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You can find the 25 best Spanish gifts for Spain lovers here. Obviously, a trip to Spain is the best gift you can give. But if that is a bit out of your budget, you are in good luck. Because in this post I will be sharing my 25 best Spanish gift ideas. From cool Spanish-themed gifts for book, puzzle, or sport lovers, to delicious Spanish food gifts for the foodie in your life.

Let’s have a look at the 25 gifts I have for you today.

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The 25 best Spanish gifts

The best Spanish gifts for large budgets

#1 Map of Spain wine regions

Are you looking for Spanish-themed gifts for someone who loves wine?

You’re in for a treat, because in today’s post I will share a few cool wine gifts for Spain lovers.

And this map of wine regions of Spain and Portugal is one of them. The map is available in five different sizes.

#2 Spanish-themed games

Sagrada game

If you are looking for Spanish gifts for someone who also loves games, I’ve got a few fun options for you.

  1. Sagrada. This is a board game where players have to try to make the most beautiful window decoration in the Sagrada Familia (the famous church in Barcelona).
  2. Azul. Actually, this game is very comparable to the previous one. Except, in Azul, players need to make the most beautiful mosaic on the board (not the Sagrada Familia).
  3. Race to Madrid. A language-learning board game in which players have to make Spanish sentences in order to win the game.
  4. Fitz. Dios Mio! This is a party and language game. It’s a great game to practice Spanish and learn more about other players.
  5. Spanish deck cards. Obviously, there are plenty of games you can play with a Spanish deck of cards.

#3 Spanish ceramics

If you have ever visited Spain or a Spanish restaurant, you’ve probably drunk or eaten from a cup or a bowl in a typical Spanish design. You will find these original ceramics all over Spain, so why not bring a little bit of Spain to the recipient’s home?

I loved this pitcher that was hand-painted in Andalusia (Spain). It also serves as a water pitcher, but for wine lovers, I would simply say it’s a sangria pitcher. (If you don’t know what sangria is, check #8).

Or check out these cute salsa bowls that are also hand-painted in the same area as the pitcher.

#4 Spanish food basket

If you are looking for Spanish gift ideas for foodies, look no further. This Spanish food basket is the perfect gift for them.

It includes traditional Spanish foods, such as olives, cheese, chorizo, and Serrano ham.

For those who are based in The UK, Spanish Passion Foods is the best place to look for even more delicious Spanish food baskets.

Or if you are looking for Spanish gifts for smaller budgets, this box of turron might be a better alternative. Turron is a typical Spanish sweet, a nougat made from almonds and honey.

And if you need more Spanish gift ideas for foodies, check out the next item.

#5 DIY paella kit

DIY paella kit

Together with tapas, paella is probably the most famous Spanish dish. It’s a rice dish, that’s made with ground rice and saffron which gives it a yellow color. It usually includes some veggies, seafood, or meat. Paella is made in a large frying pan, which is called a paella in the Valencian language.

The dish is originally from Valencia, though most non-Spanish people consider it a national dish from Spain. The Spaniards, on the other hand, still consider it a dish from Valencia.

But whether it’s a national dish or not, it is very much associated with Spain and it’s delicious, which is why this DIY paella kit is another one of the great Spanish-themed gifts for foodies.

Oh, and if you are looking for more cool DIY food kits for travelers, check out this list of 25 international DIY kits!

#6 Spanish gifts for sports fans

Sport shirt
Photo courtesy of

The Spaniards are a big fan of soccer (or football, however you want to call it). Their national team is quite good and many Spanish soccer clubs are famous around the world. So if you are looking for Spanish gifts for men (or women) who love soccer, getting a Spanish soccer gift might be perfect for you.

Two major teams from Spain are F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid, so check those webshops out for cool gifts.

But, if you’re not quite sure which team they support, simply get something from the national team.

#7 Spanish gifts for art lovers

Dali’s The Persistence of Memory

If you are looking for Spanish gift ideas for someone who is a big fan of art, you are in a good place. Spain has produced a large number of great artists. And though an authentic painting might be a bit out of your budget, you can find plenty of imitations or other fun gifts related to Spanish artists.

The three most famous ones include

  1. Salvador Dali. The one who painted The persistence of memory
  2. Antoni Gaudí i Cornet. Though he was actually an architect, you can find cool gifts inspired by him.
  3. Pablo Picasso.

The best Spanish gifts for mid-budgets

#8 Sangria spices mix

Sangria spice blend
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Here is another one of the great wine gifts for Spain lovers; a sangria spices mix.

All they need to do is add wine, fruits, ice, and mix it all together to make a delicious sangria.

Oh, and in case you’re not familiar with sangria. As you probably already guessed, it’s a super popular drink from Spain that’s made from wine, fruits, and a specific spice blend depending on who makes the sangria.

Oh and if you are looking for more gifts for people who love to have a drink check out my cocktail gifts guide.

#9 More Spanish gifts for wine lovers

Bottle of wine
Photo courtesy of Spanish Passion Foods

Remember I told you I would share some awesome Spanish-themed gifts for people who love wine?

