25 Personalized Gifts Travelers Will Absolutely Love

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Leather bag with initials

Personalized travel gifts are the best way to combine a thoughtful gift with something that’s practical for travelers. Adding the receiver’s name or initials or a sweet message to a product is a great way to turn something basic into an awesome gift.

But how do you find the best-personalized gifts for travelers? Travelers don’t just use any generic item, it needs to be something that’s related to travel.

And for that, you came to the right place. In this post, you will find 25 practical or cute customized travel gifts that travel lovers will actually use.

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Fun fact about personalized gifts

Did you know that people are more likely to keep a personalized gift longer than generic gifts? And that they are also more likely to tell others about a personalized gift?

Check out this post for more fun facts about gifts.

Or learn more about personalization in the post with 11 reasons to give more personalized gifts.

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the 25 best personalized travel gifts

Personalized travel gifts for large budgets

#1 Personalized travel map gift

Pushpin map of the world with personalization
Pushpin map

I have said this a thousand times before, but I still stand by it.

Travelers love maps.

So a map of the world is always a good gift for travel lovers.

But to make your gift even more awesome, a personalized map is the best option. People love personalized items and it’s fun to give, which makes it a win-win gift.

As you can see, I am pretty much in love with maps and I have to say it’s probably also one of my personal favorite personalized travel gifts on this list.

#2 Bracelet

bracelet with plane and name tag
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This cute bracelet with an airplane is one of the cutest personalized travel gifts for her on this list.

What I liked about it particularly is that you can add a personalized silver tag. So the bracelet stays the same, but you just add a cute tag with either the receiver’s name or a message.

#3 Wall art

Painting of family laying at the beach
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for personalized gifts for travelers who love the beach and who travel as a family?

Then this family art is the perfect gift.

It’s also a great housewarming gift for a family who recently moved.

You can customize each person on the print so they represent the members of the family. It’s a cute and thoughtful piece of home decoration.

#4 National Parks scratch map

Scratch map of national parks
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is probably one of the best-personalized gifts for travelers who love nature and the US.

The poster includes all major US national parks and the recipient can scratch off all the parks he or she has visited so far. And they can add the other parks to their must-visit places list (I promise you, every travel lover has one, maybe not on paper, but definitely in their heads).

And what’s even cooler about the poster is that you can completely customize the title at the top for your receiver.

#5 Pocket watch

Pocket watch with personalization
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

Don’t you think pocket watches are the coolest accessory out there? I don’t know what it is, but whenever they use a pocket watch in a movie, I always think people look so much cooler.

So if you want to make the receiver look cool, this personalized pocket watch is a great option.

Whenever they need to know the time, they can simply take it out of their pocket and look super cool. Oh, and of course, they will read the personalized message you left on the back of the watch and remember that awesome person who gave them this gift.

#6 Beach towels

Beach towel with name
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

A beach towel is one of the most practical personalized gifts for travelers who love going to the beach.

You can choose from quite a few different designs on Personalization Mall. And if you don’t want to browse through all the options, simply go for the cute one I selected (it’s my favorite design).

#7 Heart-shaped map

Photo frame with maps shape like a heart
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is another one of the great personalized gifts for travelers who are at home; a map shaped like a heart that’s made out of other maps!

Wait, what?

So this poster exists of a heart that is made out of maps from different places around the world. You can pick up to six different places (prices increase as you pick more maps), and they will serve as the background of the heart.

I think this is one of the cutest home decor ideas for travelers and it’s a great gift for couples or for your lover. All you need to do is find out which countries or cities the receiver loves and add them to the heart.

Oh, and you can completely customize the text you would like to be displayed below the heart.

#8 Travel wallet

personalized travel wallet
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

A travel wallet is a very useful item for travelers who want to stay organized. They can keep all their important documents in this wallet; their tickets, passports, money, cards, and other documents.

#9 Water bottles

personalized water bottles
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

Even though you can always buy plastic water bottles when traveling, I still consider insulated water bottles one of the travel essentials. First and foremost, it reduces the amount of plastic use in countries where you can simply fill your bottle with tap water. And second, insulated bottles keep your water cool on hot days.

So if you are looking for practical personalized gifts for travelers, this insulated bottle is a fun option.

#10 Travel mugs

personalized travel mug
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for personalized gifts for travelers who love coffee? Then a costumized travel mug is perfect!

They can get a nice warm coffee to go wherever they are. I specifically picked a travel mug with a grip because travelers can easily clip those to a backpack when they’re not using the mug.

#11 Pocket knife

personalized  pocket knife
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

Do you need personalized travel gifts for him? Then this pocket knife is an awesome gift. Besides the knife, it also has a bottle opener and a window emergency escape tool.

You can use two lines for personalization if you want, though you can also just stick with the receiver’s name if you don’t know what to put on the other line.

