The Most 25 Incredible Indiana Gifts For People Who Love The Hoosier State

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Skyline photo of Indianapolis
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Are you looking for the best Indiana gifts for people who are obsessed with the Hoosier state? Whether they’re a local Hoosier or someone who recently moved to the state, in this post, you will find 25 awesome gifts from Indiana that they will all love! From unique Indiana gift baskets to beautiful maps.  

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25 Unique Indiana gifts

Indiana gifts for large budgets

#1 Homesick candle

Indiana candle
Indiana candle

If you are looking for the best Indiana gifts for someone who moved out of state and misses Indiana, then the homesick candle is by far the best option.

Whenever they need some comfort, they can simply light your candle and smell the scent of Indiana. And if you’re wondering what that scent is, it’s a mixture of freshly cut hay, magnolia, and corn.

#2 Indiana gift baskets

Indianapolis gift basket
Photo courtesy of A Taste of Indiana

Indiana gift baskets are great gifts for someone who just moved in or out of state! Or for a relative or friend who lives elsewhere to introduce them to all the amazing things from your favorite state.

This extra large box from A Taste of Indiana contains all sorts of foods from Indianapolis. From chocolate and popcorn to pecans and candy. It’s a great welcome to Indianapolis gift for anyone who just arrived in the city.

#3 Map of Indiana

Map of Indiana with flowers
Photo courtesy of Amanda Klein Co

I love maps, and I know for a fact that many people share this love. Especially if it’s a map of their favorite place on earth. And for Hoosiers that would be a map of Indiana.

Check out Etsy to find maps of all kinds and within any price range. I really had a hard time picking just one, but one of my many favorites was this one with wildflowers found in the Hoosier State.

#4 Hoosier sugar cream pie

A piece of pie from Indiana
Hoosier sugar cream pie

Did you know that Hoosier sugar cream pie is regarded as the unofficial state pie?

The dessert has deep historical roots in Indiana and has been a local favorite for over a century. It even earned the nickname “desperation pie” because the custard is made without eggs.

The pie is made-to-order and shipped with ice, so it arrives all fresh at the recipient’s home!

This is an excellent gift to introduce friends or family to this delicious dessert or for locals who miss the taste of home.

#5 Jigsaw puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle of Indiana
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Indiana gifts for people who love jigsaw puzzles?

Then check out Zazzle or Amazon to find dozens of awesome Indiana-themed jigsaw puzzles. Or go for this personalized map puzzle which is a great gift for Hoosiers who are moving out of state or for friends and relatives who live in a different state, because each time they lay this puzzle they will feel a warm greeting from Indiana.

#6 Beer cap map

Indiana map with holes
Indiana map with holes

Do you know someone who loves beer and Indiana?

Then you just found the perfect gift!

A map in the shape of Indiana, but with a fun little twist.

The map contains holes in which the recipient can place their favorite beer caps, which turns it into a beautiful and unique piece of wall art.

Oh and don’t worry if the recipient is more of a wine drinker. Check out #8 for a fun map for wine lovers.

#7 Hoodie

Woman wearing a hoodie with Indiana
Photo courtesy of Little Swan Crafts

Hoodies are always a good idea, especially for people who are always cold. They can stay warm with their cool Indiana-themed hoodie.

Check out Etsy to find them in all colors, shapes, designs, and sizes. And if you are looking for Indiana gifts for women, go for this beautiful rose hoodie.

#8 Wine cork map

Wine cork map
Wine cork map

For all the Hoosier wine lovers out there, this is the best Indiana-themed gift!

A wooden map of Indiana with holes for wine corks, so they can collect corks of their favorite wine bottles and keep them in this unique map.

#9 Indiana beer cap box

Box for beer caps
Photo courtesy of Torched Products

This is the second awesome Indiana gift for beer lovers, particularly for craft beer lovers.

