25 Must-Have Seattle Gifts That Scream Pacific Northwest Charm!

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The skyline of Seattle at night
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Seattle isn’t just about coffee and greenery (although those are two fantastic reasons to visit). It’s a city bursting with personality, and these 25 Seattle gifts are no exception. Whether you’re shopping for a homesick Seattleite, a visitor in search of the best souvenirs and gifts from Seattle, or you just want to sprinkle a little Pacific Northwest magic into someone’s life, we’ve got you covered!

From fish-flinging markets to space-age architecture and everything in between, The Emerald City’s got presents that’ll make anyone smile. So, saddle up, and let’s explore the land of Starbucks, Seahawks, and so much more!

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The 25 best Seattle gifts for Seattleites with an image of a food basket

Seattle gifts for large budgets

#1 Seattle experience gifts

A fish stall ath Pike Place Market in Seattle
A Pike Place Market food tour

Let me start this list with the number one gift for anyone, be it a local or a visitor.

And that’s a Seattle experience gift!

Studies have actually shown that experience gifts are highly appreciated, improve the bond between giver and recipient, and have a longer positive effect!

So if you’re looking for the ultimate gift for your favorite Seattleite or Seattle-obsessed friend, this is it.

Some examples of experiences you can think of include a walking tour, a food walking tour, day trips into the woods, or simply a night out in the recipient’s favorite bar or restaurant.

My favorite site for experience gifts is Tinggly because they have a whole range of fun activities all around the world, and they offer the option of buying an activity as a gift without booking a date yet.

#2 Hand-blown glasses

Handblown blue glass from Seattle
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If I say “Seattle” you’ll probably say “rain and coffee”.

But did you know there is something else as common as rain and coffee in Seattle (Well, almost)?

Handblown glass.

The city’s got a thriving glassblowing scene, thanks to artists like Dale Chihuly, making it one of the most popular gifts from Seattle. Check out Amazon to find funky glass vases or whimsical paperweights all handmade in Seattle, such as this beautiful vase.

#3 Seattle coffee gift box

A coffee gift from Seattle with three bags
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Seattle’s coffee obsession is legendary—it’s practically in their DNA. They’ve got more coffee shops than street corners, and they’re the proud parents of Starbucks (the first Starbucks is still located in Seattle, check out gift #8).

“The Coffee Capital of the World” takes their brew seriously.

So, a coffee subscription gift, delivering the liquid gold from Seattle’s finest black-owned artisan roasters each month, is like sending a caffeine hug straight from the caffeine capital of the world.

#4 Maps of Seattle

A wooden map of Seattle
Photo courtesy of Different Maps

If you’re looking for Seattle gift ideas for someone who just moved in or out of the city, a map of the Emerald City is the perfect gift.

Check out Etsy to find a style that matches the recipient’s home decor style, or go for this gorgeous wooden map.

#5 Seattle food gift box

A Seattle food gift basket with typical foods from the city
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

A Seattle food basket is the ultimate gift from the Emerald City. Packed with 6 to 8 locally sourced gourmet treats and handmade goodies, it’s a taste of the Pacific Northwest’s culinary treasures.

But it’s so much more than just a Seattle food gift; it’s a gesture of support to Seattle small businesses from women to minority-owned businesses. It’s a delicious and heartwarming way to share the flavors of Seattle while making a positive impact because the company gives back to the local food bank.

#6 Skyline bookends

Two metal bookends with the skyline of Seattle
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is an awesome Seattle gift idea for a new Seattleite’s housewarming. These skyline bookends will help them to feel right at home in their new city with the skyline looking back at them from their shelves.

And if you need a fun housewarming card to go with the bookends, check out these 93 hilarious new home card messages!

#7 Coasters

A set of four wooden coasters with the skyline of Seattle and the map of Washington
Photo courtesy of Prestige Decanters

Whether you’re looking for housewarming gifts for Seattleites who moved out of the city or for those who just made the Rain City their home, coasters will always be appreciated.

They will keep those pesky waterrings from their new furniture while also adding a unique Seattle theme to the room.

#8 First Starbucks souvenir

A Starbucks mug from the first Starbucks in Seattle
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Even though I’m personally a big fan of supporting small businesses as opposed to large brands, there is no denying the fact that Starbucks changed the world of coffee, and certainly impacted Seattle’s status as “The Coffee Capital of the World”. Because this is where it all started.

And the best part?

You can still visit the very first Starbucks, so a cute souvenir such as this mug is a great gift from Seattle for coffee lovers.

