The 45 Best New York City-Themed Gifts For People Who Are Obsessed With NYC

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New York City skyline from Central Park

Whether you are looking for New York City gifts for a local or for a visitor who can’t stop talking about how much they love NYC, you came to the right place! On this list, you will find no less than 45 awesome New York City gifts that they both will love! From cool books about the city’s architecture to home decor items for people who just moved, there is a NYC gift for everyone.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three New York City-themed gifts by budget.

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35 New York-themed gifts with a photo of Times Square

New York City gifts for large budgets

#1 Bookends

Books stands made of the skyline of New York City
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Bookends are also great NYC gifts for a housewarming party, especially if you go for these cute NYC skyline ones on Uncommon Goods. For cheaper alternatives, check out Amazon.

#2 NYC sweatshirt

A sweatshirt with New York City and a taxi embroided
Photo courtesy of EMB Threadz

Hoodies and sweatshirts are great gift ideas for anyone, especially if you buy one with a beautiful design of the recipient’s favorite thing in the world, such as this embroidered NYC sweatshirt!

For more options, head over to Etsy.

#3 Map of NYC

Map of New York City laser cut in wood
Photo courtesy of Frontier Designs AK

Are you looking for New York City-themed gifts for someone’s home?

Then this beautiful laser-cut map of the city is perfect!

For alternative NYC map designs, head over to Etsy.

#4 NYC skyline LEGO

A LEGO set of the New York City skyline
New York City skyline LEGO set

If you think LEGO is just for kids, you’ll have to check out the LEGO Architecture series, I guarantee you’ll change your mind. These skyline LEGO sets are actually really fun and challenging for adults as well as kids.

So if you need New York City-themed gifts for someone who used to love LEGO as a child or someone who is into building and architecture, then this set of the NYC skyline is perfect!

#5 Chess in NYC style

Chessboard with pieces that look like New York City buildings
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is one of my favorite New York City-themed gifts for people who love chess; a chess board with famous NYC buildings as pieces!

#6 Homesick NYC candle

New York City candle
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best New York City-themed gifts for locals who moved out of the city and who miss home or for visitors who simply miss the smell of NYC; a homesick candle that smells exactly like their favorite city!

Oh and if you’re wondering what smell that is, it’s not the smell of the ever-moving traffic. It’s the smell of Central Park in spring. And who could ever forget that smell of lemon, jasmine, oakmoss, and musk? It will transport them right back to the place they love the most.

#7 Glasses

Glass with statue of liberty etched
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

NYC-themed glasses are one of the best New York gifts for people who just moved in or out of the city. It’s a great housewarming gift in the style of their favorite place on earth!

Check out Uncommon Goods for cool wine and beer glasses. For cheaper alternatives, head over to Etsy.

#8 New York City vinyl clock

Vinyl clock in NYC style
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Since we’re on fire with the NYC-themed gifts for housewarming parties, I figured I might as well continue with another awesome item; a vinyl clock in NY style!

For more cool clock styles, check out these 25 travel-themed wall clocks.

#9 NY-themed necklace

Necklace with a pendant of a vintage New York City metro token
Photo courtesy of Friction Jewelry USA

This necklace that’s made of a vintage NY subway token is one of the best NY gifts for men and women who love vintage items and feel a bit of nostalgia when it comes to the old subway tokens.

#10 New York baseball gifts

A pink beanie of the New York Yankees
Yankees hat

Are you looking for New York City-themed gifts for people who love baseball?

Then check out the NY Mets or NY Yankees (the two most famous baseball teams from New York City) merchandise on Amazon.

#11 Original NY cheesecake

Three pieces of cheesecake
Photo courtesy of Gourmet Gift Basket

This is probably one of the best food gifts from New York City; the classic NY cheesecake. You can order different sizes and get them delivered to the recipient’s doorstep, so they can enjoy a bit of NY, even when they’re not there.

#12 New York Giant gifts

NY Giants bathrobe
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for NYC-themed gifts for someone who is into football, there are two options you can go for. Either the NY Giants or the NY Jets, you can find awesome merchandise products on Amazon for both teams, such as this cool New York Giants bathrobe.