It’s a box in which they can collect the caps of their favorite craft beers (once the beer cap map is filled). But what makes it even cooler is that all major Indiana craft beer brands are etched on the box glass.

Indiana gifts for mid-budgets

#10 Hoosier state cookbook

The classic Hoosier cookbook
The classic Hoosier cookbook

Cookbooks are a great way to give food gifts from Indiana even if you are not physically in the state to buy fresh products.

With a cookbook, the recipient can create all the state’s delicious meals at home, from sugar cream pie to squirrel roast, this cookbook contains nearly 1200 (!) different recipes from Indiana.

#11 Books about Indiana

Unsolved Indiana
Unsolved Indiana

Unsolved Indiana: Murder mysteries, bizarre deaths & unexplained disappearances (True crime)

Do you know someone who loves the thrill of a good crime show? Someone who is obsessed with the Best True Crime podcast? Then you just found your perfect gift; a book about the most intriguing crimes, disappearances, and mysteries of Indiana. Oh, and did I mention that all stories are yet to be solved?

Hoosier Hysterical
Hoosier Hysterical

Hoosier Hysterical: How the west became the midwest without moving at all

Are you looking for the best Indiana gifts for history buffs? Then Hoosier Hysterical is a great gift. The book basically covers the history of the Hoosier State but in a fun and entertaining way.

The fault in our stars
The fault in our stars

The fault in our stars

The last book on this list is probably the most famous novel set in Indiana (Indianapolis, to be exact), especially after the beautiful movie adaptation of the book. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, it’s about a teenage girl with thyroid cancer who falls in love with a boy from her cancer support group.

#12 Travel mug

Travel mug with the map of Indiana and "home is where the heart is"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Indiana gifts for someone who loves coffee? And particularly takeaway coffee?

Then an Indiana-themed travel mug from Zazzle is perfect!

I quite liked the “home is where the heart is” mug. But if the recipient doesn’t live in Indiana, check out Zazzle for more options.

#13 John Deere Indiana farm hat

Farm Indiana hat
Farm Indiana hat

As the leading producer of corn, soybeans, and poultry, you could say that Indiana is quite a farm state. And that’s exactly what makes this hat a great Indiana gift for people from Indiana, especially for farmers. Though any Hoosier who takes pride in their state’s agricultural achievements will love this hat.

#14 Indiana national state parks poster

Two posters with a list of Indiana national state parks
Photo courtesy of Unfinished Art Studio

Are you looking for Indiana gifts for outdoor, hike, and nature lovers?

Then this checklist with all of Indiana’s national parks is perfect!

Alternatively, you can also go for the travel guide to all the National State parks in Indiana. But personally, I would prefer the checklist poster. It’s handmade, and it’s beautifully decorated with reclaimed wood.

#15 Passport cover

A passport cover with the map of Indiana
Photo courtesy of Daisy Mae Designs Shop

Are you looking for unique gifts from Indiana for a Hoosier who loves to travel?

Then an Indiana-themed passport cover that they can take on all their trips is a great gift idea!

Check out Etsy to find different designs, or go for the one with the map of Indiana.

#16 Indiana map necklace

Three necklaces with two maps of states
Photo courtesy of Twinkle Personalized

These state map necklaces are one of my favorite long-distance gifts. Whether it’s for your best friend, your lover, or a child who moved out of state, these necklaces work for anyone.

You can pick two states, so you can include the recipient’s old and new home state. Or yours and theirs, so they will always remember their favorite person in Indiana.

Alternatively, check out Etsy for more beautiful Indiana-themed jewelry options.

#17 Travel guides

Indiana off the beaten path book
Indiana off the beaten path

Indiana off-the-beaten path travel guide

What I love about gifting travel guides is that even for locals, travel guides always contain something new. Whether it’s a unique restaurant, hike, or museum, they will learn to see their state with different eyes. And for visitors, it’s a great way to learn more about Indiana. And if you go for this off-the-beaten-path book, they will actually see the real part of the state.

