Over 40 Awesome Travel Gifts For Men

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Men standing on top of the mountains

Today you will find the 40 best travel gifts for men. Obviously, travel experiences are the best gifts for men who travel. Check out numbers 1 and 2 on this list if you are curious to find out how you can gift those experiences. But no worries, if that is over your budget as you will find plenty of other gifts for men who like to travel

Who am I to select the best gifts for men?

Well, I’m a seasoned long-term traveler, who has met many traveling men and knows exactly what products they use and why they love them.

Save these gifts for men who travel

Don’t forget to save these gifts for men who like to travel for the next time you need to find travel gifts for him!

The best travel gifts for men

The best travel gifts for men – large budgets

#1 A trip anywhere

Man standing on top of the mountains
Photo by Tim Bogdanov on Unsplash

The number one gift for men who love to travel is of course the gift of travel!

And check out number 2 on this list for the perfect gift to complement the trip!

#2 Cool travel experiences

People in a rafting boat
Rafting is a fun experience gift

Besides a plane ticket, travelers also need fun activities to do at their destinations. So if you are not gifting a plane ticket or a travel package, you may want to give travel experiences.

Plus, the cool thing about this gift is that you can also look for fun activities to give that are close to the recipient’s home. Just check our Viator, VirginExperience, or Tinggly which all offer super fun and cool experiences around the world.

#3 Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot: tech travel gifts for men

Mobile WiFi hotspot

A mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is one of the best travel gifts for men who love technology and who love to stay connected. This device allows them to have a strong and stable WiFi connection wherever they are.

It comes with 20GB of free data, and once that data has been used up, it can easily be upgraded with local or international data. So they can buy data regardless of where they are in the world.

#4 Backpacks

The North Face daypack

Backpacks are one of the essentials for travelers. No matter what type of traveler he is, he will always need a proper backpack, so you’ll know you will always have a practical gift with this one.

One of my favorite travel brands is The North Face. So if you are looking for proper daypacks or backpacks, The North Face is definitely a good place to look. And for a more detailed guide to buying the best backpack, check out A City Girl Outside’s buyer’s guide.

Alternatively, you can check out all options on Amazon.

#5 Travel gifts for men who love cycling

Garmin cycling computer

If you are looking for travel gifts for men who travel by bicycle or for men who love cycling, this cycling computer is a great gift!

#6 Rainjacket

Men wearing a black raincoat
Photo courtesy of The North Face

If you are looking for gifts for men who travel and who love being outdoors, a rain jacket is a perfect gift!

I love all products by The North Face, but you can find plenty of good rain jackets on Amazon too.

#7 Travel gifts for men who love coffee

Travel-sized espresso maker

Personally, I think this portable espresso maker is one of the best gifts for men who travel and who love coffee. Because men (and people in general) who love coffee, love good coffee. And I can tell you for a fact, that as a traveler, you do not always get good coffee. But that is no longer the case with this portable espresso maker!

#8 Survival gear kit

Survival gear kit

If you are looking for travel gifts for men who love camping and being outdoors, perhaps this survival gear kit is what you are looking for. It includes pretty much anything they need to survive out in the bush.

#9 Sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Sunglasses are another example of practical gifts for men who like to travel. Even if they like to travel to not-so-sunny destinations, sunglasses always come in handy.

I quite like the Ray-Ban sunglasses, but of course, you can check out Amazon or other brands too.

#10 International whiskey tasting gift

Tasting gift ideas for whiskey lovers
Photo courtesy of Tasting Collection

Is your recipient a huge whiskey lover?

You are in good luck because I wrote a complete guide to help you find the best whiskey gifts!

But of course, there is only one perfect gift for men who travel and who love whiskey, and that is an international whiskey-tasting gift.

#11 Powerbanks: more tech travel gifts for men


Powerbanks are great gifts for men who travel a lot and who tend to use their phones and other electronic devices a lot. A powerbank allows them to recharge whenever and wherever, so they can use their phones even longer.

