Top 35 London Souvenirs & Gift Ideas For London Lovers

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An image of small London souvenirs such as a beer and mug

Whether you’re looking for the perfect souvenirs from London to bring home after your trip or searching for a special gift for a London lover or a city local, you’ve come to the right place! From classic phone box keepsakes to unique local products, I’ve scoured the city to bring you a curated list of the 35 best London-inspired gifts that capture the essence of this awesome city.

So grab your scone and tea and let’s check out our awesome gift ideas that are sure to bring a piece of London into any home, no matter where in the world that might be!

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Best gifts and souvenirs from London

My iconic phone booth piggy bank

Best souvenir from London

Phone box piggy bank

Nothing is more iconic to London than the red phone booth, so basically anything phone box-related is a great London souvenir, such as this piggy bank.

I think it’s a fun way to save up for your next trip to London. Every coin you add will get you a little closer to those historic streets!

You can find phone box-inspired souvenirs in just about any souvenir shop in London. However, you can also order them online on Amazon if you don’t want to carry a ceramic piggy bank in your suitcase.

London-themed Christmas ornament

Best Christmas gift from London

Christmas ornament

I love London during the Christmas season, and that’s why I think a London-themed Christmas ornament is the perfect gift and souvenir to bring home from London if you’re visiting in December.

It brings that special holiday spirit right into the home, just like my adorable red Christmas ball.

The best places to shop for Christmas ornament in London are Harrods, Liberty London, Fortnum & Mason, John Lewis, Christmas stalls, and of course Covent Garden.

For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of spending Christmas in London, check out Amazon for more cute London Christmas decoration ideas.

Tea gift set

Typical gift from London

Tea from London

What’s a London-inspired gift list without tea?

Whether it’s for a local (who obviously loves tea) or a visitor (who obviously needs to try English tea), these Not on the High Street’s London tea gift sets are the perfect taste of London.

Harrods gift card

Best luxury London souvenir

Anything from Harrods

Harrods is more than just a shopping destination—it’s a London icon. Anything from Harrods, whether it’s their famous tea, luxury chocolates, or branded merchandise, makes the perfect souvenir from London.

It’s great for taking home a piece of London luxury for yourself or as a classy gift for friends and family abroad who appreciate a touch of British elegance.

Visiting the Harrods store is one of the best things to do when in Londen. But don’t worry if you’re not planning on visiting the city any time soon, you can also shop in their online store if you need a little London souvenir from a distance.

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Anything from the Underground

Whether it’s an iconic Underground sign, the map poster, or this awesome London Underground electric train set, any gift inspired by the Underground is a fun souvenir from London.

Again, you will find them in most souvenir shops, or online at Not on the High Street.

Cute Paddington bear

Best London souvenir for Kids

Paddington bear

Nothing screams “London” quite like this adorable little bear. For me (and many others), Paddington was the experience with London, making him a popular symbol of London.  He’s not just a cute stuffed animal; he is the perfect souvenir from London, representing the warm welcome that London offers to all its visitors.

The Paddington Shop at Paddington Station is the most obvious shopping destination while you’re in London. For outsiders, check out Amazon or the official Paddington Bear store.

James Smith umbrella

Best sustainable London gift

Locally sourced gifts

Locally sourced gifts from London are not just souvenirs; they’re pieces of the city’s heart and culture.  They help the recipient experience the city’s diverse culture through a gift. Plus you’re supporting London local businesses!

Here are some of my top picks for locally sourced gifts:

  • Umbrellas from James Smith: Classic and sturdy, perfect for London’s unpredictable weather.
  • Books from Local Stores: Dive into the city’s rich literary history with a selection from a neighborhood bookstore.
  • Coffee from Local Cafés: Bring home a taste of London’s bustling café culture with locally roasted beans.
  • Antiques from Portobello Road Market: Discover treasures with stories as rich as the city itself.
  • Grenson Shoes: Stylish and durable, showcasing London’s renowned craftsmanship.
  • House of Spells: A must-visit for Harry Potter fans, offering magical memorabilia.
  • Columbia Road Flower Market: Fresh flowers from this vibrant market will brighten up any room.

Each item is a reflection of London’s unique local scene and makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves the city.

Best gifts for Londoners

Me at the Big Ben

Best London gift overall

London experience gift

Whether you’re looking for gifts for travelers to London or locals, I can honestly say that an experience gift is the best either way.

This is by far the most memorable and unique gift you can give, and there are countless options, so you can give a different experience gift each year.

Check out Virgin Experience or Tinggly to get a glimpse of the available options.

A coffee shop gift card is perfect for locals!

Gift cards

Before you say anything about gift cards being an inspiration-less gift, hear me out.

