Top 29 Gifts For Pizza Lovers That Will Make Your Foodie Friends Drool

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A pizza on a wooden plate with tomatoes and herbs

Are you struggling to find the best gifts for pizza lovers? Look no further! As a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur, I’ve rounded up the top 29 pizza gifts that will make any pizza fanatic’s heart skip a beat. From quirky kitchen gadgets to funny pizza-themed gifts, these items will definitly make your foodie friend drool with delight!

So sit back, grab a slice of your favorite pizza, and get ready to discover the ultimate pizza lover gift guide.

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29 Unique gifts for pizza lovers that will ake their crusts cripsy with four photos of pizza gifts

Pizza gifts for large budgets

#1 Pizza chores roulette board

A wooden plate with pizza
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for pizza gifts for a family that’s obsessed with pizza?

Then you just found the perfect gift to solve the daily family squabbles over who needs to do which chores. They can simply let faith (and pizza) decide. All they need to do is serve a pizza to the family, let everyone pick their favorite slice, and the board roulette will reveal which chore (or reward) coincides with their choice!

It’s the perfect family pizza gift for Christmas.

#2 Pizza oven for the outdoor grill

Pizza oven
Pizza oven

This outdoor pizza oven will allow the pizza enthusiast in your life to enjoy the delicious taste of a wood-fired pizza from the comfort of their own backyard!

Not only is it practical and easy to use with no assembly required, but the cordierite ceramic stone and aluminum pizza steel ensure that their homemade pizza will have the perfect crust every single time.

So if you are looking for the best pizza gifts for home chefs, this is the ultimate gift to help them nail the crust.

#3 Baby pizza booties

Baby booties in the shape of pizza
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These booties are probably the cutest gifts for pizza lovers with babies!

They can dress their baby in their favorite food to combine their two greatest loves in the world. What else could a pizza enthusiast ask for?

#4 Monthly pizza subscription

Pizza subscription and a photo of a woman eating a pizza
Photo courtesy of Goldbelly

Goldbelly’s monthly pizza subscription is the ultimate pizza gift idea! The will recipient will get a little slice of heaven every month! Or actually, the box is not so little because it’s enough to serve 4 people, so the recipient can invite some friends over for a pizza party every month!

And the best part?

They will be surprised with a new style of pizza each time. From wood-fired, coal oven, white, and red to a deep dish!

#5 Personalized pizza peel

A wooden plate with "Robertson pizzeria" etched
Photo courtesy of Corner Craft Shop

This personalized pizza peel is another awesome pizza gift idea for families who are obsessed with pizza!

They can finally use their own peel when they’re tossing their homemade pizzas in the oven like a pro (or noob, but at least they’ll have your really cool gift to make them look awesome).

#6 Pizza dough gift set

Three packages of mix for pizza dough
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This pizza dough gift box is probably one of the best pizza gifts for home chefs who are just starting out with homemade pizza or who love convenience.

This set comes with three different pizza dough mixes; a Chicago deep dish, Neapolitan, and the outdoor grilling dough, so the recipient can experience different flavors and crust styles without the hassle.

With this gift, your pizza-loving friend can spend less time making dough and more time eating delicious pizza.

#7 Personalized pizza axe cutter

A woman cutting a pizza with an axe that is personalized
Photo courtesy of Precision Memory

If you’re looking for a gift that’s sharp, stylish, and personal, this personalized pizza axe cutter is the way to go!

This gift will make your pizza-loving friend feel like a true Viking, conquering their pizza with ease. And with personalization, they’ll never forget who gave them this awesome gift. Plus, did you know that people keep personalized gifts longer than generic gifts? That means your friend will cherish their pizza axe cutter for years to come.

#8 Pizza delivery gift card

A dominos gift card
Photo courtesy of Dominos

Are you looking for gifts for pizza lovers who often order pizza?

Make their next order your treat with a gift card from their favorite restaurant. Check out Amazon to find various international pizza chains, or head over to the pizza baker next to their home and buy a gift card there.

Oh, and if you think that gifting gift cards is dull, check out these 29 unique ways to spice up your gift card.

