25 Sustainable Gifts To Make Eco-Friendly Travelers Ánd Mother Earth Happy

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Finding sustainable gifts for travelers can be challenging. You want to find something that’s sustainable, responsible, and ethical, but also something that they will use when traveling. Luckily for you, I’ve traveled around the world while at the same trying to be good for that same world. And in those years I have learned that even though traveling sustainably can be challenging at times, there are plenty of awesome eco-friendly travel gifts that may help you along the way.

This is why I loved gathering these 25 awesome gift ideas for sustainable travelers. I guarantee you will find a gift for your earth and travel-loving friend or relative! (And if not, shoot me a message and we will brainstorm together about the best gifts for your eco-traveling friend).

Editor’s top picks

Best for large budgets

a travel tea set

Travel tea maker

No more disposable cups

Make tea anywhere

Uses fresh leaves

Best for mid-budgets

A tiger poster saying adop a big cat

Adopt an animal

Money is used for charity

Great for people who don’t want anything

Best for small budgets

A utensil set for traveling

Travel utensils

No more disposable utensils

Stainless steel instead of bamboo

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25 best sustainable gifts for travelers

Sustainable gifts for travelers for large budgets

#1 Tea maker on the go

a travel tea set
My travel tea set

If you are looking for the best eco-friendly travel gifts for tea lovers, you just found the perfect gift for you! A tea maker to go!

It’s a portable tea mug, so next time they will get a tea to-go, they don’t need to waste another cup, but they can just use their own. But what makes this gift even better, is the fact that they can actually make their own tea with this one. And not just tea with a regular bag, but actual fresh leave tea!

#2 Water bottle with filter

A stainless steel water bottle from the brand LifeStraw
LifeStraw bottle

The amount of plastic bottles that are thrown away on a daily basis is immense. This is why reusable water bottles are one of the best sustainable gifts for travelers. But an even better gift is not a regular water bottle, but a water bottle with a filter. Meaning that they can refill everywhere and still drink water safely because the filter filters out bacteria, chemicals, and dirt!

LifeStraw is one of the best brands when it comes to water bottle filters (and the one that I personally use), so if you want to make an eco-traveler happy, I am sure this gift will work!

#3 Eco-friendly backpack

A sling bag by Patagonia
Patagonia sling bag

Bags always make useful gifts for travelers, since they always need a bag to put everything in. And that is why an eco-friendly bag is one of the best sustainable gifts for travel lovers. This Patagonia sling bag is a great example of a bag made by a fair-trade company.

Of course, you could also opt for cheaper bags, such as organic tote bags (check out #16 on this list), which are also handy and eco-friendly.

#4 International souvenirs that give back to communities

Colorful vase
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

I absolutely love NOVICA.

It’s one of the coolest and most sustainable brands out there. They collaborate with artisans and designers in countries around the world and sell their products online. Not only do they give a fair salary to the craftspeople, but they also use their profits to support local communities.

Now isn’t that one of the most beautiful business plans out there?

They work in many different areas around the world, such as Mexico. Which is where this beautiful vase is from. But definitely check out the site to find more sustainable gift ideas. They literally offer any kind of craft from home decor items to jewelry and clothes.

Sustainable gifts for travelers mid-range budgets

#5 Adopt an animal from the country they love

A tiger poster saying adop a big cat
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT suggesting you buy real animals as gifts for travelers!

In fact, never buy a pet for anyone without their consent. And most certainly not for eco-friendly travelers.

But what you can do, is adopt an animal from a country they loved and the money will be used to protect those animals.

You can choose from:

In return, you will get a gift pack that includes posters, information about the animal and your gift, postcards, and more!

So your gift will support a great charity and the person will receive information and updates!

#6 Veggie-saving reusable bags

Veggie-saving reusable bags
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Sustainable travelers are all about reusing and reducing waste. So help them reduce their waste by saving veggies longer in these Veggie Saving Reusable Bags.

