30 Awesome Retirement Travel Gifts For Retirees Who Travel

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Is one of your colleagues retiring and is he or she going to travel a lot now that the working days are over? Then these 30 gifts for retirees who travel are perfect for you. Or are your parents, friends, or other relatives retiring, and are you looking for heartfelt retirement travel gifts that they will actually take on their journey? Then this list is for you!

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30 retirement gifts for retirees who travel with a photo of an older couple at the beach

Retirement travel gifts for large budgets

#1 Personalized world map

Travel wedding gifts: world map
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Now that they are going to travel around the world, they need a way to keep track of all the beautiful countries they’ve seen and all the others they still need to discover. And for that, this personalized pushpin world map is the perfect travel retirement gift!

And if you prefer different styles, check out my favorite world maps here.

#2 E-reader

Kobo Reader
Kobo e-reader

Retired people generally have a lot of time for their hobbies, such as reading. And what’s better than spending your days at the beach, in your RV, or in a café, reading your favorite book?


Reading it from your super lightweight and small e-reader of course!

Retirees who travel won’t have space to carry around all the books they will be reading, so instead gift them an e-reader and they can entertain themselves forever with just one device.

#3 High-quality suitcase

Samsonite black suitcase
Samsonite black suitcase

Most retirees who travel are past the backpacking stage. Instead, they prefer a comfortable and lightweight suitcase, with 360 degrees spinning wheels, and a sturdy cover.

And for that, the Samsonite suitcases are by far the best. They’ve been selected as the best suitcases by travelers over and over again. So if you are looking for practical gifts for retirees who travel, I can highly recommend Samsonite suitcases.

#4 Swiss army knife

Swiss army knife
Swiss army knife

I think this is one of the most practical retirement travel gifts for people who intend to spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether they’re traveling with a camper, a tent, or a bicycle, a Swiss army knife will always come in handy!

#5 Camera

Canon camera
Canon camera

Pics or didn’t happen!

Though I doubt that retirees will ever use that phrase. They do, however, love to capture every part of their post-work travel.

So if you have a large budget for this travel retirement gift, a proper camera is the best option. For smaller photography-related gifts, check out the next gifts on this list.

#6 Camera bag

Black camera backpack
Black camera backpack

If a camera is slightly over your budget or if the retiree already has a proper camera, then you can always go for camera accessories, such as this camera bag to keep it safe on the road.

#7 Water bottle

LifeStraw water bottle
LifeStraw water bottle

Staying hydrated is essential for travelers, and that’s why water bottles are great retirement travel gifts. And what makes this LifeStraw bottle one of the best water bottles is the filter that comes with it.

A LifeStraw filter filters out things like dirt, chemicals, microplastics, and more. So the recipient can drink water safely, even in countries where tap water is generally not considered safe to drink.

#8 Binoculars


 Are you looking for travel gifts for retirement for someone who loves to go on safaris? And who will probably spend a lot of his or her free time spotting wild animals?

Then travel binoculars are great gift ideas.

They’re small enough to easily fit in a backpack, yet strong enough to provide 20x magnification.

For more inspiration, head over to these 25 safari-themed gift ideas.

#9 Rain jackets

Columbia rain jacket
Columbia rain jacket

No matter where they will travel too, a rain jacket will always come in handy. Especially if you go for a high-quality one such as this one by Columbia.

I selected the men’s jacket as an example, but head over to Columbia’s website to shop for women’s jackets too.

#10 Gift card

Tinggly "Experience the world" gift card
Photo courtesy of Tinggly

I know, I know. A gift card may seem like a very lazy and boring gift. But hear me out.

What if a gift card is actually one of the most practical ánd thoughtful gifts?

It actually says “you know better what you need than I do, and I’d rather have you buy a useful gift for yourself, than pretend to know you very well and buy something you don’t want”

And with that in mind, check out these 25 best gift cards for travelers if you need some inspiration, or go for Tinggly gift cards that allow them to choose from awesome travel experiences around the world.

Oh, and if you do want to add a bit of a personalized touch, check out these 29 creative ways to give gift cards.

#11 International coffee beans

Collection of coffee bean bags
Photo courtesy of Bean Box

As a huge coffee lover, I have to say, this might just be one of my favorite at-home retirement gifts for someone who likes to travel.

Obviously, they won’t be taking these bean bags on their journeys (check out the next gift if that’s what you’re looking for). But these coffee beans will take them on a coffee journey from home!

They can try 16 different types of coffee beans from around the world. And all of that from the comfort of their home. So even when they’re not traveling, they will still feel like it with your amazing gift.

#12 Portable coffee maker

Portable coffee maker
Portable coffee maker

Other than the coffee beans, this portable coffee maker is designed for true coffee lovers who travel. With its small size (6.9 x 2.8 x 2.4 in) and lightweight (0.8 lb) it fits in any luggage. Plus it doesn’t require any cups or electricity, meaning that the retiree can make a delicious espresso wherever they want.

#13 Anti-theft handbag


Are you looking for the best travel retirement gifts for women? Whether it’s for your mom or a female coworker, an anti-theft crossbody bag is always a good idea.

First of all, it will keep her belongings safe with special zippers, sturdy material, and RFID-blocking slots. And second of all, it’s a cute and stylish handbag that she will definitely use.