#9 Pizza-themed clothing

A black hoodie with the funny text "I just want pizza"
Photo courtesy of Qurrious Shop

Pizza-themed clothing is a perfect way for pizza lovers to show their allegiance to their favorite food! Who needs designer brands when you can rock a hoodie that proudly proclaims “I just want pizza”?

Plus, when they’re wearing pizza-themed apparel, people will know exactly what they’re all about – no need to explain their love for pizza. And who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in a cozy pizza hoodie while enjoying a hot slice?

Pizza gifts for mid-budgets

#10 Pizza-themed blanket

A round pizza-inspired blanket
Pizza blanket

Are you looking for funny pizza-themed gifts that will make your friend feel warm and fuzzy inside?

Then check out this cozy pizza blanket! Not only will it keep them cozy on chilly pizza nights, but it also shows off their love for their favorite food. It’s like a warm embrace from a pizza, minus the greasy fingers.

#11 Pizza-scented candle

Three candles in boxes that smell like pizza
Photo courtesy of Crafty American Design

A pizza-scented candle is the perfect gift for pizza lovers who want to savor the aroma of their favorite food without the calories. Plus, it’s a great way to set the mood for a cozy night in!

#12 Pizza slice floaty

Pizza slice floaty
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for the best gifts for pizza lovers who love the sun, the pool, and floating?

Then this giant pizza slice floaty is perfect!

#13 Pizza box socks

Pizza box with socks
Pizza box with socks

Are you looking for pizza gifts for someone who’s got everything?

Then socks are always a fun option. Especially if they come shaped like a pizza, such as this awesome box.

#14 Pizza container

Blue containers to store slices of pizza
Pizza storage containers

Now I’m not sure if true pizza lovers even know what leftover pizza is, they probably don’t leave a single slice behind. But on the off chance that they want to save a slice for later, these pizza storage containers are a game-changer! They’ll keep their slices fresh, and non-soggy. Plus they can be used in the dishwasher and microwave.

#15 Pizza-themed passport covers

A brown leather passport cover with a slice of pizza
Photo courtesy of Modern Goods Shop

Are you looking for pizza gifts for people who travel a lot?

Then check out Etsy for their complete collection of pizza-themed passport covers!

These awesome passport holders will allow the recipients to proudly display their love for pizza while traveling the world. Plus, with a pizza on their passport cover, they’re sure to make new friends everywhere they go (and with every border security).

#16 Pizza cookbooks

The Elements of pizza cookbook
The Elements of pizza cookbook

This is one of the best pizza gift ideas for someone who loves making their own pizza!

With The Elements of Pizza, they will learn about all the tips and tricks to make the perfect pizza in their home kitchen. From the different types of dough to selecting the right cheeses and toppings, each element of their favorite food will be discussed.

#17 Pizza-inspired sun hat

Pizza-themed sun hat
Pizza-themed sun hat

A pizza-themed sunhat is the perfect gift for pizza lovers who want to show their love for pizza while protecting their heads from the sun.

#18 Funny pizza-themed oven mitt

A oven mitt with the text "there's no 'we'in pizza, but there is an 'i'
Photo courtesy of Crazy Dog Tshirts

This oven mitt with the hilarious quote “There is no ‘we’ in pizza, but there is an ‘I'” is the perfect pizza-related gift for people who don’t like sharing food.

Not only will it protect their hands from the heat of the oven, but it will also protect their pizza from other people’s hands!

#19 Pizza-themed jewelry

A golden necklace with a pendant of a slice of pizza
Photo courtesy of Short and Bald Jewelry

If you are looking for pizza gifts for women who are obsessed with pizza, then jewelry is an awesome gift idea.

Because which pizza lover wouldn’t want to wear their love for pizza on their sleeve?

Plus, it’s a subtle way to let everyone know what she’s really passionate about.

#20 Bicycle pizza cutter

A pizza cutter in the shape of a bicycle
Bicycle pizza cutter

Do you need pizza gifts for friends who are also really into cycling?

