40 Awesome SnowBoarding Gifts For The Snowboarders On Your List

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A snowboarder jumping in the air

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Do you know someone who loves to slide down the snow on a board? And is there another gifting occasion coming up? Their birthday, Christmas, graduation, or Father’s Day? Whatever the case, you will find the 40 best gifts for snowboarders here! From practical snowboarding gifts that they will use on the mountains to cute home decor snowboarder gifts that they will use at home. You will find all sorts of gifts in today’s post.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three snowboarder gifts by budget.

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40 snowboard gifts with a photo of a slope and ski lift

Snowboarding gifts for large budgets

#1 Jacket

Men wearing a snowboard jacket
Snowboard jacket

Even though I’m a skier myself (check out the ski gift guide if you also need gifts for a skier), I usually prefer snowboard clothing because they’re wider, more colorful, and generally have more swag.

So if you’re looking for practical and cool gifts for snowboarders, a jacket is always a good idea. Burton is one of the best and coolest brands for snowboarders. You can buy them from Amazon or the Burton website.

#2 Padded protective shorts

Padded shorts
Padded shorts

Snowboarders, no matter how skilled, will spend quite some time on their butts. So to protect their precious asses, these padded shorts are perfect. They break snowboarders’ falls, and they serve as a cushion when snowboarders want to sit down for a short break. So if you are looking for practical gifts for snowboarders, these shorts are perfect.

#3 Metal wall art

Metal wall art of a snowboarder
Photo courtesy of Home and Wall

This beautiful metal wall art is one of the best snowboarding gifts for a housewarming. It gives the recipient the opportunity to decorate their new home with their favorite hobby.

#4 Snow goggles picture frame

Photo frames in the shape of goggles
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is another awesome gift for a snowboarder who just moved to a new home, a picture frame that’s shaped like snow goggles!

#5 Personalized family print

Poster of a drawing of people in ski lifts
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Do you need snowboarding gifts for a family who loves to go on winter trips?

Whether they’re snowboarders or skiers or a mix, it doesn’t matter, this personalized family print is an awesome gift either way.

You can add as many family members to the ski lift as you want, and you can turn them into skiers or snowboarders accordingly!

For more family-themed snowboarding gifts, check out #7.

#6 Snowboarding pants

Snowboarding pants
Snowboarding pants

Snowboarders can never have too many pants, so if you’re looking for practical gifts for snowboarders, head over to Burton (one of the best snowboarding brands) and check out all their pants. They also sell on Amazon if that’s your preferred store.

#7 Family mugs

Four mugs with drawings of people in ski lifts
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These mugs are another example of cute snowboarding gifts for families.

You can buy as many mugs as you want, and customize the name, outfit, skin color, and whether they’re wearing skis or snowboards.

#8 Baselayers

Black thermal pants
Photo courtesy of Arc’teryx

Are you looking for practical gifts for snowboarders?

Then baselayers are perfect. As a snowboarder, you can never have too many layers, it’s the key to staying warm and enjoying a full day in the snow.

Arc’teryx is one of the best outdoor brands, so their baselayers are beyond excellent. Though if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, you can always check out Amazon.

#9 Ski lift candle

Candle with a small ski lift above
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

A smell can truly transport people to a new place. So if you’re looking for a gift for a snowboarder who misses the slopes, then this ski lift candle is perfect. Not only does it come with a cute ski lift, but it also has a typical winter smell to bring them back to the snow.

#10 Wireless helmet headphones

Wireless headphones
Wireless headphones

What’s better than racing down a slope with your favorite music in the background?


And that’s what makes these wireless headphones one of the best gifts for snowboarders.

They fit in most helmets and they can last for 10 hours in below-zero temperatures, which makes them perfect for skiers and snowboarders.

#11 Shoe dryers

Boot dryer
Boot dryer

There is nothing worse than starting a day in the snow with wet shoes. So to prevent this from happenings, these boot dryers are awesome snowboarding gifts.

And the best part is that receivers can also use it during other seasons, for example, to dry their hiking boots during spring.

