The 25 Best Scottish Gifts For Scotland Lovers

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Houses in Edinburgh, Scotland

Are you looking for Scottish gifts for someone who loves Scotland as a tourist or as a local? Look no further! Because here you will find 25 unique Scottish-themed gifts! I spent hours searching the web to find anything Scottish-obsessed people will love, from fun books about Scotland to beautiful Scottish home decor items to random Scottish-themed games. There is a gift for any Scotland lover on this list!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Scottish gift ideas by budget.

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Scottish gifts for large budgets

#1 Scottish laird or lady kit

Laird of lady kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for funny Scottish gifts for Scotland lovers, I think this is it.

You can make them a Laird or Lady of Dunans Castle in Argyll Scotland.

Seriously, which Scotland lover wouldn’t want to receive the title of laird or lady?

The gift comes with an explanation of how it all works and the land that comes with the lairdship.

#2 Scotland-inspired board games

Highland clans board game
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for fun Scotland gifts for people who are obsessed with board games, you just found the best gift; Highland Clans!

It’s a strategic game, where each player represents a clan in the Scottish Highlands. So even if they’re not in their favorite country, at least they can pretend to be there with this game.

#3 Scottish gifts for whiskey lovers

A bottle of Scottish whisket
Photo courtesy of Drizly

The best gifts from Scotland for whiskey lovers are, of course, a bottle of Scotch.

You can find plenty of different brands on Drizly, but if you want to play it safe, go for a bottle of Macallan. One of the best overall Scottish whiskey brands.

Another cool whiskey-inspired gift for frequent Scotland travelers is this Scotch whiskey distilleries scratch map, perfect for people who would love to travel around Scotland and visit all distilleries!

#4 Scottish family gifts

Photo courtesy of Simply Love Creations

This is the best gift for Scottish families, whether they moved abroad or are still living in Scotland is this personalized poster of the family in Scottish highland Cows.

You can personalize the number of family members, their names, and the “age” of the children.

#5 Scottish gifts for gin lovers

Photo courtesy of The Gin Cooperative

If you are looking for gifts for people who love Scotland and gin, a Scottish gin-tasting box is one of the best things you can get them. This set includes Glaswegin, Badachro gin, Rock Rose Grapefruit Old Tom, The Teasmith Original Gin, and Shoogle Scottish Dry Gin.

A cheaper alternative for Scottish gin lovers is this Scottish gin scratch poster.

And for more ginspiration, I recommend checking out the gin gift guide!

#6 Scottish tea gift set

Scotland tea gift set
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need to find gifts from Scotland for people who love tea? More specifically, Scottish tea? Check out this set of Scottish breakfast tea with a cute Scottish Highlander mug.

#7 Tartan-inspired gifts

Tartan wool scarf from Scotland
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you say Scotland, tartan is one of the first things people think about.

So something tartan-inspired, such as this scarf, is always a great gift for Scotland lovers!

Check out Amazon for more tartan-inspired gifts, such as scarves, home decorative items, shirts, bags, and whatnot.

Scottish gifts for mid budgets

#8 DIY Scottish haggis

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Though opinions about the Scottish delicacy of haggis vary, real Scotland lovers would probably love to try and make their own haggis at home, especially if they can’t travel to Scotland.

So this DIY haggis kit is perfect for them!

Find more fun (and perhaps more delicious) international DIY food gifts here.

#9 Scottish gifts for football lovers

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

If you are looking for Scottish gifts for men, something football-related usually works.

This map of Scotland in football-related words is a pretty unique gift if you would ask me.

Alternatively, football merchandise of their favorite team or the national team also works. Check out the Scottish FA shop for cool jerseys, beanies, or scarves!

#10 Scotland travel books

The best Scotland travel guides

The best Scotland-themed gifts for someone who loves Scotland and traveling around Scotland are of course guide books to help them discover all the beauty that Scotland has to offer.

Some Scotland travel books you can think of are:

#11 Scottish cookbooks

The best Scottish cookbooks

Are you looking for Scotland gift ideas for a foodie who loves to try more dishes beyond haggis, pies, and tablets (for those gifts check #8, 16, and 20)?

Then cookbooks with authentic Scottish recipes are the best gift for them!

And with a bit of luck, you get to try different dishes too.