Little Indiana: Small-town destinations book
Little Indiana: Small-town destinations

Little Indiana: Small-town destinations

This is another one of the best Indiana gifts for both visitors and locals because it will lead them to the little visited towns across the state. From unique boutique shops in the north to amazing local restaurants in small towns in the south, this little guide will take them to every part of the state.

Hiking Indiana travel guide
Hiking Indiana

Hiking Indiana: A guide to the state’s greatest hiking adventures

The last travel guide on this list is (as you probably already guessed) great for outdoor lovers and hikers. With more than 70 awesome hikes in Indiana, this travel guide will definitely keep them entertained for a while.

#18 Indiana sports gifts

A beanie from the Indiana Parkers
Indiana Pacers beanie

Did you know that basketball is the biggest sport in Indiana?

There is even a word for it: Hoosier Hysteria. Though it’s mostly used for the excitement around the US’s oldest state high school tournament that takes place in Indiana every year.

Anyways, if you are looking for gifts from Indiana for people who are into sports, I can highly recommend something from the Indiana Pacers (the most famous basketball team from Indianapolis).

For American Football lovers, something from the Indianapolis Colts is a better alternative.

Indiana gifts for small budgets

#19 Indiana coloring book for adults

Indiana coloring book
Indiana coloring book

I know, I know. Coloring books sound like a gift for children, but hear me out.

Studies have actually shown that coloring books for adults reduce anxiety and stress!

So if you need Indiana gift ideas for someone who seems a bit stressed out, this is actually a very thoughtful gift. For birdies, there is a coloring book with the birds of Indiana, and for all the rest, the regular coloring book is a better alternative.  

#20 Map-shaped cutting board

Bamboo Indiana cutting board
Bamboo Indiana cutting board

This bamboo cutting board is one of the best small Indiana-themed gifts for people who love to cook. From now on, they can prepare their favorite Indiana meals (check out #10, if you want to know what typical Indiana meals are) with a cutting board in the shape of Indiana.

#21 Indiana University gifts

A blue t-shirt of the University of Norte Dame
University of Notre Dame shirt

Are you looking for unique gifts from Indiana for people who go to uni in the Hoosier state?

Whether they’re going to the University of Notre Dame or Indiana University Bloomington, you can find all sorts of cool Indiana University gifts on Amazon. Such as a shirt from The University of Notre Dame.

#22 Indiana-themed glasses

Whiskey glass with the map of Indiana etched
Photo courtesy of Gifting Me Crazy

Do you need gifts from Indiana for people who love whiskey and Indiana?

Then these whiskey glasses with the map of Indiana and a tiny heart at a customized location are perfect.

Or check out Etsy for other types of glasses.

#23 Tote bag

Tote bag with Indiana
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Is the recipient someone who cares a lot about the environment?

Then help them to reduce their plastic bag usage by gifting a fun Indiana-themed tote bag. With Zazzle’s awesome designs, they will never forget to bring their tote to the shop anymore!

#24 Indiana-themed shirts

Blue t-shirt with the map of Indiana and "home"
Photo courtesy of Designs by Artworks

This simple, but elegant shirt with the map of Indiana is a beautiful Indiana gift idea for women. It’s available in different sizes and 16 different colors.

And if you are looking for gifts from Indiana for men, check out Etsy to find more Indiana-related shirts.

#25 Coasters

A set of bamboo coasters that make the map of Indiana when put together
Indiana coasters

This is a great gift for Hoosiers to display their state pride. It would also be a nice housewarming gift.

The coasters will protect their furniture so they’ll say goodbye to water rings! Plus, it’s made of Moso bamboo – a renewable resource and an incredibly durable material that’ll last long.

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25 Indiana-themed gifts with a photo of a beach in Indiana

Final note on these gifts from Indiana

Alright, these were the 25 best Indiana-themed gifts for people who love the Hoosier state. If you can’t decide which gift to buy, check out the editor’s top three for more help!


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