#12 Unlimited ski resort access pass

Ski pass of Emily Lopez
Photo courtesy of Epic

The Epic pass is actually one of the most epic gifts for snowboarders.

It gives them unlimited access to epic’s ski resorts!

#13 Snowboard-themed sweater

Dark sweater with Ride
Photo courtesy of On Jays Wings

You can find many cool snowboard-themed sweaters on Etsy, such as this one with “Ride”.

Snowboarding gifts for mid budgets

#14 Slopes of a lifetime guidebook

100 Slopes of a lifetime book
100 Slopes of a lifetime

This is one of the best gifts for snowboarders who love to travel around the world to find the best slopes. National Geographic has collected the 100 best slopes that every snowboard (and ski) lover should try at least once in their lives!

#15 Ski resort map glasses

Glasses with ski resorts
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These shot glasses are great gifts for snowboarders of various kinds.

They’re perfect for snowboarders who love the apres-ski as much as they love snowboarding. They’re also great for snowboarders who love US ski resorts or for first-time snowboarders who love a little souvenir from their first destination.

#16 Insulated water bottle

Insulated water bottle
Insulated water bottle

An insulated water bottle is essential when you’re up in the mountains where temperatures can drop below the freezing point. Water stays drinkable and snowboarders will stay hydrated.

#17 USA ski resorts scratch map

USA ski resort scratch map
USA ski resort map

I love scratch maps, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one.

So if you’re looking for gifts for snowboarders who love scratching off destinations too, then this map with all the major ski resorts in the US is perfect!

#18 Necklace

Necklace with a pendant of a snowboard
Photo courtesy of Kim’s Jewelry

Are you looking for cute snowboarding accessories gifts?

Then this pendant of a snowboard is perfect!

#19 Gift cards

Burton logo
Photo courtesy of Burton

If you are really not sure what snowboarding gifts to get from this list, there is always the option to play it safe and buy a gift card. The two best options for snowboarders are Burton (did I already mention it’s one of the best brands fro snowboarders?) and Amazon, because they can literally buy anything there.

And before you say anything about gift cards being boring gifts, I urge you to check out these 29 creative ways to give a gift card, and I promise you they’re not boring!

#20 Wrist protection

Wrist protectors
Photo courtesy of Burton

Do you care a lot about the recipient and do you want to keep them safe on their next snowboarding trip?

Then these wrist guards from Burton are awesome snowboard gifts to buy this year.

#21 Cookbook

The ski house cookbook
The ski house cookbook

I absolutely love ski house meals; they’re warm, filling, and exactly what you want after a long day in the snow.

And you know what?

Even if you’ve not been out in the snow, a comfy ski house meal is exactly what snow and snowboarders lovers want. So if you’re looking for gifts for a snowboarder stuck at home, this cookbook is a great comforting gift.

#22 Pocket adjustment tool

Black tool from Burton
Photo courtesy of Burton

This pocket tool is one of the essential items (apart from snowboards, boots, and clothing, obviously) that every snowboarder should have.

It fits in any pocket, so they can easily take it and adjust their binding while they’re on the mountain.

#23 GoPro accessories

Black GoPro action camera
Photo courtesy of GoPro

If the recipient owns a GoPro, these are the two best snowboarding accessories gifts to make amazing action shots; a pole holder and the chest mount (the sports duo contains these two). So check out GoPro to see which one is best for the recipient

#24 Journal

A travel notebook with ski pass design
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This personalized ski pass journal is a great gift for a snowboarder who loves to write about his or her experiences. You can even add the destination and trip dates, so the receiver can use it as a customized trip memoir.

#25 Balaclava


Snowboarding is no fun if you’re cold all the time, so to make sure the recipient is having a great time and stays warm, a balaclava that covers their entire face is a perfect gift idea. It fits under a helmet too, so they can stay safe and warm.

Snowboarding gifts for small budgets

#26 Helmet liner hat

Black helmet liner hat
Black helmet liner hat

Staying warm is key when you’re out in the snow all day. And on days when a full balaclava is a bit too much, a smaller hat that fits under a helmet is perfect.

