25 Awesome Paris-Themed Gifts: From The City Of Love To Your Loved Ones

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A photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris with colorful leaves on the side
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From the city of love with love, I present to you the 25 best Paris-themed gifts for the Francophile in your life who is obsessed with Paris! The city is known for its romance, style, and elegance, and we’ve captured this influence in these beautiful and charming Paris gift ideas.

From chic home decor to indulgent treats, these gifts show the essence of Paris and will transport your recipient to the enchanting streets of the French capital.

So, let’s take a tour around the Eiffel Tower and check out our 25 favorite Paris-inspired gifts!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Paris-themed gifts by budget.

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City of love: 25 unique Paris-themed gifts to show your love with a photo of a the Paris skyline wall art and a candle with Paris cafe smell

Paris-themed gifts – Large budgets

#1 Paris-themed gift box

A Paris gift box with typical French food items
Photo courtesy of Box Happy Boutique

Paris gift baskets are always a good idea. Even if the recipient doesn’t love Paris.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a basket filled with delicious macaroons, fluffy socks, and stash teas?

And for the real Paris-obsessed this basket also comes with cute Paris stickers to decorate all their possessions in Paris style, a vintage Paris note card, an inspiration card, and a beautiful silk rose to indulge in a little bit of Parisian magic from the comfort of their own home.

For more gifts for Francophiles, check out these 25 French gifts.

#2 Personalized cutting board

Wooden chopping board with print of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine
Photo courtesy of Wedding Gift Boutique

Does the recipient love to cook?

Then add a bit of Parisian culinary flair into their kitchen with this beautiful personalized engraved cutting board. And even if they’re not into cooking this board will remind them of the city’s famous cafes and bistros. And who knows, it might even inspire them to serve up hors d’oeuvres and start hosting a chic Parisian soiree (even if it’s just a party of one).

#3 Paris skyline wall art

Black metal wall art with the skyline of Paris
Photo courtesy of Lasaris

This is probably one of my favorite Paris gifts for a housewarming party.

Whether it’s for local Parisians who want to add a bit of the City charm into their homes. Or someone who moved out of the city and misses The City of Lights, this metal skyline wall art is perfect!

#4 Sweatshirt

Grey sweatshirt with "Paris, France" and the Eiffel Tower
Photo courtesy of Kozy Vibes

Let her show her love for Paris in style and comfort, with this Paris-themed sweatshirt.

She can wear it while sipping a café au lait and nibbling on a croissant, or while binge-watching Emily in Paris or one of her favorite French films.

#5 LEGO Paris skyline

A LEGO set of the skyline of Paris
LEGO Paris skyline set

If you thought LEGO was just for kids, you haven’t seen the LEGO architecture and skyline series, yet.

These sets are actually quite complex and super fun to build for adults and kids. And for Paris lovers, the LEGO Paris skyline set is perfect!

#6 Paris-themed jewelry

A necklace with the Eiffel Tower pendant
Eiffel Tower necklace

Paris-themed jewelry, like this necklace, is a great gift for someone who loves Paris because it allows them to wear their heart on their sleeve (or neck, in this case), and show off their love for Paris while adding a little sparkle to their outfit.

#7 Paris-themed posters

Set of three wall posters in pink and flowers and with typical Paris style
Photo courtesy of Shop Design South

Are you looking for unique Paris gift ideas that add a bit of Parisian style to someone’s home?

Then check out Etsy for all sorts of Paris-inspired wall art ideas. For women, I really loved this pink set of posters. But there is something for everyone.

Paris-themed gifts – Mid budgets

#8 Crossbody cell phone purse

Cell phone purse with a Paris-inspired cover
Cell phone purse with a Paris-inspired cover

For people who are as obsessed with their phone as they are with Paris, check out this crossbody purse.

It comes in a beautiful Paris style and lets them keep their precious phone close at hand while also looking très chic. They can wander the streets of Paris, hands-free and carefree, knowing their phone is safe and stylishly stored.

