Top 35 Irish Gifts That Locals And Vistors Will Love

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Church in Dublin
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Whether you’re looking for gifts for Irish people or for curious travelers touching down on Irish soil for the first time, we’ve got you covered. From the land of Guinness, whiskey, river dance, and “craic”, we’ve rounded up the 35 best Irish gifts that’ll make both locals and visitors leap for joy!

From thoughtful keepsakes from the motherland to practical gifts for someone traveling to Ireland, you can find it all in here!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts from Ireland by budget.

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The 25 Irish gifts

Irish gifts for large budgets

#1 Connemara bracelet

Bracelet made from connemara stone from Ireland
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for traditional Irish gifts for women?

Then any Connemara marble jewelry is perfect!

Connemara marble is the typical green rock that’s found around Connemara in the west of Ireland. And it’s often used in jewelry, such as this beautiful bracelet.

#2 Irish cheese assortment

A cheese platter with cheese from Ireland
Photo courtesy of iGourmet

Are you looking for Irish gift ideas for people who love cheese? Then this is the perfect gift for you.

A cheese assortment from iGourmet! Pick a combination of Irish cheddar (made with whiskey and beer), Dubliner cheese, and blue cheese for the perfect cheese platter for anyone!

#3 Irish gifts for men: rugby jersey

Ireland national team rugby jersey
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for typical Irish gifts for men who are into sports, and especially rugby, then this is the gift you need.

The rugby jersey of Ireland’s national team.

#4 Irish landownership

Irish land certificate

This is by far the most unique gift from Ireland that both locals and visitors will adore; an actual piece of Irish land!

The gift includes a symbolic ownership of a real piece of land in Ireland which they can visit, have a picnic, and more!

Of course, it’s not a place they can live in but it’s still a fun gift idea.

#5 Irish food basket

An Irish gift basket with food
Photo courtesy of iGourmet

Looking for a great gift for Irish people living abroad?

Then this Irish gourmet crate is the perfect way to make their feeling of homesickness go away.

The box carries a taste of home. It includes a combination of traditional Irish fare together with classic Irish cheese, and snacks that they’ll truly enjoy.

#6 Ireland experience gift

Bar in Ireland
Temple bar in Dublin

I could write a guide about the ultimate Ireland-themed gifts without including the number one gift, now could I?

In case you’re wondering what that ultimate gift is, it’s a trip to Ireland!

I can’t think of a better gift for Irish people who moved abroad, than a vacation to their home country.

You can either check out Skyscanner and book a flight and a hotel for the recipient.

Or you can check out the different Irish experience gifts offered on Tinggly. For example a walking tour in Dublin, or a visit to a whiskey distillery. The good thing about Tinggly is that you don’t have to set a date yet, you can simply pay for the experience and let the recipient book it themselves.

And lastly, if you are not sure which activities they’ll enjoy, you can go for a Tinggly gift card, so they can choose one of the Tinggly tours themselves.

#7 Aran jumper

A man wearing a white Aran sweater from Ireland
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for typical Irish gifts for men?

Then a traditional Aran jumper is perfect. Aran jumpers are a style of sweater that comes from the Irish Aran islands.

They can be recognized by the cable patterns. And usually by their color, which is typically off-white.

#8 Irish whiskey

A bottle of Irish Whiskey from Redbreast
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Irish whiskey is the pot of liquid gold at the end of every rainbow (or at least for every whiskey lover).

It’s a gift from Ireland that warms the soul (and throat), with a touch of that famous Irish charm. And while Jameson is the most famous Irish brand, there’s a whole world of (better) Irish whiskey waiting to be explored, such as this 12-year-old Redbreast single malt.

#9 Monthly Irish products subscription box

An Irish gift box
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Monthly subscriptions are always an appreciated gift, and if you’re looking for unique monthly gifts for Irish people, this is the box you need!

Each month they get to receive a box full of goods made by Irish brands so not only will it make your friends happy, it also supports local and small businesses in their homeland.

The boxes carry varying products like scents, jewelry, stationery and other practical stuff like homewares and other unique treats with a description of the designer and their inspiration for their work.

#10 Irish gifts for her: Claddagh ring

A silver ring with specific symbols from Ireland
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for traditional Irish gifts for her that will sweep her off her feet? The Claddagh ring is your Irish answer!

This charming ring, featuring two hands cradling a heart topped with a crown, tells a story of love, friendship, and loyalty. Not only does it make for a stunning jewelry piece, but it’s also a symbol of commitment, worn as an indicator of relationship status.

Check out the Irish jewel site to find out the traditional way to wear the Claddagh ring, so that she can communicate her relationship status to all Irish lads out there!

