25 Tech Gifts For Travelers They Will Actually Use!

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Finding the best tech gifts for travelers can be a challenge. You want to find something that they will actually use, something they don’t have yet, and something that doesn’t break within the first week of traveling. Oh, and of course, you want to find something that’s within your budget, because boy, those travel tech gifts can get crazy expensive. In other words, travel gadget gifts are difficult to find.

Luckily for you, you found this awesome post filled with 25 gift ideas for travel tech lovers! And today seems to be your ultra-lucky day because you will find gifts within all sorts of price ranges. So let’s have a look!

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25 travel gadgets that travelers actually use

Best tech gifts for travelers for large budgets

#1 Portable bluetooth speaker

Photo courtesy of JBL

Whether the technology travel lover you are getting this gift for is into music or not, a portable speaker is always a good idea! Because having amazing sounds when working, watching a movie, throwing a beach party, or camping in the outdoors can change the travel experience completely.

Now, finding the best portable speaker is more of a challenge.

For awesome sound quality, water-and sand-proof, small, and easily transportable speakers I highly recommend The JBL GO or JBL CLIP.

#2 Fashionable travel tech gifts

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Who said that travel tech gifts can’t be fashionable?

That’s right, no one.

This cool bracelet does not only look good on any traveler, but it also includes a charging cord so they can charge their phones, camera, or whatever everywhere.

#3 Travel gadget gifts: portable solar charger

Solar charger

For a tech lover, running out of battery is perhaps one of the worse things that can happen when traveling.

Alright, now we both know that’s an exaggeration because we can think of things way worse than that, but you get my point.

Anyways, a gift that will make sure they won’t run out of power, even if the power is down, sure is a great gift. And that’s exactly why this portable solar charger made it to the list.

I won’t consider myself very knowledgeable when it comes to solar chargers. However, if there are numerous outdoor and hiking travel blogs recommending this solar charger, it must be a great one!

For a cheaper alternative to prevent them from running out of power, check out #16 on this list!

#4 Instant language translator

Instant translator

This instant language translator is one of the coolest tech gadgets for travel lovers who also love to connect with the local population. Rather than using their phone, they can both use an earbud so the other person hears the translation as well!

This may be one of the most expensive gift ideas for travel tech lovers, but I think it’s one of the coolest. Especially, the fact that it can also be used offline, so you’re not dependent on having a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile data plan abroad.

#5 Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

GlobalMe WiFi hotspot

Internet connection is perhaps one of the most essential things for techy travelers to have. Unfortunately, more often than not the Wi-Fi connections in hotels, hostels, and restaurants are not quite as stable and reliable as travelers would like.

All that is history, with their personal GlocalMe mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

All they need is a data plan and this small device with a guarantee of a reliable connection almost anywhere.

#6 Travel tech gifts: headphones

Photo courtesy of JBL

Just like portable speakers, headphones are great tech gifts for travelers because they will always come in handy. And no one likes crappy music quality or earbuds constantly falling out.

Just as with the speakers, JBL offers headphones with high-quality sounds, such as the JBL Tune. But do check out JBL’s website if you would rather give headphones with a cord or for running, or actual overhead headphones, as they simply provide high-quality products.

#7 Tech gifts for travelers: smartwatches

Photo courtesy of Samsung

Another fashionable techy travel gift is a smartwatch, such as the Galaxy Watch 3 by Samsung. It looks like a beautiful watch, yet it has all the functions a tech-lover could wish for, but instead of on their phone, it’s now available right on their wrists!

Obviously, you can find smartwatches by different brands, check out Amazon to find your dad’s favorite brand.

Now don’t worry if a smartwatch is slightly over your budget. Check out the next item on this list for another cool techy watch that will surely serve as a cool tech gift for your travel-loving pal.

#8 Travel tech gifts: fit band

Fit band

Is the smartwatch a bit out of your budget? And are you looking for tech gadgets for travel lovers who also happen to be a bit sporty? Then the Smart bands by MI are a great gift idea for you. This is the one I personally use as well.

The smart bands are great to track sports activities, sleeping, stress levels, heart rate, and basically anything related to sports! Obviously, it doesn’t include all the features a smartwatch would have. But that’s also not the idea of a smart band. It’s designed as a fashionable accessory to record all your sports records!

#9 Hiking tech gadgets gifts: GPS navigation

Garmin GPS navigation

For outdoor lovers who love hiking to unknown destinations, preferably somewhere off-the-grid, Google Maps or any other mobile device usually doesn’t suffice. Their phones either run out of batteries too fast, or Google doesn’t show an accurate map, or there is no mobile reception in the middle of nowhere.

And that is exactly what makes Garmin’s hiking GPS systems awesome travel tech gifts for hikers!

Now, I selected the cheapest version. However, if you have a larger budget you could also check out the more advanced versions by Garmin

#10 Action camera (or the accessories)

Photo courtesy of GoPro

When talking about action cameras the number one brand is of course  GoPro. If you’ve got a large budget and you are looking for travel tech gifts for someone who is also interested in capturing their trips, the GoPro action cameras are one of the best gift ideas!

I understand that a GoPro may not be within everyone’s budget, but don’t skip this item just yet.

Because one thing the GoPro brand does very cleverly is to offer all sorts of accessories to improve the GoPro experience. For example tripods, chest mounts, light mods, and filter kits. So even if you are looking for travel tech gifts for smaller budgets, check out the GoPro accessories.

