The 25 Best Peruvian Gifts For People Who Love Peru

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Llama at Machu Picchu, Peru

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The best Peruvian gifts for people who love Peru are gifts that transport them to their beloved country. However, don’t worry if you can’t afford a ticket to Lima. You will find 24 more awesome Peru-themed gifts in this post! From beautiful handmade gifts from Peru to funny or informative books.

If you want my recommendation, here are my top 3 for each budget:

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25 unique Peruvian gifts

Peruvian gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to Peru

Rainbow mountain
Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash

Let’s start this list with the number one gift for people who love Peru:

A vacation to Peru!

If you have a large budget for this gift, head over to Skyscanner and buy a plane ticket to Lima (or another city) right now!

Does the recipient already have a trip planned to Peru? Check out Viator for all cool activities and tours to gift. For example tours to Machu Picchu or Rainbow mountain.

If you are not sure what type of activities the recipient likes, you can also go for the safe option; a gift card. The Global Experience Card is a gift card that’s powered by Viator and includes over 350,000 different tours across the globe.

#2 Alpaca wool shawl

Alpaca wool shawl

Alpacas are endemic to the Peruvian Andes, and this cute camelid mammal can be found all over the South of Peru. Alpacas are as much related to Peru as kangaroos are to Australia. You simply can’t think of one without thinking of the other.

So if you are looking for Peruvian gifts, something related to alpacas always works. One alpaca-related gift is alpaca wool, such as this shawl.

Alpaca wool is a comfortable soft and warm type of wool that also has water and flame-resistant qualities.

For more alpaca wool gifts, check out the next item.

#3 Alpaca wool hat

Alpaca wool hat
Photo courtesy of UNICEF Market

Are you looking for gifts from Peru that also support local communities? Then this hat made from alpaca wool is the perfect gift.

UNICEF Market works together with local artisans and uses your donation to save children in need. So your gift will also serve a beautiful purpose.

#4 Peruvian clothing

Peru-style sweater
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

There is not just one type of Peruvian clothing, each village has its own unique style that shows which region they are from. But generally, Peruvian clothing is bright and colorful, such as this sweater.

It is made in Peru from acrylic and alpaca wool and designed by a Peruvian designer, making it one of the great gifts from Peru.

And what’s even greater about this gift is that NOVICA supports local artisans and supports their communities by providing education, health care, and more to improve the quality of life.

They operate around the world, including Peru.

#5 Peruvian gifts for people who love music

Charango guitar

Are you looking for unique gifts from Peru for someone who is into music? And more specifically, into making music themselves? Then this original Peruvian charango guitar is perfect!

The charango is a 10-stringed instrument that’s often used in Andean traditional music. There are plenty of online tutorials on YouTube, so the recipient can teach himself or herself how to play this traditional instrument.

For more music-related Peruvian gifts, check out #10.

#6 Peruvian coffee

Peruvian coffee

Are you looking for Peruvian gifts for someone who loves coffee?

Then you just found the perfect gift. Coffee beans from Peru!

Peru is the 8th largest coffee producer in the world. Peruvian coffee has a mild body and includes hints of chocolate, nuts, and citrus.

Peruvian gifts for mid budgets

#7 Books about Peru

Peru Culture Smart

Peru: The essential guide to customs & culture

Are you looking for Peru-themed gifts for someone who is moving to Peru? Or for someone who loves learning about local cultures? Then the Culture Smart for Peru is perfect.

The Peru Reader

The Peru Reader: History, culture, politics

The Peru Reader is part of the Latin America Readers series and provides an in-depth overview of Peru’s history, culture, and current political system and challenges.

Death in the Andes

Death in the Andes by Mario Vargas Llosa

Death in the Andes is a Peruvian classic novel written by Nobel-price winner Mario Vargas Llosa. It’s about two policemen trying to solve some disappearances in the region.

#8 Peru-themed water bottle

Water bottle with llama
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The Peru-themed water bottles from Zazzle are great Peruvian gifts for sustainable travelers. They can reduce their plastic footprint by reusing this stainless steel water bottle.

And who wouldn’t want to use this cute llama water bottle?

In case you do know someone who wouldn’t want to use this cute water bottle, check out Zazzle for more options.

#9 Handwoven purse

colorful purse
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

If you are looking for cute gifts from Peru for women, this handwoven purse is perfect.

It’s designed and made by artisans in Peru. And if you buy from NOVICA your donation will be used to support the artisan and their community, so it’s a win-win. You’ve got a unique gift from Peru and they can improve their community’s education or health care system.

#10 Gourd carved maracas


Gourd carving is an art form that has been practiced in Peru for ages. So anything that’s carved from a gourd is a great gift from Peru.

But if you want Peruvian gifts for someone who also loves music, then these maracas are the perfect gift. They are produced and carved by a community in Peru, so you’re gift will also support a local community.

#11 Peruvian cookbooks

Peru: The cookbook

Peru: The cookbook

Food is one of the many things Peru is famous for. So if you are looking for fun Peruvian gifts for someone who loves food, then a cookbook to prepare those delicious meals at home is perfect.

