Forget The Rodeo, These Are 25 Gifts Texans Actually Want

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Are you looking for Texas gift ideas for that one friend who loves Texas? Or perhaps you have a relative who moved away from Texas and misses home? Either way, in today’s post you will find the best Texas gifts for out-of-towners and locals! I spend hours collecting the best, funniest, and most awesome Texas-themed gifts.

From beautiful Texas decor items to funny books, and of course, useful gift ideas from Texas for travelers.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Texas-themed gifts by budget.

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25 awesome Texas gift ideas

Texas gift ideas for large budgets

#1 Texas decor wine cork map

Texas map for corks
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Maps of your favorite place always make great gifts, but what makes this gift one of the best Texas gift ideas, is the fact that it is composed of wine corks!

Yeah, that’s right. Every time they open a wine bottle, they can pop the cork on the map. And by the end of the week (depending on how much wine they drink of course 😉) they will have a super cool Texas state wine cork map!

And thanks to your awesome gift, they have a good excuse to be drinking wine, which they will be very thankful for of course.

#2 Texas decor beer cap map

Texas gifts map for beer caps
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for gifts for Texans? Did you really like the last gift, but is your recipient more of a beer person? Well, in that case, I have found another awesome gift for you

The Texas Decor Beer Cap Map!

It’s another map-inspired gift, but this time you don’t put the corks in it, but beer caps!

#3 Texas map cheese board

Map of Texas wooden plate
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Another awesome map-inspired Texas gift is this cheese board in the shape of Texas. Another cool gift for Texans who moved out of state and would love to be reminded of Texas when they serve cheese!

Plus for cheese and Texas lovers, this gift combines two of their favorite things!

#4 Texas gift basket

Photo courtesy of The Artisan Gift Boxes

This Texan food basket is the most perfect gift for Texans who moved away and who are missing Texan food!

The box includes:

  • Cornucopia popcorn
  • Siete chip
  • Rambler sparkling water
  • Lammes chewie pralines
  • Madhu Chocolate bar
  • AustiNuts Lonestar Mix
  • Thunderbird Texas Maple Pecan bar
  • Austin Honey

It’s the complete box of everything Texans abroad are missing.

#5 Texas cowboy boots

Texas gift ideas: A brown cowboy boot
Photo courtesy of The Texas Boot Company

Are you looking for original gifts from Texas? What about these classic Texan cowboy boots?

It may be one of the most expensive Texas gifts on this list, but I would say it is well worth it. The boots are cool and of high quality, so at least they will enjoy your gift for many years to come. Or check out Amazon for cheaper alternatives.

#6 Fun Texad apparel

Photo courtesy of The Simple West

Which Texan fan wouldn’t want to show a bit of love through their clothing?

It’s one of the best Texas-themed gifts that work great for locals as well as out-of-towners who just love the Lone Star state.

Check out Etsy to find shirts, hoodies, and more in all shapes and sizes, or go for this oversized hoodie.

#7 Texas national flower pain kit

Watercolor kit for the texas national flower
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Yes, there are many Texas map gifts on this list, I know. But I can’t help it that all these gifts are just so cool, unique, and in this case also really unique. It’s a watercolor paint kit with the national flower of Texas. It’s one of the best gifts for someone moving to Texas or moving out. I mean, which Texan wouldn’t want to paint their beloved state?

#8 Texas city skyline glasses

Two glasses with city skylines
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

The photo may be misleading because obviously, these are not skylines of Texan cities. But before you discard this gift, you can pick glasses like these from Texan cities too!

You can pick the skyline of

  • Dallas
  • San Antonio
  • Houston

They just didn’t have a photo of the Texan skylines, which is why I picked the other ones.

Anyways, these glasses are perfect Texas gifts for out-of-towners who would love a bit of The Lone Star state every time they drink a glass of water (or something else).

Texas gifts for mid budgets

#9 Texas State Park checklist poster

Photo courtesy of Unfinished Art Studio

Are you looking for unique gifts for someone moving to Texas who loves nature? Or for a local Texan who loves the outdoors?

Then this checklist poster with all the state’s national parks is perfect!

They can make a bucket list of the beautiful places they still need to visit in their home state.

#10 Texas pecan gifts

Texas pecans
Texas pecans

In case you are wondering what makes pecans typical gifts from Texas, the pecan tree is their national state tree. And Texas is the number one producer of pecans in the US, which explains why Texas pecan gifts, such as this box of chewy pecan candy, work great for Texas fans and food lovers.

#11 Texas food gifts: The Austin cookbook

The Austin cookbook
The Austin cookbook

This Austin cookbook is one the best Texas gift ideas for Texans who moved out of state and miss the taste of home! Or for Texas fans who recently visited and are just missing the taste of Texan food. From Texan chili to typical Texan bbq spices, tacos, and Tex-Mex. You can find all typical southern and Texan recipes in this cookbook.

And a big bonus, it means that you will be able to try a bit of Texan food too! (Well, if they prepare a meal from the book for you of course).

#12 Texas cutting board

Texas state cutting board
Texas state cutting board

This is another one of the awesome Texas gift ideas for people who love Texas and who love to cook;

A Texas-inspired cutting board.