#11 Drones: the best travel tech gifts for video lovers


What GoPro is for action cameras, is what DJI is for drones. You can’t think of drones without thinking of DJI. I know that a drone is not quite the most affordable gift. However, if you gather enough friends and relatives of the person you are getting the gift for, you may be able to share the burden and actually give one of the coolest gifts!

Alternatively, you could check out the drone accessories. For example, the low noise blades.

#12 Tech gifts for travelers who love reading: Ereaders


Ereaders are the ultimate gift for travelers who love to read, as it saves them a lot of weight from all the books they would have had to carry around with them otherwise!

Kobo and Amazon’s Kindle are two of the most popular Ereaders out there.  If you are looking for a slightly cheaper techy gift for someone who loves to read, check out #14 on this list too!

#13 Portable mini projectors

Mini projector

If you are looking for travel tech gifts for people who are also into movies, this mini projector is the perfect gift. It will allow them to turn any place into a cinema. Whether it’s at a stunning beach, or at the hotel, with this small device they will be able to watch movies in high quality everywhere.

Again, if you could gather a group of friends to find a gift, you may be able to buy one of the more advanced and expensive portable projectors.

#14 Tech travel gifts: book

If you are looking for a die-hard technology lover with an international interest, I think this is the perfect gift: Examining internet and technology around the world.

The book covers different countries’ perspectives on issues such as access and censorship, artificial intelligence, autonomous robots, cyberbullying, cybercrime, and more. It’s super interesting to find out how the perspectives differ and how humans and society influence and interact with technology across the globe.

#15 Power bank

Portable charger
Photo courtesy of Anker

Remember what I said about the worst thing that can happen to tech lovers on the road?

Well, this power bank by Anker has been a favorite travel gadget for many travel lovers. Plus it’s a cheaper alternative to the solar charger (#3), yet the result is the same. Your techy friend (or whoever you’re getting this gift for) will never run out of batteries anymore. 

Travel gadget gifts for mid-budgets

#16 A tech organizer

Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

With all their cords and cables, technology-loving travelers often lose hours untangling a cord before they can use it. But not with these travel tech gifts:

Cable organizers!

You can get a personalized organizer, a cute and colorful travel cord roll, or this leather one. There is a style for every techy traveler, check out Amazon for more options.

#17 Random gifts for tech travel lovers: socks

Computer circuit socks

Travelers generally don’t like traveling with a lot of luggage, especially not with a lot of heavy luggage they probably won’t use anyways. So when looking for gifts for travelers always try to think about how they can use your gift.

And since everyone uses socks, I always find fun socks connected to their interest the perfect gift for travelers!

So for techy travelers, this pair of computer circuit board print socks is perfect!

#18 Foldable travel keyboard

Foldable keyboard

Whether you are looking for travel gadget gifts for people who travel for leisure or work, this foldable keyboard is sure one of the most useful gifts!

Everyone knows that typing on a phone or a tablet is terrible, yet a complete keyboard simply takes up too much space for travelers. And that is exactly where this keyboard comes in place. It’s a trifold pad that connects by Bluetooth and can easily be folded and tucked away in a small backpack!

#19 Random tech gifts for travelers: travel mug

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Remember what I said about travel gifts being useful? Well, if you are looking for gifts for a techy, coffee-loving, sustainable traveler, this funny travel mug is exactly that type of gift!

This tech lover is probably the first person you call when your phone, laptop, iPad (fill in any electronic device) wasn’t working. And nine out of ten times, this is the solution.

Plus, if they work in the IT industry, this mug is just too accurate!

#20 Tech gifts for travelers: travel adapter

Travel adapter

Alright, I’ll admit a travel adapter may not be one of the most exciting travel tech gifts. However, it is one of the most useful ones. Because how else are techy travelers going to stay techy without charging their techy devices?

So if you want a practical gift, this may it!

#21 Car power converter

Car power converter

I guess I will just continue down the lane of not very original, yet very practical travel tech gifts. And next in line is a car power converter.

Perfect for road trip tech lovers. With the converter, they simply drive for hours, use their phone for music and navigation (hands-free of course) without ever running out of power.

#22 Bluetooth tracker

Gadget tracker

Make sure they don’t lose their valuable gadgets by giving them a Tile! A small Bluetooth tracker they can attach to whatever is valuable to them. And they can keep track of its location.

The best tech gifts for travelers for small budgets

#23 Techy vouchers and subscriptions

Photo by erica steeves on Unsplash

Whatever type of technology the person you are getting this gift for is into, I guarantee there is a form of subscription for that.

Into movies? Check out Netflix
Into music? Check out Spotify
Into reading? Check out kindle

What’s great about a voucher is that you will know for sure that they will use it on something that they want to have and that they will actually use.

#24 Waterproof travel tech gifts: dry bag

Photo courtesy of Unigear

People who travel with a lot of electronic devices want to protect their devices anytime. In fact, people who travel with little electronic devices want the same. So I guess this gift would probably work for most travelers. But still, I feel like people who love gadgets profit the most with a bag that protects their gear from getting wet.

Unigear is a well-known brand, but alternatively, you could check out the options on Amazon.

#25 Small and sweet travel tech gifts: key ring

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Last, but definitely not least, this keyring in the shape of the old-school floppy disk is a gift that will always do good. It’s the best combination of something sweet and personal, with something that’s small enough to take on the road and that considered their interest in technology.  

Save these travel gadget gifts

25 tech travel gifts for travelers

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