The Anker power banks have received a lot of good reviews, which probably explains why they’re out of stock on Amazon all the time. But no worries, you can also order directly from Anker Technologies, or simply check out other portable chargers on Amazon.

#12 DIY Irish stout kit

Irish Stout kit

If you are looking for gifts for men who like to travel, who love beer, and who love Ireland, this DIY Irish stout kit is the gift you are looking for!

Or check out the next items for more fun DIY gifts for men who like to travel and try different types of food.

#13 More beer gifts for men who travel a lot

Different bottles of beer
Photo courtesy of Spirited Gifts

Of course, the best travel gifts for men who love beer are international beer boxes. And that is exactly what you can find at Spirited Gifts.

#14 Travel wall art

New York City skyline

Travel posters are great gift ideas for men who travel. I really liked this one of the New York skyline, but of course, you should find one that relates to his favorite travel destination.

#15 DIY Chinese dumpling kit

DIY Chinese dumplings

This DIY Chinese dumpling kit is one of the best gifts for men who travel and love trying international food. Although, check out the next gift if you need even more inspiration for gifts for foodies.

#16 International chilli tasting

7 cans with red chili
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Alright so here is another one of the great gifts for men who like to travel and who enjoy foreign food: a collection of rare international chilies! Obviously, I would only recommend this gift for someone who also enjoys spicy food, but I guess that goes without saying. Check out the spicy chili gifts for more inspiration.

#17 JBL Portable speakers

JBL speakers

Portable speakers may not be one of the travel essentials, they do have the power to turn a regular evening at the hotel/apartment/hostel into a wild one. Plus they are kind of an essential item for travelers who love music.

My favorite brand is JBL, and especially their GO 3 model is perfect for travelers. However, you can find plenty of travel speakers on Amazon too or you can opt for one of JBL’s larger models for speakers with an even wider range.

Also, check out the next item if you are looking for gifts for men who love music.

#18 More travel gifts for men who love music: wireless headphones

JBL wireless headphones

Perhaps even more essential than portable speakers for men who love music are wireless headphones, or headphones in general.

As I already told you, I love the brand JBL, so these JBL Tune 225TWS are my personal favorite. But again, you can find various models on JBL or Amazon. The benefit of these wireless earbud headphones is the fact that they are so small and thus perfect for travelers.

#19 Travel-related board games

Trekking board game

Both Trekking the World and Ticket to Ride are excellent board games for people who love to travel. The goal of Trekking the World is to visit as many famous places across the globe and collect special souvenirs along the way.

In Ticket to Ride players have to try and build the largest railroad across countries. I realize that this explanation may not sound very exciting, but trust me, it’s a super fun game. In fact, Ticket to Ride is one of my favorite board games.

#20 GoPro

GoPro Hero 8

If you have a large budget to spare and you are looking for gifts for men who travel and who love taking photos and videos, a GoPro might be a great idea. And even if they already have a GoPro, check out the GoPro website for cool and useful accessories so they can make the most out of their cameras.

For more photography-related gifts check out #26

#21 Water bottle with filter

LifeStraw bottle

Water bottles with filters are great travel gifts for men who love the outdoors, hiking, or who are eco-minded. The filter allows them to drink water wherever, so they can drink tap water wherever they are and reduce the number of plastic bottles they use.

#22 Ereader

Kobo Clara

Ereaders are perfect gifts for men who travel a lot and who love reading. Books are way too heavy to carry around for travelers, which is why Ereaders make such great gifts for bookworms.

I use the Kobo Clara HD, but you can also check out Amazon’s kindles.

The best travel gifts for men – mid budgets

#23 Pocket knife

Travel safe gifts: swiss army knife
Photo courtesy of Swiss Army

Swiss army knives are super practical gifts for men who travel a lot, especially for men who also love being outdoors. It includes everything they need out in the bush, such as various knives (obviously), two screwdrivers, a can and bottle opener, and much more.

