40 Heartwarming Long-Distance Friendship Gifts That TransformThe Miles Apart To Close At Heart

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Long-distance friendships can be challenging to maintain, but sending thoughtful long-distance friendship gifts is a great way to keep your connection strong. Whether you’re separated by work, school, or simply life’s twists and turns, sending a heartfelt gift can help bridge the physical distance and remind your bestie that he or she is on your mind.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of no less than 40 heartwarming gifts for long-distance friends that are sure to put a smile on their faces. From sentimental keepsakes to practical gadgets, these gift ideas are perfect for any occasion and show your faraway bestie just how much they mean to you.

So whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, holiday, or just because you love them, check out these thoughtful best friend gifts and send a little love to your long-distance buddy today.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts for long-distance best friends by budget.

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Save these gifts for long-distance friends

Don’t forget to save these gifts for long-distance best friends on Pinterest, so you’ll know what to gift for their next birthday or Christmas!

40 unique llong-distance friendship gifts wirh four photos of typical gifts for long-distance friends

Long-distance friendship gifts for large budgets

#1 Long-distance friendship lamp

Two blue touch lamps
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This long-distance friendship lamp is one of the best gifts for long-distance best friends because it allows you to communicate in a unique way that is both fun and heartwarming.

With just a simple touch, you can let your friend know that you’re thinking of them, no matter where they are. Plus, the lamp cycles through a rainbow of colors, which is sure to brighten up your friend’s day (and your own!).

#2 Necklace

A necklace with pendants and a message about friendship
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This necklace is a fantastic gift for your long-distance friend who values spirituality and positive energy. The pendant’s message is a perfect reminder that even when you can’t see each other, your friendship is always shining bright.

Plus, the rock crystal helps eliminate negative energy, so you and your friend can stay connected without any bad vibes getting in the way. With this necklace, your spiritual friend will feel loved, connected, and positive, like sending a positive, protective forcefield to your friend. What more could you ask for in a long-distance friendship gift?

#3 Personalized reasons why I miss

A wooden box with personalized messages engraved
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for personalized long-distance friendship gifts, but do you struggle to find the right words?

Then this wooden box with reasons why you miss them is exactly what you need!

You can select 12 reasons to add in the box from a list of 50 prewritten sentiments. That way you’re still expressing your love, but you juts get a little help with the wording.

#4 Personalized gin infusion box

Personalized DIYgin infusion set
Photo courtesy of Man Crates

A personalized DIY gin infusion box is the perfect gift for that long-distance friend who loves gin.

With this kit, they can create their own unique gin flavor that will remind them of you every time they take a sip. Plus, it’s a great excuse to have a virtual happy hour and taste-test their creation together.

#5 Messenger box

Love box that sends messages

This Lovebox spinning heart messenger is one of the best gifts for long-distance friends who love to receive surprise messages and expressions of affection.

With its connected messaging system and free app, you can easily send your friend a heartfelt message, a photo, a drawing, or an animation. When the message arrives, the heart on the Lovebox starts to turn, letting your friend know that they have a surprise waiting for them. By opening the lid, your friend can discover the special surprise you’ve sent, and even send a virtual rain of hearts back to your mobile device by turning the heart on the Lovebox.

#6 Grill master gift box

A crate filled with bbq and grill items
Photo courtesy of Man Crates

Does your best man or bro live far away, and does he love a good bbq?

Then you can stop scrolling because you just found the best long-distance friendship gift for him; a grill master crate filled with awesome items he can use for his next bbq. So even if you can’t be there with him, at least your gift will be.

#7 Heart map

Photo frame with maps shape like a heart
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for a heartfelt way to show your friend how much you care? Consider gifting them this heart-shaped map!

It allows you to choose up to six different locations, making it one of the best long-distance friendship gifts for a group of friends. It’s the perfect way to stay connected with friends and loved ones no matter the distance.

#8 Bracelet with forget me not flower

A bronze bracelet with a charm of a dried forget me not flower
Photo courtesy of Vivianna Schmuck

If you are looking for the cutest gifts for long-distance friends, then this personalized bracelet with a glass orb filled with a real and dried forget-me-not flower is perfect!

