25 South African Gifts For South Africa Lovers

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Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa
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Are you looking for memorable and unique South African gifts for foreigners, expats, or locals? Something with a little more character and history? Then these 25 traditional gifts from South Africa are exactly what you need! From traditional African crafts to delicious gourmet treats. South Africa offers an array of amazing gift options that are sure to delight even the pickiest recipients.

In this post, we’ll share 25 must-have South African gift ideas that will make your friends and family feel truly special. Get ready to discover a world of vibrant colors, bold patterns, and fascinating stories!

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25 South African Gift Ideas

South African gifts for large budgets

#1 South African food basket

Photo courtesy of Kwusi

If you are looking for South African gift ideas for someone who misses South Africa, specifically South African food, this food basket is the perfect gift!

It combines all their favorite South African snacks, such as Fritos, peppermint crisp chocolate, bakers biscuit, Simba’s crisp, and of course the most popular South African snack; Beef Biltong.

#2 Handmade bags

Photo courtesy of Colorful Unique

Do you need unique gifts from South Africa for women?

Then this gorgeous handmade bag by Colorful Unique is perfect. It’s not only a beautiful gift, but it is also made by local artisans using textiles produced by local communities. Making it a great gift for people who want to support South African communities.

For cheaper South African bags (though not as fashionable nor handmade though), check out #14 on this list.

#3 Traditional handmade pillow

Photo courtesy of Colorful Unique

For more traditional South African gifts, check out The Colorful Unique store. They offer all sorts of handmade and authentic gifts such as lamps, shawls, table runners, or pillowcases, like this typical African wax one.

#4 South African shoes

Photo courtesy of Veldskoen

Veldskoen shoes are awesome gifts from South Africa for the fashionistas in your life.

It’s a local South African brand that produces all its products in South Africa by South African craftsmen and women. It’s a sustainable brand that offers fair wages and takes the well-being of its craftspeople in mind. A great way to look good and feel good about the product you bought. 

Fun and useless random fact: veldskoen literally means field shoe.

#5 South African map

Vintage map of South Africa
Map of South Africa

I don’t know what it is with maps, but there is something magical about them, and people love maps, especially maps of their favorite places.

And that is exactly what makes this vintage map of South Africa an amazing gift from South Africa. Though for more unique map-themed gifts for South Africa lovers, check out the next gift.

#6 South African map watch

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This is one of the most unique South African gifts for map lovers (and who doesn’t love maps?).

A wristwatch with a map of South Africa!

Every time they look at the time, they will be reminded of the country they love the most and of course of the person who gave them this awesome gift.

#7 South African clothing brands

Photo courtesy of Selfi

Any South Africa lover loves to support brands from their favorite country. So check out some of these awesome South African clothing brands if you are looking for gift ideas for fashionable women.

Some brands to check out are:

South African gifts for mid budgets

#8 South African safari home decor

A home wall with three geometric prints of a lion, an elephant and a giraffe
Safari home decor

These stunning wooden animal prints are great home accessory gifts for people who love South Africa.

You can order various sizes and they come in a trio, so they will have the elephant, lion, ánd giraffe!

For more safari-themed gifts, check out these 25 awesome gift ideas for safari lovers.

#9 Braai-related South African gifts

Photo courtesy of Teepublic

Most people who love South Africa and South African food also love the classic South African braai (barbecue).

So for those braai lovers, this fun Braai Master shirt from TeePublic is a great gift.

#10 South Africa gift ideas: travel mug

Photo courtesy of Redbubble

If you are looking for South African gift ideas for someone who will leave for a trip soon, you have to think of a practical gift. Otherwise, they won’t take it with them on the road.

And that is exactly why this cool Djembe drum-shaped travel mug is such a great travel gift for South Africa lovers. It’s related to a place they love, it can keep their coffee warm, and it saves plastic cups!

Don’t worry if you are not convinced by this design, Redbubble offers many more fun South Africa-themed mugs.

Would rather look for gift ideas for a coffee lover? Check out my coffee travel gifts.

#11 South African gift ideas: water bottle

Photo courtesy of Redbubble

Water bottles are another example of a super practical South African gift idea. Travelers (and basically any human alive) need to stay hydrated, but buying plastic water bottles is not the most sustainable way and that is where this cool water bottle comes in.

Check out Redbubble for many different South African designs, or go for this water bottle with the map of South Africa.

#12 South African cookbook

The complete South African cookbook
The complete South African cookbook

What’s a better way to experience South Africa than through the stomach?

If you can’t take them to South Africa, bring South Africa to them with a cookbook that will help them to prepare delicious homecooked meals.

The Complete South African Cookbook includes everything they need to know about the South African kitchen.  

#13 South Africa gift ideas: sports-related

Photo courtesy of Redbubble

Sport is a big thing in South Africa and pretty much all South Africans love their Springboks (the national rugby team).