#13 New York experience gifts

A photo of the statue of Liberty in New York City
The Statue of Liberty

There are so many ways to explore a city. You can have walking tours, or food tasting trips, or even a helicopter ride over New York!

Check out Tinggly to find the best NYC experience gift that you can buy without setting a date, so the recipient can pick a day that suits them.

#14 Custom New York Times edition

A custumized New York Times edition
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

The New York Times is one of the most prestigious and influential newspapers not only in the United States but worldwide.

Did you know that since the date it was first published (1851), it has already garnered numerous Pulitzer Prizes – among the most prestigious awards in journalism, and so much more (source)!

With this customized gift, you can memorialize all the years you’ve spent together with your loved ones, be it family, friends, or your partner.

It will feature the NYT front page of your special days together. It even has filler pages for other noteworthy events on other dates that you can add at the end of the book.

#15 Liquor from the city

A bottle of whiskey from a brewery in New York City
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Any type of liquor from the city is great for drinkers but if you want to make your gift more special then give them a King’s County bottle of whiskey.

Kings County is the best there is when it comes to whiskeys! They’ve spent their years perfecting their craft and being creative in making their whiskeys.

Did you know that they’re the oldest whiskey distillery in the city? They even made a name for themselves by winning numerous awards (source) so gifting their product to whiskey lovers is definitely the best move!

#16 Ticket to a Broadway show

A photo of times square at night
Times Square NYC

There’s nothing more NYC than a Broadway show – it’s the epitome of what represents New York City.

The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton, Les Miserables, you name it and they’ve got it in New York.

I’m sure any gift related to it would be fantastic and well appreciated, especially by those who love theater.

New York City gifts for mid-budget

#17 Water bottle

Water bottle with the NYC skyline
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A water bottle always comes in handy, especially if it’s one that’s themed in the recipient’s favorite destination!

Check out Zazzle to find over 500 different NCY styles, or head over to Amazon to buy the black bottle with the NY skyline.

#18 Coasters

Wooden coasters with a map of NYC
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for more unique NYC-themed gifts for someone’s home?

Then these wooden coasters with a map of the city are a great gift idea!

#19 Ring

A ring made off New York City skyline buildings
Photo courtesy of Lovoda Shop

Are you looking for NYC-themed gifts for women?

Then this super cute ring with the skyline of New York City is perfect for her!

#20 Book about NYC architecture

Seeking New York book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Seeking New York is probably one of the best New York City gifts for people who love architecture. It tells the stories behind famous (and less famous) buildings in Manhattan. So the next time the recipient walks through their favorite city, they will know everything about the buildings they see.

#21 NYC-theme travel mug

Travel mug with a colorful skyline of New York City
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

A true New Yorker gets his coffee to-go from his favorite coffee shop around the corner. So why not give them a beautiful NYC-themed travel mug, so they can get their coffee to-go in style and without wasting disposable cups?

It’s one of my favorite sustainable New York-themed gifts!

#22 NYC travel guides (for both locals and visitors)

Not for tourists guide to New York City
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Not for tourists guide to New York City

I know what you’re thinking; NYC travel guides are only gifts for tourists who come to visit the City, not for locals. But hear me out. The Not For Tourist travel guide is actually designed for locals or tourists who want to experience the true city. It will show locals sides of their city that they’ve never explored and trust me, they will love it!

Art hiding in New York
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Art hiding in New York: An illustrated guide to the city’s secret masterpieces

Art Hiding in New York is another awesome guide that’s a great gift for both locals and tourists, as long as they’re into art. It will show them the beautiful and undiscovered art sides of New York.

Lonely Planet's Experience New York City
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet’s Experience New York City

Lastly, I included the Lonely Planet experiences guide to NYC, because again, it’s not your regular Lonely Planet with budget tips, but it includes awesome experiences that are a must in the city (whether you’re a local or not).

