26 Incredible Indonesian Gifts For People Obsessed With Indonesia

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Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Do you know someone who is head-over-heels for Indonesia? Then look no further! This post has got you covered with 26 incredible Indonesian gifts that will make their heart skip a beat. From traditional textiles to Indonesian delights, these Indonesia gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face, and taste buds!

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to add some Indonesian magic to your shopping list.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts from Indonesia by budget.

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the 25 best Indonesian gifts

Indonesia gifts for large budgets

#1 Indonesian food basket

Photo courtesy of Bali Agro

If you are looking for Indonesian gifts for someone who loves Indonesian food, this basket is the perfect gift.

It includes 30 different Indonesian snacks!

The content changes depending on what’s in stock, so the snacks in the photo are just a suggestion, there is no guarantee that these particular ones will be included.

But hey, it includes 30 different packages, so I’m sure the recipient will find plenty of snacks he or she loves.

#2 Indonesian woodcrafts

wooden coasters
Photo courtesy of Kasih Coop

These teak coasters are great souvenirs from Indonesia for someone’s home. The coasters are handmade by artisans in Indonesia.

#3 Handmade batik scarf

green shawl made in Indonesia
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

If you are looking for traditional Indonesian gifts for her, then this scarf made from batik textile is perfect.

Not only is it a beautiful accessory for her, but it’s also handmade in Indonesia. So if you are looking for a gift that gives back to this beautiful country, this is perfect!

Or check out NOVICA for more Indonesian accessories that support local artisans.

#4 Handmade wood sculpture

Wooden sculpture
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

If you are looking for unique gifts from Indonesia, consider a handmade wood sculpture or other home decor gifts from NOVICA.

Not only will it bring a touch of Indonesian beauty into their home, but it will also support local communities and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia. Because NOVICA gives the artisans a fair wage and uses their profit to build schools and other facilities in local Balinese communities.

#5 Indonesian handicrafts

Photo courtesy of World Market

Looking for a gift that screams ‘I’ve been to Indonesia’? Then this handcrafted Indonesian tote basket is your perfect pick!

It’s not just a basket; it’s a piece of Indonesian artistry, woven from banana leaves with a unique triangle pattern. Each one is a standout item, symbolizing the beauty of Indonesian crafts. Ideal for friends who appreciate global decor or as a standout souvenir for yourself (we won’t judge), it brings a boho-chic vibe to any home.

#6 Map of Indonesia

Vintage map of Indonesia

Maps are always good gifts for travel lovers, especially if it’s the map of their favorite country. I always like vintage maps, such as the one from Amazon.

But if you are looking for other designs, head over to Etsy to find Indonesian maps made from wood, metal, watercolor, and more!

#7 Indonesia puzzle

Tanah Lot Bali  puzzle

This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of Tanah Lot Bali is a great gift for travel lovers at home. Putting together the puzzle will keep them entertained for a while and they can enjoy the beauty of Indonesian nature once the puzzle is finished.

Also, check out my puzzle gift guide if you need more inspiration for puzzle lovers.

#8 Batik shirt

Batik shirt

If you are looking for traditional Indonesian souvenirs as a gift, then Batik clothing is perfect!

And if you’re wondering what the F a Batik is. It’s a wax-resistant dyeing technique, that’s particularly often used in Indonesia, and thus a great souvenir from Indonesia.

#9 Handmade Buddha Elephant teapot

Photo courtesy of NOVICA

Indonesian handicrafts are more than just pretty things; they’re a peek into the country’s rich culture. Artisans keep traditions alive, adding color to Indonesia’s cultural story.

So by buying handmade gifts from NOVICA you’re supporting local artisans as well as Indonesian culture. One example is this Buddha/Elephant teapot.

Legend has it, that Buddha’s mom dreamt of a white elephant, a symbol of wisdom and purity, right before he was born. So, when Buddha’s shown riding an elephant, it’s said to bring health and good luck., making this teapot a wonderful and heartfelt gift.

Indonesia gifts for mid-budgets

#10 Indonesian cookbooks

The Indonesian kitchen cookbook

The Indonesian kitchen

This book includes 120 traditional Indonesian recipes from across the country.

Fire islands cookbook

Fire islands: recipes from Indonesia

This is another great cookbook with 100 recipes from Java to Bali to many of the other Indonesian islands!

Book cover of 'Indonesian Desserts: Popular Indonesian Dessert That Tastefully Sweet: Refresh Your Mind with Famous Indonesian Desserts'

Indonesian Desserts

If you are looking for Indonesian gifts for someone who loves desserts, this is the perfect gift.

Book cover of 'Coconut & Sambal: Recipes from my Indonesian Kitchen'

Coconut & Sambal: Recipes from my Indonesian Kitchen

Another book filled with traditional Indonesian recipes. Oh, and if you need more Indonesian food gifts, check out the next item!

#11 Indonesian coffee

Indonesian coffee

If you are looking for Indonesia gifts for a coffee lover, this is the perfect gift; Sumatra Coffee median roast!

The coffee has a dark and bold flavor profile, with tasting notes ranging from earthy to smoky, making it a unique and complex addition to any coffee lover’s cup. Sumatran coffee, in particular, is renowned for its high quality and well-regarded for its reputation for taking well to darker roasting, making it a must-try for any coffee connoisseur.

So what’s a better gift for a true coffee lover, than to taste coffee from his favorite country?

#12 Travel guides

Lonely Planet Indonesia

Lonely Planet: Indonesia

If you are looking for Indonesia gifts for budget travelers, the Lonely Planet Indonesia is the perfect gift. If they don’t have it yet, of course.