A carefully selected gift card such as one from a popular local coffee spot, bookshop, or restaurant is anything but thoughtless! You’re basically giving someone a free ticket to explore their own city! Making it the perfect gift for the Londoner who still lights up at the word “free coffee” or “book shopping”.

Photo courtesy of Art Fund

Best gift for local art lovers

National art pass

Is a gift card a little too basic for your liking? Then I can highly recommend giving The National Art Pass. I gave the Dutch equivalent to my grandmother, and she loved it.

So what is the National Art Pass?

It’s an annual pass that gives the recipient free entry to hundreds of museums, galleries, and historic houses across the UK. It includes some of the most popular museums in London too, such as The Benjamin Franklin Museum, The Charles Dickens Museum, and the National History Museum.

Best gifts for London lovers

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

DIY chocolate London landmarks

I love the “Make Your Own Chocolate London” kit gift because what’s better than cooking and eating your favorite city?

This kit comes with Belgian milk chocolate and molds for famous landmarks like Big Ben and a London bus. It’s great for a family activity or a kid’s party with kids over six years old, or for adults who love chocolate and London.

My Scotland Yard game

Best London gift for game lovers

Board games

I’m a big game lover, they’re my favorite way to spend some fun time with friends and family. And that’s why I think a London-themed board game like Scotland Yard or Ticket to Ride: London edition makes a brilliant gift. Both games come with a unique board of the streets of London, bringing a bit of London’s charm into their game nights.  

London paint-by-numbers kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

London paint-by-numbers kit

I’m not the most gifted artist out there, but these paint-by-number kits of London are a game changer. They let even a total noob like me create something decent that actually represents the beauty of the city. It’s the perfect gift for Londoners who need a relaxing way to spend an evening. And as a bonus, they will end up with a piece of art they can proudly hang up!

Finished LEGO set

Best gift for LEGO fans

LEGO London skyline

If you also have a boyfriend who loves LEGO, then this is the best London gift you can get!

My boyfriend is one of those big building fans, and he absolutely loves the Architect Series. It’s a fun activity and it’s a cute display into their homes. This version of the London skyline only measures 5”(15cm) high, 11” (28cm) wide, and 3” (8cm)  once built, so it won’t take over the entire room (which other people who live in the same house will probably appreciate).

Best gifts for London travelers

London-themed travel journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

London-themed travel journal

Travel journals are one of my favorite gifts for travelers, especially if you can find a journal for the traveler’s next destination, such as this cute London-themed one!

Book cover of "The 500 Hidden Secrets of London"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

London travel guides

Even though I’ve listed London travel guides as the best gifts for London travelers, I think they make great gifts for locals too.

Guides such as the Pretty Little London, London Curious, and 500 Hidden Secrets of London take the readers to the most beautiful and unique sites, that even locals don’t know about!

Homeware London-inspired gifts

London map

Best housewarming gift

London maps

I’m a big fan of having maps as a piece of wall art. I think they’re beautiful and stylish and make perfect gifts for Londoners who know the streets like the back of their hand and for those who dream of exploring every corner of our city.

I have one hanging in my bedroom, and it’s not only a great conversation starter but also a daily reminder of the places that I love!

You find all sorts of designs on Not on the High Street and Amazon.

Phone box bookends

Best home-themed London gift


If you’re looking for London-inspired gifts for bookworms like me, this is the perfect gift; London phone booth bookends!

They bring a unique piece of London and organization into their homes and bookshelves.

Colorful London poster

Wall art

London-themed wall art is one of my favorite recommendations for anyone who wants to keep a piece of the city close to them.

Whether it’s for a local or someone who’s fallen in love with London, these artworks bring the energy and iconic sights of London right into their homes. Check out Not on the High Street or Amazon to find a design you and the recipient will like, or go for my personal favorite.

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Christmas candle

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love London during Christmas! And that’s why I think this Christmas candle is a perfect Christmas gift from London.

It captures the city’s festive scents like mulled wine and chestnuts, bringing a bit of London’s holiday charm into any home. It’s a simple, thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys a cozy, scented atmosphere during the holidays.

My cute London Tower mug

London-inspired mugs

London-themed mugs are definitely a staple in my (endless) collection of mugs. And that’s why I think they’re great gifts for Londoners who love a bit of hometown pride with their morning coffee, or as charming souvenirs from London for tourists who miss the city.

However, keep in mind that some people prefer matching sets or stylish brands, so make sure you only buy these mugs for people who enjoy quirky, individual cups.

A whiskey glass with the map of London Etched
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Best gift for drinkers

Whiskey glasses

I love the idea of a London-themed whiskey glass as a gift—it’s a sleek way to toast to their favorite cities. They’re perfect for locals or as a souvenir from London.

