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A photo of the skyline of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Malaysian souvenirs to bring back for your trip or for Malaysia Christmas gifts for friends and family, we’ve got your back.

Forget the clichéd keychains and generic fridge magnets, in this post, we’ve handpicked 25 unforgettable gifts. Gifts that speak volumes, ensuring your loved ones know you’re thinking of them even when you’re sipping Teh Tarik on a tropical beach. So get ready for a virtual shopping spree through Malaysia’s finest gifts and souvenirs!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Malay gifts by budget.

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The 25 best Malaysia gifts with an image of dodol sweets

Malay gifts for large budgets

#1 Batik

A gift basket of batik fabric from Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Colorful Dot Studio

Batik is a colorful textile art from the east of Malaysia (as well as other Asian countries, such as Thailand).  If you’re looking for one of the most typical souvenirs from Malaysia, Batik is definitely it. And even though it was originally from the East Coast, you can now find it across the country.

Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to find Batik products from Malaysia online, so I can only offer you these batik fabrics, which work great for creative people who would love to create their own items from Malaysian batik.

#2 Map of Malaysia

A wooden geormetrical map of Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Warm And Magical Days

A map is one of my favorite gifts for locals, so if you need Malaysia Christmas gifts for locals, I can highly recommend checking out Etsy and finding a unique map of Malaysia that matches their interior style.

I really love this wooden design because I think it adds a rustic and cool look to any room, but there is something for everyone on Etsy.

#3 Pewter products

A pewter card holder made in Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Royal Selangor

Royal Selangor is a world-famous Malaysian company that is renowned for its high-quality pewter crafts, such as this credit card holder.

With a history dating back to 1885, Royal Selangor produces intricate, well-designed pewter items for both practical and decorative use, that are awesome gifts from Malaysia. You can find all sorts of products on their site, from practical items such as glasses to unique figurines, there is something for everyone.

#4 Dodol sweets

Dodol candy in three different colors
Photo courtesy of Eego Store

Dodol toffees are traditional Malay sweets that are crafted from glutinous rice, coconut milk, and palm sugar. And if you’re looking for gifts from Malaysia for kids or people who have a sweet tooth, they’re a great option!

They’re a popular treat during festive occasions, especially during celebrations like Eid al-Fitr and Chinese New Year, so you’re basically offering a taste of Malaysia’s culinary heritage.

#5 Name necklace

A woman wearing a necklace with a name written in Malay
Photo courtesy of Just Name Necklace

Whether you’re looking for Malaysia personalized gifts for locals, visitors, or expats who miss home, with a name necklace written in Malayalam they will feel the warm Malay welcome around their necks. It’s a cute accessory and a subtle shout-out to the heritage.

#6 Sweatshirt

A grey sweatshirt with 'Malaysia' and a heart
Photo courtesy of Thousand Tees

Give your Malaysian friend a warm hug from home with a Malaysian-inspired sweatshirt.

You can find plenty of different designs on Etsy, so you can find a sweatshirt for every passion and personality, such as this stylish one.

#7 Wall art

A wall print poster of a street art from Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Wall Art Canvas Art

Are you looking for unique Malaysia gift ideas for locals? Then something to decorate their home in their home country’s style is perfect!

You can find all sorts of designs on Etsy, or go for this beautiful remake of street art in Penang.

Malay gifts for mid-budgets

#8 Durian coffee

A package of durian coffee from Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Szechuan Shop

Are you looking for unique gifts from Malaysia? For those brave-hearted friends who love trying new things and bold movements?

Then check out this durian coffee from Malaysia! Infused with the flavor of durian, this is a coffee that you either love or hate, but it sure is a funny and unique gift idea. 

#9 Traditional board game

A traditional wooden board game from asia and Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Congkak is a traditional strategic game that is played throughout Southeast Asia, including Malaysia. As a big game lover myself, I think this is one of the best traditional gifts from Malaysia.

It’s not only a fun strategic game, but it comes with beautifully decorated shells, and it’s a game that has a long history and tradition in the country, with important social and cultural influences.

