up-to-date information, insider tips, and honest reviews that even most guidebooks miss. They can navigate the vibrant streets of Ibiza Town, uncover hidden gems, soak up the sun on the Trucador Peninsula like a pro, and make the most of their trip to the magical island of Ibiza.

#20 Choker necklace

Woman wearing a choker necklace made from sea shells
Photo courtesy of Be Unique Ibiza

Remember when we talked about the boho beachy vibes of Ibiza?

Well here’s another Ibiza gift idea that perfectly matches that description, except this time it’s the perfect idea for smaller budgets. Making them ideal when you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to let someone know you thought of them or you appreciate them.

#21 Shirts

A woman wearing a white t-shirt with "Ibiza"
Photo courtesy of Blue Green Love

Help your recipient rock the Ibiza scene with the Ibiza-themed shirts on Etsy, such as this colorful one that screams “Ibiza vibes” louder than the DJ’s beats, guaranteeing smiles and high-fives from fellow party animals.

#22 Tote bag

A tote bag with "I'd rather be in Ibiza"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Zazzle’s Ibiza-themed tote bags are great sustainable gift ideas. Your recipient can carry their essentials in style while flaunting their love for the White Isle. Whether they’re hitting the beach, shopping for boho treasures, or dancing the night away, this tote bag is their ultimate sidekick.

#23 Ibiza-themed journal

Ibiza-themed journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This Ibiza-themed journal is a great small gift for Ibiza lovers. They can jot down their wildest party stories, sketch their favorite beach views, or even write secret love notes to the DJ who stole their heart. Or just use it for work, personal, or school notes while dreaming of their favorite getaway.

#24 Ibiza-inspired wall art

A Vintage travel poster of Ibiza
Photo courtesy of Kravio Gallery

Do you need Ibiza gift ideas for someone who misses Ibiza?

Then you can bring home that Ibicenca vibe with one of the many beautiful Ibiza-themed wall art options on Etsy. I loved this vintage-style travel poster, but you can find something for everyone.

#25 Luggage tag

A lugagge tag with "Ibiza dreams"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need gift ideas for Ibiza lovers who travel a lot (probably to Ibiza)?

Look no further than the Ibiza-themed luggage tag! It’s not just a practical travel accessory; it’s a stylish reminder of their love for the island paradise.

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Final notes on Ibiza-inspired gifts

Whether it’s a handmade crochet bag, a colorful anklet, or a boho ring from a hippie market, these gifts encapsulate the spirit of Ibiza and bring a piece of the island’s magic to your loved ones. So, next time you’re searching for a present that screams “Ibiza lover,” look no further than our handpicked selection of gifts from Ibiza. Or check out our personal top 3.


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