Then I just found a wheely cool gift for you (I know, terrible pun).

A pizza cutter in the shape of a bicycle!

Not only will it make them smile, but it also gets the job done.

Pizza gifts for small budgets

#21 Pizza-flavor lip balm

Lip balm with pizza slice flavor
Photo courtesy of Blue Poppy Bath

What’s better than the delicious taste of pizza?

The delicious taste of pizza on your lips!

With this pizza-flavored lip balm, your pizza-loving friend can enjoy the taste of their favorite food all day long, without any of the calories. It’s one of the funniest pizza-inspired gifts for your bestie or girlfriend.

#22 Mousepad

Pizza-themed mousepad
Pizza-themed mousepad

Do you need pizza-themed gifts for that one friend who is always thinking about pizza?

Why not bring a slice (or a whole pizza) into their office with this pizza mousepad?

Not only is it a funny gift that will instantly cheer up their workspace, but it will also give them the perfect excuse to order a pizza for lunch.

#23 Keychain

You have a pizza my heart keychain
You have a pizza my heart keychain

This keychain is one of the cutest ways to show your love for pizza and your significant other. They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, but with this keychain, you can do it through their keys too!

#24 Pizza-themed wall art

A poster with different types of pizza
Photo courtesy of Miri Vintage

Finding a pizza-themed gift for a pizza lover who has everything can be challenging. But a piece of wall art to add more pizza into their homes or offices is always a good idea!

For example, this poster which showcases all the different types of pizza they can sink their teeth into! From classic pepperoni to exotic pineapple and ham, this poster has got it all. And for more unique designs, check out Etsy.

#25 Pizza scissors

Pizza scissors
Pizza scissors

Now, this is a pizza gift idea that will really slice through the competition (sorry, I couldn’t help the pun).

Your pizza-loving friend will love these scissors’ unique design. No more greasy rolling pizza wheels or rocking blades, they just slide the spatula tip under the pie and cut their pizza perfectly.

And the best part?

These pizza scissors are dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, and can be converted into a pizza server too, so your friend won’t have to put in much effort before, during, and after their pizza feast.

#26 Pizza-themed notebook

Pizza-themed notebook
Pizza-themed notebook

Pizza-themed notebooks are great gifts for pizza lovers because they can use them to write down their favorite pizza recipes, doodle pizza drawings, or even make a pizza-inspired bucket list (or just for their work or school notes, because I’m sure they also have a life beyond pizza).

#27 Funny mug

A white coffee mug with the text "pizza sl*t"
Photo courtesy of Plum Foolery

Are you looking for funny gifts for pizza lovers that will make them start their day with a smile on their faces?

Then this funny mug is exactly what you need. It’s funny because it’s true, and it includes pizza (and you can never go wrong with pizza).

#28 Pizza-shaped slippers

A pair of warm slippers that look like slices of pizza
Pizza-shaped slippers

These pizza-shaped slippers are one of the best gifts for pizza lovers who are always cold. They go well with the pizza blanket, so they can snuggle up and stay warm in their favorite food. And they also match perfectly with the cute baby footies.

So if you are looking for a pizza-loving family, check out these slippers (they’re available in kid and adult sizes), the blanket, and the baby footies, so the whole family can walk around with their favorite food on their foot!

#29 DIY pizza money dough gift

Pizzaa box with money pizza
Pizza cash gift

Giving cash as a gifs has the reputation of being a bad, boring, and unthoughtful gift. But I beg to differ. Money is actually one of the most useful gifts. It gives recipients the opportunity to use it for something they truly want and need, making it a great and thoughtful gift.

And if you go for this super awesome pizza dough gift, it is anything but boring!

It’s super easy to make and a great pizza-themed gift for graduations, birthdays, and Christmas!

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Final note on pizza-themed gifts

These 29 pizza-related gifts are the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for the pizza lovers in your life. From practical items like pizza storage containers and oven mitts to fun and quirky gifts like pizza-shaped slippers and giant floaties, there is no shortage of creative and unique pizza-inspired products out there.

But if you do need some more help, check out the editor’s top three.


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