Seattle gifts for mid-budgets

#9 Cutting board

A wooden chopping board with a personalization and the skyline of Seattle
Photo courtesy of Vintage Blooming

This beautiful Seattle-themed cutting board is a Seattle food gift that doesn’t spoil. It’s a daily reminder of their city’s culinary adventures without the calories. They can slice and dice their way through salmon, coffee beans, and locally sourced veggies while feeling like a true Seattle pro. For more designs, check out Etsy.

#10 Herbivore Botanicals products

A bottle of face wash from the Seattle brand Herbivore Botanicals
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Herbivore Botanicals is a popular local Seattle beauty brand that was founded in 2011 in Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow’s Seattle kitchen.

They use sustainable and natural ingredients to bring their customers and the planet the best. It’s a great gift from Seattle for people who love the city, for Seattleites who moved away, or for out-of-towners.

So basically, it’s a great gift for anyone who loves nature and beauty.

#11 Books about Seattle

Book cover of Secret Seattle: An Illustrated Guide to the City's Offbeat and Overlooked History''
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Secret Seattle: An Illustrated Guide to the City’s Offbeat and Overlooked History

“Secret Seattle” by Susanna Ryan is the ultimate gift for Seattleites (and visitors) who want to dig deeper into the city’s quirks and curiosities. Whether it’s for a history buff or just someone who’s curious about Seattle’s secrets, this book will have them exploring the city with fresh eyes!

Book cover of 'Wheedle on the Needle'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Wheedle on the Needle

This 35th-anniversary edition of ‘Wheedle on the Needle’ is the perfect gift for Seattle parents with kids. It’s not just a book; it’s a nostalgic journey through Seattle’s past.

Book cover of 'The Good Rain: Across Time and Terrain in the Pacific Northwest by Timothy Egan'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Good Rain: Across Time and Terrain in the Pacific Northwest by Timothy Egan

The last book on this list is a great gift for those who miss the Pacific Northwest. With Egan’s witty storytelling, they’ll traipse through salmon-filled rivers and majestic redwood forests. It’s a love story of Seattle and its stunning surroundings. Perfect for those who need a little Emerald City love.

#12 Pike Place Market souvenirs

An apron from Pike Place Market Seattle
Photo courtesy of So Sylvie

Besides the needle, Pike Place Market is one of the most famous places to visit in Seattle.

However, don’t think of Pike Place Market as just a market.

It’s the ultimate symphony of Seattle’s quirks and flavors. Since 1907, it’s been the place where locals and visitors alike rub shoulders in the quest for fresh produce, handmade crafts, and stinky (but delicious) fish.

And that’s why a souvenir from Pike Place Market, such as this apron is basically like giving a piece of Seattle’s century-old legend. Which is why both locals and out-of-towners will love it.

#13 Cookbooks

Book cover of 'Pike Place Market Recipes: 130 Delicious Ways to Bring Home Seattle's Famous Market'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Pike Place Market Recipes: 130 Delicious Ways to Bring Home Seattle’s Famous Market

With 80 mouthwatering recipes inspired by Seattle’s famous Pile Place market treasures, it’s a gift that brings the flavors of Seattle’s food scene right to their kitchen!

Book cover of 'Tom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Tom Douglas’ Seattle Kitchen

Tom Douglas’ cookbook is the perfect gift for Seattle enthusiasts who love a bit of humor. From Dungeness Crab Cakes to Udon with Sea Scallops, his cookbook offers a taste of Seattle’s diverse flavors. But all written in a casual style and filled with jokes that make his book a fun guide to Seattle’s food scene.

Book cover of 'The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook: Sweetness in Seattle'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook: Sweetness in Seattle

This is another Tom Douglas cookbook that’s a great Seattle food gift. With recipes from the world-famous Dahlia Bakery, they’ll be indulging in the best the West Coast has to offer.

#14 Local liquor

A bottle of coffee liqueur from Seattle
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Do you need Seattle gifts for a liquid enthusiast (and by liquid, I mean alcohol)?

Then you’re in for a treat because Seattle is home to some great urban wineries, local breweries, and distilleries. Simply check out Drizly for all options, or if you are a local Seattleite yourself, head to the nearest liquor store or winery and pick a bottle.

But since Seattle is also known as “The Coffee Capital of the World”, I thought this local coffee liqueur was a great gift idea to pair with some Seattle local brew.

#15 Seattle-inspired jewelry

A ring with the skyline of Seattle etched
Photo courtesy of Veeaien Designs

Are you looking for the best Seattle gift ideas for her?

Then check out Etsy for Seattle-inspired jewelry of all kinds. If it were for me, I would go for this ring with the Seattle skyline because I think it’s a unique and subtle accessory that locals will love.