The fire of Peru

The fire of Peru: Recipes and stories from my Peruvian kitchen

With over 100 different Peruvian recipes and their stories, this book is perfect for people who love to learn more about the Peruvian kitchen.

The big Peruvian cookbook

The big Peruvian cookbook: 100 delicious traditional recipes from Peru

This is another great book for people who love to try traditional Peruvian cooking.

#12 Map of Peru

Illustrated map of Peru
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for Peruvian gifts for someone’s home? Then this illustrated map of Peru is the perfect gift.

For some reason travelers always love maps, so a map of their favorite country is even better.

You can order the illustrated map in A3, A4, or A5 format. And keep in mind that the map comes unframed.

#13 Bottle of pisco

Bottle of pisco
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

Are you looking for Peruvian gifts for someone who loves alcohol? Then a bottle of Pisco (a type of Peruvian brandy) is perfect.

It’s the national spirit of Peru. However, outside of Peru, their wines (that are produced in the same region) are often better known than Pisco. But if you like the taste of strong liquor and distilled fermented grape juice, it’s a great Peruvian gift.

For wine gifts, check out #19.

#14 Peru travel guides

Fodor’s Essential Peru

Fodor’s Essential Peru

If you are looking for Peru gifts for someone who is going to Peru for a trip soon, then travel guides are great practical gifts (if they don’t have one yet). Fodor is a great visual guide for all types of travelers.

Lonely Planet: Peru

Lonely Planet: Peru

If you are looking for gifts for a backpacker, then the Lonely Planet Peru is the guidebook you need.

National Geographic: Peru

National Geographic: Peru

National Geographic’s guidebooks are great for travelers who love to learn a bit more about the history and backstory of a country and the places they visit.

#15 Peru-themed passport cover

Passportcover with llamas
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for practical Peru-themed gifts for someone who travels a lot? Then a passport cover in Peru style is the gift you need.

I absolutely loved the llama cover, but that’s because I love llamas. So check out Zazzle if you would rather go for a different option.

Peruvian gifts for small budgets

#16 Peru-themed wall art

Colorful wall art

Are you looking for more Peruvian gifts for someone’s home?

This wall art with Peruvian geoglyphs is a great and colorful wall decor item. But of course, you can find Peruvian wall art in all sorts and sizes. You could also go for a Matchu Picchu poster, or a vintage travel poster. Just head over to Amazon and check out all options.

#17 Peru-themed luggage tag

lugagge tag
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The 143 different luggage tags on Zazzle are great Peru-themed gifts for frequent travelers.

I liked the Andean lazy bird tag, but feel free to check out Zazzle to find a design you love.

#18 Peruvian Spanish books

Peruvian slang book

Just as English, Spanish varies greatly from country to country. Some Spanish words may mean something completely different in Spain and Peru. So if you are looking for Peruvian gifts for someone who would like to learn these differences, then the vocabulary book is a great gift.

But if you are looking for someone who loves to learn local slang, then the Quien me llama book is the best gift!

#19 More gifts from Peru: wine

Bottle of Peruvian wine
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

Are you looking for Peruvian gifts for someone who loves wine? Then obviously, the best gift is a bottle of Peruvian wine.

In Peru, most wine is produced on the central coast around Lima.

#20 Peruvian gifts for her: necklace

Map of Peru pendant

Are you looking for small and cute Peruvian gifts for her? Then this gold pendant in the shape of the map of Peru is perfect.

It even has a heart to show her love for Peru. Or your love for her, if that’s the message you want to go for with this gift of course ;).

#21 Peru-themed tote bag

Tote bag with Lima
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Peruvian gifts for an eco-minded person who loves Lima? Then this tote bag is the perfect gift for them.

For more Peru-themed tote bags, check out Zazzle.

#22 Peruvian empanadas cooking class

Woman cooking
Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

A Peruvian empanada cooking class is a perfect gift for someone who loves cooking and who loves to learn how to prepare delicious empanadas!

The online course on Udemy includes seven short videos that teach you how to make an empanada step by step.

#23 Peruvian-themed keychain

Are you looking for small and sweet Peru-themed gifts? This cute keychain is the gift you need!

#24 Peru travel journal

Travel journal Peru

Are you looking for Peruvian gifts for someone who is traveling to Peru soon?

Then this travel journal is the perfect gift. It’s specifically designed for people who are visiting Peru and includes things such as a safety information page, a trip planner, a memory page, and listicles of places to see and do.

If you would rather go for a travel journal that’s not specific to Peru, check out these 25 awesome travel journals.

#25 Peru coloring book for adults

Peru coloring book

If you’ve never heard of coloring books for adults, let me share some science with you.

Coloring books for adults have been proven to relax your brain, improve brain function, improve motor skills, improve your sleeping pattern, improve focus, reduce anxiety and stress, and lastly it has been proven to induce a meditative and relaxing state.

So many reasons to go for this coloring book with Pre-Colombian art patterns.

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The 25 best Peruvian gifts

Final note on Peru gifts

Alright, so you made it to the bottom of the post and still haven’t bought a gift yet? Let me share my top three to inspire you:

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