25 Swiss Gifts That Celebrate The Land Of Mountains And Watches

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Landscape in Switzerland

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Ah, Switzerland. The land of cheese, chocolate, and mountains so high they make your knees buckle just by looking at them. If you’re looking for the best Swiss gifts for a Switzerland lover, look no further because we’ve got you covered! Aside from its stunning scenery and delicious food, Switzerland is also known for its precision, innovation, and, of course, its watches.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the world of Switzerland gifts that celebrate the land of timepieces and gorgeous views. So sit back, grab a Swiss chocolate bar, and let’s dive in

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Switzerland gifts by budget.

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25 Swiss gifts

Swiss gifts for large budgets

#1 Swiss cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clock with a small Swiss village
Cuckoo clock with a small village

Legend has it that they were invented by a Swiss man who wanted to make the birds in his forest easier to find. He created a clock that imitated their call and voila! The cuckoo clock was born.

Okay, I just made that up.

In reality, cuckoo clocks were actually created in the Black Forest region of Germany in the late 1600s. Regardless, the Swiss added their own contribution by adding a small village to the design, and ever since the cuckoo clocks have become synonymous with Swiss culture.

They make awesome Switzerland-themed gifts (even though the majority of clocks are now made in Germany, they still represent the Swiss village style.

#2 Swiss watches

Swiss Tissot watch
Tissot watch

Are you looking for Swiss gifts for men?

Then a Swiss watch is one of the best gifts you can get. There are plenty of great Swiss watch brands such as

Switzerland has a long history of watchmaking and is currently known as the world’s best place to buy high-quality watches.

So for luxury gifts from Switzerland, watches are the perfect gifts.

#3 Swiss fondue pot

Switzerland fondue set
Switzerland fondue set

Are you looking for Swiss gifts for someone who loves cheese?

Then you will find two awesome options in today’s post. (Check out the next gift to find out what the other cheesy gift from Switzerland is).

Switzerland and cheese are two things that go hand in hand. And I am pretty sure that most people who love Switzerland also appreciate good Swiss cheese.

The first Swiss cheese gift can be used to create a typical Swiss meal at home, a Swiss cheese fondue. And what’s cool about this pot is that it’s completely designed in Switzerland style too.

#4 More Swiss cheese gifts: raclette

Raclette set
Raclette set

Raclette is another typical Swiss meal that involves cheese. In the original raclette, the top part of a round cheese is melted and then put on top of a side dish (usually potatoes). But since most of us don’t have whole cheese at home, this smaller raclette set is more practical for private use.

All you have to do is put some slices of cheese (preferably Swiss cheese, of course), wait for it to melt, and put it on top of whatever you’re eating.

It’s a super simple way to make anything taste like delicious melted cheese!

So if are looking for Swiss gifts for cheese lovers, this raclette set is also a great idea. But check out the next gift for more inspiration.

#5 Hoodie

Switzerland gift ideas
Photo courtesy of Kozy Vibes

Oh, the comfort and joy of a cozy hoodie! And what’s even better? A Switzerland-themed hoodie that lets everyone know just how much they love that beautiful country. It’s like wearing a love letter to Switzerland on their backs – and who wouldn’t love that?

With a Switzerland-themed hoodie, they can show off their love for the land of cheese, chocolate, and watches in the most comfortable way possible. Whether they’re relaxing at home or exploring the Swiss Alps, they’ll stay warm and stylish at the same time.

So, whether you’re looking for Switzerland-themed gifts fr someone in Switzerland or a Swiss expat, or just a fan of everything Swiss, the Swiss hoodies on Etsy are the perfect gift for any Switzerland lover!

#6 Swiss army knife

Victorinox tool: a Swiss army knife
Victorinox tool

Are you looking for practical gifts from Switzerland for travelers? A Swiss army knife is a great gift idea for that.

This multi-purpose pocket tool will always come in handy for travelers.

The one I selected includes things such as tweezers, scissors, blades, screwdrivers, and a bottle opener. But they have knives in all shapes and sizes, that are ideal for different types of travelers or occasions.

Due to their popularity they often run out stock fast on Amazon, so check out the official Victorinox site if that’s the case.

