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A bridge and a castle in Luxembourg

If you’re looking for Luxembourg gifts for someone who has a soft spot for the charming Grand Duchy, or if you’re the person with that soft spot and you would like to find the best souvenirs from Luxembourg for yourself, you came to the right place!

We’ve searched the nooks and crannies of this tiny but mighty country to find you not just gifts you can buy online, but also keepsakes that can only be bought when you’re in the country. Wrapped in the elegance of Luxembourg’s culture and tradition, you will find 25 awesome gift ideas online and 5 unique and local Luxembourg souvenirs!

So let’s check out the glorious world of Luxembourg gifts and souvenirs.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Luxembourg gifts by budget.

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30 Luxembourg gift ideas with nine images of places in Luxembourg and souvenirs

Luxembourg gifts for large budgets

#1 Villeroy and Boch homeware

A set of mugs and plates from the Luxembourg brand Villeroy and Boch
New wave cups and plates

This is by far the most popular gift from Luxembourg for someone’s home. Whether it’s for a housewarming party, or you’re just looking for authentic souvenirs to decorate your own home, anything from Villeroy & Boch is perfect.

Originally, the brand started in a little village in France, but they soon took over the Luxembourg market in 1766, and have stayed there ever since.

They produce beautifully decorated homeware with floral and China blue patterns (called vieux Luxembourg), as well as artistically shaped glassware, such as this wave mug and plate. Which is probably the most famous and iconic of their entire collection.

#2 Watch

A silver watch from a Luxembourg brand
Photo courtesy of Schroeder

Switzerland may have the reputation of being the best country for luxury watches, but Luxembourg is actually not far behind. This tiny country is a like hot pot for richness and luxury, and you can see that in the many jewelry and watch stores around the country.

Two of the most famous and high-quality brands for watches include Schroeder and Favor.  So if you’ve got a large budget, and you’re looking for truly luxury gifts from Luxembourg, then a watch from either brand is exactly what you need.

#3 Iron cast plaque

A plaque of Luxembourg
Photo courtesy of Annick Antiques

If you’re looking for authentic Luxembourg gifts for someone who is all about vintage charm, this Grand Duche de Luxembourg hanging plaque is a winner!

It’s a little slice of history hanging on their wall, literally. The plaque is only 3,5 by 3,5 inches (9 by 9 cm). But who doesn’t want a daily reminder of Luxembourg’s grandeur, even if it’s small? It’s made of cast iron, so it’s as tough as the Luxembourgish spirit – ready to withstand anything. Making it a perfect gift to add a touch of old-world flair to their space and show off their love for the Grand Duchy.

Do keep in mind that it’s a vintage item, meaning that there is only one available. But don’t worry if the one in the photo is out of stock, you can find other cast iron plaques from Luxembourg on Etsy.

#4 Map of Luxembourg

A vintage style map of Luxembourg
Photo courtesy of Daniels Fine Art Co

Check out Etsy’s collection of Luxembourg maps to find the perfect gift for your Luxembourg friend. With a map of their home country, they can add a bit of Luxembourg beauty and flair to their homes. Whether they moved abroad or still live in the country, a beautiful map is the perfect addition to any home.

#5 Luxembourg experience gifts

A photo of Luxembourg City
Any activity in Luxembourg is a great gift

Nothing beats the true experience of Luxembourg. So if you’ve got a large budget, then check out Tinggly to find all sorts of awesome Luxembourg experience gifts! From walking tours to guided hikes, or visits to museums, literally any activity in their favorite county is a great idea.

And the best thing about choosing an experience from Tinggly is that you can buy the activity as a gift, but leave the date open for the recipients to set themselves.

Alternatively, you can go for a Tinggly gift card that will allow the recipient to pick the activity themselves as well as the date. This is probably the safest option if you really have no idea what kind of activity the recipient would like. Or if they’ve already done and seen so many things in Luxembourg that it’s hard to find something they haven’t done yet.

#6 Luxembourg cookbook

'Anne's Kitchen - My Luxembourg: Home Sweet Home'cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Luxembourg gifts or someone who is hungry for an actual taste of Luxembourg?

Then this cookbook is the answer!

It’s a culinary journey through the heart of Luxembourg, where Anne takes traditional dishes and adds a delicious twist. From judd mat gaardebounen cannelloni to mettwurscht muffins (two authentic Luxembourg dishes), it’s a feast for anyone craving traditional food.

#7 Crystal 3D map art

A crystal glass with the map of Luxembourg etched
Photo courtesy of AB Crystal Collection

Whether you’re looking for unique souvenirs from Luxembourg for yourself (which we totally understand and won’t judge you for) or for Luxembourger friends who miss home, this 3D engraved crystal map is the perfect option.

It’s a gorgeous keepsake that you can keep anywhere to remind you of that beautiful time you had in Luxembourg.

#8 Sweatshirts

A black sweatshirt with "Luxembourg"
Photo courtesy of Gyopos

Keep your favorite Luxembourger warm and cozy with Etsy’s Luxembourg-themed sweatshirts!

From funny designs for locals to cute and subtle ones that will keep them warm and remind them of their favorite country, you can find all sorts of sweatshirts and hoodies on Etsy.

