The 40+ Best Gifts For Music Lovers For All Budgets

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Are you looking for Christmas gifts for music lovers who never stop talking about their favorite artists? Or do you need music gifts for your audiophile friend’s birthday? Then you came to the right place!

You will find over 40 awesome music gift ideas on today’s list. From unique music-inspired jewelry to practical music lover gifts such as headphones. There is a gift for any type of recipient.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gift ideas for music lovers by budget.

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The 40 best music gifts for music lovers

Music gifts for large budgets

#1 Personalized message from their favorite artist

Cap with "famous" text
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

This is by far the best birthday gift for music lovers; a personalized message from their favorite artist!

Yep, I’m not making this up. And no, it’s not a fake or video-shopped (is that even a word?) video, but an actual video recorded by the artist him or herself, with a personalized message for your recipient.

Obviously, not all artists work together with Cameo, but there are at least over 1000 different musicians you can choose from.

#2 Noise-canceling earbuds

Beat ear buds in a case
Beats earbuds

How does gifting the opportunity to listen to music in peace and in high-quality sound?

Like a pretty damn good gift, right?

And that’s exactly what you can do with these noise-canceling earbuds by Beats!

They’re especially great for music lovers who are always on the go and who love to exercise with music because they are super small and lightweight.

I’ll have to be honest with you though. The noise-canceling option on earbuds is just not as good as the noise-canceling with over-ear headphones. For the simple fact that earbuds are just too small to block all sound waves from entering the ear canal.

But these ones by Beats do a decent job considering the fact that they’re earbuds. But if you are looking for gifts for music lovers who can’t stand background noise at all, check out the next gift.

#3 Noise-canceling headphones

Bose headphones
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Bose headphones have been rated as one of the best noise-canceling headphones overall. So if you are looking for top music gifts for business travelers or for people who really hate background noise, then these are the best option.

Yes, they are slightly bigger and heavier than earbuds, but with the foldable design and the small carry case, it’s still really easy to take them anywhere.

#4 Portable bluetooth speaker

JBL portable speaker
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The JBL Go 3 is my go-to gift for travelers in general. Not just music lovers.


Because it’s a tiny, lightweight, waterproof, and dustproof speaker that still produces high-quality sounds (something music lovers greatly appreciate).

Obviously, you can also go for bigger portable speakers that have a longer battery life or produce louder sounds, but these will also be heavier and thus less practical for travelers.

#5 A ticket to a concert

People at a concert
Photo by Yvette de Wit on Unsplash

Alright, this is obviously the best gift for music enthusiasts; a ticket to see their favorite artists in concert!

Check out Ticketmaster to find concerts in the US. And head over to Viagogo for concert tickets around the world.

If you are not sure what music the recipient is into, check out gift #15 for a safer alternative.

#6 Vintage suitcase record player

Vintage suitcase record player
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for unique gift ideas for music lovers who are obsessed with collecting old records?

Then this cool vintage suitcase record player is exactly what they need to enjoy those records in style.

#7 Travel-sized instrument

Travel-sized guitar
Photo courtesy of Amazon

In the past, instruments were just too heavy to travel with. But not anymore!

You can find various travel-sized instruments, such as a saxophone or guitar. They are smaller and lighter and thus the best gifts for music enthusiasts who travel.

#8 Musical instrument class

What’s a musical instrument if you don’t know how to play it?

If you are looking for an extra gift to go with the instrument, an online class is always a good idea.

Check out Udemy to find online classes for basically any instrument you can imagine.

#9 Online masterclass from celebrities

Who doesn’t want to learn from the best?

On MasterClass, you can find cool courses taught by celebrities, such as a dance music class taught by my fellow Dutchman Armin van Buuren. I would say, this is the coolest way to learn more about music. And it’s my favorite music gift!

#10 Wireless karaoke mic

karaoke microphone
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Does your recipient love karaoke? And do they take every opportunity to take the mic?

From now on, they don’t have to find a microphone anymore, they can simply take their own mic everywhere.