#23 Jigsaw puzzle of the city

A jigsaw puzzle of New York City
NYC skyline jigsaw puzzle

Are you looking for New York City gifts for someone who loves puzzles?

Then this 1000-piece puzzle of the streets of NYC is perfect!

#24 Cocktail recipe book

New York cocktails
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Can you even say you’ve been to NYC if you’ve not tried one of the many cocktail bars and cocktails that the city is famous for?

If the recipient did miss out on the cocktails or just wants to make them at home, this cocktail recipe book is one of the best New York City-themed gifts for them!

#25 Passport cover

A ciolorful passport cover with the New York City skyline
Photo courtesy of Max and Oscar Prints

This is one of the best New York City-themed gifts for someone who travels a lot. They can protect their precious document in a cool NYC theme. Check out Zazzle to find 140 different designs, or go for the one I selected.

#26 New York-Opoly

The box of New York City-themed monopoly
NYC-themed monopoly

Besides the chess board, New York-poly is another great NYC gift for people who love board games! Instead of the classic Monopoly street and buildings, they have to buy as many New York streets as possible.

And instead of avoiding jail, you need to avoid ending up in a traffic jam in the NYC version!

#27 Cookbooks about NYC

NYC kitchen cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

NYC kitchen cookbook: 150 recipes inspired by the specialty food shops, spice stores, and markets of New York City

Love goes through the stomach, right? Especially if someone feels a little homesick. So for those people, food gifts from New York City are the best option! Now, you might not be able to get NYC food delivered to their doorstep, so in that case, a cookbook such as this one with recipes from amazing shops, and markets in NYC is perfect.

Devour NYC: A cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Devour NYC: A cookbook. Discover the most delicious, epic, and occasionally outrageous foods of New York City

This is another awesome food gift from New York City, a cookbook with all the delicious (and sometimes weird) NYC food, such as mac and cheese burgers or balls.

The William Greenberg desserts cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The William Greenberg desserts cookbook: Classic desserts from an iconic New York City bakery

This is by far the best NYC-themed gift for someone who loves sweets and for someone who loves the famous William Greenberg desserts bakery in NYC.

#28 Flask in NY style

Flask with the Statue of Liberty etched
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need NYC-themed gifts for someone who loves booze?

Then this flask with the Statue of Liberty is a fun gift idea; they can secretly drink their booze in NY style!

#29 New York basketball gifts

A cap from the New York City Knicks
Knicks hat

Are you looking for more New York City gifts for people who are into sports? Particularly for people who are into basketball?

Then there are two main teams you can buy gifts from; the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. Check out Amazon for the best items!

#30 Keith Haring gifts

A set of six poster from Keith Haring
Photo courtesy of Amazon

“Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination, and encourages people to go further.”

Keith Haring

Keith Haring is an iconic American artist, widely known for his bold art style, colorful lines, and expressive figures in New York City during the 1980s.

His art, not limited to his homeland but the whole world, carries deep and meaningful messages that resonate among the hearts of the people, even now.

Gifting his art to anyone, especially people from New York, will surely bring a smile to their faces and make them feel proud.

#31 Humans of New York

Humans of New York book
Humans of New York book

Humans of New York is a popular book project filled with photography and stories from the city. And it’s not just NYC, the project has garnered an immense following on various social media platforms.

Gifting this book would allow the receiver to take a glimpse of what life in New York is all about.

They’ll get to learn and understand that not everyone is living the same life but rather, are living in their own unique way – with their own emotions and their own thoughts.

This book is an eye-opener and will serve as a thoughtful gift.

#32 Olde Brooklyn coffee

Olde Brooklyn coffee roast package
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What better way to start their day than with a cup of coffee?

If it’s coffee we’re talking about then Olde Brooklyn Coffee is something we shouldn’t miss!

It’s a small roasting company based in Brooklyn, New York and although it may not have a rich history nor a legacy like other brands, it’s competitive enough to have gained the fame and recognition it very much deserves.

They are committed to making products of high quality. They consider coffee making as an art and each bean is crafted with so much passion.