Just a heads up, though: just like with the mugs, if your friend likes their glassware to match or prefers high-end brands, this might not be the right pick.

For everyone else, it’s a unique and classy way to enjoy a drink and reminisce about London’s charm.

Cute Victoria Eggs coasters


These cute London-themed coasters make a practical yet stylish gift for London lovers, especially for those who love unique home decor. Though, if someone prefers very minimalist or matching home items, these might not be the best fit.

Wooden wall clock with an image of the Big Ben
Photo courtesy of Amazon


I think a Big Ben-themed clock is a fantastic way to keep London time in style! It’s ideal for both London locals and tourist obsessed with the city.

However, if the recipient is someone who prefers a more uniform decor or designer brands, I would probably not recommend this gift. For anyone else, it’s a fun functional and thoutghtful reminder of London.

My London skyline puzzle

Best cozy London gift

London-themed puzzle

I love London, but I hate London in the rain (and I am pretty sure many others agree with me).

Luckily for them and me, you found the perfect pastime for a rainy night; a London-themed puzzle!

Say Goodbye to their wet coats, and hello to a fun, warm, and dry evening while laying a puzzle and sipping a hot cuppa.

Keepsakes from London

London-themed socks
Photo courtesy of Amazon


I know socks are not quite known for being the most-wanted gifts, yet I cannot help but get excited about colorful socks. Maybe I am just the odd one out, or maybe there are more people like me (which I hope), but I think these London-inspired socks are a great gift for anyone who loves the city.

Man wearing a grey shirt with a London-skyline
Photo courtesy of Amazon


London-inspired shirts are the classic souvenir, so I’m going to be completely honest with you here, not everyone will love this gift. For some recipients, these shirts will end up in the back of a drawer, never to see the light of day.

That’s why I always say, make sure the recipient is someone who will actually wear it! I love picking out cool, stylish London tees that capture the essence of the city in a chic way, but only if I know they go to someone who will appreciate it.

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Best London gift for her


This is probably one of my favorite London gifts for her; a necklace with the London skyline!

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Best gift for foodies


Whether you’re looking for a cute London souvenir to bring home for yourself or a fun gift for Londoners, this apron is the perfect fit for anyone who loves cooking and has a soft spot for London.

London-inspired tote bag

Tote bags

London-inspired tote bags are classic souvenirs from London, but I always say, make sure it’s stylish enough that someone will actually use it.

I use tote bags for everything—from grocery shopping to carrying books—so I understand the importance of finding one that’s both practical and cool. I look for unique designs that celebrate London and match the recipient’s style, so they’re more than just another bag tucked away in the closet.

London Calendar 2024 Wall Calander
Photo courtesy of Amazon


A London-themed calendar is a fabulous gift for anyone who, like me, loves this iconic city. It’s perfect for keeping track of important dates (their own wedding day, for example) while enjoying beautiful images of London’s most famous landmarks month by month.

Books about London

My Sherlock collection

Best book for murder mystery fans

Sherlock books

Sherlock Holmes books (and series) are classics that never get old, just like London itself! In fact, my boyfriend and I recently started watching the Sherlock series again because we both love London and riddles. So for anyone who loves to curl up on a rainy London Evening (which is almost every evening), these books are the perfect gift.

The Ritz cookbook

Best London gift for foodies


I’ve always said that the best way to explore London isn’t just through its streets but through its food! And that is why a London-themed cookbook is a fantastic gift for anyone who wants to try some local London food, without the jet lag (and rainy weather).

Whether it’s a culinary challenge from the Ritz cookbook, an iconic London high tea from London Afternoon Tea book, or a classic fish and chips from Borough Market Cookbook, a cookbook is the perfect gift for any foodie.

My London-themed coloring book

Coloring book for adults

There’s something super relaxing about settling down with a coloring book, especially one that’s about your favorite place in the world.

I found this amazing London-themed coloring book for adults, and I think it’s the perfect gift for London lovers who need to unwind. It’s filled with iconic scenes from around the city, so they can color their way from Big Ben to the Tower Bridge.

London gifts for kids

35. London height chart

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

36. Underground soft toys

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

37. London icons color in shirt

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

38. London travel journal

London travel journal for kids
Photo courtesy of Amazon

39. London-themed book

Kid's book titled "All Aboard the London Bus"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

40. Paddington Bear books

Photo courtesy of Amazon

41. Guard animal nursery wall art

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

42. City map jigsaw puzzle

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

43. London-themed memory game

London-themed memory game
Photo courtesy of Amazon

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Final notes

That‘s it! Our journey through the best London-inspired gifts and souvenirs for every kind of enthusiast, from locals to long-distance admirers is done. Whether you’re bringing home a slice of the city’s charm or sending a piece of London to a loved one, these gifts are sure to delight and inspire.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!