25 Travel Safety Gifts: The Best Way To Say I Love You

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Travel safety gifts

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Personal safety gifts for travelers are the sweetest and most practical gifts you can give to a traveler. Because nothing says “I love you”, more than safe travel gifts! The travel safety gifts on this list are not only for their personal safety but also to keep their personal belongings safe. Safe travel gifts are the best gifts for parents who are worried about their children traveling alone, or for friends or lovers to give to the person they care about.

Actually, no that I am thinking about it, I can’t think of an example when safe travel gifts are not a good idea!

And as a frequent solo female traveler myself, I know exactly which travel safety items will keep your loved ones safe on the road!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three travel safety gifts by budget.

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25 Personal safety gifts for travelers

Personal safety gifts for large budgets

#1 Adventurer multi-tool clip watch

multitool clip
multitool clip

This adventure tool includes everything they need to stay safe outdoors. It includes tools such as a knife, a watch, and compass, a screwdriver, and tweezers.

And what makes it a great gift for travelers, is the fact that it’s small and contains a clip, so they can simply attach it to a bag and it doesn’t take up any space.

If you are looking for more cool gifts for outdoor lovers, check out my camping gifts guide.

#2 Backpack protector

Backpack protector
Backpack protector

This backpack protector is a great way to prevent muggers from stealing their bags! It comes with a cord so they can attach their bags to something when they need to wait somewhere or sit down. So even when they’re not constantly keeping an eye on their bag, robbers can’t steal it.

It also comes with a small bag to carry the protector in when they don’t need it.

#3 Instant translator

Instant translator device
Instant translator device

This instant translator may be one of the most expensive travel safety gifts on this list. However, being able to communicate with people is also one of the best ways to stay safe when traveling. And though Google Translate can help us a long way, you do need an internet connection for it to work. Whereas this one works without any connection!

It translates up to 109 languages!

#4 Flashlight first aid kit

First aid and flashlight
First aid and flashlight

First aid kits are very important and useful safe travel gifts for any type of traveler. And what’s great about this kit is that it is very compact, and comes with a flashlight, which is another essential travel safety product!

It includes: tape, a compass, aspirins, tweezers, burn cream, thermometers, bandages, and a whistle. Seriously, anything they need for first aid!

#5 Socks with hidden pockets

Socks with hidden pockets
Socks with hidden pockets

Cloths with hidden pockets make great safe travel gifts!

These socks have pockets with zippers for travelers to keep their money and cards safe and hidden.

It’s a great way for travelers to be able to walk through a city or sleep on a bus without the fear or being mugged.

#6 GPS-connected travel lock

Phone with a little tag
Smart lock

This smart lock is not only a great way to lock your luggage and prevent others from getting in. It also allows you to check where your luggage was last seen, through an App.

You can unlock it through your phone, and the app even gives an alert when it has been unlocked!

#7 Travel safety gifts: shirts with hidden pockets

Shirt with hidden pockets
Shirt with hidden pockets

If you really liked the jacket with 25 pockets but it was a bit over your budget. These t-shirts with hidden pockets might be better travel safety gifts for you!

They are designed by the Clever Travel Companion, a great company for travel safety items, such as scarves, jackets, pants, and hoodies!

#8 Safe travel gifts: portable charger

Portable charger
Photo courtesy of Anker

Traveling with a phone is a very easy way to travel safe, as you can always call for help in case of an emergency. However, a phone without a battery is not going to get you very far! That is why portable chargers or power banks are great safe travel gifts! Especially for techy people who tend to use their phones a lot and run out of battery fast.

Personal safety gifts for mid budgets

#9 Personal medical information necklace

Medical information necklace
Medical information necklace

This medical information necklace is not only a cute-looking necklace but is also a great safety gift.

This stainless steel necklace can be engraved with important medical information such as allergies, blood type, and other medical details. Having and wearing a necklace with this information can be vital!

#10 Anti-theft backpack

Anti-theft backpack
Anti-theft backpack

Anti-theft backpacks are great travel safety gifts for any type of traveler. Whether they travel solo, as a couple, visit cities or prefer to hike, every traveler wants their personal belongings to stay safe. And with a backpack like this one, it’s a lot harder for pickpocketers to get in!

#11 Safe travel gifts: water bottles with filter

LifeStraw water bottle with filter
LifeStraw water bottle with filter

Having access to safe drinking water is one of the most important things for travelers. And luckily many places do have safe drinking water. However, for people who enjoy the outdoors, drinking water may not always be at hand. For those people a water bottle with a filter, such as the LifeStraw that filters any dirty puddle water to safe drinking water is essential.

#12 Travel safety gifts: icon tote bag

Tote bag with little icons
Photo courtesy of IconSpeak

Besides the fact that tote bags are cute and practical, this icon tote bag has some special that makes it one of the best travel safety gifts.

It helps people communicate all over the world without speaking any language! The tote bag includes some of the most important icons for travelers. So even if they are unable to speak the local language, they can simply point at the icon of the thing they are looking for and locals can reply by pointing them in the right direction!

