The 34 Best Ocean-Themed Gifts For Sea Lovers

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Ocean with boats

If you are looking for the best gifts for ocean lovers, whether it’s for him, her, or their home, you’ve come to the right place! As someone who loves the sea and spending time on the water, I know how special ocean-themed gifts can be for those who share this passion. And that’s why I’ve gathered 34 fantastic gifts that ocean enthusiasts will absolutely love!

Are you short on time? Check out my top three quick picks for ocean-themed gifts, tailored to fit any budget.

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25 unique ocean-themed gifts for people who love the ocean

Ocean-themed gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to the ocean

Boats at harbor
A boat tour on the ocean

Let’s start this list with the best gift for people who love the ocean; a trip to the ocean!

It doesn’t even matter what activity you do, as long as you take them to the ocean.

But some things you can think of include a picnic at the beach, kayaking, surfing, or sailing.

Check out Viator to find fun activities at the sea or ocean near the recipient’s home.

If you are not sure what type of activity the recipient likes, you can also go for a Tinggly gift card.

#2 Adopt a sea animal for charity

Poster or a shark
Photo courtesy of Oceana

Alright before we continue, let me make this very clear.

I am suggesting adopting a symbolic sea animal here, not a real one!

Please never, ever, gift a living animal without first consulting the recipient.

Now that that’s out of the what is this gift all about?

You’re essentially making a donation to Oceana by purchasing a package with cute, themed items like a stuffed animal, a cookie-cutter, and a personalized adoption certificate. This way, your gift supports ocean conservation, delighting both the recipient and helping marine life.

#3 Monthly beach-themed box

Small items such as earrings, moisturizer and a blanket
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

This bi-monthly subscription box is one of the best sea gifts for her.

Every two months, she will receive a unique box filled with 4-6 handpicked beach-related items that ocean and beach lovers will adore!

You can go for subscriptions of one, three, six, or twelve months, depending on your budget.

#4 Ocean-themed earrings

Blue marble earring studs
Photo courtesy of DoneGood

Are you looking for ocean gifts for her?

Then ocean-themed earrings are perfect! You can find tons of options on Amazon, but if you’re shopping for a true ocean lover, I would consider earrings from a sustainable brand that cares for the environment. And for that, head over to DoneGood; an online marketplace dedicated to eco-friendly products. Shopping there means you’re supporting businesses that prioritize both people and the planet.

#5 Floating sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses from the brand Rheos
Rheos sunglasses

Last year, during my first boat trip with my boyfriend, I almost lost both our sunglasses to the sea when I clumsily fell off our floatie. That’s why I love these floating sunglasses by Rheos!

If they slip into the water, they just float on the surface, making them super easy to retrieve. They’re perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time on the water, whether they’re an ocean lover, swimmer, sailor, or surfer.

#6 Ocean-themed phone case

A phone case with ocean waves
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for ocean-themed gifts for someone who is addicted to his or her phone?

Then an ocean-themed phone case is perfect!

There are over 47,000 different ocean-themed phone cases on Zazzle. Keep in mind they only offer cases for iPhones and Samsung phones.

#7 Ocean-themed glasses

Shot glasses with various sea animals inside
Photo courtesy of Adamodart

These shot glasses are my favorite gifts for marine life lovers. They can now take a shot with their favorite sea creature, without having to worry about getting stung or bitten! It’s the safest way to get close to a crab or a shark, and it’s a unique gift that they will love having in their kitchen.

#8 Tide clock

A clock with the tides of a locations
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This custom tide clock is the perfect gift for ocean lovers! It lets them plan beach days and surf sessions with precision, so they never miss the perfect wave.

Plus, with a map of their favorite coastline or waterway, it’s a thoughtful, personalized gift that really shows you understand their deep love for the ocean.

#9 Ocean wave night lamp

A blue night lamp
Ocean wave lamp

Bring a bit of the ocean into their bedroom with this ocean wave light!

It not only projects soothing wave patterns but also plays ocean sounds. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the ocean but doesn’t live near it.

#10 Bedsheets

Bedsheets with fish print
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Ocean-themed bed sheets are a dreamy gift for ocean lovers, letting them snuggle up with the sea every night!