If they moisten the bag before placing it in the fridge with the veggies, the veggies will last longer and less food will be wasted!

#7 Lip balm

Eco-friendly gifts for travelers lip balm set
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

Are you looking for eco-friendly travel gifts for her? Then this set of four lip balm sticks is the perfect gift. It contains a vanilla Madagascar, Tangerine breeze, pink grapefruit, and lavender orange stick.

In case you were wondering what makes these stickers great sustainable gifts. They are palm oil-free, organic, not tested on animals, vegetarian, paraben-free, triclosan-free, and made by a certified B corporation. And in case you have no idea what all this means, check the Ethical Superstore for more guidance on the labels.

#8 Gifts set for plane travels

sustainble gifts for travelers set
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

One of the best gift ideas for sustainable travel lovers is this set of essential products when flying. The set includes facial and hair products to help you stay and look fresh after a long flight. But the best part is that all the oils are not tested on animals, not made from palm oils, and more. It also comes in recycled packaging.

Though obviously plane travel is not the most sustainable travel style, this gift set actually also comes in handy for long bus or train rides!

#9 Eco-friendly make-up

A set of make up brushes
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

When looking for eco-friendly travel gifts for her, eco-friendly make-up such as this brush set always a great idea.

Of course, there are plenty more sustainable beauty and make-up brands, but what is great about the make-up from the Ethical Superstore is that they already did the research for you. So for each product, you can easily see if it’s been tested on animals, if it’s oil-free and where it was made. Taking a lot of the time-consuming work from you. So all you have to do is find a great gift instead of wondering whether it’s eco-friendly or not.

#10 Eco-friendly travel-sized grooming set

A grooming set for men
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

If you are looking for the best gifts for male travelers then this grooming set is perfect for you!

It’s a small gift set that includes products for their skin and beard care! Of course, the products are animal-cruelty free, palm-oil free, organic, vegan, and the packing is recycled or recyclable. What else can a sustainable traveler with a beard ask for?

#11 Sustainable travel books

Dutch book from Lonely Planet for sustainable travel
Sustainable escaped book

Of course, guidebooks cannot be missed on this list of awesome sustainable gifts!

And The Lonely Planet always has great books, including the Sustainable Escapes filled with, well, sustainable trips! I actually have the Dutch version of this book (80 Duurzame reizen), but since most of you guys don’t speak Dutch, the English version is probably a better gift option.

Another great book that I love about sustainable travel is Overbooked. Though it’s not a guidebook, it tells the story of over-tourism and underlines the importance of sustainable travel. As someone who is passionate about sustainability (and someone who thought she knew a lot), this book was really eye-opening and gave me lots of new insights.

#12 Travel mug

Travel mug with map of the world
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Travel mugs are great gift ideas for sustainable travelers. With a cute cup like this one, eco-travelers will never have to ask for a cup for their takeaway drinks anymore. Instead, they will just use your amazing gift!

If you prefer different designs, check out Zazzle because they have tons!

#13 Eco-friendly clothing

Shirt with rainbow colored stripes
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

Clothing can make awesome sustainable gifts for travelers if you know where to find sustainable and ethical clothing brands!

The Ethical Superstore makes it a helluva lot easier for you, by showing the eco-friendly labels per product, so you know that this cute shirt is organic and vegan.

If you prefer to give other clothing items such as hoodies, skirts, dresses, tank tops, or knitted items, you can still check out Ethical Superstore since they have a large fashion department.

Sustainable gifts for smaller budgets

#14 Reusable travel cutlery

A utensil set for traveling
Travel utensils

Sustainable gifts for travelers include things that will help your traveling friend to reduce their waste production. And with this reusable travel cutlery set, they can finally stop using all the plastic forks, spoons, and knives! It’s the perfect practical and sustainable gift you were looking for.

#15 Book: “How did we get into this mess”

Book titled how did we get into this mess
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

This book by George Monbiot is perfect for sustainable travelers (and non-sustainable travelers). It tells us exactly what is wrong with the world right now, and how we got here. Perhaps a bit confronting to read. But for sustainable travelers, it’s another reason and motivation for doing what they do!