#9 Travel mug

Travel mug with the Eiffel Tower print
Travel mug with the Eiffel Tower

Do you know someone who is always on the move, addicted to caffeine, and in love with Paris?

Then you found the perfect Paris gift idea; an Eifel Tower-themed travel mug!

They can sip their morning coffee or tea from a mug adorned with the Eiffel Tower or a cute French phrase (check out Zazzle for 1100+ designs). Plus, with the bonus of spill-proof travel capabilities, they won’t have to worry about spilling their drink all over their shirt.

#10 Paris-inspired cookbooks

A cookbook with the tit;e "Barefoot in Paris"
Barefoot in Paris cookbook

Barefoot in Paris: Easy French food you can make at home

Do you need Paris gifts for home chefs? Then a cookbook is an obvious choice! And one of the best cookbooks with easy, but authentic recipes to try at home is Barefoot in Paris by  Ina Garten

Emily in Paris: The official cookbook
Emily in Paris: The official cookbook

Emily in Paris: The official cookbook

For people who loved watching Emily in Paris, this cookbook with all the delicious things Gabriel cooks, and Emily eats in the show is perfect! They can relive the funniest, most romantic, and most awkward scenes from the show at home.

My Paris Kitchen cookbook
My Paris Kitchen

My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and stories

For a more traditional cookbook from Paris, My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz is perfect. It includes 100 recipes and stories from the city collected by a Paris resident and food blogger.

#11 Skyline wine glass

A glass with the skyline of Paris etched
Photo courtesy of Urban & Etched

These engraved wine glasses with the Paris skyline are awesome Paris-themed gifts for the wine lovers on your list.

They can sip their favorite wine while gazing at the Eiffel Tower and imagining sitting at a sidewalk cafe, watching the world go by.

#12 Jigsaw puzzle

The box of a jigsaw puzzle with a picture from Paris
Paris jigsaw puzzle

Are you looking for Paris gifts for puzzle enthusiasts?

Then this 1000-piece puzzle of a Paris street by Metro is perfect!

They can recreate the romantic feeling of dinner from a Parisian balcony in the comfort of their own home. Plus, they can show off their love for Paris to the world without shouting “J’aime Paris!” from the rooftops (although they totally could if they wanted to).

#13 Paris-themed jewelry box

Jewelry box with a Paris-themed cover
Jewelry box

This jewelry box is one of the most gorgeous Paris-inspired gifts for women.

She can store her favorite necklaces, rings, and whatnot in this box adorned with the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, and pretend she’s getting ready for a night out in the City of Lights.

#14 Paris café candle

A candle with a label of "Parisian cafe"
Photo courtesy of Novelle Yours

This candle is the perfect Paris-inspired gift for someone who misses the city. The smell of a typical Parisian cafe can teleport them right back into their favorite spot nibbling on a croissant and sipping a café au lait!

#15 Paris travel guides

A travel guide for Paris by DK Eyewitness
DK Eyewitness Paris guide

Rick Steves Paris travel guide

Travel guides are one of the best Paris gifts for both visitors and locals. For visitors, I would recommend a general and in-depth guide such as the Rick Steves 2023 updated version with all the ins and outs visitors should know. For locals or frequent visitors, check out the next two guides.

The architecture lover's guide to Paris
The architecture lover’s guide to Paris

The architecture lover’s guide to Paris

This is one of the best Paris gifts for locals who are interested in one specific aspect of the city; architecture. With this guide, they will learn things about popular buildings like the Eiffel Tower as well as lesser-known buildings.

Paris in Stride guidebook
Paris in Stride

Paris in Stride: An insider’s walking guide 

The last travel guide on this list is the best gift for walkers in Paris. The book will take them through neighborhoods and parks they never knew existed!

