25 Unique Mexican Gifts Beyond The Sombrero

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Are you looking for the best Mexican gifts for travelers? Do you need to find Mexican themed gifts for someone who is obsessed with Mexico? Someone who starts every conversation with Hola, orders Mezcal and Tequila at any party, and whose day is not complete without nachos or burritos? You came to the right place!

Since I am one of those Mexico-obsessed people myself, I had no trouble gathering the best gifts from Mexico for this post.

In this post, I will share 25 awesome gift ideas. From Mexican food gifts to traditional Mexican gifts to awesome wall art for the home, you can find them all in today’s post!

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Mexican gifts for the large budgets

#1 Throw Throw Burrito Game

Photo courtesy of Firebox

Okay before you continue reading what the F* this gift is actually about, let me warn you, this may not be one of the most practical or traditional Mexican gifts for travelers. In fact, I am not even sure if you can actually consider it a Mexican gift. Yet, I decided to include it anyways.


Because I absolutely loved playing this game! It’s such a random and funny Mexican gift, that I couldn’t skip it.

So what is Throw Throw Burrito?

It’s a mix between a card game and dodgeball. Except instead of balls, you will be throwing burritos at your friends! Soft, cuddly ones, no worries, it won’t be a mess. Though I highly recommend playing this game in a park or outside instead of in someone’s home, to avoid breaking stuff.

And just the randomness and the fact that you get to throw burritos is what makes this one of my favorite Mexican food gifts. Technically it’s not food, but you get the point.

#2 Taco earrings

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Did I mention that I would share a lot of random and uncommon gifts for Mexico lovers? Well, now you know.

These taco earrings are perfect for taco lovers who travel a lot because the earrings are small and light, which makes them easy to be taken on a trip!

#3 Mexican cooking gift set

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

I know Mexican cooking can’t be summarized in one word or one particular dish, but if there is one spice that is immensely popular in Mexican dishes it’s chili. And that is why this Mexican cooking gift set includes two different types of Mexican hot sauces.

Oh, and do check out my gifts for chili lovers if you need ideas for international chili gifts!

But what this gift is really about is the cool handmade apron with the Dia de Los Muertos theme (day of the death).

#4 Mexican food gifts: tortilla maker

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Of course, any list of Mexican food gifts should include a DIY tortilla-making kit!

This homemade tortilla kit by Uncommon Goods includes a tortilla press to make those delicious Mexican tortilla wraps, habanero hot sauce, traditional kitchen cloth, and of course directions and recipes to make the best Mexican tortillas at home!

#5 Mexican cocktail kit

two clay mugs
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Yes, this list includes many yummy Mexican food gifts, but I didn’t forget the Mexican drink lovers either! This Mexican cocktail kit will help them to feel as if they are at a Mexican festival sipping a Mexican cocktail with Tequila, citrus, grapefruit, and of course chili sauce!

What’s also cool about this gift is the fact that it includes the traditional clay cups which gives that extra taste to this cocktail!

By the way, if you are looking for more cool international cocktail gifts, check out my cocktail gift guide for travelers!

#6 Mexican tequila

Photo courtesy of Firebox

What is a list of traditional Mexican gifts for travelers without including one of the most popular drinks among travelers in Mexico? Tequila!

This cool set of Mucha Liga Bravo Tequila is not only delicious it looks really nice as well! So all you have to do is get the salt and lemon, and you are ready for a tequila night. (Assuming they are willing to share the bottle with you of course)

#7 Traditional Mexican hot chocolate

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

I can hear you think now, why include hot chocolate when talking about traditional Mexican gifts? Is hot chocolate a classic Mexican thing? Isn’t that something for cold winter destinations and not Mexico?

Well, no!

First of all, let me take away the myth that it is always warm in Mexico. There are also mountain ranges where temperatures can drop significantly.

Second of all, cacao was has been used by the natives of many Latin American countries, long before westerns learned about its existence.

Plus, Mexican hot chocolate is nothing like hot chocolate you get at home (or at least not at my home) . It is actually already delicious with just water, you don’t even need milk to make it tasteful.

Okay, sorry I just got dragged away by my love for Mexican hot chocolate.

This gift includes hot chocolate tablets (which consist of nut paste, cinnamon, cacao, and much more). The long stick is a molinillo which you use for whisking the chocolate tablet.

You probably already noticed, but in my humble opinion, this is one of the best Mexican food gifts.

#8 Mexican food gifts: tamale-maker

Photo courtesy of Mex Grocer

This is another one of the awesome Mexican food gifts, the tamale lovers gift pack, which includes everything they need to make the perfect tamale at home.

First things first.

What is a tamale?

It’s a steamed dough or masa with some delicious filling. You probably already guessed that they are traditionally Mexican. Though, you can find tamales throughout Mesoamerica. But this gift box includes everything they need for the Mexican version.  From the essential ingredients such as peppers, masa mix, and corn husks, to an actual tamale steamer in which to prepare the tamales! And what’s even better about these food gifts for Mexico lovers, is that you (hopefully) get to try some Mexican food too!

Mexican gifts for mid budgets

#9 Guac and taco seasoning gift set

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for more Mexican food gifts to go with the tortilla kit I mentioned earlier? Then this set of guacamole and taco seasoning is perfect!

It just includes those traditional Mexican flavors to make the tacos and guacamole taste as if they were really made in Mexico! It also comes with some recipes, so actually know how it’s supposed to be made!

#10 Dried Mexican chili gift set

Sacks of dried chilis
Photo courtesy of South Devon Chili Farm

What did I say about chilis and Mexico? Well, if you are looking for the best Mexican food gifts for someone who also happens to love chilis, look no further!