#11 Ireland candle

A scented candle with a label from Ireland
Photo courtesy of IM Home Candles

When lit, this scented candle carries a symphony of smells from the Irish countryside: freshly cut grass at the top, lily of the valley and roses in the middle, and sandalwood at the base.

Making it a great gift for Irish people currently living abroad who, without a doubt, miss home.

#12 Online Irish dance class

This is one of the best Ireland-themed gifts for people who love dancing. An online Irish dance class.

Irish dance is a traditional dance that can be done solo or in a group. If you have never seen an Irish dance, you should definitely check out this YouTube video, because it’s fascinating. Irish dance is characterized by a rigid upper body in combination with super-fast footwork.

Irish gifts for mid-budgets

#13 Irish slang book

Book cover of 'The book of Irishisms: know irish through our words'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you have ever overheard an Irish-English conversation and didn’t understand a word, you are not alone.

The Irish have a unique vocabulary (and pronunciation) that even other native English speakers sometimes struggle with.

So if you are looking for gifts for someone traveling to Ireland then this book filled with feckin’ Irish slang is perfect!

And for more gifts for people who love learning languages, check out gift #22.

#14 Ireland beer cap map

Map of Ireland with beer caps
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for fun Ireland-themed gifts for people who love beer? Then this is the perfect gift for you!

It’s the map of Ireland, but with holes for beer caps. So the recipient can decorate their map of Ireland with their favorite beer caps.

This gift actually gives the recipient a legitimate reason to open a beer. I mean, how else are they going to fill this map? So I am sure they will love this gift.

#15 Irish snacks gift basket

A collection of Irish snacks in a gift box
Photo courtesy of Glan Irish Gifts

You know what they say, “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

If you’d like to introduce your foreign friends to your home country or if you need gifts for Irish people who miss home, then this Irish snack box is the best way to go.

#16 DIY Irish stout beer

A beer recipe kit to make your own Irish stout
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for Ireland-themed gifts for people who love beer, I have got two awesome gift ideas for you.

The first one is this DIY Irish stout beer kit.

This kit includes everything they need to make a delicious stout at home. The ingredients should be enough to make one gallon of beer. But they can reuse the equipment to make more beer. They simply need to buy the same ingredients again.

And for more beer-inspired gifts from Ireland, check out #19.

#17 Irish cookbooks

Book cover of 'the Irish cookbook'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Irish cookbook

If you are looking for Irish gift ideas for people who love cooking or who love Irish food, an Irish cookbook is a perfect gift. And this cookbook includes 480 different home-cooking recipes from Ireland!

Book cover of 'The official Guinness cookbook'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The official Guinness cookbook

Do you need gifts for people who love cooking and beer? This cookbook with more than 70 recipes from Ireland’s most famous beer brand is the book you need.

Book cover of 'Teatime in Ireland'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Teatime in Ireland

This is one of the best gifts for Irish people who love baking and teatime! A book filled with delicious Irish snacks for teatime.

#18 Ireland-themed coasters

A set of coasters with an Irish Cheers blessing
Photo courtesy of BRVO Glass

This coaster with a message in Gaelic is a great housewarming gift for Irish people!

Slàinte mhaith is a friendly phrase that’s said to wish someone good health and is similar to the saying, “Cheers!”

It’s like having a toast with your friend whenever they use the gift.

#19 Guinness package

A six pack of Guinness beer
Photo courtesy of Walmart

For the Irish, Guinness is more than an alcoholic beverage as it has become an important part of Irish culture.

It’s mixed with nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide – a characteristic that gives it that iconic taste and dark look.

It’s a drink that’s popular worldwide and would make a terrific gift from Ireland for your friends who love beer.

#20 Map of Ireland

A vintage map of Ireland
Photo courtesy of AG Vintage Map Emporium

Are you looking for gifts for Irish people’s homes?

Then a map of Ireland is always a good idea. I loved this vintage map and I guarantee that history buffs will love it too, for others, check out Etsy.

#21 Ireland travel guide

Book cover of 'the rough guide to Ireland'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The rough guide to Ireland

If you need gifts for someone traveling to Ireland soon, guidebooks are great gifts. And the Rough Guide is a great book for adventurous travelers.

Book cover of 'Fodor Essential Travel Ireland guide'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Fodor’s Essential Ireland

Are you looking for Ireland travel gifts and do you have no idea what type of traveler the recipient is? Then Fodor’s Travel is always a good option.

Book cover of 'Lonely Planet ireland guidebook'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet: Ireland

The Lonely Planet is one of the best Ireland travel gifts for budget travelers and backpackers.

#22 Online Gaeilge course

Sign saying Love to learn
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

This is another awesome gift for someone traveling to Ireland soon or for people who love learning languages. Gaeilge or Galic is the indigenous language of Ireland and used the be the most common first language.

Even though English is now the most common first language, students still learn Irish in school. And there are quite some political efforts to keep this minority language alive.