It’s actually one of my personal favorites.

#9 Self-care subscription box

A gift box with self care products
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Giving a self-care subscription box to your long-distance friend is a great way to show them you care, even when you can’t physically be there. It’s like sending them a hug in a box!

They’ll receive monthly surprises filled with goodies like face masks, candles, and bath bombs that will make them feel pampered and relaxed.

#10 Interactive friendship photo frame

Two digital picture frames
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for unique long-distance friendship gifts?

Then this photo frame is exactly what you need!

With a simple touch, the wooden frame emits a soft glow that lets your loved ones know you’re thinking of them. Just connect to WiFi and use the free companion app to upload your favorite photos, and you’re ready to go!

It’s the perfect way to brighten your friend’s day and stay close no matter the distance.

#11 Long-distance touch bracelets

Two touch-bracelets
Two touch-bracelets

The Bond-Touch bracelets are one of the best gifts for long-distance best friends!

These bracelets come in a pair, so you and your friend can stay connected no matter where life takes you. Once you both download The Bond App, you can send a buzz to your friend’s wristband anytime you’re thinking of them. So whether you’re miles or oceans apart, you can stay connected with your friend with these amazing touch bracelets.

#12 Long-distance wall art

Two states wall art
Two states’ wall art

Do you need gifts for your long-distance bestie who lives in a different state?

Then check out this customized poster that connects the two states! You can also customize the date to be a sweet message for your friend.

And for more heartfelt gift ideas for friends in different states, check out the gift guide for someone moving out of state.

#13 Food box subscription

Box with snacks
Photo courtesy of Universal Yums

Giving your long-distance friend a monthly subscription box with snacks from around the world is a great gift idea because it’s like sending them on a culinary adventure without ever leaving their couch!

They can munch on delicious treats from new exotic places each month from the comfort of their own homes. Plus Universal Yums ships for free across the US.

#14 Long-distance message mug and coaster

A mug and coaster to send messages to long-distance friends
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This Long Distance Message Mug & Coaster set is one of the cutest gifts for long-distance friends who love coffee (and surprises)!

With the help of an App, the set makes sending messages and animations to your bestie a fun and interactive experience. Whether they live across the ocean or in a different state, this mug and coaster set is a sweet way to remind your loved ones they’re always on your mind.

#15 Throw blanket with message

Throw blanket with sweet message for friends
Throw blanket with sweet message for friends

Throw blankets, such as this one with sweet friendship sentiments are awesome gifts for long-distance friends because it’s like a warm hug from you when you’re not there to give one in person.

Plus, they’ll think of you every time they snuggle up with it. So, when they’re feeling down, they can wrap themselves up in this blanket and feel the warmth of your friendship.

#16 Personalized whiskey box

Personalized whiskey lover gift set
Photo courtesy of Man Crates

Do you need long-distance friendship gifts for your bro who loves a good Scotch or bourbon?

Then this personalized whiskey crate is the perfect gift for you.

Long-distance friendship gifts for mid budgets

#17 Ring dish

Ring dish with sweet message
Ring dish with a sweet message

A ring dish with this heartwarming message is the perfect way to remind your long-distance friends that distance doesn’t matter when it comes to true friendship.

Whenever they put their rings on or take them off, they’ll see the message and feel the warmth of your friendship. Plus, it’s a great gift to help them to stop misplacing their jewelry (and losing it)!

#18 Hot sauce of the month subscription box

Gift set of hot sauces
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

A hot sauce subscription box is the spiciest gift for long-distance friends and a great way to spice up the relationship (sorry for the terrible pun)!

With a variety of flavors and heat levels, you and your friend can bond over your love of all things spicy. Plus, every time they reach for that bottle of hot sauce, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtful gift and how you’re both heating things up from afar.

For more spicy gifts, check out the chili gift guide.

#19 Deliver flowers to their home

Flower bouquet

Getting flowers delivered to your long-distance friend is a great way to brighten their day and remind them that they are loved.

Plus, it’s a lot easier than mailing a cactus ;), so go ahead and make your friend feel special by ordering a bouquet from FTD.