This set of five dried Mexican chilis is exactly what every Mexican lover dreams of (and every chili lover!)

#11 Traditional Mexican gifts: Pueblo Blouse

Photo courtesy of Official Fiesta

Traditional clothing is one of the best gifts from Mexico. There are many different types of traditional Mexican clothing, depending on the region. But this Mexican embroidered pueblo blouse is perhaps one of the most well-known. And for good reason, it’s super cute!

What’s great about ordering the blouse from Official Fiesta is the fact that they actually import the clothing from Mexico. Rather than having it made in China!

#12 Traditional Mexican pullovers

Photo courtesy of Official Fiesta

In case you really liked the idea of giving traditional Mexican gifts, but your recipient is male, the Baja pullovers are the best gifts from Mexico for you!

It’s basically a traditional Mexican hoodie. And since it’s from the same shop as the shirt, it’s also made in Mexico. Make sure your Mexico-obsessed friend is ready to blend in with this traditional hoodie!

#13 Frida themed gifts

Frida flipflops

In case you have no idea who Frida Kahlo is. She is a super cool Mexican artist, early feminist, and very famous in Mexico and beyond. You will often find items with Frida’s iconic features of a floral headband and a monobrow. I really like these flip-flops, but you can find all sorts of Frida-related gifts on Amazon.

#14 Traditional Mexican backpack

Photo courtesy of Official Fiesta

Besides super cool shirts and hoodies, you can find more cool traditional Mexican gifts on Official Fiesta. Such as this cute backpack. The traditional Mexican backpacks are always super colorful such as this one, which is also produced in Mexico.

#15 Mexican gifts: cutting board

Mexican cutting board
Mexican cutting board

Which Mexican food lover wouldn’t love to prepare their delicious Mexican food on a cool Mexico cutting board?

This cool wooden cutting board in the shape of Mexico also includes some of the highlights per state!

#16 Mexican food gifts: candy

Mexican candy box

What is a list of traditional Mexican gifts without included traditional Mexican candy?

This gift package includes 23 different types of Mexican candy for the Mexico lover to try out! So are you looking for the best gifts from Mexico for someone who misses Mexico and the food terribly, this gift box is the perfect gift for you!

#17 Mexican gifts box of hot sauce

Mexican hot sauce
Mexican hot sauce

Did I mention something about chilis and Mexico? Well, here is another one of the best gifts from Mexico that involves chilis.

This set of five Mexico Lindo hot sauces are perfect gifts for Mexico lovers who also love spicy food, but who are too lazy to prepare any full meal. With these bottles, they can just add a bit of Mexican spiciness to any dish without making an effort!

Check out my gifts for chili lover’s list for more inspiration for spicy gifts!

#18 Mexican themed water bottle

Photo courtesy of Redbubble

In the category of practical Mexican gifts for travelers this water bottle scores very high! Refillable water bottles are super useful for travelers because it saves them a lot of money when they don’t have to buy water bottles each time. Plus it’s good for the environment, which makes sustainable travelers happy too!

But what’s more important is that it’s also one of the cool Mexican themed gifts, with the funny print of “No Love No Tacos!”

Mexican gifts for small budgets

#19 Mexican themed tote bags

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This super cute Mexican-themed tote bag is one of the best Mexican gifts for travelers who are actually leaving for a trip soon.


Because this is one of the few gifts on this list that travelers will actually take with them.

Yes, the Mexican food gifts on this list are awesome but trust me, there is not a single traveler who is actually taking a tortilla press in his backpack or suitcase. Whereas a cut tote bag such as this one will easily fit, or will even be used as a carry-on bag!

#20 Mexican themed gifts: socks

Mexican themed socks
Mexican themed socks

This list of Mexican gifts for travelers should include some gifts that are easy to take on a trip to Mexico and that is exactly what these socks are for. Or they can wear them when they are not traveling to Mexico of course!

#21 Mexican themed gifts: notebooks

Notebook that says" Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved dogs and tacos. That girl was me. The end.
Funny notebook

Are you looking for funny Mexican gifts for someone who is off to Mexico soon? Then this notebook is the perfect gift for them to keep track of their trip and things to do!

In case you would prefer to give an actual travel journal that includes premade sections for checklists, packing lists, and budget pages, check out these 25 travel journals!

#22 Funny Mexican gifts: joke book

Mexican jokes book
Mexican jokes book

Are you looking for funny Mexican gifts for someone who just doesn’t shut up about Mexico? Give them this book with 100% funny Mexican jokes. So next time he or she is talking about Mexico, at least you can laugh!

#23 Mexican guidebooks

Mexican culture book

Guidebooks are perfect Mexican gifts for travelers (if they are about Mexico of course). But if you are getting a gift for someone who already has the latest Lonely Planet edition about Mexico, then maybe this book about Mexican customs and culture is a better gift!

#24 Salsa necklace

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Are you looking for Mexican gift ideas for women who also like to wear jewelry and who love Mexican salsa? I think I just found you the perfect gift, a salsa necklace!

#25 “Death By Burrito” cookbook

Death by burrito cookbook
Death by burrito cookbook

Of course, this list includes many awesome Mexican food gifts, but one of the best gifts for Mexico lovers is of course a Mexican cookbook!

And trust me, there are many options for that. Which makes sense given the fact that Mexican food is delicious and everyone would love to be able to make that at home.

So I collected some of the best ones for you here:

Save these Mexican gifts for travelers

This was my list of the 25 best gifts from Mexico! Let me know which gift you decided to buy and of course feel free to share this post with other Mexican lovers!

25 Mexican gifts for travelers