Some cookbooks you can choose from include:

#12 Scottish-themed shirts

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Shirts with funny Scottish sayings or typical Scottish items are perfect Scotland travel gifts because travelers can easily take an extra shirt on a trip. You can check out Etsy to pick a design that works best for the person you are getting this gift for.

Or get this funny one from Not on the High Street. It says: “Whits fur ye’ll no go by ye”.

Translated to understandable English, this saying means something like whatever will be, will be.

#13 Fun and interesting books about Scotland

The best books about Scotland

Books are great Scottish-themed gifts for people who can’t be in Scotland right now. They can mentally transport themselves to the place they love the most.

#14 Scottish-themed jewelry

Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

One of the best Scottish gifts for her is this cute Scottish-inspired jewelry, such as this necklace in the shape of the country or these earrings.

#15 Scottish-themed travel mug

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for practical Scottish-themed gifts for travelers, a travel mug is always a good idea. Especially, if they are as cute as this one with the Edinburgh Skyline!

Check out Zazzle for more Scotland-themed travel mugs.

#16 Scotland gift basket

A Scottish-themed gift basket
Photo courtesy of Hidden Gem Hampers

Looking for more Scottish gifts for foodies?

Then this Scottish gift basket is perfect!

It’s filled with delicious treats from Scotland, for anyone who misses the country and the food!

#17 Scottish gifts for beer lovers

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This gift combines two things they love the most: beer and Scotland!

They can fill the map with beer caps of their favorite Scottish beer and they will finish with a cool personalized beer cap map of Scotland.

#18 Scottish maps

Photo courtesy of Lasaris

For Scotland lovers who would love to decorate their entire homes with Scottish items, maps of their favorite country are the best gifts!

I really liked this geometric map, but you can also go for Scratch maps of Scotland, or check out Etsy for more Scotland map ideas.  

Scottish gifts for small budgets

#19 Scottish home decoration

Scotland travel poster
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Scotland-themed gifts in the form of something they can use to decorate their homes will always be great gifts.

I liked this vintage travel poster, but you can check out Amazon for more ways to decorate a Scottish home!

#20 Scottish tablets

A bag of tablet sweets from Scotland
Photo courtesy of Bonnie Tartan Co

Do you need to find Scottish gifts for someone from Scotland who misses home?

Give them a flavor of home with these original Scottish tablets!

And in case you are wondering what Scottish tablets are, it’s a popular traditional Scottish treat or candy that is similar to fudge, but with a slightly crumbly and grainy texture. It is made from sugar, butter, condensed milk, and sometimes flavorings such as vanilla or whisky (I mean they’re Scottish after all).

#21 Scottish coloring book

Pure dead brilliant Scotland-themed coloring book for adults
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A fun activity book for people who love Scotland and who would love to be able to speak like a true Scotchman!

#22 Scotland-themed notebook

tartan inspired notebook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Another one of the best Scotland-themed gifts for just about anyone is a notebook in tartan style!

They can use it as a personal diary, a notebook for school, or a journal for work, the options are endless. And with this cute design, the recipient will want to use it for everything!

#23 Nessie-related gifts

Nessie-shaped tea infuser
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Whether you believe in the monster of Loch Ness or not, Nessie is a real legend in Scotland. So I had to include a Nessie-related gift!

Check out Etsy for a long list of Nessie gift ideas!

Personally, I liked this baby Nessie tea infuser, which makes a very good gift for Scotland and tea lovers!

#24 Scottish-themed keychain

Photo courtesy of Winter Bear Studio

This cute keychain with the Scottish national flower (a thistle) is a great small and personal gift for someone who loves Scotland!

#25 Harris tweed-inspired gifts

Harrid Tweed coin purse
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I’ll admit, I had to look up the difference between Harris Tweed and Tartan since to me it’s both a patterned type of fabric.

But Wikipedia taught me that, and please correct me if I’m wrong, Harris Tweed is handwoven tweed cloth by Scottish Islanders, whereas Tartan refers to the patterned cloth that’s typical of Scotland.

Anyway, I just thought that this was worth explaining before we would finish this list of Scottish gifts!

You can find Harris Tweed anything, scarves, gloves, jackets, hats, and bags. I quite liked the coin purse as Scottish gifts for her, but check out Amazon for more inspiration.

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Final note on the best Scottish gifts

Alright, these were my 25 awesome Scotland-themed gifts! Which gift did you end up getting? Don’t forget to save this post for later and shoot me a message if you need someone to help you with finding the perfect gift or check out my personal top 3.


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