#20 Cutting board with friendship quotes

Cutting board with quote "we'll be friends untill we're old and senile.. Then we'll be new friends!"
Cutting board with a quote

This cutting and serving plate is one of the best long-distance friendship gifts for home chefs because it brings humor and fond memories to their kitchen routines.

Every time they use the board, they’ll remember the good times they shared with you and the ones that are still to come.

#21 Tumbler

Tumbler with friendship quote "side by side or miles apart, friends are always close at heart"
Tumbler with friendship quote

Do you need gifts for long-distance friends who care about the environment and who love their coffees to go?

Stop scrolling because you just found your gift; a tumbler with a sweet friendship quote. Even if you can’t share a cup of joe in person, this tumbler reminds them that you’re always close at heart.

#22 Experience gift

Port wine tasting
Wine tasting experience

An experience gift is a great way to show your long-distance friend how much you care, while also giving them something to look forward to.

Whether it’s a cooking class, a concert, or a day trip to a nearby city, an experience gift is a unique and memorable way to connect with your friend from afar. Plus, you don’t have to worry about shipping or wrapping anything!

#23 Friendship earring knots

Two knot earring studs with the text "friendship is a knot that cannot be untied"
Photo courtesy of Love Wue

These earrings are one of my favorite gifts for long-distance friends who love jewelry. They’re cute, subtle, and still remind your bestie of your love.

#24 Photo collage tote bag

A tote bag with a collage of photos from friends
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need more long-distance friendship gifts for friends who care about the environment?

Then a tote bag with photos of you and your bestie is perfect. They’ll always be reminded of the good times you’ve had together when they’re grocery shopping or carrying around their essentials. Just make sure the photos are flattering, or they’ll be carrying around a constant reminder of your bad hair day.

#25 Magazine subscription

trains magazine
Trains magazines

A magazine subscription is a great way to keep your long-distance friend entertained and up to date with the latest gossip or innovations around their favorite hobby, without needing to FaceTime every five minutes. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, every month, just like your friendship!

#26 Engraved wine glasses

Two wine glasses with text etched "never too far to drink together" great as long-distance gifts for friends who love wine
Photo courtesy of Yay Personalized Gifts

Is your bestie a wine lover?

Then you just found the ultimate long-distance friendship gift; an engraved wine glass with your and your bestie’s home state!

Long-distance friendship gifts for small budgets

#27 Funny candle

Candle with funny text "our friendship is like a this candle,. if you forget me, I'll burn your f*cking house down"
Candle with funny text

This candle is one of the great gifts for long-distance best friends with a sense of humor.

The hilarious message is sure to bring a smile to their face and let them know that your friendship means everything to you. Plus, the candle itself makes for a cozy addition to their home, and every time they light it up, they’ll be reminded of the warmth and love of your friendship (if they manage to remember you, of course).

#28 “Why you’re my bestie” fill in book

Why you're my bestie booklet
Why you’re my bestie booklet

Do you sometimes struggle to put into words just how much your bestie means to you? But are you still looking for a heartfelt personalized long-distance friendship gift?

Then this fill-in-the-blanks journal is perfect for you.

It comes with easy prompts to help you get started expressing how much you care about your friend and way!

#29 Bracelet with an engraved message

Cuff bracelet with engraved message
Cuff bracelet with an engraved message

Are you looking for cute gifts for long-distance best friends?

Then this adorable cuff bracelet with a hidden message is perfect!

It will remind her every day of just how much she means to you.

#30 Socks with your face on them

Blue socks with photos of a man's face on it
Photo courtesy of Creative Pillow

Do you want funny gifts for long-distance friends to lighten up the sadness of not living close together?

Then check out these fun socks with your face on them!

#31 Shirts

A grey t-shirt with quote: "no one will ever be as entertained by us as us"
Photo courtesy of Cathrine Bir

Friendship shirts are a fun way to show off your bond, even when you’re miles apart.

With a quirky quote like “no one will ever be as entertained by us, as us,” you can give your long-distance friend a reason to smile every time they wear it. Just make sure to send one for yourself too, so you can have matching shirts and feel connected no matter the distance!

#32 A book

Home Front book by Kristin Hanna
Home Front

One of the best long-distance friendship gifts for bookworms is, of course, a book!