#27 Tote bag

Tote bag with an icon of a snowboarder
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Global warming is a serious threat to snowboarders and skiers. It influences the future of their favorite sports. So naturally, many snowboarders care about the environment. And that brings us to why tote bags are such great gifts for snowboarders.

First, it allows them to ditch plastic bags and use recyclable ones instead. And second, you can find over 700 different snowboard designs on Zazzle to remind them why they should protect the environment!

#28 Snowboard-themed socks

Socks with snowboard print
Socks with snowboard print

What’s not to like about socks with a colorful snowboard theme?

They’re great snowboard gifts for every type of snowboarder.

#29 Book about Shaun White

Shaun White book
Shaun White book

Shaun White is a two-time Olympic snowboarding champion and a legend among snowboarders. So if you’re looking for cool gifts for snowboarders who love to read, this is an awesome book about his life.

#30 Base layer gloves

Two black gloves
Two black gloves

These liner gloves are great gift ideas for snowboarders for two reasons.

First, an extra layer of anything is the best way to stay warm. So these gloves will help to keep their hands warm. But second, they are touchscreen compatible. And in an age where not being able to use your phone is unthinkable, that’s an essential quality.

#31 Hand warmers

Hand warmers
Hand warmers

For more snowboarder gifts that will keep them warm, check out these pocket hand warmers. They are activated by shaking and they stay warm for about 10 hours, so they’re perfect to keep snowboarders warm throughout the day.

#32 Luggage tags

Luggage tag wit "I'd rather be snowboarding"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for snowboard gifts for people who travel a lot? Then check out the 400+ snowboard-themed luggage tags on Zazzle.

#33 Fanny pack

Fanny pack
Fanny pack

A backpack is not the most practical bag for a snowboarder, they’re big and can really hurt during a fall. And that’s why fanny packs are so popular among snowboarders. They’re small, yet they allow snowboarders to bring their essentials (phones, keys, and money) without being in the way.

#34 Snowboard carrier

Snowboard carrier
Snowboard carrier

With this shoulder strap, snowboarders can easily carry their boards anywhere. It’s a great small and practical gift for a snowboarder.

#35 Stud stomp pads

Six buds from burton
Photo courtesy of Burton

Snowboarders use stump pads like these ones for two reasons. First, to protect their boards against slams and more. But more importantly, they give the boarder some grip when they’ve untied one foot.

#36 Snow goggles case

Hard case for snow goggles
Hard case for snow goggles

This case for snow goggles may not be the most exciting snowboarding accessories gifts, but it’s one of the most practical. Especially for clumsy people who often break or lose their stuff.

#37 Flasks

Flask with funny text
Flask with funny text

Snowboarders may not be into skiing, but I’m pretty sure they are into apres-skiing!

And a personalized flask is a great way to start the apres-ski (or to stay warm during the day).

I quite liked the funny text on the first flask, but you can also find plenty of snowboard-themed flasks on Zazzle.

#38 Fun hats

White beanie hat
White beanie hat

I know, snowboarders usually wear a helmet on the slopes, but that doesn’t mean they’ll wear a helmet the entire time. I mean, you also want to stay warm and look cute when you’re apres-skiing, right?

And that’s why cute hats are such fun gift ideas for snowboarders.

#39 Wax


Alright, so you’ll never win the price of the most unique gift for a snowboarder with wax. But gifting is not about you, it’s about the receiver. And a snowboarder will always need wax (if they care about sliding fast). So if you don’t care about originality, and you do care about practicality, head over to Amazon for a ZUMWax rub-on, or to Burton for a slightly more expensive rub-on wax.

#40 Smartphone harness

Harness for phone
Harness for phone

If you are looking for snowboarder gifts for someone who loves to take photos of everything, this harness is perfect!

They can take out their phones wherever they want and not worry about accidentally dropping it because the harness is attached to a neckstrap.

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The 40 best snowboarding gifts for snowboarders with a photo of a snowboarder jumping

Final note on these snowboard gifts

Alright, I hope you found the perfect gift for your recipient, but if you do need some more inspiration, check out the editor’s top three snowboard gifts.