#7 Swiss absinthe

Bottle of Swiss absinthe
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

Are you looking for Switzerland gifts for people who love alcohol? Well, Switzerland is the perfect location for that.

You can find plenty of strong homebrewed schnapps (any type of strong liquors) in Switzerland. But the most famous around the world is probably absinthe. A beverage that may sometimes contain up to 74% of alcohol!

Absinthe is an original Swiss drink and thus makes one of the best gifts from Switzerland for people who don’t mind a bit of alcohol. Though, the bottle I picked “only” contains 53%.

#8 Vintage map of Switzerland

Vintage map of Switzerland
Vintage map of Switzerland

This vintage map of Switzerland is a beautiful piece of wall art for people who love Switzerland, maps, and history!

For more Switzerland gifts for people who are interested in history check out #11.

And check out Etsy for other style maps of Switzerland.

#9 Swiss outdoor clothing

Mammut rain jacket
Mammut rain jacket

As you would expect from a country that’s blessed with beautiful snowcapped mountains, Switzerland is home to many high-quality outdoor brands. Swiss people know how to prepare for cold and sometimes cruel weather conditions.

So if you are looking for gifts from Switzerland for people who love being outdoors, then clothing from Swiss outdoor brands is perfect.

And one of those great brands is Mammut. Basically, any item from Mammut will be a good gift, for example, a rain jacket.

Swiss gifts for mid budgets

#10 Swiss-themed gifts for coffee lovers

Travel mug with map of Switzerland
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Swiss gift ideas for people who love coffee?

Then one of the Switzerland-themed travel mugs on Zazzle is a great idea. It will keep their coffee warm in style!

#11 Books about Switzerland

Culture Smart: Switzerland book
Culture Smart: Switzerland

Culture Smart: Switzerland. The essential guide to customs and culture

Are you looking for Switzerland gifts for someone who is moving to Switzerland soon? Then this guide to help them understand Swiss culture is perfect!

Slow train to Switzerland book
Slow train to Switzerland

Slow train to Switzerland by Diccon Bewes

This is a great novel about two trips to the Swiss Alps. One in the past and one in the present. It’s a fun book for people who love traveling to Switzerland.

Swiss watching book
Swiss watching

Swiss watching: inside the land of milk and honey

Are you looking for Swiss gifts for people who love to know more about Switzerland? Its history, myths, politics, and everything that makes Switzerland, Switzerland? Then this is the book you are looking for.

#12 Swiss chocolate

Toblerone chocolate
Toblerone chocolate

Even though cacao is not produced in Switzerland, Swiss chocolate is renowned all over the world. And for good reasons. Swiss chocolate is delicious!

So if you are looking for gifts from Switzerland for people who love chocolate, then clearly Swiss chocolate gifts are the way to go.

And Toblerone (one of my favorite Swiss chocolate brands) will be great for that!

Fun fact about Toblerone. Did you notice there is a bear in their mountain logo too?

#13 Swiss cookbooks

Your guide to Swiss cooking cookbook
Your guide to Swiss cooking

Your guide to Swiss cooking: discover many delicious and mouth-watering recipes from Switzerland

Are you looking for Switzerland gifts for people who love Swiss food? Then this book to teach them how to make Swiss meals at home is perfect!

Alpine cooking cookbook
Alpine cooking

Alpine cooking: recipes and stories from Europe’s grand mountaintops

Do you need Swiss gifts for people who love the Alps and food? Then this book with delicious recipes from the Alps is perfect. And besides great Swiss recipes, it also contains Italian, French, and Austrian Alpine recipes!

Helvetic kitchen cookbook with recipes from Switzerland
Helvetic kitchen

Helvetic kitchen: Swiss cooking

This cookbook is written by a Canadian-Swiss pastry chef and includes delicious Swiss recipes the author learned from her Bernese grandmother.

#14 Swiss wall art

Switzerland gift ideas
Photo courtesy of Seven Art Studio

This Switzerland poster is one of the best Switzerland gifts for people who can’t be in Switzerland right now. They can bring a bit of Switzerland to their home with this travel poster.