Check out these personal safety gifts for more cool gifts that will also keep the traveler safe.

#14 Sturdy and waterproof phone case

Phone case
Phone case

Traveling without a phone is something that’s unthinkable nowadays. So to keep their phones safe and sound on the road, this bump, dust, and waterproof phone case is perfect!

It’s designed to endure everything that traveler’s phones have to withstand and is thus perfect for retirees who travel.

Or check out these 25 travel-themed phone cases.

#15 Floating sunglasses

Black Sunglasses
Black Sunglasses

Whether the retiree is going to travel with their (sail)boat, RV, tent, or just by car, sunglasses are always needed.

And these ones by Rheos are perfect for travelers because they float on water!

Retirement travel gifts for mid budgets

#16 Travel guide

Destinations of a lifetime travel guide
Destinations of a lifetime travel guide

Now that they’ve retired they need to find a way to fill all that free time. And this book by National Geographic will give them more than 100 amazing ideas! Making it one of my favorite retirement travel gifts. (Though it’s also one of my favorite travel inspirational books in general).

#17 Travel mug

Travel mug iwth text: retirement World's longest coffee break
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for retirement travel gifts for someone who used to spend a lot of time at the coffee machine at work?

Then they will surely appreciate this funny retirement travel mug! They can take it on their trip and remember their favorite co-worker who gave them this mug.

#18 Jewelry box

Green jewelry box
Green jewelry box

This is another great retirement travel gift for women (though men with lots of jewelry will love these organizers too).

She can take her precious jewelry and keep them divided and organized in this cute box.

#19 Travel pillow

Travel pillow
Travel pillow

A travel pillow is an essential item to travel comfortably. So if you are looking for practical retirement travel gifts that they will actually use, this washable travel pillow is perfect! It’s the key to staying comfortable on long-haul flights and buses.

#20 International cookbook

In her kitchen cookbook
In her kitchen cookbook

Another fun activity for retirees is cooking. And what’s a better way to spend time in the kitchen than to recreate the most delicious recipes from nanas all around the world? Not that a retiree is automatically also a nanna, but because grandma’s cooking is always the best.

#21 Passport cover

Passport cover with the definition of retirement
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This is one of my favorite gifts for retirees who travel, a passport cover that will always remind them of the fun things they can do now that they’ve retired.

For more designs, check out Zazzle.

#22 Retirement necklace

Happy retirement necklace
Happy retirement necklace

This retirement necklace is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a woman who is very dear to you. Not only because it’s a gorgeous piece of jewelry, but also because of the sweet message that comes with it.

#23 Hanging toiletry bag

Black hanging toiletry bag
Black hanging toiletry bag

This fancy water-resistant and hanging toiletry bag is another essential item for travelers. Whether they’re retired or not, everybody needs a toiletry bag.

#24 Book about retired travelers

To Oldly Go book
To Oldly Go book

 Are you looking for retirement travel gifts for someone who loves to read about other people’s experiences?

Then To Oldly Go is the perfect book. It contains 41 true stories of people over the age of 60 who also decided to take on the adventure and travel the world. The stories are funny and will definitely be relatable for traveling retirees.

Retirement travel gifts for small budgets

#25 Luggage tag

Luggage tag with: Yes I do have a retirement plan, I plan to travel the world
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With all the trips they will be making, they need to make sure they can find their luggage easily. And luckily, you’ve got them covered with this awesome retirement-themed luggage tag.

Though check out Zazzle if you prefer other designs.

#26 Puzzle book

The New York Times puzzle book
The New York Times puzzle book

If you are looking for small and practical gifts for retirees who travel then a puzzle book will always come in handy.

I mean, retired people tend to puzzle a lot in general, plus they need something to do in the plane, bus or train while traveling to their next destination!

#27 Tote bag

Tote bag with: the legend has retired
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are one of my favorite sustainable travel retirement gifts because they can replace plastic bags with this funny one!

So not only will it always remind them of the amazing time they had at work, it will also save the planet for their children (and grandchildren).

#28 Travel-sized games

Catan dice game
Catan dice game

Another way in which retirees keep themselves busy is by playing games. So if you are looking for fun gifts for retirees who travel, a travel-sized game is the perfect solution.

You can find my 40 favorite games for travelers here, or go for Catan Dual.

#29 Travel journal

Travel journal
Travel journal

A travel journal is the best way to collect memories of a trip. And I am not just saying this for retirees, that’s actually true for every traveler. I sometimes read my old travel journals, and very often I realize how many stories, names, and experiences I had forgotten already. Honestly, rereading a journal is one of the best gifts travelers can give to themselves.

So to help them with that, a travel journal is one of the best retirement travel gifts for them.

And if you need some inspiration, check out these 25 awesome journals.

#30 Scarf with hidden pockets

Scarf with hidden pocket for phone
Scarf with hidden pocket for phone

A scarf is a practical travel item in general, but this one has something special that makes it an even better retirement travel gift;

It comes with a hidden pocket so they can stay warm and keep their belongings safe on the road.

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Final note on gifts for retirees who travel

Alright, these were my 30 favorite retirement gifts for travelers. If you haven’t made a decision yet, check out the editor’s top three.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 29-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!

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