#16 Mugs

A mug with icons from Paris
Photo courtesy of Litocraft

Add a bit of Paris to their morning routine with Etsy’s Paris-themed mugs and make them feel as if they’re strolling along the Seine with every morning coffee!

Paris-themed gifts – Small budgets

#17 Journal

Vintage leather journal of Paris
Vintage leather journal of Paris

Whether you’re looking for Paris-themed gifts for someone who is in Paris right now or someone who just loves the city, this gorgeous journal will take them right into the heart of the city right away!

They can use it as a travel journal, for work, school, or just to jot down their thoughts while being transported back to the golden age of Parisian cafes, Hemingway, and artistic revolutions.

#18 Make-up bag

Paris-themed make-up bag
Paris-themed make-up bag

Do you need Paris gifts for women?

Then this make-up bag is perfect! It will let her carry a little bit of the City of Lights with her everywhere she goes. Whether she’s touching up their lipstick on the subway or pulling out her blush at a fancy dinner, she’ll feel like she’s stepping into a chic Parisian boudoir.

#19 Luggage tag

Luggage tag with "time to travel" and typical French things and the colors of the French flag
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need more Paris-inspired gifts for frequent travelers? Then head over to Zazzle and check out their 1300+ awesome Paris-themed luggage tags.

You will be giving them the gift of practicality and Parisian charm!

#20 Passport cover

A passport cover with a decoration in Paris-theme
Photo courtesy of Pokey Passport

The beautiful passport covers on Zazzle are one of the best Paris-themed gifts for frequent travelers.

Whether they’re local Parisians or frequent visitors of the City of Love, with a Paris-inspired passport case, their documents are always protected and they will always carry a bit of the city with them.

#21 Eiffel Tower jewelry tray

Jewelry tray with The Eiffel Tower
Jewelry tray with The Eiffel Tower

If the jewelry box was over your budget, this tray is another great Paris-related gift for women.

Just like the jewelry box, she can store their favorite rings, necklaces, and earrings in one place; an awesome tray adorned with the iconic tower!

#22 Coloring books for adults

A coloring book with the title "Secret Paris"
Secret Paris coloring book

A coloring book of Paris is one of the best Paris-inspired gifts for anyone who loves the city because it lets them color their way through the City of Lights without having to deal with the crowds and traffic (or the pricey plane ticket).

Studies have actually shown that coloring books for adults have a calming and soothing effect, so they can de-stress and unwind while indulging in a little bit of Parisian whimsy. They can color in the cafes, the flower stalls, and the charming little alleyways to their heart’s content, and imagine they’re wandering the streets of Paris at their own leisurely pace. It’s like a mini-vacation for their mind!

#23 Socks

Socks with Paris
Photo courtesy of Flash Print Designs

These Paris-themed socks are a great gift for someone who is obsessed with Paris and who loves to walk around with a little bit of Parisian style peeking out from under their pants.

And since everyone needs socks, it’s super practical and a fun and constant reminder of their love for the City of Love every time they slip on their shoes.

#24 Tote bag

Bag with a print of the Eiffel tower
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need Paris gifts for someone who cares about the environment?

Then help them save the planet with a bit of Parisian style with one of the Paris-themed tote bags on Zazzle!

They can finally ditch plastic bags and shop with these beautiful bags instead.

#25 Sleeping mask

Sleeping masks with "wake me up in Paris"
Photo courtesy of Brant Point Prep

These funny “wake me in Paris” sleeping masks are great Paris-inspired gifts for people who dream about the City of Lights all the time. If they can’t visit the city, at least they can block out all the distractions of the outside world and keep dreaming about The Eiffel Tower in peace.

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25 unique Paris gift ideas straight from the city of lights for all occasions with a photo of the Eiffel Tower in the background

Final notes on gifts from Paris

As you can see, there are plenty of awesome Paris gift ideas to chose from. I can imagine you feel a bit overwhelmed by all these options, so we made a top three by budget to help you out!


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