It’s a cheaper alternative to the instant translator.

#13 Safe travel gifts: books

The best travel safety books

If you are looking for safe travel gifts that will help them acquire actual skills to stay safe, rather than products to keep them safe, these books about traveling safely might be a good idea.

  • Choose Adventure: Safe Travel In Dangerous Places. This a great book for people who would love to explore more off-beat and generally less safe places! It will teach them everything they need to think about when traveling to places considered more dangerous than their hometown.
  • The Travel Safety Handbook: Your Guide To Safer Better Overseas Travel. A complete guide for people who are nervous about traveling overseas
  • Going Solo: Travel Safety Tips For Women. How To Travel Safely Around The Country Or Around The World. This may come as a surprise, but this book is great for solo traveling women, especially for women who are going on their first solo trip ever.
  • How To Safely Vacation During Covid-19. Though I am hoping this book won’t be relevant for long. At the time of writing the post, it is perhaps one of the most relevant safe travel gifts on this list.

#14 Personal safety gifts for travelers: alarm

Personal alarm
Personal alarm

Alarms such as this one are great personal safety gifts for travelers because they will allow them to make a lot of noise if they are in danger.

The alarm comes with a light and keychain, so they can easily carry it around. And if it’s necessary, they can double-tap the panic button and a loud alarm like a car alarm will ring. This is effective in two ways.

First, it will scare off the person (or animal, you never know) who attacked or assaulted them. Second, it’s almost impossible for others not to hear it, so help will come.

#15 Pants with hidden pockets

Pants with hidden pockets
Pants with hidden pockets

Comfy chill pants are great for traveling since they are one of the most comfortable clothes for long days on buses or planes. However, one disadvantage of pants is the fact that the pockets are open or they don’t have pockets, making it harder to keep your stuff safe.

But these super comfy pants by The Clever Travel Companion are an exception to that!

Not only are they comfortable, but they also have two secret hidden pockets to keep your passport, phone, and money safe, while you can sleep, chill or do whatever!

#16 Swiss army knife

Swiss army knife
Swiss army knife

A Swiss army knife is a super practical tool for any traveler. This one comes with a large and small blade, opener, screwdrivers, corkscrew, and more!

However, check out Amazon for larger, smaller, or different designs!

#17 Anti-theft shoulder bag

Anti-theft shoulder bag
Anti-theft bag

This anti-theft shoulder bag is a great travel safety gift for women. It’s water-resistant, slash-resistant,  and you can lock the zipper, so muggers can’t access it.

Personal safety gifts for small budgets

#18 Keyholder wristband

Key holder wristband
Key holder wristband

This key older is one of the best safe travel gifts for people who often lose their keys, phones, bags, or whatnot!

They can now attach their bags to their wrists, or if they don’t want to use the bag, they could attach the holder to their phones or keys, and wear the holder around their wrists, so they won’t lose it again!

#19 Scarf with hidden pockets

Scarf with hidden pockets
Scarf with hidden pockets

Scarfs with hidden pockets are also great personal safety gifts for travelers! For example, when traveling by bus, they can hide their money and passports in the scarf and sleep without risking being robbed.

#20 Self-defense class

Self-defense classes are the best travel safety gifts if you are looking for a way to equip them with the very best and necessary skills to stay safe, in case the worst thing may happen.

There are plenty of self-defense schools around the world, so you could either find one close to home, However, you could also opt for an online self-defense class, such as this one on Udemy

#21 Portable locker

Portable locker
Portable locker

This portable locker is one of the best personal safety gifts for travelers who often go to public places, such as the beach. They can leave their personal belongings in this locker while they go for a swim and no one will be able to steal their stuff!

#22 Flashlights


If you are looking for small safety gifts for travelers, a flashlight is a great idea! They can easily take it with them and attach it to their backpacks. And it will allow them to see where they are going when it’s dark. I know it might not sound like one of the most exciting safety-related gifts, but it is a very practical one.

#23 Travel safety gifts: facemasks

Personalized facemask
Personalized facemask

Facemasks are perhaps the most essential travel safety products since the pandemic.

So if you want to keep someone safe when traveling, give them this cute personalized facemask.

Or check out Amazon for other fun designs.

#24 Hand sanitizer holders

Five small pockets
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Sanitizers are another one of those extremely important travel safety items which gained even more popularity after COVID. These refillable holders are a cute way of always having hand sanitizers while traveling.

#25 Safety-related gifts: door lock


This door lock is a great gift for people who often stay in hotels, but who would prefer an additional lock to the door.

It fits on any door, and simply gives them a little extra peace at night, knowing that the door has an extra lock!

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Alright, these were the 25 travel safety gifts to keep them safe and say “I love you”!

Which one did you end up getting?

Also, don’t forget to save and share this post for later or for other people who need travel safety gifts!

Final note on safe travel gifts

Alright, I hope you found the perfect gift for the receiver, if not, check out the editor’s favorite safe travel gifts by budget.

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