30 Traditional Mexican Gifts Beyond The Sombrero

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Chichen Itza in Mexico

Whether you’re looking for the best traditional Mexican gifts for friends, a souvenir for yourself, or Mexican-themed gifts for a relative who is obsessed with Mexico (You know, someone who starts every conversation with Hola, orders Mezcal and Tequila at any party, and whose day is not complete without a bowl of nachos or burritos), you came to the right place!

In today’s guide, you will find 30 awesome Mexican gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion and recipient (they are great as keepsakes for yourself, as well as gifts for Mexicans). Not only are these gifts beautiful and unique, but they also serve as a reminder of the rich history and culture of Mexico.

So, whether it’s for a fan of traditional Mexican crafts, modern Mexican design, or someone who just loves everything Mexican, this list will help you pick the perfect gift.

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The best Mexican gifts with a photo of throw throw burito game

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#1 Traditional Mexican hot chocolate

Whisk to make hot chocolate
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

I can hear you think now, why include hot chocolate when talking about traditional Mexican gifts? Is hot chocolate a classic Mexican thing? Isn’t that something for cold winter destinations and not Mexico?

Well, no!

First of all, let me take away the myth that it is always warm in Mexico. There are also mountain ranges with snow in Mexico.

Second of all, cacao has been used by the natives of many Latin American countries, long before Westerners knew anything about hot chocolate.

Plus, Mexican hot chocolate is nothing like the hot chocolate you get at home (or at least not at my home). It is actually already delicious with just water, you don’t even need milk to make it tasteful.

This gift set includes a traditional molinillo and hot chocolate tablets (which consist of nut paste, cinnamon, cacao, and much more). The long stick is the molinillo which you use for whisking the chocolate tablet. Alternatively, you can also just gift the cacao tablets on Amazon without the whisk.

You probably already noticed, but in my humble opinion, this is one of the best Mexican souvenirs to take home for anyone who loves chocolate!

#2 Traditional Mexican vase

Vase with flowers from Mexico
Photo courtesy of Novica

Are you looking for traditional Mexican gifts for a housewarming party?

Then this beautiful vase is a great gift idea! It’s handmade in Mexico and by buying this vase you support local Mexican artists.

Because NOVICA is a site that collaborates with local artisans to give them a fair wage and help them build their communities stronger. That way you know that your gift is actually hand-made in Mexico (and not at a random factory in China) and that the makers are actually rewarded for their jobs!

For more home decor items from Mexico, check out Novica.

#3 Traditional Mexican backpack

Striped backpack made in Mexico
Photo courtesy of Novica

Besides gorgeous home decor items, you can find more cool traditional Mexican souvenirs on Novica. Such as this cute backpack (or mochila as they call it in Mexico). They are made with colorful fabric and you can find them at craft stores and markets throughout the country.

Though luckily for those of you at home, you can also buy authentic Mexican handmade mochilas online on NOVICA. They will ship right to your (or the recipient’s) door, so don’t need a ticket to Mexico.

#4 Mexican embroidery apron

Blue apron with flowers
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Embroidery is very popular in Mexico and you will find embroidered clothing all around the country. Each region and village has its own set of colors and patterns. This apron is handmade in Mexico and represents the colors of Mexico City.

So if you are looking for Mexican culture gifts for someone who loves cooking and Mexico City, then this apron is perfect. Or check out Amazon for more colorful embroidered Mexican aprons.

#5 Tortilla press

A red tortilla press from Mexico
A Mexican tortilla press

Of course, any list of Mexican presents should include something related to tortillas!

Such as this homemade tortilla kit by Uncommon Goods. It includes a tortilla press, habanero hot sauce, traditional kitchen cloth, and of course directions and recipes to make the best Mexican tortillas at home!

Alternatively, you could buy a tortilla press from Amazon, and add the ingredients to make the perfect Mexican tortilla yourself.

#6 Handmade Mexican coasters

Photo courtesy of NOVICA

This is another one of the awesome traditional Mexico gifts, handwoven coasters.

They are made from Mexican wool with a typical local design. It’s a beautiful home decor item and works great as a housewarming gift for someone who is obsessed with Mexico.

#7 Oaxacan mole

Two bags of mole
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is one of the best Mexican food gifts on this list. Oaxaca is a foodies-heaven province in Mexico. If you are looking for delicious food, including vegan food, Oaxaca is the place to go. (Though to be fair, Mexican food is really tasty everywhere).

