25 Gifts For Cocktail Lovers From Across The Globe

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Finding the perfect international gifts for cocktail lovers can be challenging. But luckily for you, I already gathered the 25 best cocktail gifts for travelers! From international DIY cocktail gifts, to travel kits to make a cocktail anywhere, to the best international recipe book! You will find that and many more cool ideas on this list!

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Gifts for cocktail lovers for large budgets

#1 Mexican cocktail gifts set

Mexican cocktail kit gift set

Are you looking for cocktail gifts for someone who loves Mexico? Or someone who just loves tequila?

Then this Mexican cocktail gift set is perfect

It contains everything you need to make a festive cocktail that is served at festivals in Jalisco (Mexico). It even includes the classic Mexican clay cups in which the drink will stay cool, and which give it that special taste!

Besides the cups, the cocktail gift set includes a recipe, paper straws, juices, and chili salt. All they need to add is the tequila, citrus, and grapefruit soda and they will be back in Mexico!

#2 Set of four cocktail samplers

Set of 8 cocktail syrup gifts
Photo courtesy of Toasted Simple

Are you looking for gifts for cocktail lovers who love a unique twist on their cocktails?

Then this set of 8 cocktail syrups is the best gift!

It includes unique flavors such as toasted cinnamon clove and toasted pineapple jalapeno, for the real daredevils.

#3 Book about bars to visit before you die

book titled: 150 bars you need to visit before you die
Photo courtesy of Amazon

150 bars you need to visit before you die is one of the best gifts for cocktail lovers who also love to travel. The book features 150 bars across the world that are a must-visit for any cocktail or alcohol lover. It tells the story behind the bar, and why it’s a must-visit. Plus it includes 25 cocktail recipes.

#4 Cocktail-inspired flask

Flask with a print of a cocktail
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Cocktail lovers always need a way to sneak a bit of alcohol into their perfect cocktail with them. And now you can help them with this cool cocktail-inspired flask!

Or head over to Zazzle for more designs.

Gifts for cocktail lovers mid-budget

#5 The international cocktail gift set

Global cocktail sampler set

Are you looking for gifts for cocktail lovers who also love to travel around the world? And who also love to taste around the world?

Then this internationalcocktail gift set is exactly what you are looking for.

It includes twelve different cocktail mixers from across the globe:

  • Cuba Mojito
  • Tai Mai
  • Venetian Peach bellini
  • Singapore Sling
  • Brazilian Caipirinha

And many more!

#6 Margarita travel cocktail kit

Margarita cocktail kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This travel-sized margarita cocktail gift set is one of the best cocktail gifts for travelers. It includes everything they need to make a Margarita wherever they are, even at the airport. The fact that the kit is so small also makes it easy for travelers to take with them in their carry-on.

So what exactly is in the kit?

  • A Margarita mix
  • Rimming sea salt
  • Stainless steel bar spoon
  • Stainless steel jigger
  • Coaster

All they need is a bit of booze and the cocktail is complete!

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#7 Old-fashioned travel cocktail kit gifts

Old Fashioned cocktail kit

Did you love the last travel cocktail gift set, but are you looking for gifts for someone who doesn’t like margaritas? No worries!

Besides the margarita travel cocktail gift set, there are a few more options that I will share in this post. One of them is this cool old-fashioned one.

The old fashions travel cocktail gift set includes:

  • Aromatic bitters
  • Cane sugar
  • Stainless steel spoon
  • Coaster

So again, all they need to get is some alcohol and their cocktail is basically already finished!

Or check out the whiskey gift guide for people who prefer their drink without bitters and sugar.

#8 Daiquiri cocktail gift

Daiquiri cocktail kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Another awesome travel cocktail gift set is this daiquiri one! As with all the other sets, it does not include the alcohol, but when at an airport this can easily be bought tax-free or on the plane. And then this gift set includes everything they need for the perfect daiquiri (one of my personal favorites). From sugar to lemon juice, and orange bitters. They won’t miss a thing!

#9 The Moscow mule travel cocktail kits gifts

Moscow Mule cocktail kit

Are you looking for cocktail gifts for travelers who love a good Moscow Mule? Then this Moscow Mule cocktail kit is the perfect gift!

It includes:

  • Ginger syrup
  • Jigger
  • Bar spoon
  • Coaster

And for straight-up vodka lovers, check out the vodka gift guide.

#10 Mojito DIY cocktail gifts travel set

DIY cocktail gifts: Mojito
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is another great international cocktail gift set for mojito lovers!

Give them a DIY mojito travel set.

And what makes this kit even better is the fact that it makes the process of mixing a mojito so much easier! Which is perfect for lazy cocktail lovers.

#11 Bloody Mary glasses

Two glasses with all the ingredients for Bloody Mary edged
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for cocktail gifts for someone who is obsessed with bloody Marys?

Then perhaps these Bloody Mary glasses are the perfect gift for them.

In case they didn’t know which ingredients are needed for a bloody Mary (though I doubt that), this glass will tell them exactly.

#12 Travel cocktail tumbler

Travel tumbler
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These tumblers are perfect cocktail gifts for travelers who also love the outdoors. With this stainless steel tumbler, they mix and shake their cocktails at home, and after a long day of hiking and setting up the tent, it is time for a delicious homemade cocktail. And thanks to this tumbler the cocktail will still be cold, and can be poured into a mug to properly enjoy the drink!