#10 Cookbooks

Book cover of 'Malaysia: Recipes from a Family Kitchen'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Malaysia: Recipes from a Family Kitchen

This is the ultimate Malaysian souvenir for foodies. Malaysia’s cuisine is a wild blend of flavors – spicy, sweet, and everything in between. With this Malaysian cookbook, they can bring the culinary adventure home and impress their friends and family with delicious new dishes.

Book cover of 'Sambal Shiok: The Malaysian Cookbook'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Sambal Shiok: The Malaysian Cookbook

The next cookbook is for those with a slightly smaller budget, it includes 90 traditional recipes that were passed on from Mandy’s mom to her, and she has now decided to share them with the world.

Book cover of 'The Food of Malaysia: 62 Delicious Recipes from the Crossroads of Asia'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Food of Malaysia: 62 Delicious Recipes from the Crossroads of Asia

The last cookbook is perfect for people with the smallest budget. It’s a great and concise cookbook covering 62 delicious recipes from across the country. At the crossroads of Asia, you can really see all the influences of different nations in Malaysian food, from Chinese, Indian, and Eurasian, to Nonya, it’s a unique blend of cuisines that is perfectly captured in this cookbook.

#11 Tea from The Cameron Highlands

A package of tea made in Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Eastdew MY

The Cameron Highlands are a famous area in Malaysia for its tea plantations. You will find beautiful fields filled with tea, that not only lend themselves perfectly to photos (something that attracts many tourists to the area), but it’s also the perfect climate for delicious tea, such as this bag of 100 teas from the area.

Whether it’s a Malaysian souvenir for a friend or for yourself, these teas will bring a bit of Malaysian vibes with every sip.

#12 Funny candle

A wax candle with a label that reads "Only hot b*tches are Malaysian"
Photo courtesy of 22nd Of October

A candle with the cheeky label “Only hot b*tches are Malaysian” is a light-hearted and humorous Malaysian gift that embraces their Malaysian heritage.

It’s like a little compliment and a piece of tropical paradise right in their home. All they need to do is light it up and suddenly their space is infused with the scents of spices and rainforests. It’s a great Malaysian gift for homesick expats and friends who need a little reminder of how awesome they are.

#13 Shirt

A black t-shirt with a print of the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Graffmerchusa

Do you need a fun Malaysian gift for someone who loves Malaysia so much, that they never stop talking about it? Then give them a Malaysian-themed shirt as their wearable love letter to Malaysian culture.

Whether they’re craving street food or island-hopping, this shirt says, “I’m in the mood for Malaysia.” And serves as an invitation to all other Malaysian lovers to strike up a conversation.

#14 Street sign

Three vintage looking street signs with 'Malaysia'
Photo courtesy of Lizton Vintage

This vintage sign is a great Malaysian gift for those who could use a little decor upgrade and who would love to add a bit of Malaysian charm to their homes!

#15 Travel guides

Book cover of 'DK Eyewitness Malaysia and Singapore'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

DK Eyewitness Malaysia and Singapore 

Are you looking for gifts for someone traveling to Malaysia soon? Then a guidebook is the perfect gift! In fact, I actually gave my mom one before our trip together to Malaysia, and she got a ton of ideas and inspiration from it. DK Eyewitness guidebooks are great in-depth guides for the general public (and typically the older public, like my mom).

Book cover of 'Lonely Planet Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei

The Lonely Planet on the other hand is actually the perfect guidebook for budget travelers and backpackers because it’s filled with great tips on budget accommodation, restaurants, and traveling by public transportation.

Book cover of 'The Rough Guide to Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Rough Guide to Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei

Lastly, the most recent edition of the Rough Guide is a great Malaysia gift idea for adventurous travelers. And of course for those who are planning to visit Singapore and Brunei while they’re in Malaysia.

#16 White coffee

Package of instant white coffee from Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Amazon

White coffee from Malaysia is probably one of the most popular coffee styles in the country (yes, it’s even more popular than durian coffee).

Funny enough, the color of white coffee is just as black as any other type of coffee, and it doesn’t include any milk or dairy. The white refers to the roasting style, which is at a lower temperature and has a shorter duration than other styles.

Now, I’m typically not much of a fan of instant coffee (and I’m a bit of a coffee snob myself), but in Malaysia, instant white coffee is the number one drink, which is why I think it’s still a great gift from Malaysia for coffee snobs. Because it’s like brewing a little bit of Malaysian flavor at home.