#24 Swim shorts

Men’s swimming shorts

Swim shorts are great travel gifts for men who love to travel to warm destinations. And no worries if you are not much of a fan of this pineapple design. You can find plenty of options on Amazon. Or check out swimwear brands, such as Speedo, and O’Neill or if the man you are looking for loves Australia, aussieBum is a great option. (In the case of the latter, you can also check out my Australian gift guide).

#25 Toiletry bags

Toiletry bag

If you are looking for practical gifts for men who travel a lot, toiletry bags are definitely a good option. I quite liked the brown leather one from Amazon, which he can hang anywhere. But you could also add a personal touch by getting a toiletry bag with their name on it from Personalization Mall.

#26 Photography gifts for men


Are you looking for travel gifts for men who love photography? Check out Amazon for all their photography gift ideas. Or buy the travel tripod I picked. It’s relatively small and lightweight, making it easy to take traveling. Plus it’s compatible with all phones and cameras.

#27 Language courses

Sign saying Love to learn
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The best way to truly experience a country is by speaking the local language. It allows the traveler to interact with the local population, ask questions, and truly engage in the local culture. So gift the recipient the possibility to learn a local language. On Udemy you will find online language courses for pretty much any language. Whereas Amazon mostly offers language books or CDs.

#28 Fun books for men who love to travel

Downhills don’t come for free by Jerry Holl

One man’s bike ride from Alaska to Mexico. This is an awesome book for men who love cycling.

Unlikely Destinations: The Lonely Planet Story

Lonely Planet is a famous publisher of travel guide books. Their books are kind of the bible for backpackers. Unlikely Destinations covers the story of how two backpackers (the founders of Lonely Planet) trekked across Asia- and revolutionized the world of independent travel.

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon

It tells the story of the British explorer Percy Fawcett who went to the Amazon jungle to find the mysterious lost city of Z. It’s perfect for people who love history, nature and a bit of mystery.

Notes From A Big Country: Journey into the American Dream

Books by Bill Bryson are always a good idea. He has a funny and engaging writing style, but besides that, his books are super informative, such as this one about the US.

#29 Travel gift cards

Photo by David Balev on Unsplash

If you are not sure what activities the man you are getting this gift for likes then perhaps a travel gift card might be a better gift idea.

You can also get a Booking.com gift card, however, they don’t sell those online.

Oh, and if you think that gifting a gift card might be a bit boring, check out these 29 unique ways of gifting gift cards!

#30 Memberships

Even though travelers spent most of their time exploring foreign places, doing cool things, and discovering new places, they also need some time to unwind and relax. And when they are back at the hotel, hostel, Airbnb, or wherever they’re staying, they need something to entertain themselves. And for that, fun memberships are a great gift!

I included some of the most popular streaming services here, but you can also think of reading memberships, puzzle memberships (yes that is a thing, check out my Puzzle gifts post for more information), and even a coffee membership, where they’ll receive different types of coffee beans each month!

So don’t limit yourself to these streaming memberships. Think big, think about what he loves or perhaps what he needs and try to find a membership for that. How about a meditation membership on Headspace?

#31 Hammock

A hammock

If you are looking for the best travel gifts for men who like to travel and who love to relax, a hammock is a perfect gift!

#32 Gin gifts for men who travel

UK gin distilleries scratch map

Are you looking for the best travel gifts for men who love gin? Then I’ve got good news for you!

First of all, I dedicated an entire post to find the best gin gifts. So even if you don’t like this UK gin distillery scratch-off map, you can still find plenty of cool gift ideas there.

#33 Travel-sized shaving kit

Travel beard grooming kit

I don’t know what it is with men who travel and beards. But it seems like it’s simply impossible to be a man, love traveling, and not have a beard. (Not that you’ll hear me complain about it, I quite like the beards ;), it’s just something I noticed and wanted to share).

