The 25 Best Rum Gifts To Raise The Spirits This Year!

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If you’re on a quest to find the perfect rum gifts for your rum-loving friends (or maybe just a little something for yourself, we won’t judge), you’ve dropped anchor in the right place! We’ve scoured the seven seas of online shopping to uncover the most rum-derful, swashbuckling, and downright irresistible gifts for rum lovers that’ll have them saying, “Ahoy!”. (Or maybe just a thank you).

From premium rum-tasting kits to funny rum-inspired gadgets, this treasure trove of 25 rum lover gifts has got something for everyone.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts for rum lovers by budget.

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Rum gifts for large budgets

#1 Premium rum bottle

A bottle of EL dorado 21 year aged rum
Photo courtesy of Flaviar

Obviously, the best gift for rum lovers is a bottle of rum.

But you can’t just give any bottle, because true connoisseurs will probably have a more sophisticated taste. And for those, a premium rum bottle is the ultimate gift, such as El Dorado’s 21-Year-Old Special Reserve.

A special rum for a special person. It’s been at least 21 years at the legendary Demerara distillers in Guyana. It’s a distillery with a long and interesting history in Rum, making this bottle even better for true connoisseurs (who will definitely know the story of the Liquid Gold of Guyana).

#2 Advent calendar

A rum advent calendar
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for Christmas gifts for rum lovers? Then we’ve got a gift that even Santa would approve of (and pretty much and rum lover);

A spiced rum advent calendar!

Every day leading up to Christmas, they get to pop open a new door and discover a different spiced rum surprise. It’s like a daily dose of Caribbean warmth and cheer, minus the sunburn. Perfect for rum enthusiasts who want to make December a month of merry sipping!

#3 DIY rum kit

A small barrel of whiskey or rum
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

With this DIY rum-making kit, your favorite rum drinker can finally stop sneaking into distilleries at night, and start crafting their very own rum!

All they need to do is add some grain alcohol, give it a good shake, and then channel their inner patience guru for two weeks (but they can simply enjoy one of the other rums from this list in the meantime).

And voilà! They’ve got their very own unique, barrel-aged concoction to savor. And for an even more unique touch to their rum, check out #7.

#4 Rum tasting gift set

A set of different rum bottles in a tasting gift
Photo courtesy of Flaviar

A rum-tasting set is the perfect boozy adventure in a box, making it the perfect gift for rum lovers. It’s the ideal way to turn any rum enthusiast into a seasoned connoisseur, while they’re exploring the rich, caramel seas of rum from different regions and styles from the comfort of home.

#5 Globe decanter set

A decanter set with the world map etched
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This globe decanter is not only a beautiful and classy addition to your recipient’s home, but it’s also a great way to store their special rums! And a fancy way to store their cheapest rums and trick their friends and family into thinking they’ve got a premium one😉.

With the airtight seal, they can store their rum for months or even a year, though I hardly doubt that real rum lovers can leave a good rum out there that long.

#6 Rum distilleries of the world poster

A poster with the map of Latin America and its rum distilleries
Photo courtesy of Frog Posters

Is the recipient a rum lover who only drinks the best of the best?

And do they love to experiment and travel?

Then this poster with the 100 best rums in the world is perfect!

For those of you with an eye for detail. Don’t worry, it also contains some of the best rum distilleries outside of Latin America (check out the bottom left box). It’s just that historically speaking, this is the area with the most distilleries, and that’s why you will still find the most and best ones here.

#7 Rum infusion kit

A DIY rum infusion set with botanicals and glass bottles
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is one of the coolest gifts for your crafty rum drinkers; they can create their own spiced rum with this set of twelve different spices.

It’s even cooler if they can combine it with their homemade rum barrel (#3), but just a storebought rum bottle will also do.

Then they can combine the most delicious and unique combinations to create their very own infused rum bottle.

#8 Pirate’s Grog rum gift set

A treasure chest with three bottlles of rum
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for the ultimate treasure chest (literally) for rum enthusiasts? Then check out this Pirate’s grog rum miniature set!

The box is filled with three mini bottles of Pirate’s Grog, each with its own swashbuckling story and flavors. From the smooth Five Year with vanilla and butterscotch hints to the rich No.13 boasting apricot and white chocolate notes, and the Spiced with its exotic infusion—these rums are like the Captain Jack Sparrows of the rum world.

