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Do you have a friend who’s always calm and mindful? Who seems to have a direct line to inner peace while we’re over here stressing about which socks to wear? And are you looking for the perfect meditation gift for her or him?

I bet you’re thinking “What on earth do I get someone who’s already got it all together!?”. But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of the top 36 gifts for meditation lovers of the year. Not only will they make your Zen-loving friend smile but they’ll also show them just how much you appreciate their chill vibes (and maybe even drop a hint or two about sharing some of that tranquility).

These gifts aren’t just items; they’re experiences, tools, and little slices of serenity that will remind your meditation-loving buddy just how much they mean to you. So, get ready to be the best gift-giver ever and make your friend’s Zen journey even more delightful.

Let’s dive into the world of mindful gift giving!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts for people who meditate by budget.

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The 25 best mindfulness gifts for meditation lovers

Zen gifts for large budgets

#1 Travel meditation cushion

Meditation cushion
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This water-resistant meditation cushion is one of the most practical gifts for meditation lovers. They can use it at the beach, on hard rock, indoors, or outdoors. This cushion will keep their butts comfortable during any meditation session!

Plus, it comes with a stylish and cute bag, so they can easily take their cushion when traveling!

#2 A meditation retreat

If you are looking for the best mindfulness gifts for meditation lovers who also love traveling, then this is by far the best gift.

A meditation retreat or meditation experience from Viator or Book Retreats.

You can find meditation activities in pretty much any country on both sites. For example, a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai or meditation and healing sessions in Sedona. You can find all types of mindfulness practices, from yoga to tantra, and from meditation to chakra healing. It’s the ultimate experience gift for mindfulness enthusiasts.

#3 Healing crystals set

Healing crystals gift box
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for gifts for meditation lovers who are into self-healing?

Then this box with chakra healing stones is the gift you need. It can be a great gift for meditators who just started out as well as for awakened souls. And to make this gift even better, you can also pair it with one of the online crystal healing courses on Udemy.

#4 Travel yoga mat

Yoga mat with colorful design
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for zen gifts for people who are into yoga and who travel often?

Then this ultra-lightweight and foldable yoga mat is perfect. It’s designed for travel, so the recipient can take it wherever he or she wants.

#5 The Yoga Retreat book

Book cover of "Great Yoga Escapes" travel guide
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is another awesome mindfulness gift for people who love yoga and travel.

Great Escapes Yoga” contains the most inspirational yoga retreats around the world and it’s filled with beautiful photography.

For cheaper travel guides for yoga lovers, check out #20.

#6 Finger-tracing mug

A mug with a finger tracing pattern
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Did you know there’s a simple yet fun way to meditate? The finger-tracing technique is good for breathing exercises and mindful practices.

And what better way to meditate than whilst drinking coffee or tea? A great way to start or finish a day!

Giving your friends this mug would allow them to enjoy both (killing two birds with one gift).

#7 Shower affirmations

A set of affirmation cards for in the shower
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If your friend is anything like Phoebe Buffay (Yep, the one and only!) then this gift will be perfect!

The shower is a great place for contemplation and meditation, and for mindfulness people, having empowering affirmations to read is perfect!

#8 Zen garden kit

A DIY Zen garden with rocks, sand and other decorations
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A Buddhist monk in Japan created the first Zen gardens, also known as Karesansui gardens which translates to dry landscapes. Interestingly, people don’t use these gardens for walking or planting like regular ones.

Zen gardens already serve as a form of meditation in itself. Just raking the gravel into patterns helps clear the mind, allowing us to find inner peace.

It’s simple yet its purpose is unique as it emphasizes mindfulness and tranquility. It truly makes a wonderful gift for mindfulness enthusiasts.

#9 Relaxation tea

A box of tea with the lavel "beathe"
Photo courtesy of Art of Tea

Breathing techniques can serve as the bridge between our minds and body when meditating and what’s better than having a cup of tea that will go along well with that?

This “breathe” blend is the perfect zen gift you can give your meditation lover friends who want to relax and be zen with a warm cuppa.

#10 Monthly chakra box

A meditation gift basket
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

What better way to support your friends’ spiritual journey than gifting them a monthly subscription to a chakra box?

This gift goes beyond meditation and offers a lot more than just books or information. It includes herbal teas, organic aromatherapy, crystals, and gemstones for chakra healing – things that will benefit their overall well-being from body, mind, and spirit.

