The Ultimate Latvian Gift Guide: 25 Extraordinary Presents for Everyone!

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A photo of the skyline of Riga, Latvia

Whether you’re on a mission to find the best souvenirs from Latvia to take home or for gifts that’ll make Latvians’ hearts skip a beat, you’ve just found your perfect source of inspiration. We’ve scoured the country for the most extraordinary gifts, and boy, are we excited to share them with you.

Whether you’re sending a piece of Latvia to a faraway friend, bringing back souvenirs from your trip, or indulging a homesick Latvian in a little Baltic charm, we’ve got 25 Latvian gifts that are perfect for every occasion!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Latvian souvenirs and gifts by budget.

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25 gifts and souvenirs from Latvia with a namejs ring

Latvian gifts for large budgets

#1 Latvian snack basket

A Latvia gift box filled with snacks
Photo courtesy of Lithuanian Snack Box

What’s a better way to introduce your country to your friends than by feeding them the best treats your country has to offer?

And what’s a more fun gift for Latvian expats than a surprise box from home?

Right, nothing! And that’s why the Latvian snack gift box is the ultimate gift for both locals and foreigners. Oh, and don’t be fooled by the shop’s name, they do actually create gift baskets with snacks from Latvia, not Lithuania.

#2 Amber

A silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of a giraffe with amber from Latvia
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Amber from the Baltic region is known for its long history and high quality, and Latvian amber is no exception to that. It’s versatile, ideal for jewelry or display, and deeply rooted in Latvian culture. So if you’re going for a Latvian souvenir for her (or for yourself), amber jewelry is perfect. It’s like you’re taking home a piece of ancient Baltic charm.

#3 Vodka

A bottle of elite vodka from Latvia
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

Do you have a vodka-obsessed friend? Someone who actually loves to drink vodka on the rocks?

Then vodka from Latvia is the ultimate gift idea!

Not only will you be giving a unique souvenir from Latvia, but if you go for the Stolichnaya Elite bottle, you’re also giving the best-voted vodka from 2022, which true connoisseurs will surely appreciate.

#4 Namejs ring

A traditional ring from Latvia
Photo courtesy of Madara Jewelry

A “namejs” is a traditional Latvian folk symbol that’s often used in jewelry, such as this ring. Not only is it a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it’s also a heartfelt gift from Latvia.

The namejs symbolizes unity, protection, and love and it’s a unique piece of Latvian heritage that carries centuries of meaning. So you’re basically giving a piece of Latvia’s rich folklore and traditions, protection, and a gorgeous ring, all in one gift!

#5 Latvia folk shawl

A woman wearing a scarf with a traditional print from Latvia
Photo courtesy of Sandra Magic

This scarf is one of the cutest Latvian gifts that will keep the recipient warm and cozy in style!

Whether the recipient is actually bearing Latvian winters or not, with this traditional scarf they will have a warm Latvian hug around their neck to get them through the coldest days.

#6 Latvia language course

Book cover of 'Colloquial Latvian: The Complete Course for Beginners '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Language courses are my favorite gifts for people who are really obsessed with a country, or for people who have a partner from a different country. There is nothing more lovable than trying to speak the language of someone (or some country) you love!

So if you are looking for the ultimate Lativina-related gift gift for your obsessed friend, the Colloquial complete Latvian course is what you need.

#7 Map jigsaw puzzle

A colorful jigsaw puzzle in the shape of the map of Latvia
Photo courtesy of Toybox Addicted

Whether you’re looking for Latvian gifts for kids or adults, this wooden map puzzle will score with both.

Not only is it a beautifully designed map, but it’s also a fun way to learn more about the country and to pass the time. Though it’s only 300 pieces, so puzzle-experts will probably be done in a few hours. But they will have a unique piece of decoration if they decide to frame the puzzle instead.

#8 Sweatshirt

A beige sweatshirt with "Latvia" and the flag of Latvia
Photo courtesy of Gyopos

Etsy’s sweatshirt collection makes awesome Latvian-related gifts for proud locals. Whether they moved abroad or still live in the country, with these beautiful sweatshirts they can show their heritage to the world, stay warm, and look fashionable.

What else can a proud Latvian ask for?