Plus, you can also personalize the chest with a wax-sealed scroll for that extra touch of pirate flair.

Rum gifts for mid-budget

#9 A bottle from their favorite country

Bottle of rum
Photo courtesy of Drizly

As a travel lover myself, I couldn’t help but add a little travel-inspired gift for rum drinkers.

And to be fair, I’m pretty sure that any rum lover will actually appreciate this gift too (even if they’re not into traveling).

So what’s that gift I’m talking about?

A bottle of rum from the recipient’s favorite country! Or from your home country to introduce the recipient to the spirit of your home. Either way, it’s a fun way for them to expand that rum-tasting horizon and travel from the comfort of their armchair with a glass of rum in their hands.

#10 Mini chocolate rum bottles

A rum gift set with three bottles made from chocolate and filled with rum
Photo courtesy of Prezzybox

Chocolate and rum is a match made in heaven.

Seriously, what’s not to love about the combination?

And now, you can get that heavenly combo in a gift for your favorite rum drinker with this set of mini chocolate bottles filled with rum!

#11 Liquor store gift card

A gift card from the shop "Flaviar"
Photo courtesy of Flaviar

Now I know that gift cards have the (false) reputation of being boring gifts. But I beg to differ.

A gift card actually shows that you care more about the recipient than about yourself.

Why? Because you’re daring to come across as lazy and uninspired, just so that the recipient can buy the perfect gift for themselves!

And if you go for one of these unique ways to wrap a gift card, and add these funny gift card notes, I guarantee that the recipient will love your gift!

So if you need gifts for rum drinkers you don’t know well, or who are rather picky, check out Flaviar for a gift card. Or head to the liquor store close to the recipient’s home and buy a gift card from there.

#12 Fancy rum glasses

Set of fancy rum glasses
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Alright, so rum glasses don’t really fall into the category of ‘unique gifts for rum drinkers’, but they are great practical and classy gifts.

Especially for rum lovers who just bought their first house or who are moving. With these fancy glasses, they can enjoy their favorite drink in style!

For unique glasses for rum enthusiasts, check out gift #16.

#13 The world’s hottest chili rum

A bottle of rum infused with hot chillies
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This is one of the funniest gifts for rum lovers. Or at least, in my opinion.

Set their taste buds on fire with the chili-spiced rum!

This is not for the faint-hearted because it’s infused with three of the world’s most spicy chilies (the Carolina Reaper, Naga Ghost Chilli, and Trinidad Scorpion). And trust me, even the worst rum tasters will be able to tell what hints and notes they can taste in this rum.

Make sure to film the recipient’s first sip for a laughter-filled video and for a chance to win a bottle of Pirates Grog rum too!

#14 Books about rum

Book cover of 'Rum Curious: The Indispensable Tasting Guide to the World's Spirit'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Rum Curious: The Indispensable Tasting Guide to the World’s Spirit

“Rum Curious” is the ultimate gift for rum lovers. Author Fred Minnick will take them on a wild rum adventure, from the days of pirates to modern mixology. They’ll learn to appreciate rum’s diverse styles and uncover the secrets of its creation. Plus, they will finally learn how to properly savor this spirited elixir.

Book cover of 'Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History 

“Caribbean Rum” dives into the history of Caribbean rum, from Columbus introducing sugarcane to these sunny shores to the modern-day boozy bonanza. Frederick Smith uncorks the story, explaining why rum became a Caribbean superstar, how it swayed economies and cultures, and what role the pirates played in all this. It’s a rum-lover’s treasure chest of knowledge!

Book cover of 'Rum: A Global History'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Rum: A Global History

This is another great rum gift idea for history lovers! “Rum: A Global History!” takes it a step further than the previous book and covers the 500-year world history of this molasses-hued elixir.

#15 Rum-inspired wall art

A wooden sign with "I'm not having a glass of rum, I'm having 6 and it's called a tasting and it's classy"
Photo courtesy of Shore Thing Laser

Whether you’re looking for housewarming gifts for rum drinkers or just for a fun birthday gift, this funny sign is the perfect option to add some rum and humor into their home!

But for more designs, check out Etsy for more unique rum-inspired home décor ideas.