New York City gifts for small budgets

#33 Make-up bag

Make-up bag with typical NYC icons
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need NYC-themed gifts for women or girls?

Then this make-up bag with typical NY icons such as the Statue of Liberty, taxis, and the Empire State Building is an awesome gift idea!

#34 Times Square paint-by-number

Paint by numbers of Times Square in NYC
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the coolest New York City-themed gifts for creative people. They can paint their own version of Times Square! All they have to do is use the right color of paint in the right square and they will have a beautiful piece of art.

#35 Bagel seasoning

Everything and more bagel seasoning
Photo courtesy of Amazon

When it comes to food, nothing beats a New York bagel. But if they can’t taste one from the city then gift them this seasoning from Everything + More.

All they need is a sprinkle of this bagel seasoning and they can recreate the true taste of New York City at home. It’s a nice gift that they’ll keep using on anything they eat.

#36 Book for kids

Book cover of "Good night New York City"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is a great gift for local New Yorkers with kids.

With this, they’ll get to introduce their children to the city of their home in a unique and much more fun way!

For people who are planning to take their kids to the Big Apple soon, this will be a cool book they can use to start teaching them about the famous city.

It surely is a thoughtful gift that not only the parents will enjoy but the family as a whole.

#37 Skyline candle holder

A tea candle light holder with teh shapes of New York City skyline
Photo courtesy of

Want to hit your friends with a wave of nostalgia?

Then check out this candle holder that will enhance any space’s atmosphere once lit.

It’s the perfect way to transport your loved ones back to the bustling streets of the Big Apple with just a flicker of a tea light.

#38 NYC-style shirt

Shirt iwth New York City skyline
Photo courtesy of Tee Shirt Guy Co

Are you looking for cute NYC-themed gifts for women or men?

Then head over to Etsy and check out all their cute NYC-style shirts. I quite liked this one with the skyline of the city, but you can find plenty of other options on Etsy.

#39 Tote bags in NYC style

Tote bag with the map of New York City in words
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

I love this tote bag with the map of NYC in words! Not only is it a cool design, but it’s also one of the best sustainable New York City gifts. It allows the recipient to use this bag instead of plastic bags, and by that, they can save the planet from the pile of overused plastic.

#40 NYC-themed wall art

Poster of NYC skyline
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A poster of their NYC skyline is always a good New York gift for someone who loves the city. They can bring a bit of the NYC atmosphere into their homes, whether they live in the city or elsewhere, at least they can always enjoy this cool poster with glasses. Or check out Amazon for more NYC-themed wall art options.

#41 Luggage tags

Luggage tag with a greeting card design
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Luggage tags are great New York City gifts for people who travel a lot. They can also find their luggage with these cool tags. You can choose from over 700 different options on Zazzle, or go for this vintage style one.

#42 Keychain

NYC keychain
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I’ll admit, the NYC keychains can be a bit catchy, but that doesn’t take away the fact that they’re actually really fun New York-themed gifts for both locals and visitors.

For more design options, check out Etsy, or buy this cute one with the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and an apple.

#43 New York City-themed apron

New York City-themed apron
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for fun New York City gifts to go with the cookbooks (#27), then an NYC-themed apron such as this one is a cool option!

#44 Mit and pot holder set

I love NY mit and pot holder
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I know, I know, the “I love NY” sign is a little bit touristy. But let’s be honest, if we wouldn’t like it or wouldn’t buy it wouldn’t be still produced.

So if you are looking for funny and catchy NYC gifts for someone who loves to cook, this set is perfect!

#45 NYC coloring book for adults

New York City-themed coloring book for adults
New York coloring book

Did you know that coloring books for adults have been proven to reduce anxiety and help people relax?

Now that’s something New Yorkers can benefit some, taking some time to take a breath and relax. And what’s a better way than with a coloring book of their favorite city?

Save these New York City-themed gifts

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35 New York gifts with a photo of Times Square

Final note on NYC-themed gifts

Alright, these were the 45 best NYC gifts that both locals and visitors will love. Which one’s your favorite? Mine are:


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