Anyways, one of the main dishes from Oaxaca is mole, a super flavourful sauce. And with Uncommon Goods’ Mole gift set, the recipient can have a bit of mole at home!

Alternatively, check out Amazon for more pre-made mole packages that the recipient can try at home.

#8  Fiesta clay cantarito cups

Handmade clay mugs from Mexico
Photo courtesy of Gualaguetza Designs

Yes, this list includes many yummy Mexican food ideas, but I didn’t forget the Mexican drink lovers either!

These clay cantarito cups will help them to feel as if they are at a Mexican fiesta sipping a Mexican cocktail with Tequila, citrus, grapefruit, and of course chili sauce, right from the comfort of home.

#9 Mexican tequila

Bottle of tequila
Photo courtesy of Drizly

What is a list of traditional Mexican gift ideas without including one of the most popular drinks among travelers in Mexico?


This bottle of Patron tequila was chosen as one of the best tequilas by Drizly, so all you have to do is get the salt and lemon, and you are ready for a tequila night. (Assuming they are willing to share the bottle with you of course).

And for more inspiration, check out this tequila gift guide.

#10 Traditional Pueblo blouse

A traditional pueblo dress from Mexico
Traditional pueblo dress

Traditional clothing is one of the best souvenirs from Mexico. There are many different types of traditional Mexican clothing, depending on the region. But the Mexican embroidered pueblo design is perhaps one of the most well-known.

And for good reason, it’s super cute!

You can find any design and style on NOVICA, from blouses to dresses and skirts.

Not only is this a great gift for women who love Mexico, but it’s also a great gift for women in Mexico because NOVICA uses its profit to help local communities in Mexico. They aim to preserve the weaving and sewing traditions in the community. So it’s a win-win.

Mexican gifts for mid-budget

#11 Frida-themed gifts

A coffee mug with a print of Frida
Photo courtesy of Amazon

In case you have no idea who Frida Kahlo is. She is a super cool Mexican artist, an early feminist, and very famous in Mexico and beyond.

You can find many souvenirs and gadgets with Frida’s iconic features of a floral headband and a monobrow throughout the country. For example, this mug (my personal favorite).

But you can find all sorts of Frida-related items on Amazon. And for Frida gifts that are made in Mexico, check out NOVICA .

#12 Mexican snack basket

Box with Mexican candy
Photo courtesy of Walmart

What is a list of traditional Mexican gifts without including traditional Mexican candy?

This gift package includes different types of Mexican candy for the recipient to try out!

So whether you’re looking for the best gifts from Mexico for someone who misses home or for foreigners to introduce them to the taste of your home this gift box is what you need!

#13 Handblown margarita glasses

A set of four colorful handblown margarita glasses from Mexico
Photo courtesy of Mexican Hobo

Do you know someone who mostly loves Mexica and tequila for the margaritas? 

So do we, and we just found the perfect gift for them; handblown margarita glasses. They’re made by skilled craftsmen from Mexico to ensure the true Mexican cocktail quality that any mixologist can appreciate.

#14 Mexican coffee

A bag of coffee from Mexico
Photo courtesy of Volcanica

Give them the gift of starting every morning with a freshly Mexican-brewed cup of coffee by buying Volcanica’s Mexican reserve coffee. 

Sourced from the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas in the south of the country, this is a great gift from Mexico to take home some of its flavors. 

It’s a dark roast that has quite a lot of sweet undertones and a smooth body, making it a great gift for people who love easy and smooth coffees.

#15 Taco earrings

Tace earrings
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Did I mention that I would share a lot of random and uncommon Mexico gift ideas? Well, now you know.

These taco earrings are perfect for taco lovers who travel a lot because the earrings are small and light, which makes them easy to take on a trip!

Though for more traditional Mexican gift ideas, you can also check out the jewelry section on NOVICA. Here you will find jewelry that’s handmade by Mexican artists.

#16 Cutting and serving board

A glass cutting board with a print of skull with a sombrero in the Dia de los Muertos style
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Which Mexican food lover wouldn’t love to prepare their delicious Mexican food on a cool Mexican cutting board?

Especially if it’s a cool cutting board with a Dia de los Muertos skull!

#17 Handmade tortilla holder

Photo courtesy of NOVICA

A handmade tortilla holder is the perfect traditional Mexican housewarming gift.

Not only is it a practical kitchen tool for keeping their tortillas warm, but it’s also a beautiful piece of artwork that adds a touch of Mexican flair to their dining table.