It’s also a great gift for snowboarders and mountain lovers.

Though if you prefer different style posters, check out Etsy.

#15 Swiss language course

Swiss-German language course book
Swiss-German book

Do you need Swiss gifts for someone who loves to connect with locals? Someone who wants to truly understand the country and blend in? Then a language course is a perfect gift!

Though there are four official languages in Switzerland; German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Swiss-German (which is distinctly different from standard German) is the most common native language in Switzerland. And thus the most useful language course for a Switzerland lover.

#16 Swiss wallet

Black leather wallet from the brand Alpine Swiss

Are you looking for Swiss gifts for men? Then anything made from Swiss leather is perfect. For example this minimalist wallet by the brand Alpine Swiss.

#17 Swiss-themed gifts: passport cover

Passport cover with map of Switzerland
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need practical Swiss gift ideas for travelers? Then one of 74 Swiss-themed passport covers on Zazzle is perfect.

It’s a great way to protect a traveler’s most valuable document ánd remind them of their favorite country!

#18 Swiss gifts for her: necklace

Necklace in shape of map of Switzerland
Photo courtesy of McLaughlin Creations

Do you need Swiss gifts for her?

Then this necklace in the shape of the map of Switzerland is perfect.

It’s a sweet reminder of her love for Switzerland.

#19 Switzerland travel guides

Fodoro's Essential Switzerland travel guide
Fodoro’s Essential Switzerland

Fodor’s Essential Switzerland

Are you looking for Switzerland gifts for someone who is traveling to Switzerland soon? Then a travel guide is a great gift. Fodor’s guides work for all sorts of travelers.

Lonely Planet: Switzerland travel guide
Lonely Planet: Switzerland

Lonely Planet: Switzerland

Are you looking for Swiss gift ideas for budget travelers? Then the Lonely Planet is the guidebook you need!

Best hiking in Switzerland travel guide
Best hiking in Switzerland

Best hiking in Switzerland: the Valais, Bernese Alps, the Engadine and Davos

This is one of the best Swiss gifts for people who love walking and the mountains!

#20 Switzerland-themed jigsaw puzzle

jigsaw puzzle of Lake Oeschinen in Switzerland
Lake Oeschinen puzzle

Are you looking for Swiss-themed gifts for people who love jigsaw puzzles?

Then this 1500-piece puzzle of the beautiful lake Oeschinen in the Swiss Alps is perfect.

Swiss gifts for small budgets

#21 More Swiss-themed gifts: luggage tags

Luggage tag with Zermatt
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for more practical Swiss-themed gifts for travelers? Then you should go for luggage tags that remind them of Switzerland!

You can find over 200 different options on Zazzle, or go for the one of the famous Matterhorn mountain.

#22 Switzerland travel journal

Switzerland travel journal
Switzerland travel journal

Do you need Swiss gift ideas for people who are traveling to Switzerland soon?

This travel journal that’s specifically designed for a trip to Switzerland is exactly what you need!

Or for more general travel journals, check out these 25 cute journals.

#23 Swiss-themed shirt

Switzerland gift ideas
Photo courtesy of Quality Appearance

T-shorts are great small gifts for someone who loves Switzerland.

For example this funny one with “Switzerland is calling and I must go”. But check out Etsy for more designs.

#24 Swiss-themed tote bag

Tote bag of Switzerland things
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for Swiss-themed gifts that are great for sustainable travelers, then you should check out the 616 Switzerland-themed tote bags on Zazzle.

The tote bags are made of recyclable material and have a longer lifespan than plastic bags. Plus, they remind the recipient of their favorite country in the world!

#25 Switzerland coloring book for adults

The big Swiss coloring book
The big Swiss coloring book

A coloring book with Swiss-themed paintings is one of the best Switzerland gift ideas for people who need a tool to relax. And coloring books for adults are great for stress and anxiety relief!

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25 best Swiss gifts for people who love Switzerland

Final note on Switzerland gifts

Alright, if you haven’t decided which of these Switzerland-themed gifts you should buy yet, perhaps you need a little more help.

So here are my top three Swiss gifts by budget again:


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