Luxembourg gifts for mid-budgets

#9 Wall art

tarvel poster of Luxembourg
Photo courtesy of Nick Studios

Bring a touch of Luxembourg flair and love into their homes with Luxembourg-inspired wall art.

From posters, paintings, and abstract art, you can find any style of art on Etsy.

Personally, I am a big fan of travel posters, such as this one from Luxembourg City, but really there is something for everyone.

#10 Necklace

A silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of the map of Luxembourg
Photo courtesy of McLaughlin Creations

You will find a whole range of beautiful necklaces that make great Luxembourg gifts for her. From map-shaped pendants to flags and more, there are plenty of options to choose from to decorate your favorite Luxembourg friend in a little piece of home.

#11 Jigsaw puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle of Luxembourg, city
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A jigsaw puzzle of Luxembourg is a great way to pass the time in style. With this 1000-piece puzzle, they can keep themselves occupied while at the same time dreaming and fantasizing about their favorite country in the world.

Plus, once it’s finished, they can frame it and they’ll have a beautiful handmade piece of wall art from Luxembourg.

#12 Socks

A pair of socks with hearts in the color of the map of Luxembourg
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

There is something about happy and colorful socks that make them one of my favorite gifts for anyone. Especially socks in their favorite theme, such as these Luxembourg socks for people obsessed with the country.

They’re a fun, easy, and stylish way to add a bit of Luxembourg to any outfit, without overdoing it on the red, white, and blue.

#13 Travel guides

Book cover of 'Luxembourg (Bradt Travel Guide. Luxembourg) '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Bradt Travel Guide: Luxembourg

If you are looking for gifts for someone traveling to Luxembourg soon, a travel guide is the perfect option. It will help them to see all the ins and outs of the country, learn about the history, and find the best places to sleep and eat. If you’re looking for a general guidebook that works for most travelers, Bradt Guides is a safe option.

Book cover of 'Lonely Planet Belgium & Luxembourg'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet Belgium & Luxembourg

If you’re looking for gifts for people traveling to Luxembourg (and Belgium) on a budget, then the Lonely Planet is the guidebook you need. They have long been backpacker’s best friends, and continue to be the leading guidebooks when it comes to shoestring travel.

Book cover of 'Greater Than a Tourist- Luxembourg: 50 Travel Tips from a Local'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Greater Than a Tourist- Luxembourg: 50 Travel Tips from a Local 

The last guidebook is a great gift for someone traveling to Luxembourg for the thousandth time. Being such a tiny country, frequent visitors will have easily visited all of Luxembourg’s highlights in a few trips. And for them, the greater-than-tourist guide is the perfect option. It will take them beyond the tourist hotspots and show them the real Luxembourg.

#14 Bracelet

A golden bracelet with beads in the color of the flag of Luxembourg
Photo courtesy of Julen Jewel

Do you need cute Luxembourg gifts for her? Whether it’s for a local who moved abroad, a visitor who fell in love with the beauty of the country, or someone whose heritage goes back to Luxembourg. With this beautiful bracelet, they can show their Luxembourg pride with style and flair.

#15 Pillow cover

Green pillow cover with 'Luxemburg"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A Luxembourg-themed pillow is the comfiest gift for Luxembourgers that will allow them to snuggle up with their love for the Grand Duchy!

It’s a soft, cuddly piece of Luxembourg right in their living room. Whether they’re dreaming of Luxembourg or just need a cozy spot to rest their head, this pillow’s got their back. It’s the next best thing to an actual trip to Luxembourg, so, if your friend adores Luxembourg, this is a great option.

#16 Mug

A white mug with the text 'I'm not perfect but I am Luxembourger and that's kind of the same thing"
Photo courtesy of FG Imagination

This is probably one of my favorite Luxembourg gifts for locals who need a little pick-me-up in the morning.

With this funny mug to remind them of their amazing heritage, they’ll be ready to take on every new morning with energy, pride, and a big smile!

Though, check out more Luxemburg-themed mugs on Etsy if your recipient is not a local but someone who simply loves the country or who is moving soon.

Luxembourg gifts for small budgets

#17 Luxembourg coloring book for kids

Book cover of 'Luxembourg Coloring Book For Kids: With Interesting Facts'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for Luxembourg gifts for people with kids, this coloring book with fun facts about the country is a great idea.

It’s a fun way for parents to share their heritage with their kids and teach them something new in a low-key and entertaining way.

#18 Shirts

A woman wearing a shirt with "Luxembourg is calling and I must go"
Photo courtesy of Words of Wit Cafe

I’m a big fan of cute and funny t-shirts for just about any recipient. And for Luxembourg-obsessed friends, you can find plenty of options on Etsy.

My personal favorite was this one with “Luxembourg is calling and I must go”. But if you’re looking for gifts for local Luxembourgers you’ll need to check out Etsy for other designs.

#19 Luxembourg antique coin collection

A set of old coins of Luxembourg
Old Luxembourg coins

This is the perfect Luxembourg gift for history buffs and gatherers. A collection of Francs from Luxembourg before the introduction of the Euro.