#12 Wooden watch

Wooden watch
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

This is probably my favorite personalized travel gift for him. In fact, my mom bought one of these wooden watches for my dad and I loved the gift too (I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).

It’s a beautiful walnut wood watch that you can engrave at the bottom.

Honestly, even without the personalization option, I would still consider it one of the coolest gifts for men.

Personalized travel gifts for mid-budgets

#13 Travel journal

personalized leather travel journal
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for personalized gifts for travelers who are leaving on a trip soon?

Then a personalized travel journal is a great gift idea. I always recommend travelers bring a travel journal on any trip because it’s the best way to remember all the details once you return.

You can find a lot of cool personalized journals on Not on The High Street.

#14 Photo frame

Say yes to new adventures photo frame
Say yes to new adventures

If you need personalized gifts for travelers who are at home instead of traveling, this photo frame is a great gift.

They can add their favorite travel pics and whenever they miss traveling they can look at their photos and find some comfort in the happy memories. Plus, the quote “Say yes to new adventures” will always remind them to take on new challenges.

#15 Flask

personalized flasks
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

If you are looking for customized travel gifts for people who love alcohol, this personalized flask is a good option.

#16 Sleeping mask

personalized sleeping masks
Sleeping mask

Sleeping masks are great small and practical gifts for travelers. They will help them to sleep anywhere and anytime.

On a plane? During broad daylight in the hotel? On a bus?

No problem, a sleep mask is a traveler’s best friend. And as I said before, people love personalized gifts, which makes this mask an even better option.

Another benefit of a personalized mask is that it will be easier for flight attendants to wake them up because they can simply call them by their names.

A downside, however, is when the receiver snores and uses this sleep mask on a plane. In that case, the whole plane will know the name of the person who is snoring.

#17 Piggy bank

Money jar with text vacation fund
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

This is one of the best personalized gifts for travelers who just returned from a trip and who need to save for their next one.

This personalized piggy bank will surely motivate them to set aside that extra money and start dreaming of their next destination.

#18 Engraved necklace

Necklace with a pendant of a world map
Photo courtesy of Za Na Design

Are you looking for personalized travel gifts for her?

Then this necklace with a world map is a cute gift idea. You can add a personal message to the tag that comes with the necklace and the card in the box.

#19 Jewelry box

Pink jewelry box
Pink jewelry box

This is another one of the great personalized travel gifts for her; a small jewelry box to keep their valuable jewelry safe.

I selected two of my favorite ones. The first one is on Amazon and it’s a cute squared, pink box with a mirror inside and the receiver’s initial on the top.

The other one is available on Not on the High Street and it’s made of faux leather. It has a round shape and comes with the receiver’s name on it. And if you want, you can also add more personalized lines. For example, if you would like to leave a sweet message or travel quote.

So the latter option gives you more freedom when it comes to customization, but it’s also a more expensive option than the one on Amazon.

#20 Flip-flops

Flip flips with name
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

Whenever I travel, I always bring a pair of these.

I know, they’re not the most comfortable footwear for walking, but they are great for going to the beach or pool. And most importantly, they are indispensable when you’re staying at hostels and sharing bathrooms (which is my main travel style).

So if you are looking for fun and small personalized travel gifts for people who often share bathrooms while traveling (for example backpackers and campers), these flip-flops are perfect.

Personalized travel gifts for small budgets

#21 Passport cover

Personalized passport cover
Personalized passport cover

A passport is a traveler’s most important document, so anything to keep this document safe is a great gift.

And what’s great about gifting passport covers is that you can find them in basically any style or theme, as well as personalized. Such as the one I selected.

It’s available in over 30 different designs, so if you don’t like this colorful map, head over to Amazon and check out the other designs.

#22 Make-up bag

Personalized make-up bag
Personalized make-up bag

This is one of the best small personalized travel gifts for her; a make-up bag with their name on it.

It’s a simple, yet cute and practical item for any traveler who brings make-up on the road.

#23 Laundry bag

Customized laundry bag
Customized laundry bag

Usually, a laundry bag is not the most exciting gift to give or to receive.

But not if you go for this cute embroidered personalized laundry bag.

From now on, they can do their laundry in style. And they will always think of you when they’re doing their laundry.

#24 Luggage tags

A personalized luggage tag
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

Luggage tags are probably one of the easiest and safest personalized travel gifts. Safest in the sense that you can never go wrong with a luggage tag.

I quite like the faux leather one on Personalization Mall, but there are more designs to choose from if you prefer something else.

#25 Phone ring holder

Phone ring holder with name
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

Is the receiver someone who is always on his or her phone?

Then a phone accessory is a good gift idea, such as this phone ring holder. They can put the holder around their finger so they don’t drop their phones as often, and it serves as a phone holder when they’re watching movies and videos on their phones.

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the 25 best personalized travel gifts

Final note on personalized gifts for travelers

Alright, if you need a little help deciding which gift to buy, have a look at the editor’s top 3 personalized travel gifts.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!