Personalized DIY Lollipop Holder Idea: A Sweet Surprise for All Occasions!

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Two jars with lollipops and a label

If you’re looking for a sweet, both literally and figuratively, personalized DIY lollipop holder idea, I’ve got something great in store for you! Something that I actually made for my dad years ago and that he still keeps in his drawer (at least the notes, the lollipops are long gone). And, not to mention, something that’s super-duper easy to make! It will not take you more than 30 minutes.

So what is this lollipop holder idea I’m talking about?

It’s a personalized lollipop jar filled with lollipops lovingly wrapped in heartfelt compliments. And in this blog post, I’ll take you through the step-by-step process of creating this heartwarming gift right in the comfort of your own home.

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Step-by-step guide to Personalized DIY Lollipop Holder Idea with three images of a jar

Materials and Tools

Besides the fact that this personalized DIY lollipop holder is super simple to make, it also doesn’t require a lot of materials. In fact, you will only these few items

But before you jump to Amazon or head over to the nearest convenience store, I do have a few tips with regard to the materials needed!

A photo of packages of lollipops, a jar and a note
Needed material

Tips for the lollipops.

Figure out what the recipient’s favorite brand is and go for these. I would say, aim for at least 25 lollipops to make the jar look full, but more is always better as long as it fits in your jar (or other holder).

Make sure you also adjust the number of compliments and twist ties if you’re using a different number of lollipops

Tips for the jar

For my personalized DIY lollipop holder, I used a jar because I like the look of it and it’s practical. But I’ve actually shared a bunch of other DIY and premade lollipop holder ideas below, so feel free to use one of those as well.

Tips for wrapping paper

I wrote down “plastic/metallic” wrapping paper, and by that, I mean that type of shimmering and shining paper that goes back to its original shape when scrunched. Check out Amazon to find the wrapping paper I mean.

It’s important that one side of the wrapping paper can easily be written on (so no print or dark colors, unless you have a white marker).

It’s also possible to use other types of paper, but I found that the more eco-friendly cardboard type of wrapping paper didn’t work as well because it breaks when you try to wrap it around a lollipop. I still used it though just to give it a try, so it’s not impossible, but if you have the option the shimmering paper is better.

If you do want an eco-friendly wrapping alternative, you could use a cloth that you can write on.

An image of two types of wrapping paper

Tips for twist ties

If you can’t find twist ties, you can also use sticky tape instead.

Tips for the list of compliments

You will need one compliment for each lollipop, so the more lollipops the more love you can send to your recipient.

I would advise you to start gathering your compliments a while in advance. This will help you to come up with more personal and authentic compliments. Rather than generic ones which might happen when you need to come up with 25 compliments all at once.

Tips for the jar label

You can either use my free customizable template from Canva as you can see in the image below. Canva is a free online design tool that’s quite easy to use and learn. The only downside is that you do need to sign up with your email account in order to use this template.

Alternatively, you can simply go for a DIY label (like I did for my dad). Just use plain or colorful paper and decorate it with colorful markers, stickers, and glitter and it will be just as beautiful.

A label with "Name's Daily dose of lollipops and Compliment

Personalized DIY lollipop holder instructions

As I mentioned in the introduction, this personalized DIY lollipop holder is super-duper simple to make. In fact, it only consists of the 8 easy steps below.

  1. Gather materials
  2. Come up with compliments
  3. Make jar label
  4. Cut squares from wrapping paper
  5. Write down compliments on squares
  6. Wrap squares around lollipops
  7. Put them in the jar
  8. Finishing touches

#1 Gather materials

Check out my tips and recommendations for the materials needed for this lollipop holder idea above and gather them before you start.

If you’re looking for some variations, check out the “inspiration and variation” section below.

#2 Come up with compliments

Make a list in your phone (or notebook) with compliments for the recipients at least a week in advance. And whenever something comes up, add them to your list, so that when you start crafting your personalized DIY lollipop holder you’re not pressured to come up with 25 heartfelt compliments at once.