It’s a fun way to give a tangible piece of Luxembourg’s history.

#20 Candleholder

A candle holder with the skyline of Luxembourg city
Photo courtesy of 13

Add some Luxembourg flair to their home with this cute skyline-inspired candle holder.

It’s a small token of their proud heritage and it adds a bit of their home-country vibe. They can say goodbye to the long and lonely winter nights, with this cute candleholder they will always be surrounded by the warm love of home.

#21 Books about Luxembourg

Book cover of 'Surviving the Nazi Occupation of Luxembourg: A Young Woman's WWII Memoir '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Surviving the Nazi Occupation of Luxembourg: A Young Woman’s WWII Memoir 

If your friend loves Luxembourg and is into history, this book is a must-have gift! It’s based on the true story of the author’s family who escaped Luxembourg during the Nazi occupation.

Book cover of 'Secrets of the Seven Smallest States of Europe: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Secrets of the Seven Smallest States of Europe: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City

This is another great book for your Luxembourg-loving friend. It covers the stories of the seven smallest independent countries in Europe, including Luxembourg. The book explores their unique challenges, cultural highlights, and how they’ve thrived.

Book cover of 'The Expats: A Novel by Chris Pavone'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Expats: A Novel by Chris Pavone

Whether it’s a gift for an expat in Luxembourg or someone who is just obsessed with the country, ‘Expats’ is a gripping thriller that they will absolutely love. It covers the story of  Kate Moore, an American expat living in Luxembourg, who must confront her buried secrets and unravel a web of deceit when she suspects her surroundings and her husband are not what they seem.

#22 Tote bag

A tote bag with the word "love" and the "o" as a heart with the colors of the flag of Luxembourg
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Whether they’re taking it to the beach, grocery shopping, or flaunting at the gym, with a Luxembourg-inspired tote bag, they can show off their nation’s pride with flair.

#23 Notebook

Notebook Journal with Luxembourg them
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Whether they’ll use it just for jotting down ideas, doodling, or for work, every page of this Luxembourg journal is like a mini vacation to the Grand Duchy.

It’s the perfect way for them to reminisce about their favorite place throughout the day. And who knows, it might inspire them to write the next great Luxembourgian novel!

#24 Christmas ornament

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Help them finish off their Christmas tree in style with a cute Luxembourg-themed Christmas ornament.  

It’s a festive way to show off their love for the Grand Duchy, and who doesn’t want a tree with a touch of Luxembourgian flair? Plus, it’s a yearly reminder of their special connection to Luxembourg – a souvenir that will bring joy year after year.

#25 Luggage tag

A luggage tag with I love and the map of Luxembourg
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Add a little flag of Luxembourg to their suitcase, proudly declaring their devotion to the Grand Duchy with Zazzle’s collection of Luxembourg-themed luggage tags.

It will make spotting their luggage in the chaotic airport baggage a breeze – no more accidental suitcase swaps with confused strangers.

Luxembourg souvenirs you can’t buy online

While you can shop for some pretty fantastic Luxembourg souvenirs and gifts online (I mean we just covered 25 awesome ideas), there are a few hidden gems that you can only snag when you’re right there in the heart of the Grand Duchy.

And because we don’t want you to miss out on these unique opportunities, we decided to add a few fun Luxembourg souvenirs to get when you’re actually in the country.

From artisanal chocolates to exclusive souvenirs, we’ll guide you through the must-haves that demand a visit to Luxembourg’s charming streets.

#1 Chocolate

Just like neighboring country Belgium, you can find plenty of delicious local Luxembourg chocolate shops. Three of the most popular ones are

A box of chocolate from Luxembourg
Photo courtesy of Oberweis

#2 Peclvillchen bird whistle

A “Peclvillchen” is a traditional Luxembourgish bird whistle, a charming and unique souvenir that allows you to mimic bird calls with a simple blow, particularly used around Easter.

#3 Wine from the Moselle Valley

Luxembourg may not be the first country to think of when you’re thinking about wine, but you can actually find some delicious Luxembourg wine from the Moselle Valley. So if you’re in the region, or in Luxembourg in general, head over to the local liquor store and ask for a wine from the Moselle Valley.

A photo of a wine valley in Luxembourg
Moselle Valley

#4 Beer

For such a small country, Luxembourg has a large number of breweries, which is great news if you’re looking for traditional souvenirs for beer lovers. Some breweries to check out include

#5 Liquor

Another popular souvenir from Luxembourg is liquor. Luxembourgers are particularly fond of fruit brandy either made from the Mirabelle plum or the Neelch pear.

A popular distillery to look out for is the Brennerei Diedenacker.

A bottle of brandy made from pears i Luxembourg
Photo courtesy of Diedenacker

Save these Luxembourg souvenirs & gifts

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30 best gifts from Luxembourg with an image of a city in Luxembourg

Final notes on gifts from Luxembourg

As we wrap up our Luxembourg gift and souvenir journey, we hope you’ve found some delightful treasures to share with your loved ones or keep as a piece of the Grand Duchy in your own heart. And if you still haven’t decided, check out the editor’s top 3!


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