#17 Personalized travel journal

A personalized travel journal for Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Tryp Design

If you are looking for Malaysia personalized gifts for people traveling there, this travel journal is exactly what you need.

Not only can you add their names and dates of the trip, but it also comes with a cool map of Malaysia on the cover. It’s the perfect way for them to create their own memory book in a Malaysian-themed journal.

Malay gifts for small budgets

#18 Snack box

A snack box with sweets from Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Taste Pak

This is the best gift from Malaysia for basically anyone. For locals who moved abroad, it’s a trip down memory lane filled with delicious nostalgic snacks. For visitors, it’s a great way to try new and different flavors from Malaysia.

And the best part?

It’s something that kids as well as adults will enjoy.

#19 Book about Malaysia

Book cover of 'Malaysia - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Malaysia – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Are you looking for gifts for someone moving to Malaysia? Then the Culture Smart is exactly what they need. It’s a book that covers everything there is to know about the customs and traditions in Malaysia.

Book cover of 'The History of Malaysia: From Majapahit to Modernity'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The History of Malaysia: From Majapahit to Modernity

This is by far the best Malay gift on this list for history buffs. A book that covers the complete history of Malaysia, from the very beginning to modern-day Malaysia.

Book cover of 'Sandokan: The Pirates of Malaysia '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Sandokan: The Pirates of Malaysia 

The last book on this list is a cool Malaysian gift that takes the reader on a time-traveling adventure to 1852. It will take them through historical Malaysia and the high seas, through the eyes of the pirates, all with a dash of humor.

#20 Coasters

A wooden coaster with the map of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Photo courtesy of O Design Studio

Are you looking for Malaysia gift ideas to go with the coffee?

Then check out this coaster with Kuala Lumpur’s map to add a tiny adventure under their coffee cup! It’s the ultimate gift for armchair explorers or homesick Malaysians who miss KL.

They can just take a sip, and they’re on a tour of KL’s hotspots without jet lag or getting lost.

#21 Spices

A packages of malay curry spices
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for a unique gift from Malaysia to go with the cookbook? Then this is what you need!

With a small bag of typical Malay spices, they can get cooking right away. It includes the spice mix they need to create the perfect fish and prawn curries at home. (And if you’re lucky, you might get to try some of that delicious curry too!).

#22 Gamat massage oil

Gamat massage oil from Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for traditional Malaysian souvenirs for someone who is into alternative medicine, then Gamat healing products such as oils, extracts, or balms are perfect. It’s a traditional remedy made from gamat, a type of sea cucumber found in the coastal waters of Malaysia.

Gamat has been used for centuries in traditional Malay and Southeast Asian medicine for its potential healing properties.

#23 Tote bag

A tote bage with 'love' and a heart in the color of the flag of Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Zazzle collection of Malaysian-themed tote bags are great Malaysia Christmas gifts for locals and visitors alike.

It’s a handy and cute bag for groceries, books, or their collection of random stuff, like a little piece of Malaysia they can carry around, even when they’re not in the country.

#24 Pottery from Malaysia

A vase made in Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Seashells and Roses

Do you need authentic souvenirs from Malaysia? Then handmade pottery is exactly what you need.

They’re handcrafted and decorated with traditional motifs, making them not only a fun functional gift but also a cultural one.

#25 Mug

A coffee mug with a print from Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Ezra’s Clothing

Are you looking for unique Malaysian gifts for someone who could use a fun pick-me-up every morning?

Then Etsy’s Malaysian-themed mugs are exactly what you need.

Every sip will transport them to the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur or the serene beaches of Langkawi. Whether it’s for a homesick local or a traveler who just returned from their trip to Malaysia, with this mug they can take their taste buds on a Malaysian vacation.

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The 25 best souvenirs and gifts from Malaysia

Final notes on gifts from Malaysia

With these 25 Malaysian gifts, your souvenir game just hit a home run. Say goodbye to last-minute trinkets and hello to thoughtful, unique presents that truly capture the essence of Malaysia. Can’t decide which gift to go with? Check out the editor’s top 3.


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