And it’s even better if it’s a book that you are also reading, so you can have your own long-distance book club with your bestie.

One example of a great read is Home Front by Kristin Hannah, about a family and the impact of war and duty on marriage.

#33 Pocket heart

Keychain with a heart token
Keychain with a heart token

Looking for the perfect gift to let your long-distance friend know you’re thinking of them?

Check out the pocket heart!

This tiny token of affection comes with a matching keychain so your friend can keep it close at all times as a reminder that they are loved, even from afar. And with its inspirational sentences, your friend will be reminded that they are braver, stronger, smarter, and more loved than they may realize.

#34 “Letter to open when” booklet

Booklet with letter to write for friends
A booklet with letters to write for friends

The “Letters To Open When” booklet is one of the sweetest long-distance friendship gifts because it’s like giving them a personal cheerleader and a little extra love and support whenever they need it most.

Just imagine your friend’s smile as he or she opens a letter that says “Open when you need a good laugh” and you’ve included a funny story from your past adventures. It’s a thoughtful and meaningful way to remind your friend that you’re always there for them, no matter the distance.

#35 Engraved spoon

Engraved spoon
Engraved spoon

Do you need gifts for long-distance friends who used to be your coffee buddy?

Then this engraved spoon is the perfect gift to feel like the two of you are still sipping your coffee together.

#36 Picture frame

Best friend picture frame
Best friend picture frame

This picture frame is the perfect way to remind your long-distance best friend that even though you might not be physically together, you’re always there for each other. Plus, it’s a great excuse to print out that embarrassing photo of the two of you from college and display it proudly.

#37 Matching keychains

Matching keychains for best friends
Matching keychains

Even if you’re far apart, your friendship is strong enough to endure any challenge, and that’s exactly what these keychains resemble.

It’s like carrying a piece of your friend with you wherever you go, perfect for when you need a reminder that your friend is always there for you, no matter what.

#38 Matching bracelets

Two matching bracelets for best friends
Two matching bracelets

Did you like the idea of matching keychains but are you and your bestie more into cute jewelry and accessories?

Then these matching bracelets with a compass are perfect. It represents the fact that no matter where you are, you will always find your way back to each other.

#39 Make-up bag

Make up bag with a message
Make-up bag with a message

This make-up bag is the perfect gift for long-distance friends!

Every time she gets ready in the morning and sees the message, she’ll be reminded of your friendship.

#40 Personalized friendship mug

Friendship knows no distance mug
Friendship knows no distance mug

Personalized mugs with photos are great long-distance friendship gifts because it’s a daily reminder of the good times you shared together.

Plus, every time they sip their coffee or tea, they’ll think of you and your fun-filled memories. And it’s a little pick-me-up in the morning for that friend who is not much a morning person.

Save these gifts for long-distance friends

Did you save these gifts for long-distance best friends on Pinterest yet?

40 long-distance friendship gifts with a photo of a group of friends jumping in the air

FAQ about long-distance friendship gifts

What should I gift my long-distance friend?

Consider gifting something that can bridge the distance between you, such as personalized jewelry or a gift subscription box. Or something that will remind them of you, such as a photo frame or a piece of home decoration. Ultimately, choose something that shows you care and think about them.

How can I surprise my long-distance friend?

You can surprise your long-distance friend by sending them a thoughtful gift such as flowers or fun monthly subscription boxes, planning a virtual night together, scheduling a surprise video call, sending them a handwritten letter or care package, or planning a future trip to visit them.

What can I do for my long-distance best friend’s birthday?

On his or her birthday, you can send your best friend a care package filled with their favorite snacks, a personalized gift, and a heartfelt birthday card. You can also plan a virtual party with their closest friends, have a video call, or send a birthday video message to make them feel special and loved.

What should I gift my long-distance friend for Christmas?

Long-distance friendship gifts for Christmas can be anything from personalized items like a photo album or a customized calendar to gifts such as blankets or socks. Or go for a subscription box for snacks, books, or self-care.

Final note on long-distance friendship gifts

Alright, I hope that you found the perfect gift for your long-distance best friend, and if you need a little more help, check out the editor’s top three!