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#13 Cocktail-inspired travel mug

Travel mug with different cocktails
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

I know it’s hard to imagine, but sometimes cocktail lovers might want to drink something else than cocktails, such as coffee. This is why this cocktail-inspired travel mug is one of the great cocktail gifts for travelers when they are not drinking cocktails.

So even if they are not actually drinking or preparing cocktails, they will still be reminded of their favorite drinks!

Check out Zazzle for more cool designs.

#14 Cocktail wall art

Cocktail poster

True cocktail lovers will probably have their homes filled with cocktail-related wall art and for those true cocktail enthusiasts, this emporium print is the perfect gift.

#15 Cocktail socks

A sock with cocktail glasses
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

What’s a list of travel gifts for cocktail lovers without including socks?

I quite liked these socks with cocktail glasses, but you can find over 200 different designs on Zazzle.

#16 A global history of cocktails book

Book titled: a global history of cocktails
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Does your cocktail lover friend know absolutely everything about cocktails? Even about history? Because I think that this book “Cocktails: A Global History” will teach even the most die-hard cocktail lovers a thing or two about the history of cocktails.

Where are they from, where did each typical cocktail originate and what exactly makes a cocktail? These are all things that they will learn in this cool cocktail history book.

#17 DIY champagne cocktail gift set

Champagne cocktail travel kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This champagne cocktail travel kit is another great travel-sized kit and this time it’s for people who love champagne.

All they need is champagne, a mixer, and someone to drink with.

#18 DIY cocktail gifts: craft garden cocktail herbs

Photo courtesy of My Garden Provisions

Drinks and food always taste better when they’re made from products from your own backyard. This is why this do-it-yourself cocktail herb set is an awesome cocktail gift set.

The set includes cinnamon basil, lime basil, lemon balm, mint, lavender, and borage. Besides the seeds, it also comes with a guide on how to grow the herbs and how to take care of them!

#19 Cocktail shaker

A stainless steel cocktail shaker
My cocktail shaker

Of course, I can’t write a list of the best gifts for cocktail lovers without actually including a cocktail shaker!

Chances are that most cocktail fans already have a shaker at home, so you may want to check that before you buy this.

The good thing about this set is that all items fit in the shaker it’s easy to bring the shaker with you or put it away once you are finished. And a bonus about this shaker is that it comes with a classic recipe book!

#20 Cocktail scratch-off poster

100 Cocktails Bucket List Scratch Poster
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This cocktail scratch poster is one of the best cocktail gifts for people who love to try international drinks. Because it gives them a reason to try a different international cocktail. And the best thing is that it also tells them how to mix the cocktail.

Gifts for cocktail lovers for small budgets

#21 Reusable keychain metal straw

Reusable stainless steel straws

Real cocktail lovers are always prepared to drink a cocktail everywhere. And to really enjoy a cocktail, you need a straw. So with this keychain reusable steel straw, you can totally prepare a cocktail lover!

And what’s even better about this gift is that it will reduce their use of plastic straws too and that’s something the environment will like as well!

#22 The international bar tender’s guide

The Bartender’s Bible book

The Bartender’s Bible is one of the best cocktail-lover gifts for people who love to try drinks at home and who can’t get enough of trying new combinations. As the guide includes over 1000 different cocktail recipes! Alright, some of those are martinis or mocktails, but still, 1000 is a lot of different options!

#23 Candy cocktail gifts set

Photo courtesy of Brooke Inc

These little guys are the perfect gift for cocktail enthusiasts who want a taste of the party without the actual booze. Infused with all the zesty flavors of classic cocktails but alcohol-free, your friend can enjoy their cocktail at any time( yep, even at 8 in the morning)!

#24 Cocktail recipe books

Book cover of 'Around the World in 80 Cocktails'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Of course, I can’t finish a lift of the best cocktails gifts without including cocktail recipe books. This around the world in 80 cocktails is perfect for travelers. And I love the link to Jules Verne’s awesome around the world in 80 days book. Or go for the art of mixology.

#25 Cocktail-themed travel journal

Cocktail travel journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for the best travel gifts for cocktail lovers that they will actually take with them on the road, then this is it.

This cocktail travel journal includes everything they need to record all the awesome bars and cocktails during their trip.

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25 international gifts for cocktail lovers

FAQ about gifts for cocktail lovers

What are some unique gifts for cocktail lovers?

Unique gifts for cocktail lovers include personalized cocktail posters, a set of exotic bitters for adventurous flavoring, or a cocktail recipe book with a twist, like historical or destination-themed cocktails. Cocktail-infused candy or artisanal garnish sets also make delightful surprises.

How to choose the best gift for a cocktail lover?

For the perfect gift for a cocktail lover, put yourself in their shoes. What’s missing in their bar setup? Remember any cool cocktail gadgets they’ve mentioned? Consider their favorite drinks or if they’re itching to up their mixology game. It’s all about nailing that personal touch

Final note on the cocktail gift ideas

Alright, these were my 25 awesome travel gifts for cocktail lovers! Did you find what you needed or do you need more suggestions or help? Have a look at the editor’s top 3 cocktail gifts!


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