So if you are looking for gift ideas from South Africa for sports fans, check out the Springbok merchandise for more inspiration. Or simply go for this Springbok Shirt.

#14 South African gifts: tote bags

Photo courtesy of Redbubble

Of course, I couldn’t complete a list of South African gift ideas without including anything related to one of the greatest South African men in history; Nelson Mandela.

So I picked a tote bag with a Nelson quote for the simple fact that tote bags are small, light, and super practical for travelers.

But you can check out Redbubble for more tote bags with South African prints.

#15 South Africa gift ideas: wall art

Vintage travel poster of Cape Town
Vintage travel poster

South African wall art makes great gifts for people who miss South Africa and who could use a little bit of South African design and color in their homes.

One example is this vintage travel poster of Cape Town, but you can find all sorts of South African-themed wall art on Amazon.

#16 South Africa-themed jewelry

Golden pendant in the shape of the map of South Africa
Photo courtesy of Roots Pride

Are you looking for cute gifts and souvenirs from South Africa for women?

Then check out Etsy to find all sorts of beautiful jewelry from South Africa, such as this golden pendant of the map of South Africa.

South African gifts for small budgets

#17 South Africa gift ideas for tea lovers

Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves tea and South Africa?

This set of teas with fun South African images, patterns and slang is the perfect gift! With every cup of tea they make, they will think of their favorite country in the world!

#18 South African gifts: beadwork crafts

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need South African-themed gifts for people who travel a lot?

Then check out Zazzle for over a hundred different luggage tags with a South African design. I really liked this beads design (it’s a photo though, no real beads), because it’s something that’s typically used in South Africa.

#19 Wine gifts from South Africa

Photo courtesy of Buy Wine Online

What’s a better gift for someone who loves South Africa and wine than a bottle of South African wine?

That’s right, I couldn’t think of a better gift either.

So check out Buy Wines Online for their complete selection of South African wines to find the perfect, red or white in all sorts of price ranges.

#20 South African gifts: socks

Socks with the South African flag print
South African socks

Socks are the perfect travel gifts; they are practical, fun to give ánd fun to receive. And you can literally find them in any design! You name it, and I guarantee that you can get socks in that theme. Including a South African theme.

If you think these socks with the colors of the flag from Amazon are a bit too colorful, check out more South African print socks on Redbubble!

#21 South Africa gift ideas: books

A book cover titled: The café de Move-on Blues by Christopher Hope
The café de Move-on Blues

The café de Move-on Blues by Christopher Hope

This is a great South African gift idea for foreigners as well as for locals. It’s a travelogue of the author’s journey through his home country describing the current political and social situation in the country.

The wines of Soth Africa book cover
The wines of Soth Africa

The wines of Soth Africa

As you probably already guessed, this is the best book for wine connoisseurs who want to know everything about the wine culture in South Africa.

A history of South Africa book cover
A history of South Africa

A history of South Africa by Leonard Thompson

Do you need gift ideas from South Africa for history buffs? Then this is the book you need!

#22 South African key ring

key ring with a map of South Africa
South Africa key ring

This small and cute keyring with the map of South Africa is a great gift for someone who is about to leave for a trip.

Keyrings are easy to take along the road, they are relatively light and don’t take up much space, which is perfect for travelers.

#23 Beyers chocolate

Photo courtesy of Beyers Chocolates

Beyers is a local South African chocolate brand that produces delicious, guess what, chocolate!

So if you just want small and thoughtful gifts from South Africa, Beyers chocolate boxes are perfect.

#24 South Africa travel guides

Fodor's Essential South Africa travel guide
Fodor’s Essential South Africa

Fodor’s Essential South Africa

Travel guides are great South African gifts for foreigners (assuming that the books are covering South Africa, of course). And one of the best general guidebooks is Fodor.

Greater than a tourist South Africa travel guide
Greater than a tourist South Africa guide

Greater than a tourist South Africa guide

This is one of the best South African gift ideas for foreigners who would love to explore the country like a local. It includes 300 travel tips from locals, for an even greater and more unique experience.

The illustrated guide to birds of Southern Africa guidebook
The illustrated guide to birds of Southern Africa

The illustrated guide to birds of Southern Africa

The last guidebook on this list is great for both locals and visitors, as long as they love birds. With this guide, they will know exactly when and where to spot which bird.

#25 South African gifts: travel journal

South Africa travel journal
South Africa travel journal

Are you looking for South Africa gift ideas for someone who is leaving for a trip to South Africa soon?

This travel journal is the perfect gift for them. It’s all about the best things to see and do in South Africa, but it also gives them the opportunity to write about their trip, so they won’t forget a single detail once they’ve returned.

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15 South Africa gift ideas

Final note on gifts from South Africa

Alright, I hope that this list of gifts and souvenirs from South Africa helped you to find the perfect gift for your recipient. Though if you need more help, have a look at the editor’s top 3 by budget.


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