Hearts with compliments written inside

#3 Make the jar label

You can click here to access the free printable from Canva. It’s a free online tool, so you won’t need to pay anything for the printable. You will need to sign up if you want to print it though.

Or keep it simple and make one like I did for my dad, it’s all up to you.

Once you’re happy with the label, stick it on the outside of the jar with transparent sticky tape. For my dad, I stuck it inside. But in hindsight, I think it’s pretties to put the label on the outside of the jar.

A jar with a green label

#4 Cut pieces from wrapping paper

Now it’s time to make your new lollipop wrappings. For this, you will need 25 (or the number of lollipops you decided to use) squared or rectangular pieces of paper.

Assuming you bought regular-sized lollipops, your squares need to be around 15 by 15 cm (about 5.9 by 5.9 inches). It’s not exact though, could be a bit bigger or shorter, just like mine below.

I just found that if they’re bigger it’s easier to wrap them around the lollipops.

A piece of wrapping paper and a pair of scissors

#5 Write a compliment in each square

We’re almost getting there, all you need to do now is write a compliment on the inside of each square. So on the side that won’t be visible when you wrap it around the lollipop.

That way your recipient will have a surprise compliment each time they open a lollipop and can’t read all of them in advance.

Depending on the material and color of your wrapping paper, a fine liner might be the best to write the compliments.

I just used a pen and that worked fine too.

#6 Wrap squares around lollipops

Wrap each square around your lollipop with the compliment on the inside and then tie it with a twist tie or sticky tape.

The only downside of using sticky tape is that it will be harder for the recipient to open the wrapping without tearing it (and by that also tearing the compliment). But if your recipient is a diligent person, it could work just fine.

A lollipop wrapped in paper

#7 Put them in the jar

Depending on the type of lollipop holder you picked, now it’s time to put all the lollipops inside and close the jar.

#8 Finishing touches

Last but not least, let’s wrap this jar up in some cellophane and put a ribbon around it and you’re done!

Of course, this last step is not mandatory, but presentation counts, and there is just something about wrapping gifts with ribbons and cellophane that makes them look extra special.

A jar filled with lollipops

Inspiration and variation

Of course, there are about a thousand different ways you could go about this personalized DIY lollipop holder and I want to encourage you to go for one that suits you and your recipient best. I just shared the one I went for, but in case you want more inspiration, check out my ideas for fun variations below.

And if you have a great idea for a variation too, shoot me a message and a photo and I can add it for other readers too!

Different lollipop holder ideas

I went for the mason jar, because, let’s be honest. It’s the easiest, most practical one that always looks cool (or at least in my experience), but there are many different ones you can use, you can even make your own holders

Alternative treats

I used lollipops because my dad replaced his smoking addiction with a lollipop one, so he was eating a lot of them. Like a lot!

But obviously, you can decide to wrap any type of snack, preferably those that are already wrapped such as Mars, Lions, Twix, toffee, or Werther’s Originals, so it keeps its flavor, even if the recipient eats them a month later.  

Alternatives to compliments

If for whatever reason you want to use something else than compliments, here are some fun ideas.

  • Reasons why you love them
  • Fun memories
  • A personalized favor
  • A fun activity for that day
  • A question for them to answer
  • Short poems
  • Short quotes
  • Song titles that you love or that mean something to you and the recipient
A photo of sunflowers and a short quote

Other DIY gift ideas

Do you like the idea of creating DIY gifts? Then check out these options too!

Save this personalized DIY Lollipop holder idea

Do you love this personalized DIY lollipop holder idea? Then make sure you save it to Pinterest for the next recipient!

Final notes

Alright, that was all you needed to know to craft your very own personalized DIY lollipop holder and wrapper. I encourage you to dive right in and create your own unique versions. I can’t wait to see what delightful variations and heartwarming creations you come up with. So feel free to share your masterpieces with me 😊


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