Latvian gifts for mid-budget

#9 Black Balsam from Riga

A bottle of Black balsam from Riga, Latvia
Photo courtesy of Caskers

If you’re in need of souvenirs from Latvia for alcoholics (or brave souls) then a bottle of Black Balsam is perfect.

It’s Latvia’s legendary herbal liqueur, a drink infused with a blend of botanicals, including herbs, roots, and spices, resulting in a dark, aromatic elixir that’s not for the small drinkers.

It has quite a strong flavor (and a high alcohol percentage), but it’s the perfect embodiment of Latvia in a bottle.

#10 Cookbook

Book cover of 'Baltic: New and Old Recipes from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania'
Photo courtesy of Amazona

Baltic: New and Old Recipes from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

A  cookbook is the ultimate Latvian gift for foodies and explorers. And this specific one is great for those who love the Baltic region. It includes recipes from Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, and if you’re lucky, they might even invite you to try their latest Baltic creations too!

Book cover of 'Amber & Rye: A Baltic Food Journey: Estonia • Latvia • Lithuania'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Amber & Rye: A Baltic Food Journey

If you’re looking for a more affordable cookbook from the Baltic countries, “Amber Rye” is the perfect alternative. Just like the previous one, it includes delicious and authentic recipes from across the region, but the price tag is just a bit smaller.

Book cover of 'Latvian Eats: Soups, Stews & Porridge'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Latvian Eats: Soups, Stews & Porridge

The last cookbook on the list “Latvian Eats: Soups, Stews, and Porridge” will give the recipient a taste of Latvia’s cozy culinary soul. It’s created by a homesick Latvian down under, and it blends traditional favorites and Latvian-inspired dishes, making it a great way to bring a touch of Latvia to their kitchen.

#11 Coasters with symbols

A set of coasters with Baltic and Latvian symbols and their meanings
Photo courtesy of Erdman Engravings

Add a touch of Latvian charm and symbolism to your friend’s home with these unique coasters.

With Latvian signs and their meanings in both Latvian and English, they’re both beautiful and inspiring.

Latvians hold these symbols close to their hearts, like lucky charms, and now, your recipient can learn about them too. They’re not just coasters; they’re a sip of Latvian traditions, and they make for a gift that’s both educational and entertaining.

#12 Necklace

A silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of the Latvian map
Photo courtesy of McLaughlin Creations

Are you looking for cute gifts for Latvian friends?

Then this necklace in the shape of the Latvian map is perfect.

Is a subtle way to wear their country close to their hearts, look elegant, and share their nation’s pride.

#13 Latvian symbols phone cover

Five phone covers with Latvian symbols and prints
Photo courtesy of Elvis cover

These phone cases with Latvian symbols are not just for protecting their precious gadget; it’s a stylish shout-out to their heritage. With folk symbols that have been around longer than Wi-Fi, it’s a fun way to give Latvina traditional gifts and share some Latvia love in the digital age.

#14 Sweets from Latvia

Three chocolate bars from Latvia
Photo courtesy of NEDZVETSKIIY

Whether you’re looking for gifts from Latvia for homesick Latvians or for foreign friends,  sweets are always a good option.

There is no better cure for homesickness than the sweet taste of home. And there is no better way to convince foreigners of the awesomeness of your home country than by giving them a true bite of the country.

The two options I selected for you here are chocolate and marzipan, which are both popular (and delicious) sweets from Latvia.

#15 Stenders body scrub

A tin of Stenders body scrub
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Give the gift of a Latvian spa in a box with this body scrub from Stenders, a high-quality bath and body car brand from Latvia.

They are particularly famous for their natural and handmade cosmetics, the use of natural ingredients, and their unique packaging inspired by Latvian nature and traditions. Which is exactly why both locals and foreigners love them.

#16 Pottery from Latvia

Handmade pottery from Latvia
Photo courtesy of Treasure Market Latvia

Pottery is the kind of souvenir from Latvia that not only looks pretty on your shelf but also tells a story. From functional dishes and vases to ornate folk art pieces, you’ll find something to suit your taste – and your suitcase on Treasure Market Latvia! They’re reasonably priced, handmade, and truly unique.

Keep in mind that this is also the reason why their items fly off the shelves rapidly. But don’t worry if this vase is out of stock, simply head over to Etsy to find more unique treasures.

#17 Latvia travel guide

Book cover of 'Lonely Planet Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Is the recipient traveling to Latvia soon?

