The 30 Best St Patrick’s Day Gifts To Celebrate The Irish

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Green shamrock and St Patrick's Day decorations

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It’s almost the 17th of March again, and you know what that means right? It’s time to celebrate everything Irish! And the best way to celebrate is by giving out these St Patrick’s Day gifts to everyone you love, so they can celebrate with you.

From green gift ideas to shamrock and Leprechaun-related gifts, on this list, you will find the 30 best St Patrick’s gifts for adults and kids alike!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts for St Patrick’s day by budget.

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The best St Patrick's Day gifts

St Patrick’s day gifts for large budgets

#1 Irish landownership

Certificate of Irish land
Certificate of Irish land

Even though St. Patrick’s Day was originally a celebration of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland who brought Christianity to the island back in the 5th century, it has turned into a celebration of anything Irish (especially in The US). And what is a better way to celebrate the Irish and Irish heritage, than to become an official owner of land in Ireland?

That’s right nothing.

I think it’s one of the funniest gifts for St. Patrick’s Day, though keep in mind that it’s a symbolic landownership. They can’t actually build a house or live on the land, unfortunately.

For more typical Irish gifts, check out my Ireland gift guide.

#2 A trip to Ireland or a St Patrick’s Parade

Besides owning land in Ireland, visiting the homeland is another great Saint Patrick’s day gift. So if you have the budget, head over to Skyscanner and book a flight for the 17th of March to celebrate the next Paddy’s Day like the locals.

Though to be honest, there are some US cities (Boston or Chicago, for example) that actually take St. Patrick’s Day way more seriously than the Irish themselves.

I mean, Chicago even turns the color of the river green for St. Patrick’s Day! That’s a pretty serious commitment to me.

So another alternative is to take the recipient to Boston or Chicago (or other US cities) to visit the parade.

#3 Good luck necklace

Pendant with green flip flop and shamrocks
Pendant with green flip flop and shamrocks

Are you looking for cute Saint Patrick’s Day gifts for women?

Then this beautiful necklace with shamrocks and a green flip-flop is perfect. It’s a cute way for her to show her Irish heritage, without being too obvious, so she can even wear this necklace after March 17th.

For more beautiful Saint Patrick-themed jewelry, check out #18.

#4 Sweaters

Two sweaters with shamrocks
Photo courtesy of Nobull Woman Apparel

Depending on where you will be celebrating St Paddy’s Day this year, a cute and warm sweater in green will come in handy!

It’s especially great for people who are always cold, but who also want to show their love for Ireland.

Check out Etsy to find many different designs, or buy my favorite one with the two shamrocks.

#5 Bottle of Irish whiskey

Bottle of Jameson whiskey
Photo courtesy of Drizly

One of the two most famous Irish drinks is, of course, whiskey. So if you need typical Irish St Patrick’s Day gifts, then a bottle of Irish whiskey is an awesome gift idea. Jameson is probably the most famous Irish whiskey so you can never go wrong there.

Or check out this list of 25 whiskey-related gifts for more inspiration.

#6 St Patrick’s Day gift basket

St Patrick's Day gift basket with green gift items
Photo courtesy of Linen Retreat

A St Patrick’s Day gift basket is a super cute way to celebrate this Irish day together. It contains soap, bath bombs, candles, and, of course, green gnomes!

St Patrick’s Day gifts for mid budgets

#7 Grow clover kit

Pot for plants
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for St Patrick’s day gifts for someone who loves gardening and plants?

Then this DIY clover growing kit is the coolest gift idea. They can grow their own shamrock for good luck and they don’t have to wait until the 17th of March next year to find their lucky plant.

#8 St Patrick’s Day tic tac toe

Wooden tic tac toe with clovers and pots of gold
Photo courtesy of My Polka Dot Supply

These wooden St Patrick’s Day tic tac toe is one of the great gifts for people who love to play games. They can keep themselves busy with these shamrocks and pots of gold tic tac toe variation!

#9 Guinness pub pack

Irish pub pack
Photo courtesy of Drizly

The second most famous drink from Ireland is, of course, Guinness! (Check out #5 if you missed the first one).

