Forget The Running Shoe, These Are 40 Gifts Runners Actually Want

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Man running in the mountains

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If you are looking for the best gifts for runners, you came to the right place! As a running enthusiast myself (I recently ran my first marathon and I’m hooked), I loved putting together this list of 40 awesome running gifts for you. I selected a good combination of practical gift ideas for runners, such as earphones. And some fun and inspirational runner gifts, such as the Lonely Planet’s Epic Runs of the World.

If you don’t have time to read the entire post, check out the editor’s favorite gift ideas for runners by budget.

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The 40 best running gifts for runners

Running gifts for large budgets

#1 Ticket to a running event

People finishing a marathon
Me finishing the Rotterdam Marathon

One of the best gifts for runners who love traveling is a ticket to an international running event! Head over to Marathon Tours and find all marathons around the world and buy a ticket to a cool location.

I can highly recommend the Marathon of Rotterdam which is the one I ran in the photo above (I am the excited person with her hands up). But I know that London, New York, and Boston are some other very popular marathon destinations too.

#2 Foot spa

Foot therapy set
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This foot spa treatment is a great gift for runners who always have sore feet after a run. They can treat their feet with a well-deserved spa therapy!

#3 Gifts for marathon runners: glasses

Pint glasses with marathon route
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for gifts for marathon runners? Then these pint glasses with the marathon route etched are perfect! After they completed the marathon, they can drink a well-deserved beer from this unique glass.

#4 Gifts for runners in the snow

Traction cleats

Do you need gifts for runners who often run in the snow?

Then these traction cleats are perfect! They will help a runner to retain grip as they are running in the snow. It’s a great gift idea for someone who lives in a cold area with lots of snowfall. They can continue their running sessions outside and don’t have to run on treadmills.

#5 Personalized running print

Map with a runner silhouette
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This is one of my favorite gifts for runners, a personalized print with the location of their run. You can completely personalize the print, so the background consists of the map of the city the recipient ran.

#6 Medal display

Medal display

Medal displays are great gifts for runners who run lots of races. This display can have a prominent place in their home, so they’ll always be reminded of their achievements.

#7 Fun running shirt

Shirt with a runner icon
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This cute shirt is one of the great gifts for runners when they’re not running. They can still show their love for the sport without walking around in activewear.

#8 Running smartwatch

Garmin watch

This is probably one of the most expensive runner gifts on this list, but a smartwatch is a very useful gift for runners. They can keep track of their training and heart rate, and stream music with just one watch. Runners no longer need to bring a phone on a run, which is a relief.

#9 Practical running gifts: running tights

Nike running tights

Running tights and shirts are always good running gifts. For men, these running tights are perfect. But definitely check out Nike’s store for more options for women.

#10 Running jacket

Running jacket

This is another example of practical runner gifts; a running jacket. They’re lightweight, wind and rainproof, and breathable. Which makes them perfect to take on a run in any type of weather. (Alright, not in warm weather, but other than that, any type of weather).

#11 Sports earphones

JBL earphones

The JBL endurance earphones are great gifts for runners who love running with music. And honestly, I think the majority of runners do.

They are specifically designed to not fall out of your ears when you’re exercising, and they are sweat and waterproof

#12 Running-themed phone case

Phone case with heart
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Running-themed phone cases are great gifts for runners who are addicted to their phones. You can find over 8,000 different options on Zazzle, or go for the one with running shoes in the shape of a heart.

#13 Running hydration backpack

Hydration backpack

This is one of the best gifts for runners who often go for long runs. I also use a hydration backpack and I love it because it’s a comfortable way to carry around water. Way more comfortable than the carriers around your waist (in my opinion). Plus there is also space for a phone, keys, and energy bars.

Running gifts for mid budgets

#14 Gift cards for runners

Amazon gift card
Amazon gift card

If you are not sure which of these gifts for runners is the best for your recipient, you can always go for a safe option; a gift card.

I selected three good options for runners, an Amazon, Nike, or ASICS gift card. Each brand or store has plenty of items for runners.

#15 Sports sunglasses

Sports sunglasses

If you are looking for gifts for runners who often run in the sun, then these sunglasses are perfect. They are specifically designed to be used during sports, so they’re comfortable and durable, and most importantly, don’t fall off your head.

#16 Running-themed gifts: passport cover

Passport cover iwth text
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for running gifts for people who travel a lot?

Then a passport cover in a running theme is a great gift.

You can find plenty of options on Zazzle (though if you search for “running” you will also come across many passport covers of running horses). Personally, I found this one with “I’m nicer after my run” quite funny.

#17 Epic runs of the world book

Epic runs of the world

The Lonely Planet’s Epic runs of the World is one of the best running gifts for travel lovers. It includes 200 running routes around the world.

#18 Medical bracelet

Medical bracelet

This is one of the best running gifts to keep runners safe. The bracelet has a personal QR code where you can store important medical information, such as allergies, medical history, and blood type. The QR code is scannable and can be translated into 24 different languages, so the recipient can run safely around the world. Plus it’s designed for sporters, so it’s waterproof and comfortable to wear during a run.

#19 Cookbooks for runners

Runner’s Kitchen

Runner’s Kitchen

Runner’s Kitchen is one of the great running gifts for people who take running and their diet very seriously. This book includes 100 energy-boosting recipes and meal plans so they can maximize their training.