Well, what’s a better gift than a Spanish bottle of wine? Check out Spanish Passion Foods for all of their Spanish wine options.

#10 Spanish language course

Spanish course

Many people who love Spain also love the language. Or would love to learn the language. And for those people, this is the perfect gift: a Spanish language course.

Personally, I use the Practice Perfect Complete Spanish Grammar book. But I have to say, I would only recommend this book to someone who’s already had some classes. The book is not very great to start learning Spanish on your own.

For that, an online Spanish course on Udemy might be a better alternative.

#11 Books about Spain

The great book about Spain

It was hard to pick just a few books to share on this list because there are just too many. However, I have tried to make a varied selection of books, from fun books about Spain’s history, artists, culture, and some more. If you are looking for Spain travel guides, head over to the next item.

#12 Spanish travel guides

Lonely Planet’s Spain

Just like the regular books about Spain, there are quite a few great guidebooks about Spain. I selected a few of the main ones. But if you know which region the recipient is about to visit, you may want to find a guidebook for that specific region or city.

#13 Spanish gifts for her: necklace

Necklace in the shape of Spain

If you are looking for the best Spanish gifts for women, perhaps this cute necklace in the shape of the country is a good idea for them

#14 Spanish-themed jigsaw puzzles

Park Güell jigsaw puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle of Park Güell is perfect for Spain lovers who also love Barcelona. If you like the idea of giving a jigsaw puzzle but you’re not sure whether the recipient likes Barcelona, no worries. You can find plenty of Spanish-themed jigsaw puzzles on Amazon.

Or you can check out these 25 puzzle gifts for travel lovers for more inspiration.

#15 Fun shirts

No entiendo shirt

If you are looking for Spanish gift ideas that are both practical for travelers and funny, then perhaps you might like the funny Spanish-themed shirts on Amazon.

Personally, I quite like the Noentiendo shirt, which is great for gamers (it looks like the Nintendo logo) who also love Spain (No entiendo means, I don’t understand). I know that explaining jokes is never a good idea, but I wanted to explain why I liked this shirt anyway.

#16 Spanish cookbooks

Cookbook of Spanish islands

Spanish cookbooks are great Spanish gifts for foodies. And since the Spanish kitchen is quite famous across the world, you can find plenty of awesome Spanish cookbooks. Here is a small selection:

The best Spanish gifts for small budgets

#17 Spanish-themed travel mug

Travel mug with cómo se llama?
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This funny travel mug is one of the best Spanish-themed gifts for people who love coffee, Spain, and traveling.

Or for people who simply love lamas.

For more coffee gifts, check out my coffee guide!

#18 Spanish gifts for the home

Mi casa es su casa

This wall sticker is a great gift for someone who loves to decorate their home with a Spanish theme. The phrase translates to “My home is your home”.

However, if you want to find more Spanish-themed gifts for the home, check out this Madrid travel poster or simply head over to Amazon, and check out the entire Spain wall art collection.

#19 Spanish-themed passport holder

Passport holder with flamenco design
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

These Spain-inspired passport holders are great gifts for Spain lovers. I liked this flamenco-inspired one, but check out all options on Zazzle.

#20 Churro maker

Churro maker

If you are looking for the best gifts for Spain lovers who love Spanish sweets, I am sure they will also love this churro maker.

But first things first.

What are churros?

Churros are these delicious deep-fried dough strings from Spain. And with this churro maker, they get the perfect churro shape!

#21 Flamenco-themed gifts

Tote bag with flamenco print
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Flamenco is a traditional dance from Spain. Or actually more of an art form that involves guitar play, singing, and dancing. It originated in the south of Spain and is still quite a big thing.

You can find beautiful Flamenco clothing, guitars, or other accessories on Tamara Flamenco.

Or check out Udemy to give a Flamenco guitar or dancing course.

Alternatively, you could check out Zazzle for Flamenco-themed gifts, such as this tote bag.

#22 Luggage tags in a Spanish theme

Luggage tag with Spanish design
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Spanish-themed luggage tags are another great example of gifts for Spain lovers who travel. Zazzle offers a wide selection of fun Spain-thems luggage tags, so definitely check that out. Or simply opt for this one where you can personalize the letter as well.

#23 Spain travel journal

Spain travel journal

I can not think of better gifts for Spain lovers, than a journal that is specifically designed to write about their favorite destination! Alright, I did think of 24 more awesome gifts for Spain lovers, but still, these Spain travel journals are perfect for people who love writing during their trip.

If you would rather gift a regular travel journal, check out these 25 cute journals.

#24 Spanish swear word coloring book

Coloring book for adults

If you think coloring books are just for children, make sure you don’t give them this Spanish swear word coloring book.

# 25 Spanish-themed socks

Sock with letters Hola
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for small, practical, yet fun Spanish gifts? Why not check out the Spain-themed socks on Zazzle?

I quite liked these hola, hola socks, but I am sure you can find a design you will like as well!

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The best Spanish gifts

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