So if you are looking for Saint Patrick’s Day gifts for people who love a drink (or two), then this Irish pub pack with a selection of Irish beers is perfect.

#10 Plush toys

St. Patrick's Day toys
St. Patrick’s Day toys

Do you need Saint Patrick’s Day gifts for kids or for a baby who’s celebrating his or her first Paddy’s Day?

Then this set of typical Irish plush toys is great. It contains a Leprechaun, an Ireland shamrock, a “Kiss me I’m Irish” button, and a shamrock teddy bear. That way mom and dad can enjoy their own St Paddy’s Day, while their child has fun with these toys.

#11 Shirts

Green button down shirt
Green button down shirt

You can literally find over a thousand different St Paddy’s shirts on Amazon, so whether you’re looking for St Patrick’s gifts for men, women, kids, or babies, I guarantee you can find a shirt for them on Amazon.

Personally, I quite liked this Hawaiian style shirt for men.

#12 Gift card

You're may lucky charm text
Amazon St Patrick’s gift card

If you are really not sure what St Patrick’s gifts you should get, you can always go for the safe option; a gift card.

I know that gift cards are often considered a bad gift, but I disagree. I actually think they are the most practical and thoughtful gifts for people you don’t know very well or for people who are difficult to shop for. Plus you can get super creative when gifting a gift card, or simply go for the St Patrick’s-themed gift card on Amazon.

#13 Suncatcher decor

Butterfly with shamrocks
Butterfly with shamrocks

This beautiful butterfly hanger is one of the best St. Patrick’s Day gifts for someone’s home.

It comes with glass shamrocks and you can choose from 24 different messages to be engraved on the little heart.

#14 Flask

Flask with "Irish luck"
Flask with “Irish luck”

Since the 17th of March is all about the Irish and the Irish are all about drinking, this cool flask with “Irish Luck” is a very applicable gift for the occasion!

#15 Card game

Lucky flip card game
Lucky flip card game

Do you need St. Patrick’s gifts for people who love playing games (regardless of their age)?

Then this Lucky Flip card game is a great gift idea.

The aim of the game is to score points by guessing and placing bets on what the next card will reveal. It’s basically gambling in St. Patrick’s Day style.

#16 Travel mug

Travel mug with leprechauns
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Allow the recipient to drink coffee and tea in St. Patrick’s Day style with these super cool travel mugs on Zazzle!

You can find over 1700 different designs, so I am sure you can find one that will match the receiver’s preferences.

#17 Pair of socks

Pairs of green socks
Pairs of green socks

Socks are the best way to dress up in green for people who don’t like to go too crazy. They can keep it subtle and fun with this pack of twelve different Saint Patrick-themed socks!

St Patrick’s Day gifts for small budgets

#18 Clover earring studs

Green clover earring studs
Green clover earring studs

If you liked the idea of gifting jewelry, but you have a slightly smaller budget, these super cute earring studs that are shaped like clovers are perfect. Plus they’re green so they fit in perfectly on Saint Patrick’s Day.

#19 Books

St. Patrick of Ireland book
St. Patrick of Ireland

St. Patrick of Ireland: A biography

This is one of the best St. Patrick’s Day gifts for people who are actually interested in the true story behind the celebration (and not just drinking a lot of alcohol). This book covers the complete biography of St. Patrick and his siginificance to Ireland.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day children's book
Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Do you want to teach your kid about St. Patrick’s Day and why it’s celebrated? Then this is the best book to start with. It’s a win- win. You have a cool gift for them and they will learn something new!

How to catch a Leprechaun children's book
How to catch a Leprechaun

How to catch a Leprechaun

This is the number one bestseller in children’s St Patrick’s Day books. So if you are looking for fun Saint Patrick’s Day gifts that your kid will certainly love, this book is perfect.

#20 Can coolers

St Patrick's Day can coolers
St Patrick’s Day can coolers

Of course, St Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating Irish heritage, but let’s be honest, a large part of that heritage is simply beer. Which makes drinking beer and hanging out with friends and family the best things to do on St Paddy’s Day.