Running on veggies

Running on veggies: plant-powered recipes for fueling and feeling your best

Are you looking for running gifts for vegans? Then this cookbook with more than 100 vegan recipes for runners is perfect!

Run fast. Cook fast. Eat slow

Run fast. Cook fast. Eat slow

This cookbook by Shalane Flanagan, a New York City Marathon winner, is perfect for people who want to train and eat as professionals do.

#20 Practical running gifts: top

Running top

Remember what I said about practical clothes always being good running gifts?

Running tops are no exception to that. So head over to Nike and check out all their running tops, or go for this cute peach-colored top.

#21 Fun books for runners

Just a little run around the world

Just a little run around the world: 5 years, 3 packs of wolves, and 53 pairs of shoes

This is one of the most inspirational gifts for runners. It’s the story of Rosie Swale Pope who decided to run around the world (20,000 miles) solo after her husband died of cancer.

Running for my life

Running for my life: One lost boy’s journey from the killing fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games

This is another one of the best inspirational runner gifts. It tells the story of Olympic runner Lopez Lomong, who overcome immense adversities to be in the Olympics. If you ever need the motivation to do something impossible, this book about faith and diligence is the book you need.

How to make yourself poop

How to make yourself poop and 999 other tips all runners should know

This is one of the best practical and funny runner gifts.

#22 Running gifts for women: bra

Nike sports bra

Proper sports bras are essential for women who run. So if you are looking for practical runner gifts, then a bra is a great option. I loved the one with the colorful print, but you can find plenty of options on Nike.

#23 US states running mug

Mug with US states

Do you need gifts for runners who love to run across the United States?

Then this mug to tick off the states they’ve run is the gift you are looking for.

#24 Handheld running water bottle

Water bottle

Would you like to gift practical running gifts?

Then this handheld water bottle is perfect. As the name already suggests, runners can keep this bottle attached to their hands, so they can easily drink water while running.

#25 Running-themed gifts: wall art

Female runner

Are you looking for gifts for runners who would love to decorate their entire home with running posters?

Then check out Amazon for all the cool running-themed wall art options. Or go for the female runner in watercolor paint.

#26 Running journal

Running journal

Do you need running gifts for people who track their training and progress? Then this journal to help them register their data in a structured way is perfect!

#27 Running LED lights

LED light

This is one of the best gifts for runners who often run at night. With this comfortable LED light system, they can run safely when it’s dark. And what I like about this particular one, is that the straps are around your back and waist, which I find more comfortable than around your arm, hips, or head. But obviously, that’s a personal preference.

Running gifts for small budgets

#28 Personalized metal shoe tags

Shoe tags
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This is one of the sweetest gifts for runners. Shoe tags which you can customize with a personal message. They come in pairs of two and you can create different messages for each tag.

#29 Running-themed travel mugs

Travel mug with a runner
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need gift ideas for runners who love coffee? Then check out the running-themed travel mugs on Zazzle. You can choose from over 2,700 options, or go for the one which you can personalize.

#30 Massage ball

Massage ball

This is one of the best small gifts for runners; a massage ball to comfort their muscles after a long run!

#31 Running-themed gifts: luggage tag

Luggage tag with running icons
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for more runner gifts for people who travel often? Then one of the 1,057 running-themed luggage tags on Zazzle will do.

If you don’t want to go through all the options on Zazzle, go for the runner’s pattern tag I picked.

#32 Running gifts for women: ring

Ring with run
Photo courtesy of Carmellas Jewelry

This ring is one of the cutest runner gifts for women. It’s a small and subtle way to show her love for running.

For more running gifts for women, check out #39.

#33 Running hat

Running hat

Do you need runner gifts for people who often run in the sun? Then a hat to keep their faces protected is a great gift idea. This hat is lightweight, quick-drying, breathable, and very comfortable for runners.

#34 More running-themed gifts: tote bag

Running-themed tote bag

This funny tote bag is one of the great runner gifts for an eco-minded runner. Tote bags are more durable and eco-friendly than plastic bags, plus they are made from recyclable material.

#35 UK & Ireland marathon scratch-off map

Scratch map of UK and Ireland
Photo courtesy of Maps International

Are you looking for running gifts for someone who runs a lot of marathons in the UK and Ireland?

Then you just found the perfect gift.

A scratch-off map with the major UK and Ireland marathons!

#36 Compression socks

Compression socks

Compression socks are very practical runner gifts. Not the most exciting, I’ll admit, but useful nonetheless.

#37 Sweet keychain

One mile at a time keychain

If you are looking for small and cute runner gifts, then this keychain is a great idea.

#38 Phone holder

Phone holder

This phone holder for your arm is a great gift idea for runners who love running with music but don’t want to hold their phones. It’s available in different colors, so don’t worry if you’re not very fond of this pink one.

#39 Running gifts for women: necklace


Are you looking for runner gifts for women? Then this cute necklace is the perfect sweet gift.

#40 Funny shirts for runners

Shirt with funny running text
Photo courtesy of Modest Moose Design

Are you looking for funny runner gifts? Then head over to Etsy and check out all options for cool shirts for runners.

I quite liked the one with “If I collapse, please pause my watch” for people who are obsessed with their performances. But there are many more prints to choose from.

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40 running gifts for runners

Final note on gifts for runners

Alright, these were all 40 gift ideas for runners. Do you need help deciding which gift to buy? Check out the editor’s pick.

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