Sure, you can find plenty on Amazon, but if you want to gift something truly special, go for organic sheets from a brand that gives back to nature, such as Ettitude. This Climate Neutral Certified company uses sustainable materials like organic bamboo and even recycles water in their production process. Plus they let you choose a nonprofit to which they donate 1% of your purchase.

Ocean-themed gifts for mid budgets

#11 Ocean-themed gifts for her: necklace

two necklaces with a starfish shape
Photo courtesy of DoneGood

Ocean-themed necklaces are a hit on Amazon, where you can find all sorts of styles. But if you’re looking for something that gives back, check out DoneGood for a cute starfish necklace.

While it doesn’t directly benefit the ocean, it supports the Starfish Project, which helps women in Asia escape trafficking by providing them with living wage jobs in jewelry making. Buying this necklace means you’re also helping fund their community outreach programs which a great gift in itself.

#12 Ocean marble tumbler

Beach Tumblers with Lid

Are you looking for sea-related gifts for people who love coffee?

Then this ocean-themed tumbler is perfect!

They are covered in a beautiful beach marble style and they will keep the recipient’s coffee hot for hours! Or head over to Goodee World for a more sustainable option.

#13 Funny ocean-themed shirt

A woman at the beach wearing a white shirt with a print
Photo courtesy of Marine Conservation Society

This is one of the best gifts for people who love the ocean. A shirt that proudly shows their love for the ocean as well as supporting the ocean, such as this “Vitamen Sea” shirt from The Marine Conservation Society Shop.

Though check out Etsy for many more designs (however they won’t support the Marine Society).

#14 Octopus-shaper air plant hanger

A hanging planter in the shape of an octopus
Photo courtesy of DoneGood

Are you looking for unique gifts for sea lovers who also have a green thumb? Then enhance their plant collection with these handcrafted octopus and whale planters!

Handmade from sustainable coco coir by artisans in The Philippines, each purchase from DoneGood empowers artisan communities in the Philippines.

#15 Ocean spa gift set

Body spa gift set
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best ocean-themed gifts for women who love the smell of the ocean.

If they can’t be at the ocean, at least they can smell like the ocean with this gift set!

#16 Beach shell collection box

Box for beach shells
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of my favorite ocean-themed gifts for people who love collecting seashells and other marine items from the beach. They can collect all their beautiful shells in this box, so it functions as a decorative item and memory box!

#17 Apron

An apron with a print of a sea turtle
Photo courtesy of Rabbit Print

Do you need gifts for marine life lovers? Then this apron with a cute sea turtle is perfect!

They can cook and keep their favorite animal close at heart. For those who prefer an eco-friendly option, check out aprons on DoneGood. While these aprons aren’t ocean-themed, they do give back to the planet, making them a great choice for sea lovers who value sustainability.

#18 Blanket

Blanket with ocean theme
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Wrap your favorite ocean lover in something they cherish; an ocean-themed blanket from Amazon!

For a more sustainable choice, consider buying an eco-friendly blanket from DoneGood. Although these blankets aren’t ocean-themed, they support environmental initiatives, making them an excellent option for those who love the planet as much as they love the ocean.

#19 Travel guides for ocean lovers

100 dives or a lifetime book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

100 dives or a lifetime: The world’s ultimate underwater destinations

This is one of the best ocean gifts for divers. National Geographic’s collection of the 100 best places to dive around the world!

Fifty places to sail before you die book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Fifty places to sail before you die

Are you looking for sea gifts for sailors or boat owners? Then this is the best gift for them. Experts’ suggestions for the 50 best places to sail around the world!

#20 Serving tray

Serving tray with a marble ocean print
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for sea-themed gifts for people who just bought a new house?

Then this cute tray is perfect! They can serve drinks and snacks to their guest with a touch of the ocean.

#21 Ocean-themed jewelry tray

Ocean-themed jewelry tray
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re on the hunt for cute ocean-themed gifts for her, this jewelry tray is what you need!

With its cute print, it’s not only a practical spot for storing all her jewelry in one place but also a lovely reminder to keep her jewelry organized.

#22 Books about the ocean

A book about the ocean
Best ocean book

Ocean: A global odyssey

I love this ocean-themed book by National Geographic that covers everything you need to know about the earth’s oceans. The book is written by the famous oceanographer Sylvia Earle.