#16 Sustainable tote bags

Tote bag with a turtle
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

I already told you that bags are super useful sustainable gifts, but I can imagine that the Patagonia daypack is not within everyone’s budget. So if you still want to give a useful sustainable gift, then tote bags are the perfect alternative, such as this cute turtle one.

But you can literally get tote bags with all sorts of prints, from photos to special messages to a cool tote bag of their favorite country!

#17 Calendars that support charities

Wildlife calendar
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

What’s better than buying a gift and knowing that part of your money is going to a great charity?

And that is exactly what makes this wildlife calendar such a great gift for eco-travelers. It includes cute animals and they will love you for the fact that the money is used for a good cause.

Another awesome calendar for charity is the annual Australian Firefighter calendar which I talked about in my Aussie gift guide!

#18 Recycled luggage tag

Black and white luggage tag
Photo courtesy of Flowfold

Luggage tags are very useful gifts for travelers, I mean who wouldn’t want their bags to be returned to them if they get lost?

But what makes this one of the best responsible gifts is the fact that it is completely made from recycled sailcloth!

And besides being good for the environment, the fact that it’s made from sailcloth means the luggage tag is extremely durable and completely waterproof.

#19 Sustainable toiletry products

three different packages of ethique toiletery bars
Ethique shampoo bars

The amount of plastic we use annually with our shampoo, soap, body wash, conditioner, and whatnot toiletries is huge. So many sustainable travelers have switched to using more eco-friendly toiletries: bars.

So instead of a bottle, they take shampoo, soap, or conditioner bars, which reduces the amount of plastic waste and a bonus for travelers is the fact that they are also more compact, so they also take up less space.

I use Ethique and I have been super happy with their bars (including their conditioner and I am super picky when it comes to conditioners because my hair tangles up easily).

They offer cute travel bar packages, which make really cute gifts for your sustainable traveler.

#20 Stainless steel soap bar container

A steel container that sais a slice of green
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

After learning about the shampoo bars, you may have started to wonder how exactly we take those bars with us after using a bar in the shower. I

present to you the next item on the list of sustainable gifts for travelers.

The bar container.

It’s a simple, yet useful gift for eco-travelers.

#21 Sustainable eye mask

An eyemask
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

Eye masks always come in handy for travelers, when they’re on a plane, a bus, or maybe even a crowded hostel dorm and they want to get some sleep. So getting your eco-friendly travelers an eco-friendly eye mask can never go wrong.

This cute one is organic, vegan, sustainable, and made from recycled material.

#22 Sustainable earrings

Hummingbird earrings
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

Are you looking for sustainable gifts for travelers who also like accessories? Then these earrings are the cutest gift you can get them!

The earrings are handmade in The UK from recycled material.

#23 A global warming worry doll

Small doll
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

A worry doll is a Guatemalan product, in traditional culture it is believed that if you whisper your worries to the doll, put them under your pillow, and sleep on them at night, your worries will disappear. So this tree worry doll is perfect for eco-friendly travelers who worry about nature.

Whether it is true or not, it’s still a fun gift plus it supports the local community in Guatemala where the product is made.

#24 A notebook for charity

A notebook with a hedgehog
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

Besides the calendar and the animal you can adopt for charity, some notebooks make great responsible gifts.

For example this notebook by the RSPB wildlife charity. Part of the profit is used for charity which protects UK wildlife. So not only is this a cute and useful gift for travelers, but it is also good for the planet!

#25 Organic chocolate

A chocolate bar from Divine brand
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

I will finish this sustainable gifts list with something eco-travelers and non-eco-travelers both love, chocolate.

I mean, who wouldn’t love chocolate?

And specifically for eco-travelers, there are plenty of great chocolate brands which are both good for the environment and the munchies. One example is Divine chocolate.

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Final note on these sustainable travel gifts

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Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!