Book cover of 'Indonesia - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture'

Culture Smart Indonesia: The essential guide to customs and culture

Are you looking for gifts for someone who wants to move to Indonesia or at least stay there for a few months? Then this guide to help them understand and appreciate the country, even more, is perfect!

Book cover of 'Diving in Indonesia: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Best Dive Spots: Bali, Komodo, Sulawesi, Papua, and more'

Diving in Indonesia

As you probably already guessed, this book is a great gift for people who love diving.

#13 Indonesia-themed water bottle

Water bottel with Java
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Water bottles are great practical Indonesia gifts for travelers. If you buy a water bottle with an Indonesian-themed design. Check out Zazzle for the 86 different designs they offer or opt for the water bottle with the vintage travel poster of Java if you are looking for Indonesian gifts for someone who loves Java.

#14 Indonesia-themed socks

Sock with hearts
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Another example of great practical Indonesian gifts for travelers are Indonesia-inspired socks, such as the one with hearts and the flag of Indonesia. Or check out Zazzle for more designs.

#15 Indonesian picture dictionary

Book cover of the 'Indonesian Picture Dictionary'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Indonesian Picture Dictionary is the perfect gift for anyone with Indonesian roots or language enthusiasts. It’s a guaranteed fun, vibrant dive into language and culture! 

With 1,500 words and phrases, 38 themed sections, colorful photographs, and online audio,  it’s like getting a crash course in ‘Indonesian 101’ without the boring lectures.

From toddlers to centenarians, this book has something for everyone.

#16 Vintage travel poster

Jakarta City Retro Art Print Poster

This Jakarta vintage travel poster is a great gift for someone who loves Jakarta and who would love to bring a bit of Indonesia to their home.

#17 Fun books about Indonesia

Book cover of 'Yoga B*tch: One Woman's Quest to Conquer Skepticism, Cynicism, and Cigarettes on the Path to Enlightenment'

Yoga b*tch: One woman’s quest to conquer skepticism, cynicism, and cigarettes on the path to enlightenment

This is a hilarious book about a 25-year-old atheist who travels to Bali to connect with her spiritual side but finds the experience to be far from what she expected. It’s perfect for other Bali lovers and spiritual travelers because they will certainly recognize themselves in this book.

Book cover of 'Indonesian Slang: Colloquial Indonesian at Work'

Indonesian slang: Colloquial Indonesian at Work

This book is a great gift for people who are more interested in learning local slang instead of learning the local language.

Book cover of 'Gifts of Unknown Things: A True Story of Nature, Healing, and Initiation from Indonesia's Dancing Island'

Gifts of Unknown Things

This book is about the true story of nature, healing, and initiation from Indonesia’s dancing island; Nus Tarian.

#18 Necklace with a map of Indonesia

necklace of the map of Indonesia
Photo courtesy of Bubblebox

If you are looking for cute Indonesian gifts for her, this necklace with the map of Indonesia is a great gift idea. It’s not only a cute piece of jewelry, but it will also remind her of her favorite country in the world.

Indonesia gifts for small budgets

#19 Bali soap

Six pieces of Bali soap

If you are looking for souvenirs from Indonesia, this Bali soap is a great gift. And they are not tested on animals, which is a big plus.

#20 Indonesia travel journal

Photo courtesy of NOVICA

If you are looking for practical Indonesia gifts for someone who is about to travel to Indonesia soon, then this journal that’s handmade from bark and kupu-kupu leaf in Indonesia is the perfect gift!

Or check out these travel journal ideas.

#21 Indonesian sambal

Photo courtesy of Vika Beauty Garden

If you are looking for authentic Indonesian gifts for spicy food lovers, Indonesian sambal is what you need!

Sambal is a typical Indonesian paste or sauce made from chilies and some other ingredients such as garlic, and ginger. But essentially, it’s just mashed chilies, making it a great ingredient for spicy food lovers.

Check out Etsy to buy an authentic sambal handmade by an Indonesian woman. Alternatively, you can check out Amazon to find various Sambal brands.

If you need more inspiration check out these 25 spicy chili gifts.

#22 Funny shirt

Photo courtesy of Amzeby

Do you know someone who dreams of sipping coconut water on a beach in Bali, surrounded by lush greenery and the sound of crashing waves? Do they talk about Indonesia with such passion and longing that you feel like you’ve been there yourself?

Then I have the perfect Indonesian gift for them: a shirt with the iconic phrase “Bali is Calling and I Must Go”!

#23 Handmade bracelet

Photo courtesy of NOVICA

Are you looking for traditional souvenirs and gifts from Indonesian?

Then a handmade bracelet is a great option.

And the best part?

By buying from NOVICA you also support local Indonesian communities, making this a beautiful gift for both the recipient and the artisans!

Or check out NOVICA if you prefer different types of jewelry from Indonesia.

#24 Indonesia-themed tote bag

Tote bag with map of Indonesia
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for small, light, and practical Indonesian gifts for travelers, then tote bags with an Indonesian theme are a great idea.

I always like the map designs, but you can find nearly 400 different Indonesian-inspired tote bags on Zazzle.

#25 Bali calendar

Bali 2024 Wall Calendar

This Bali calendar is a great gift for someone who loves Bali, but who can’t travel (or live) there. With this calendar, they can enjoy a new stunning picture of Bali every month.

#26 Indonesian-themed luggage tags

Luggage tags are another example of small and practical Indonesian gifts. (If you buy one of the 95 Indonesian-themed luggage tags of course.)

This time I picked a temple design since that’s one of the many things that Indonesia is famous for. But don’t worry if you don’t like that design, there are plenty of options to choose from!

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the 25 most incredible Indonesian gifts

Final note on Indonesia souvenirs & gifts

If you came to the end of the list and still haven’t made up your mind, check out my personal top three Indonesia gift ideas by budget to help you out!


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