#18 Mexico-themed water bottle

A black stainless steel water bottle with a cat in colorful Mexican print
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

In the category of practical gifts for Mexicans this water bottle scores very high!

Refillable water bottles are great for the environment, making them awesome gifts for environmentalists too.

But what’s more important is that it’s also one of the cool Mexican-themed gifts, with the colorful Dia de Los Muertos cat print.

Mexican gifts for small budgets

#19 Coloring book for adults

Mexican coloring book for adults
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Mexican gift ideas for someone who seems a bit stressed out?

Then a coloring book in Mexico theme is perfect!

Multiple studies have shown that coloring books for adults can reduce stress and anxiety. And for Mexico lovers, a coloring book in Mexico style will not only reduce stress but also bring them happiness!

#20 “Death By Burrito” cookbook

Death by burrito cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Of course, this list includes many delicious Mexican food options, but one of the best Mexican presents for foodies is of course a Mexican cookbook, such as this funny “Death by Burrito” book.

#21 Skull cosmetic bag

A colorful handmade make-up bag from Mexico
Photo courtesy of Little Lemon Boutique

This is another beautifully handmade embroidered gift from Mexico; a cosmetic bag with a colorful floral print.

#22 Monthly snack subscription

A gift box with snacks from Mexico
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

I know we already included a Mexican gift box filled with snack, but what’s great about this particular snack gift is that it’s a small monthly subscription gift!

Every month, they’ll receive a box with 10-15 pieces of Mexican candy to satiate their cravings, without having a crazy sugar rush! And the best part? Just a month later they will have a new box with new snacks to try. 

It’s the perfect gift for Mexican food lovers who would probably eat the entire snack box in one day, at least their sugar dose is spread out with this small monthly basket.

#23 Hot sauce

Two bottles of Mexican hot sauce
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need traditional Mexican gift ideas for people who are obsessed with Mexican hot sauces and spicy food?

These Mexican hot sauces are the perfect gift for you! With these bottles, they can just add a bit of Mexican spiciness to any dish without making an effort!

Check out my gifts for chili lover’s list for more inspiration for spicy gifts!

#24 Mexican-themed tote bags

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are the ultimate gifts for sustainable travelers and eco-minded people. They allow them to save loads of plastic garbage, and you can pick a bag in any design, such as this funny “fiesta, siesta, tequila, repeat” one.

Or head over to Zazzle if you want to choose from more options.

#25 Mexican-themed gifts: socks

Mexican themed socks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These Mexican-themed socks make awesome gifts for Mexican friends because they add a dash of humor and cultural flair to their everyday lives.

It’s like giving their feet a Mexican fiesta with tacos! Whether it’s a quirky taco pattern (like these) or vibrant colors reminiscent of Mexican art (check out Amazon for that), these socks bring a smile and a touch of home.

#26 Notebooks

Mexico-themed travel journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for funny Mexican gift ideas for someone who is off to Mexico soon?

Then this notebook is the perfect gift for them to keep track of their trip and things to do!

#27 Funny Mexican gifts: joke book

Mexican jokes book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for more funny Mexican gift ideas for someone who just doesn’t sh*t up about Mexico?

Give them this book with 100% funny Mexican jokes. So next time he or she is talking about Mexico, at least you can laugh!

#28 Handmade glass rimmer

A handmade and colorful margarita glass rimmer from Mexico
Photo courtesy of The Glassware Hub

Not only is this a beautiful craft made by skilled Mexicans, it is also a super practical tool for mixologists, particularly those who love a good margarita. 

 I mean, what better way to add that real Mexican style to tequila and margarita than using a colorful rimmer made in Mexico?

#29 Mexican culture book

Mexican culture book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Guidebooks are perfect gifts for people who are traveling to Mexico soon (if they are about Mexico of course).

But if you are looking for presents for someone who already has the latest Lonely Planet edition about Mexico, then this book about Mexican customs and culture is a better gift!

#30 El Pato planters

Photo courtesy of All Little Cute Things

Even though El Pato is actually an American brand, they have been the first introduction to Mexican food for many Americans.

So if you’re looking for a fun Mexican-themed gift that will bring back a bit of nostalgia, these refurbished El Pato cans are perfect. Whether they’ll be used to add that Mexican ambiance to a fiesta, or just as a cute planter for daily use, this is a fun gift for any American who is obsessed with Mexican food.

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Final notes on these Mexican-themed gifts

This was my list of the 30 best gifts for Mexicans and visitors, I hope that you found the perfect gift for your recipient, but check out my top 3 if you need some more inspiration.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!