#16 Travel guides

travel guide called 'Seattle Walks: Discovering History and Nature in the City'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Seattle Walks: Discovering History and Nature in the City

This is probably the best Seattle gift for walkers, whether they’re locals or out-of-towners, with Williams’ detailed guide they will discover the best walks in and around the city while also learning a thing or two about the city’s history, nature, architecture, and culture.

Book cover of the travel guide about Seattle by Fodor's Travel
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Fodor’s Seattle

Do you need gifts for someone who is visiting Seattle soon? Then the updated Fodor Seattle guide is perfect! They will discover all the ins and outs of the city, the best places to visit, to stay, to eat, and even a bit about the Rainy City’s fascinating history.

Seattle gifts for small budgets

#17 MarketSpice tea

A box of MarketSpice cinnamom orange tea
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Tea from MarketSpice isn’t just a sip of Seattle; it’s a taste of history! And the perfect gift from Seattle for tea lovers (yeah, no sh*t Sherlock).

With a place in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market since 1911, MarketSpice is somewhat of a local legend. A trusted place to go to for delicious aromas, spices, and of course, tea.

And their signature tea is the Cinnamon Orange, which makes it one of the most iconic gift ideas.

#18 Mugs

A white mug with the skyline of Seattle
Photo courtesy of Ezras Clothing

A Seattle-themed mug is a fun way to give your friend a daily dose of Seattle spirit. Whether they’re sipping a local Seattle coffee, MarkertSpice tea, or just a hot chocolate with this mug they can do it in complete Emerald City-style.

#19 Seattle sports gifts

A luggage tag from the Seattle Seahawks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Merchandise from a local sports team is one of my favorite gifts and souvenirs for people who are into sports.

And the Seattle Seahawks (the most famous Seattle Football club) and the Seattle Mariners (basketball) are the two clubs to look for if you need Seattle sports merchandise.

#20 Shirts

A green t-shirt with the words "Seattle, Washington"
Photo courtesy of Eclipse Gift Shirt

A Seattle-themed t-shirt is a fun wearable piece of home sweet home, that locals will love.

Rain or shine, they can proudly display their love for the city. Plus it’s the perfect attire for the unpredictable Seattle weather – they can layer it under a flannel or wear it solo when the sun decides to make a cameo.

#21 Socks

A sock with the Seattle skyline
Photo courtesy of Amazon


I know socks don’t really have the reputation of being an exciting gift. But giving your Seattle-obsessed friend the option to dress in Seattle style from head to toes is actually a truly unique gift that local Seattleites will definitely appreciate,

#22 Moon Valley beauty gifts

Lip balm from the brand Moon Valley
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for eco-friendly gifts from Seattle for her, then anything from Moon Valley Organics is a great option.

This local Washington company is the perfect blend of Seattle’s love for nature and obsession with keeping things clean and green. Seattleites practically bathe in organic, eco-friendly goodness, which is why they love Moon Valley’s skincare products.

So whether you’re in need of gifts for local Seattleites or simply want to spread the charm of the city to family elsewhere, check out Moon Valley Organics.

#23 Chocolate from Seattle

A bar of chocolate from Seattle chocolate
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you thought Seattle was only about coffee beans, think again.

Besides coffee beans, The Coffee Capital of the World actually also cares a lot about cacao beans. In fact, they care so much about it that they’ve created some delicious local chocolate brands, such as Seattle Chocolate.

I know, not much of an original name, but they make up for it in their unique flavors, such as this chocolate truffle espresso rainy bar.

#24 Tote bags

A tote bage with a greating card from Seattle
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Whether they’re schlepping Pike Place Market goodies, rain gear (a must), or their secret stash of coffee beans, this tote proudly screams, “I heart Seattle!” Which makes it a fun Seattle gift that allows the recipient to proudly show their city’s pride while hauling their daily essentials.

Though check out Etsy if you’re looking for a different design.

#25 Coloring book

A coloring book from the Pacific Northwest
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A Seattle-themed coloring book is like a creative journey through the Emerald City’s quirkiest corners. Whether you’re 9 or 99, coloring Space Needle rainbows or drawing in Pike Place Market’s fishy business is a blast. It’s the perfect gift for kids, adults, and anyone in between!

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Final notes on Seattle gift ideas

And that’s it, a whirlwind tour of The Rain City’s unique gift scene! Whether you’re looking for a piece of the Emerald City to take home or share with a loved one, these gift ideas work for anyone.

Can’t decide on your favorite gift? Check out the editor’s top 3 Seattle gifts by budget.


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