#16 Personalized rum glass

A personalized glass with strips indicating a single and double pour and "Michael's Pour"
Photo courtesy of BRVO Glass

So you are looking for unique gifts for rum drinkers?

Then this personalized rum glass is perfect!

Not only is it customized with the recipient’s name (something that receivers always appreciate), but it’s also a gift with humor. (Or at least, I think it’s funny 😉).

#17 Funny tumbler

A tumbler with the text "probably rum"
Photo courtesy of BRVO Glass

Are you looking for funny rum Christmas gifts?

Then this rum-themed tumbler is perfect. It’s the ultimate way to embrace the uncertainty of life – like, is it coffee or rum o’clock? Perfect for those who like to keep their options open.

#18 Red Planet rum

A bottle of rum in the shape of a red planet
Photo courtesy of Firebox

This is by far the best gift for rum drinkers obsessed with space.

A planet-shaped bottle with red rum!

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. This is not one of the highest-quality rums out there. In fact, a blood orange and ginger-flavored rum is probably the last thing a true fanatic (someone who only drinks rum on the rocks and not mixed) wants.

But, it is a super fun gift for those astronomy and lunatics (moon lovers) out there. Plus the flavored rum is perfect if you’re looking to add a unique twist on the Dark & Stormy or Rum Sour.

#19 Socks

A pair of socks with a funny text at the bottom "if you can read this, bring me some rum"
Photo courtesy of You Rock My Socks Co

I love happy socks, and for those rum lovers who are as obsessed with socks as I am, this is the perfect gift!

It is the ultimate fashion statement for rum lovers that perfectly expresses their deepest needs (a glass of rum)!

Rum gifts for small budgets

#20 Rum cocktail book

Rum cocktail book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Now I know that true rum connoisseurs will consider rum cocktails a complete waste of a good drink. But at the same time, I am also sure that there are plenty of rum lovers who also enjoy a good Dark & Story or Piña colada.

And for those, this cocktail book with delicious rum recipes and essential bartender skills and secrets is perfect.

For more options, check out these cocktail-lover gifts!

#21 Spiced rum lip balm

A lib balm that has the flavour of spiced rum
Photo courtesy of Half Ounce

A spiced rum-flavored lip balm is the ideal rum birthday gift for those who want to keep their lips as luscious as a Caribbean sunset. It’s perfect for those moments when they can’t have a real rum but still want to taste the spicy goodness of the spirit.

Whether they’re braving winter winds or just want their lips to have a hint of island flavor, this lip balm is the answer.

#22 Tote bags

A tote bag with the text "Run? I thought you said rum"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Whether they’re going to the liquor store to get their weekly dose of rum or they’re actually heading to the gym, with this funny rum-inspired tote bag they will always go around with a smile.

For more designs, check out Zazzle.

#23 Personalized coaster

A coaster with a personalized name and "rum goes here"
Photo courtesy of The Dog Tag Co

This is a great rum gift for dad on Father’s Day or for your loved one’s birthday; a personalized coaster that is designed for their precious glass of rum!

#24 Rum-inspired shirts

A grey shirt with the text "" may contain rum"
Photo courtesy of Simply Traded

Do you need gifts for rum drinkers who could literally wear their love for the spirit on their sleeves? Then check out Etsy to find the best rum-inspired shirts!

Personally, I loved the “may contain rum” shirt because it’s great for those rum aficionados who believe that every day is a good day for rum

#25 Funny keychain

A keychian with a miniature bottle and the text "emergency rum"
Photo courtesy of Whispering Wood Gifts

Are you looking for funny gifts for rum drinkers? For someone who wants to wear their love for the spirit on their sleeve, or rather, their keys?

Then this keychain is the perfect option. It’s a humorous reminder that rum is never too far away, even in the direst of situations. (Though it’s just for decoration, the content is not for consumption, please make sure you explain this to your recipient!).

Whether they’re stranded in a boring meeting or stuck in traffic, this quirky accessory adds a touch of rum-inspired fun to their daily life.

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25 gifts for rum lovers with an image of a bottle of rum

Final notes on gifts for rum drinkers

From quirky to classy, there’s something here for every rum enthusiast on this list. But if you haven’t picked your favorite yet, check out the editor’s top three rum gifts!


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