And that makes this set of twelve St Patrick’s Day-themed can coolers one of the best gifts for you and your friends, so you can drink from matching beer cans.

#21 Bandana for dogs

Drinking buddy dog bandana
Drinking buddy dog bandana

Does the recipient own a dog and to they love to bring their furry friend to the parades?

Then this dog bandana with “Drinking Buddy” is a fun gift idea.

#22 Toss game

Toss game in St. Paddy-theme
Toss game in St. Paddy-theme

St. Patrick’s Day is about celebrating everything Irish with friends, family, and kids. And one way to bring everyone together is through this fun toss game.

It’s one of the best Saint Patrick’s Day gifts for both adults and kids.

#23 Baby shirt

Baby boy wearing shirt with text "half pint"
Photo courtesy of Print Sized US

This is one of the cutest Saint Patrick’s Day gifts for a baby’s first St. Paddy’s Day; a shirt or onesie with “Half Pint”.

You can order it in quite a few different sizes, ranging from as small as 0 months to shirts for 16-year-olds.

#24 Cookbooks

365 St. Patrick's Day recipes cookbook
365 St. Patrick’s Day recipes

365 St. Patrick’s Day recipes

Are you looking for St. Patrick’s gifts for people who love to cook? Then this small cookbook with 365 different recipes that work perfectly on the 17th of March is a great gift idea.

Lucky Leprechaun cookie recipes cookbook
Lucky Leprechaun cookie recipes

Lucky Leprechaun cookie recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Do you need Saint Patrick’s Day gifts for someone who loves baking? Then this book filled with delicious green cookies is perfect!

The complete Irish pub cookbook
The complete Irish pub cookbook

The complete Irish pub cookbook

Since we celebrate everything about the Irish on the 17th, we should not forget Irish cooking! So if you are looking for a more general St. Patrick’s Day gift, this Irish Pub cookbook is a great alternative.

#25 Scrunchies

Green scrunchies
Green scrunchies

I love how these green scrunchies can be great Saint Patrick’s Day gifts for little girls as well as for adult girls, because they will look cute on both of them!

#26 St Patrick’s Day candy

Oreo St. Paddy's cookies
Oreo St. Paddy’s cookies

Whether you’re buying gifts for kids or adults, you can never go wrong with St Patrick’s Day candy!

You can literally find any type of green-colored candy, but since these will usually have a mint flavor (and I am not a big fan of mint candy), I selected two other cool options.

The first one is a pack of Oreos with leprechaun and shamrock decorations, and the second one are chocolate coins wrapped in green paper. The latter is great for kids if you want a fun way to give them their personal pot of coins.

#27 Shamrock necktie

Shamrock necktie
Shamrock necktie

This necktie is a great gift for two different types of people. First, for people who love to dress up on St. Paddy’s Day, and who would love to add a necktie to their outfit.

The second is for those poor souls who have to work on St. Patrick’s Day. At least they can cheer up their outfit with your super cute gift!

#28 Cookie cutter

Green cookie cutter shaped like a gnoome
Photo courtesy of Sugar Dash Co

Together with the cookie recipes book, this cute cookie cutter is a great St Patrick’s Day gift for bakers and people with kids.

#29 Shamrock-shaped soap

Small bathtub toy with shamrock-shaped soap bars
Photo courtesy of Hefferman’s Crafts

Are you looking for small and thoughful St. Patrick’s gifts?

Then these shamrock-shaped soap bars are perfect. They bring the recipient good luck and clean hands, what else could they wish for?

#30 Coloring book for kids

Happy St. Patrick's Day coloring book
Happy St. Patrick’s Day coloring book

While mom and dad are out celebrating their Irish heritage, the kids can entertain themselves with this coloring and activity book! This one is designed for kids and toddlers, but you can find them for all price ranges if you need St. Patrick’s Day gifts for older kids.

Save these gifts for St Patrick’s Day

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The best St Patrick's Day gifts with a photo of green shamrocks

Final note on St Patrick gifts

Alright, these were the 30 best gift ideas to turn this year’s St Paddy’s day into a blast! If you need a little help to decide what gift you should buy, check out the editor’s top 3.


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