#11 Production keyboard

Mini production keyboard
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for music gifts for someone who loves producing and mixing music?

Then the mini production keyboard from Amazon is perfect. And for those who are often on the road, check out the next gift.

#12 Handheld music maker

Black music device
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This tiny handheld instrument is a great alternative to the production keyboard for travelers. Yes, it contains fewer sound effects, but it’s also about a fourth of the size.

So pick your gift wisely.

Does the recipient care about having the most features, or practicality for travel when it comes to mixing music?

#13 Music-themed phone case

Phone case with guitars
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

You can find over 27,000 different music-themed phone cases on Zazzle, so in case you were looking for gifts for music lovers who are addicted to their phones, head over to Zazzle!

#14 Vinyl record clock

Clock made from an old vinyl recors with a print of piano keys
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This clock is one of the best music gifts for people who just bought a house and who love to add a bit of music into their new homes.

It’s made from an old vinyl record, and it shows piano keys, what else could they ask for?

Music gifts for mid budgets

#15 Concert gift card

Photo by David Balev on Unsplash

This is probably one of the safest music gift ideas on this list. And by safe, I mean that you can never go wrong with this gift.

It’s a gift card for StubHub, another site that offers tickets to concerts all around the US.

#16 History book for music lover

Book titled: music the definitive guide
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best gifts for musicians and historians; the complete visual guide to the history of music. The visual aspect of the book also makes it a great gift idea for people who love music but don’t enjoy reading as much.

#17 Music board game

Music-themed board game called Spontuneous
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I am a huge game lover myself which is why this board game is one of my personal favorite gifts for music enthusiasts.

The aim of the game is to come up with a song that matches the trigger word. The first person to sing at least 5 words of a song (or shout, don’t worry there won’t be any point distraction for horrible singers) that matches the trigger word, gets to move.

#18 Music subscription gift cards

Apple gift cards
Photo courtesy of Apple

This is another very safe gift option; music subscription gift cards, such as Apple Music or Spotify.

#19 Band shirt

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Band shirts will never get boring and thus will always be great gifts for music lovers.

The only thing you have to do is find out which band or artist the recipient likes, and then find a cool shirt!

#20 Music-related trivia game

Trivia game with music lyric questions
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Most trivia games have at least a few questions about music, but for music lovers that’s never enough. So to give them the ultimate trivia game (in which they probably also have the most chances to win), go for this lyrically correct game!

Each question will test their knowledge of the 90s and 00s hip-hop and R&B lyrics.

#21 Guitar-shaped photo frame

Guitar shaped photo frame
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need unique music gifts for a housewarming party?

Then this photo frame in the shape of a guitar is perfect!

#22 Game for music lovers

Game called "Game that song"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for fun music gifts for people who love games?

Then Game that Song is the gift you need.

In short, it’s kind of like Cards Against Humanity, except instead of funny phrases, each player picks a song they think matches best with the description on the scenario card.

And for a hilarious game night with friends, go for Cruel Tunes, which is a similar game, except it also includes roasting your friends!

#23 Music gift for drinkers

Book titled: booze and vinul
Photo courtesy of Amazon

For music-related gifts for alcohol lovers, this is the book I recommend.

It includes a total of 70 cocktail recipes to pair with 70 classic hits from between the ’50s and the ’00s.

#24 Guitar stand

Guitar stand
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need music lover gifts for a guitar player? Then this simple, but elegant guitar stand is perfect!

#25 DIY pick maker

Device to make guitar picks
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is another cool gift for music lovers who play the guitar. A device that allows them to make their own picks from any type of card!

It could be from a public transport card they used while traveling, or a student card from their time studying abroad. They can literally turn any memory into a guitar pick.

#26 More music gifts for history buffs

Book titled: Music is history
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This New York Times best-selling book is a great music gift for people who are obsessed with history. The book covers the links between big events in history and music, and is a must-read for any music fan.

#27 Music-themed wall art

Poster with colorful headphones
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I could make an entire post with all the cool music-related wall art I found when I gathered these music gift ideas.