Book tiled "Oceonologyy"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Oceanology: The Secrets of the Seas revealed

This is one of the best gifts for ocean lovers who want to learn more about marine life.

A book titled "ocean: a visual encyclopedia"
Beautiful visual ocean book

Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia

This visual encyclopedia is one of the greatest gifts for people who love the ocean but don’t have the concentration to read an entire book about it. This visual book will help them to stay focused!

#23 Moving sand art

Frame of moving sand art
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Did you know that moving sand art has a soothing and relaxing effect?

It’s an excellent gift for ocean lovers who rarely make it to the shore. With this art box, they can enjoy the tranquility of the beach, even if they’re working in their office.

#24 Round ocean-themed beach towel

Round beach towel with a sea turtle print
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looking for ocean-themed gifts for beach enthusiasts?

This enormous round beach towel featuring a turtle design is perfect. It easily fits two people and is made from quick-drying, highly absorbent microfibers, so it dries faster than regular beach towels.

#25 Mug with hidden sea animal

Coffee mug with a hidden manatee inside the cup
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Who doesn’t love spotting a manatee with their morning coffee?

Gift your favorite ocean lover this cute manatee mug and watch their face light up each time they reach the bottom of their cup.

Ocean-themed gifts for small budgets

#26 Whale tote bag

A black tote bag with a print to protect the ocean
Photo courtesy of World Ocean Day

Looking for a practical gift that also makes a statement? Then the”Respect The Locals” tote bag from World Ocean Day is perfect!

It’s made with 100% organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly inks, and the money from your purchase is used for ocean conservation projects.

#27 Coral reef jigsaw puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle of a beach and the sea
Photo courtesy of EarthHero

Do you need sea gifts for people who also love jigsaw puzzles?

Check out this ocean-themed jigsaw puzzle from Earth Hero! Not only are these puzzles a great way to relax, but they’re also eco-friendly. Earth Hero is committed to sustainability, offering products that are sourced responsibly and support environmental conservation.

#28 Ocean gifts for women: ring

A silver ring with a shape of an ocean wave
My wave ring

If you are looking for ocean-themed gifts for women and you’ve got a smaller budget, then one of these two rings is perfect.

You can either go for the one with a whale tail. Or go for the one in the shape of a wave.

#29 Ocean-themed wall art

Poster of a wave
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you shopping for someone who loves to deck out their home in beach and sea style?

Then ocean-themed wall art is the best gift you can get.

I quite liked the relaxing ocean wave photograph from Not on the High Street, but just check out Amazon for over 1,000 different sea-themed wall art ideas.

#30 Ocean-themed coloring book

A book cover of "lost ocean" a coloring book for adults
Ocean coloring book for adults

Ocean-themed coloring books make great meditative gifts for anyone who loves the sea.

Coloring for adults has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, making these books a soothing escape that combines relaxation with a touch of oceanic charm.

#31 Ocean-scented candle

An ocean-inspired candle and the packaging
Photo courtesy of DoneGood

This is one of the best ocean gifts for people who love the smell of the ocean but don’t live close to the sea. With this scented candle, they can bring the smell of ocean mist right into their homes.

And what’s even better is that this candle supports the nonprofit organization Oceana and its work to protect ocean animals.

#32 Sea animal coasters

Sea animal coasters
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Protect their furniture in ocean style with these beautiful coasters! It’s a great gift idea for ocean lovers who just moved into a new home and who want to keep their home feeling new and clean as long as possible.

#33 Ocean-themed journal

Ocean-themed journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This ocean-themed journal from Amazon is one of the great ocean gifts for people who love to write or who keep a diary. And for a more sustainable option, check out EarthHero, so that your gift will support the environment!

#34 Ocean-themed tea infuser

Tea infuser with a star fish
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This starfish tea infuser is by far the cutest ocean-related gift for someone who loves tea! They can sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while dreaming of another day at the sea.

Save these gifts for people who love the ocean

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25 unique ocean-themed gifts for people who love the ocean

Final note on gifts for people who love the ocean

Alright, thank you so much for checking out my post! I hope I was able to help you to find awesome gifts for ocean lovers. But since you are still reading this post at the bottom, I am assuming you haven’t bought anything yet. So perhaps I can help you by sharing the editor’s top three ocean lover gifts.


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