Anyways, so since most men who travel have beards, a gift to help them maintain and take off their beards seems like a great gift.

You could either opt for the travel beard grooming kit or a trimmer, depending on what he prefers to use.

#34 Travel books

Destinations of a Lifetime by National Geographic

The Destinations of a Lifetime includes 225 of the world’s most amazing places to visit. It’s an inspirational book filled with beautiful photography.

Cyclist Ride: The greatest cycling routes in the world 

Another great book for cyclopaths, this time it’s a book that includes 50 of the world’s greatest cycling routes.

100 Hikes of a Lifetime: The World’s Ultimate Scenic Trails

This is another great travel book by National Geographic, that is (as you might have guessed by its title) perfect for hikers and walkers!

Around the World in 500 Festivals

From Burning Man in the US to Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, this book includes the world’s most spectacular celebrations.

#35 Something from his favorite country

Travel poster of Kruger Park

So let’s say the recipient’s favorite country in the world is South Africa (which would make total sense, as South Africa is a truly magnificent country). How cool would it be if you could find a gift that is somehow related to that country? One example could be a travel poster, such as the one from Kruger National Park.

But just check out all 25 South African gift ideas if you need more inspiration. And if South Africa is not his favorite country, head over to my destinations page to find gifts related to his number one country.

What I really love about gifting a country-specific gift is the fact that it truly shows you’ve put in some effort to find a personal gift.

The best travel gifts for men – small budgets

#36 Passport cover

Passport covers

If you are looking for practical gifts for men who travel a lot, passport covers are a great gift idea. Check out Amazon for the thousand (probably more) options they offer. Or opt for a personalized passport cover from Personalization Mall.

#37 Travel mugs

Collapsible travel mug

If the espresso maker was a bit out of your budget, but you are looking for travel gifts for men who love coffee, then perhaps a travel mug might be a good alternative.

The collapsible travel mug is a super practical gift, but you could also go for a personalized option from Zazzle. Zazzle offers fun prints for any theme and allows you to add photos, texts, or other designs.

#38 Scratch Map

Scratch-off poster

Travelers love maps and especially maps where they can keep track of all the amazing places they’ve visited so far.

#39 DIY cocktail kits

DIY old fashioned

If you are looking for gifts for men who travel a lot by plane, these DIY travel-sized cocktail gifts may be exactly what you are looking for.

With these kits, simple drinks can be turned into delicious cocktails in the blink of an eye. And more importantly, it can be done everywhere, including on a plan.

For more gift ideas for men who love to drink, check out these 40 alcohol gifts.

#40 Travel binoculars

Travel binoculars

Travel binoculars are great gifts for men who travel and love bird or animal watching during their trips. Especially, on safaris binoculars can be a great tool to spot even more animals.

#41 Travel towels

Microfiber travel towel

Travel towels are small, lightweight towels made of a special fabric that dries super fast, making them very practical for travelers. So if you are looking for small and practical gift ideas for men who travel, then travel towels may be what you need.

#42 Sandals

Travel sandals

Sandals are great travel gifts for men who travel to sunny destinations a lot. If you are looking for gifts for someone who is more into winter destinations, you may want to look for warmer shoes. But other than that, sandals are quite practical for travelers.

#43 Travel sleeping kit

Travel pillow, sleeping mask, and earplugs

This travel sleeping kit includes all the essentials for men who are on the road, or on a plane a lot. It includes a travel pillow, a sleeping, and earplugs, so they can sleep whenever and wherever they are.

#44 Travel journals

Leather travel journal

Travel journals are another example of gifts for men who travel, which are always a good idea.

Again, check out Amazon for a very wide selection of travel journals (you can even find travel journals dedicated to specific countries or cities), or head over to Personalization Mall if you would like to add a personal touch to this gift.

Save these gifts for men who travel

The best travel gifts for men


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!