I am sure that cutting will become one of their favorite things to do!

#13 Texas jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle of Texas
Jigsaw puzzle of Texas

Do you need gifts for someone who loves jigsaw puzzles?

Then there is no better gift than a jigsaw puzzle of their favorite states, such as this 500-piece puzzle with the map of Texas and its highlights.

#14 Texas ice cube molds

Texas gift ideas in ice cube molds
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is a great gift for Texans who love their drinks icy cold! They can get ice cubes in the shape of Texas!

How cool for a Texan who moved out of state to be able to think of their home state each time they add some ice to their drinks? Thinking of Texas while they’re sipping their whisky on the rocks, who wouldn’t want that?

#15 Texas sports gifts

Rangers shirt
Rangers shirt

Are you looking for unique Texas gift ideas for people who love sports?

Then merch from their favorite Texas team is perfect.

For baseball fans, check out everything from The Texas Rangers, such as this shirt.

If the recipient loves American Football, check out the Houston Texans gifts.

And for basketball fans, check out the Dallas Mavericks a popular team from Texas.

#16 Texas-themed picture frame

Photo courtesy of Maker Prints

This is one of the best Texas-themed gifts for out-of-towners who loved their visit to Texas.

They can hang their favorite picture of Texas in this Texas-themed picture frame and it will be a Texinception.

Sorry for the terrible pun, but I just had to make it.

#17 University of Texas gifts

Uni-themed tumblers
Uni-themed tumblers

Are you looking for unique Texas-themed gifts for someone who went to the University of Texas? Or for someone who supports the longhorns?

Then this insulated tumbler with straw is perfect!

Or check out amazon for more University of Texas gifts.

#18 The definitive guide to being a Texan

Funny Texas book gift
Funny Texas book gift

Okay, this may not be one of the best gifts for Texans, because I will assume they already know how to be a Texan. But for people who simply love Texas or someone who is going there soon, this is the best book you can get them.

The definitive guide to being a Texan will teach how to speak, walk, dress, and be more like a real Texan. That way they will have no trouble blending in and making themselves at home in Texas. Before you know it, they will even greet their non-Texan friends with a “what’s up y’all”!

#19 Texas hot sauce gift set

Hot sauce bottles

If you are looking for Texas food gifts for people who do not like to cook (and so the Austin cookbook will not make them happy), this set of Texas Pete hot sauce is the perfect alternative!

They don’t have to prepare any meal to have a taste of home, with your awesome Texas gift they just have to open the bottle, pour some sauce, close their eyes, and for a moment it will feel as if they are back home!

Oh, and of course, this is also a great Texas gift idea for someone who is not from Texas, but loves Texan food, or just spicy food. Though, in case you are looking for gifts for chili lovers, I recommend you check out my gift guide for those!

#20 Texas-themed doormat

Photo courtesy of Wander Bound Bazaar

Are you looking for Texas-themed gifts for a friend’s or family member’s home?

Look no further than this awesome doormat!

Not only is it functional, keeping dirt and debris out of the house, but it also serves as a daily reminder of the Lone Star state’s pride and beauty.

Texas gifts for small budgets

#21 Texas-made bluebonnet candle

Photo courtesy of Fly Like Us

Are you looking for thoughtful Texas-themed gifts for a housewarming party?

Look no further than a Texas-made Bluebonnet candle! This amazing candle captures the true essence of Texas with its beautiful bluebonnet scent.

#22 Texas socks

Texas socks
Texas socks

This list of Texas-themed gifts is not complete without Texas-inspired socks because. Well, why not?

Just because socks are fun, easy, and still useful for Texans who are leaving the state for travel. They can take a bit of home with them and wear them when they feel homesick!

#23 Texas mugs

Y'all mug
Y’all mug

Who wouldn’t want to think of their favorite place in the world when they are sipping their morning tea or coffee?

And that is exactly what makes this y’all mug one of the best Texas gift ideas!

Of course, there are plenty of other types of Texas mugs you can pick, check them out here.

And if you are looking for gifts for Texans who are going to travel, you may want to get them a travel mug. Which are more convenient for traveling.

#24 Texas keychain

Cute Texas key ring
Cute Texas key ring

Texas gifts for people who are going to travel cannot be too big or heavy. No one is going to travel with a cork map of Texas. So if you are looking for cute and easy Texas gift ideas for travelers, this is the perfect gift for you!

This keychain in the shape of Texas shows their love for Texas and your love for them!

It’s super small and light and therefore easy to take when traveling!

#25 Texas necklace

Cute Texas necklace
Cute Texas necklace

This is another one of the cute Texas gifts for travelers; a necklace in the shape of their state!

It doesn’t take up any space or weight, yet it still reminds them of home and of the person who gave it to them of course!

Oh and let’s not forget, it’s also a cute-looking necklace!

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25 unique Texas gift ideas

Final note on these gift ideas for Texans

Did you enjoy these Texas-theme gifts and did you find the perfect gift or do you need more inspiration? Have a look at the editor’s top 3 for more ideas!

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