Zen gifts for mid-budget

#11 Nature meditation cards

Nature meditations deck of cards
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you are looking for the best meditation gifts for people who love nature and being outdoors, then this nature meditation deck of cards is the gift you are looking for.

The deck includes cards that can help the recipient find inner peace. There are four different types of cards in this deck.

Nature meditations, these cards include meditation assignments that can be done in nature or that include a message we can learn from nature.

Walking thoughts, this category includes questions to help the recipient think about things that truly matter in life.

Messages from the earth are cards that share Mother Earth’s wisdom.

And lastly, strengthening affirmations include cards to create a strong mindset.

#12 Mindful breathing necklace

A golden necklace with a pendant of a whistle for mindfulness breathing
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This necklace is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry, it also has a beautiful purpose. The necklace is designed by a psychotherapist to help the wearer relax.


By using the necklace as a breathing straw. When feeling stressed the recipient can breathe in normally and then breathe out using the straw. This produces a soothing sound and helps the recipient to breathe slowly, which reduces stress.

So if you are looking for thoughtful meditation gifts for her, this breathing necklace is a great idea.

#13 Mindfulness membership

Gifts with sun in background
Photo courtesy of Headspace

If you are not familiar with Headspace, it’s an incredibly popular and powerful meditation App. So if you would like to give someone the gift of a calm mind, then a Headspace membership is what you need.

Depending on your budget for these mindfulness gifts, you can go for a one-year or a one-month Headspace subscription gift.

#14 Tibetan singing bowl

A metal Tibetan Singing bowl
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I have also shared this Tibetan singing bowl in my Nepal gift guide because they are widely used in different Buddhist countries.

A singing bowl is a type of musical instrument that is often used in meditation, prayers, yoga, and healing. So if you are looking for gifts for people who meditate and who love to guide meditations too, then this is a great option.

To make this gift even better, you can add an online course from Udemy so the recipient knows how to use the instrument for healing or meditation.

#15 Book about the science behind meditation

Book cover of 'altered traits: science reveals how meditation changes your mind, brain and body"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This book reveals new research about what meditation can truly do for us and how we can get the most out of it.

You might think this would be of no use to your friends who love meditation (I’m sure they know more about the benefits of meditation than any of us) but with this book, they’ll finally have science to back them up, plus, they might even learn something new!

#16 Funny meditation sign

A wooden wign with "come on inner peace; I don't have all day"
Photo courtesy of Shore Thing Laser

This gift will surely inject a healthy dose of fun into your mindful friend’s life!

After all, meditation kinda sounds like serious business but with this clever and amusing sign, they will see things a little lighter with a little bit of a humorous perspective on the side.

With this, they’ll be much more relaxed through their spiritual journey.

#17 Meditation gifts for her: infinity necklace

silver necklace with an Infinity pendant
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for mindfulness gifts for her, then an infinity necklace to remind her of timelessness, infinite potential, and unboundedness is a beautiful gift.

And besides the spiritual meaning of the infinity sign, it’s also a sleek piece of jewelry.

#18 Passport cover

Photo courtesy of Tint of Life

Are you looking for practical meditation gift ideas for people who love to travel?

Then this meditation-themed passport cover is a great gift!

#19 Herbal intention candles

A candle with a label of "abundance"
Photo courtesy of Sentient Self

Did you know that smell is strongly linked to the areas in our brain that are involved in emotion, learning, and even memory?

I’m sure you’ve experienced having flashbacks or the feeling of nostalgia when you smell something specific, like how the smell of freshly cut grass makes us think of summer or how the smell of some food makes us remember and miss home.

And that’s why aromatherapy has a lot of benefits, such as relieving stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and enhancing mood are only some of the many.

This herbal-scented candle is surely a thoughtful gift for your friends to set the intention for their meditations.

#20 Yoga travel guide

Book cover of 'Fifty places to practice yoga before you die'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is a great gift for mindfulness enthusiasts who love yoga and travel too.

The ultimate guide to the best yoga destinations around the world!

#21 Meditation gift subscription box

meditation-related items
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Are you looking for gifts for meditation lovers who are interested in different forms of meditation from around the world?

Then this monthly meditation essentials box from Cratejoy is the perfect gift.

Each month, the box will include new mindful products and books from different countries that spiritual people will love!

#22 Meditation-inspired travel mugs

Travel mug with be open
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Meditation lovers may love the zen and calm feeling they get from meditation, but they are also human and sometimes need a hot coffee.