Then the Lonely Planet travel guide to Latvia is perfect. The Lonely Planet is often considered the backpacker’s bible, but it’s actually great for any traveler who wants to truly get to know a country and travel as an independent visitor (so no organized tour guides).

#18 Mugs

A mug with "Labric"
Photo courtesy of Simply White T-shirts

Whether you’re looking for gifts for Latvian friends or for someone who just loves the country, the Latvian-inspired mugs on Etsy are a great way to add that Baltic charm to their morning routine.

What better way to sip their coffee than with one that wishes them a Good Morning in their favorite language?

Latvian gifts for small budgets

#19 Coloring book for adults

A coloring book for adults with patterns from the Baltic region
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This coloring book with Baltic patterns is the perfect Latvian gift for someone who is craving a Latvian vacation. It’s a passport to Latvia’s artistic soul that will help them unwind and paint their stress away while embracing the culture. It’s a fun gift that says, “Relax, reconnect with your inner artist, and let Latvia’s charm fill your world with color!”

#20 Map of Latvia

A map of Latvia in watercolor print
Photo courtesy of Wall Decor Addict

Etsy’s collection of Latvian maps are great gift for locals as well as visitors. Latvians can proudly showcase their homeland’s splendor or plot their next adventure without ever leaving their living room.

And Latvia enthusiasts will have a reminder of the beauty of the Baltic every time they look at the map on their wall.

#21 Tote bag

A tote bag with a print from Riga in Latvia
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

I love tote bags for any occasion, and if you’re looking for Latvian gifts for locals, foreigners, or for souvenirs to take home for yourself, Zazzle’s Latvian-themed tote bags are perfect.

They can be used to flaunt at the market, go grocery shopping, or just as a gym bag while showing your love for the Baltics.

#22 Books about Latvia

Book cover of 'Latvia: The Sun Rises over a Nation: A Brief History '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Latvia: The Sun Rises over a Nation: A Brief History 

If you’re looking for Latvian gifts for history buffs, whether they’re local, have Latvian roots, or simply love the country, this brief history book is perfect! It’s a short, but still in-depth enough summary of the turbulent history

Book cover of 'Flight from Latvia: A Six-Year Chronicle'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Flight from Latvia: A Six-Year Chronicle

“Flight from Latvia” tells the tragic story of a Latvian family’s escape from their homeland during World War II. Despite the serious subject matter, this book offers a unique glimpse into Latvian history and the resilience of its people. Making it a great gift for Latvians or those interested in Latvia.

Book cover of 'The Dogs of Riga'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Dogs of Riga

The last book on this list is a great Latvian gift for people who are into mystery and thrillers. “The Dogs of Riga” actually inspired the hit Netflix crime drama, ‘Young Wallander.’ And is filled with a web of crime and politics across Sweden and Latvia.

#23 Wall art

A vintage map of Riga, Latvia
Photo courtesy of Daniels Fine Art Co

Latvian wall art, such as this vintage map of Riga is the perfect gift for Latvian friends.

It’s not just a piece of decoration; it’s a piece of heart. This antique map adds a vintage touch and a dash of Latvian soul to their space. However, if your Latvian friend doesn’t like Riga, check out Etsy for more designs.

#24 Luggage tag

A luggage tag with red and white Latvian prints
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Help your Latvian friend to always find their luggage with ease with Zazzle’s awesome Latvian-inspired luggage tags. From flag and map designs to this cute Baltic pattern one.

From now on, they’ll be able to identify their bags on the luggage belt in a breeze and with some Latvian flair!

#25 Honey from Latvia

Honey from Latvia
Photo courtesy of Hanse Honig Shop

Latvian honey is an un-bee-lievable souvenir from Latvia (sorry, I couldn’t help the pun). With its wide variety of flavors like linden, buckwheat, and forest honey, it’s a true taste of Latvia’s diverse landscapes. You’re not just buying honey; you’re taking home a piece of the country’s beekeeping tradition.

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the 25 best Latvian gifts and souvenirs with a table with amber jewelry

Final notes on Latvian souvenirs and gifts

Alright, these were the 25 unique Latvian gifts we had in store for you! Still not sure what souvenir to bring home or how to comfort your homesick Latvian friend? Check out the editor’s top three!


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