I picked this colorful headphone, but if this is not really your style, check out Amazon for more options because I guarantee, you will find plenty!

#28 Vinyl record cleaning kit

Vinyl record cleaning kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This record cleaning kit is the perfect music lover gift to go with the vintage suitcase player. It will help them to enjoy their records even longer.

#29 Drumstick pens

Pens that look like drum sticks
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Do you need music-related gifts for someone who is always drumming and finding the rhythm?

Then this set of two drumstick pens is the gift you need.

#30 Sleep mask headphones

Sleep mask
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best gifts for people who use music to fall asleep. Instead of wearing uncomfortable headphones to bed, they can use this sleep mask. Essentially, it’s a headphone (it can connect to a phone through Bluetooth and play music) and a sleep mask, combined in one.

Music gifts for small budgets

#31 Book about the science of music

Book titled: This is your brain on music
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Pay attention if you are looking for top music gift ideas for geeks (or just people who love science, like me)! Levitin’s book about what music does to our brain provides a fascinating inside into both your brain and the world of music.

#32 Music note earring studs

Earring studs in shape of music notes
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Jewelry is always a good gift idea for women. And for women who love music, any music-themed piece of jewelry will do.

For example, this set of cute music note earring studs.

Though for more music-themed jewelry, check out #36.

#33 Coloring book for adults

Coloring book for adults
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Essentially, coloring books for adults just include slightly more advanced designs. But what’s cool about these adult coloring books is that they can actually help adults to calm down and reduce stress.

So if the recipient seems a bit stressed out, this is one of the most thoughtful music-related gifts you can get.

#34 Book for country music lovers

Book titled: The great book of country
Photo courtesy of Amazon

For my readers who need gifts for country music lovers, “The great book of Country” is the book you need.

#35 Music-themed luggage tags

Luggage tag in the shape of a cassette
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Music-related luggage tags are another example of great practical gifts for music lovers who travel.

With one of the 3600+ unique music designs from Zazzle, they will always be able to find their luggage.

#36 Music gifts for women: necklace

Treble clef pendant
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for cute and small music lover gifts for her, then this necklace in the shape of the treble clef is the gift you need.

#37 Songwriter’s journal

Journal for songwriters
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

No more lyrics on a napkin, or song notes on the back of an old envelope, with this journal, songwriter’s can keep track of their songs in a structured and fashionable way.

#38 Ticket album

concert ticket album
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Photos can be saved in a photo album, but what should music lovers do with all their precious concert tickets?

From now on, they can store them with written notes in this ticket diary!

#39 Music-themed tote bags

Tote bag with heart and music notes
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for small, cute, sustainable, and practical gifts for music lovers who travel?

Then the tote bag is what you need.

Yep, that’s right. This tiny item ticks all of those boxes. And what’s even cooler is that there are over 23,000 different music-related tote bags on Zazzle!

#40 Music-related cookbooks

Book titled dark side of the spoon, the rock cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Dark side of the spoon

Can’t decide between music gifts or cooking gifts? Why not give both with a cool music-themed cookbook? For example, this cookbook with 30 recipes that are somehow related to rock legends.

Book titled: mosh potatoes
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Mosh Potatoes: recipes, anecdotes, and Mayhem from the Heavyweights of heavy metal

The last cookbook on the list is a gift that’s perfect for heavy metal lovers.

#41 Deck of cards in music theme

Deck of cards with famous artists
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This deck of cards with images of iconic artists is another cool music-related gift for people who love to play games.

#42 Personalized guitar picks

Tin with personalized guitar picks
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Personalized gifts are generally my favorite gifts.

So if you are looking for thoughtful personalized music gifts, then a container with 5 personalized picks is perfect!

#43 Music-themed keychain

Keychain with treble clef
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The last item on the list is a great small gift for music enthusiasts; a cute keychain in the shape of a treble clef.

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The 40 best music gifts for music lovers

Final note on gifts for music lovers

Alright, these were the 40+ awesome music gift ideas I had for you today. Not sure what to buy yet? Have a look at the editor’s top three.


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