So if you are looking for gifts for people who meditate and who love coffee, the 981 different meditation-themed mugs on Zazzle are what you need.

And if you are looking for meditation gift ideas for people who are interested in chakras, then the “Be Open” mug is perfect.

#23 Mala bead necklace

a Mala beads necklace
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Mala bead necklaces are a type of jewelry that can be used during meditation. They are often worn by Buddhist monks in Tibet, Nepal, and other countries where Buddhism is common.

The necklace helps the wearer to stay focused during meditation. The idea is that with every breath in and out or with every mantra, the recipient passes one bead through their fingers. The repetitive motion helps to prevent the mind from wandering off.

But besides being a practical tool to guide meditation, it’s also a beautiful piece of jewelry. And this makes it one of the best for someone who meditates in multiple ways.

Zen gifts for small budgets

#24 Meditation journal

Book cover of 'Zen as f*ck journal'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for fun and small gifts for meditation lovers who don’t take life too seriously, this journal is the gift you need.

The zen as f*ck journal includes mindful questions for the recipient to answer but in a fun and down-to-earth way. The journal is filled with funny quotes, affirmations, and activities to help the recipient on their road to a mindful and happy life.

If this journal is a bit too bold for the recipient, you can find plenty of other meditation journals with more conventional questions on Amazon too.

#25 Stress relief oil

Stress relief oil
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for small gifts for meditation and relaxation, this stress relief oil is a great idea.

It contains a bit of peppermint and ginger oil and the recipient can roll it on their body to create a soothing effect.

#26 Meditation-themed luggage tag

Luggage tag with colorful tree
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Other examples of fun and practical meditation gift ideas for travelers are luggage tags.

I quite liked the ‘Tree of Life’ luggage tag, but there are over 600 different meditation-themed tags on Zazzle to choose from.

#27 Coloring book for adults

Lonely Planet coloring book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This travel-themed coloring book is one of the best mindfulness gifts for people who love to travel.

Did you know that coloring books for adults have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety?

And what’s a better way to relax than by coloring in the most beautiful places around the world?

#28 Total darkness mask

Total darkness eye mask
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused during meditation when everything around you is moving and bright. So for those situations, a complete darkness mask will come in handy.

And besides being one of the great gift ideas for meditation lovers, it’s also a great gift for travel lovers, because they can use the mask to sleep on a bus, train, or airplane too!

#29 Deepak Chopra’s books

Book cover of 'You are the universe: discovering your cosmic self and why it matters'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Deepak Chopra’s books are the best meditation lover gifts for people who want to learn more about the universe and spirituality. He is one of the most famous international authors on this topic.

#30 Walking meditation journal

A walking meditation journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This unique journal is a wonderful gift that will help walkers be more mindful during their walks.

It doesn’t matter where they are or what they like to do, this journal has interactive prompts either for physical activities or for making them more connected with nature.

This is certainly something that they will enjoy.

#31 Mindfulness gifts for her: makeup bag

A make up bag with the text "let that sh*t go"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for more fun meditation gifts for her?

Then this funny makeup with the quote “Let that sh*t go” is the gift you need.

It’s a friendly and playful way to remind her of her spiritual path.

#32 Mindful wall art

Meditation quotes wall art
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for gifts for mindfulness enthusiasts who love spiritual quotes?

Then this three-piece wooden wall art is perfect.

It contains three important Buddhist quotes. What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.

It’s a beautiful reminder of the power of one’s mind.

#33 Funny mindful socks

Funny meditation socks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These socks are another example of funny mindfulness gifts for people who meditate and have a sense of humor.

#34 Book about meditation around the world

Book cover of 'Prayer and meditation around the world by K. McAlister'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for gifts for meditation lovers who are interested in different meditation practices around the world, this is the gift you need.

#35 Oil diffuser necklace

A silver necklace with a oil diffuser pendant in the shape of the tree of life
Photo courtesy of Amazon

People who like to meditate love aromatherapy and essential oils. Do you know why? Because it has a lot of benefits!

They help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, improve overall mood and sleep, and promote self-relaxation, to name a few.

This gift will not only allow them to reap all those benefits but they’ll also have a unique piece of jewelry as well! (Two-in-one!)

#36 Prayers for healing

Book cover of "prayers for healing"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is another one of the best gifts for meditation lovers who would love to learn more about international forms of meditation and prayer.

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Final note on gifts for meditation lovers

I hope you found the gift you were looking for, but if you need more help, check out my top three meditation gift ideas by budget.


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