So an online Galic course is one of the best Irish gifts for someone who wants to truly blend into Irish culture.

#23 Celtic knot jewelry

A necklace with a pendant of a Celtic knot
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is another one of the great Irish gifts for her; a necklace with the Celtic knot.

The Celtic knot is a typical Irish symbol (though they are also used in other countries). And are characterized by the fact that they don’t have a start or end. This is why they are sometimes also called infinity knots.

#24 Books about Ireland

Book cover of 'The Tour by Jean Grainger'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The tour book 1

This is one of the best Irish gift ideas for people who love reading. This novel is about a tour guide who takes an American group of tourists around Ireland. The book covers all the highlights of Ireland!

Book cover of 'The story of Ireland'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The story of Ireland: a history of the Irish people

Are you looking for Irish gift ideas for people who love history? Then this is the book for you.

#25 Irish-themed passport cover

A passport cover with the flag of Ireland
Photo courtesy of Dreams by Madee

Are you looking for practical Ireland travel gifts? Then an Irish-inspired passport cover is the gift you need. For example, this one with the Irish flag, but check out Etsy for more inspiration.

#26 St. Patrick’s Day gifts

An Irish gift basket for Saint Patrick's Day
Photo courtesy of Hidden Gem Hampers

St. Patrick’s Day also known as Paddy’s Day is an important celebratory holiday in Ireland in honor of their patron saint.

This gift box is a fun way to support your Irish friends to celebrate the day.

In it, they’ll find Ireland-inspired goods such as the Guinness luxury milk chocolate truffle bar, tea string, coasters, and more!

If you’re looking for more gift ideas for Paddy’s Day, you can check out our St. Patrick’s Day gift guide.

#27 Gaelic football gifts

Photo courtesy of Gift Monster Co

Are you looking for a traditional gift for your Irish friends? Then Gaelic football-themed presents are a great choice.

Gaelic football blends soccer and rugby and is played with a quirky round ball and H-shaped goalposts. It’s a sport that captures the essence of Ireland’s spirited nature. So, whether it’s a mug, a jersey, or a poster related to Gaelic football, it’s a thoughtful and fun gift choice that’s sure to be appreciated by your Irish friends.

Irish gifts for small budgets

#28 Irish tea gifts

Ireland tea bags
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for gifts from Ireland for people who love tea?

Then this is the perfect gift for you. It’s a box with eight typical English teas (you can pick the flavors yourself), with decorated bags. Each tea bag has a typical Irish quote, such as sláinte.

#29 Irish-themed socks

a box with St Patrick's Day socks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These shamrock socks are one of the best Irish-themed gifts for small budgets.

Did you know that the shamrock is the “unofficial” symbol of Ireland and Saint Patrick because it’s said that Saint Patrick used the three-leaved clover as a metaphor for the holy trinity?

#30 Ireland travel journal

Book cover of 'The ultimate Ireland travel planner + journal"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This planner journal is one of the great Irish-themed gifts for someone traveling to Ireland soon.

It’s the perfect combination of a practical Ireland planner and keepsake journal.

#31 Recycled Guinness glass

Recycled glasses maded from a Guinness bottle
Photo courtesy of Irish Glass

A fun Irish gift you say? Why not try this drinking set made from recycled Guinness bottles?

A glass and a shot glass made from the same bottle, it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. Plus, it matches perfectly with Guinness beer!

#32 Tote bags

Tote bag with Ireland
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With over 2,600 different Irish-themed tote bags on Zazzle, I am sure you can find one that the recipient will love!

#33 Irish wall art

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Irish-themed gifts for the home for people who love a good Irish pub?

Then this sign of the Irish bar is a great gift! They can recreate the Irish bar atmosphere at home.

#34 T-shirts

A grey t-shirt with the text "Ireland is calling and I must go"
Photo courtesy of Lotus TX

This is a fantastic gift for proud locals who love Ireland. Especially for those who’ll be traveling back to their home country to have a blast!

Plus, there are a lot of other designs on Etsy so rest assured that there’s a shirt for every type of recipient.

#35 Irish blessing coin

A coin withan Irish blessing
Photo courtesy of Church Supplier

The Irish are very religious and spiritual individuals, so it’s no surprise that they have blessings for any type of occasion.

If you want to give your friends a thoughtful gift then this coin would be a great choice.

The front of the coin showcases a Celtic cross and a four-leaf clover, while the back is engraved with a Celtic knot and a traditional Irish blessing: ‘May your troubles be less, your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.’

It’s a gift they’ll really appreciate.

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The 25 best Irish gifts

Final note on Ireland travel gifts

Alright, these were my 35 Irish-themed gifts, if you haven’t decided which gift you should buy yet, have a look at my personal top three by budget.


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