65 Unique Canadian Gifts That Capture The Spirit Of The True North

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Landscape in Canada

Whether you’re on a mission to find the best Canadian gifts for your polite neighbors, your hockey-obsessed cousins, or even your pet beaver (just kidding, we know you’re not THAT Canadian), we’ve got you covered. Canada might be known for its breathtaking landscapes and friendly folks, but let’s not forget their knack for creating some seriously cool stuff.

From delicious gifts from Canada, such as maple syrup candy and tea to unique gifts for Canadians, such as personalized maps, we’ve scoured the Great White North to curate a list of 65 handpicked gifts that will make you start saying “aboot” (or not – we won’t judge).

So, grab your double-double, sit back, and get ready to discover Canadian souvenirs that are so good, that you’ll want to say sorry for not finding them sooner.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Canada gift ideas by budget.

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25 unique Canadian gifts

Canadian gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to Canada

Lake with mountains in Canada
Photo by John Lee on Unsplash

Okay, let me start this list of Canadian gifts with the number one gift for someone who loves Canada:

A trip to Canada!

So if you have a large budget, head over to Skyscanner and book a flight and hotel for the recipient.

You can also go to Tinggly and book a fun tour or activity in Canada, such as a helicopter flight over Niagra Falls or a whale-watching tour. Tinggly is especially great for gifts since you can book the activity without picking a date, and have the recipient schedule the activity themselves.

Lastly, if you are not sure which type of activity the recipient likes, you can also go for the Tinggly gift card, that way the recipient can pick any activity they like!

#2 Canadian snack box

A Canada gift box filled with snacks from Canada
Photo courtesy of Giftly Treats CA

Do you know a Canadian who moved abroad? Then they must be missing something from home. So why not comfort them with this ultimate Canadian snack box?

It contains chocolates, candies, and snacks that carry the taste of nostalgia! It has lots of flavors that’ll make them tear up and think of their home.

If you’re a local yourself, this is also a great gift for yourself (we won’t judge) or for foreign friends and family. Give them a taste of your homeland!

#3 Canada landownership

An official document with landownership in Canada
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is probably the most unique Canadian gift idea on this list!

I know it sounds unrealistic, but you can actually gift a real piece of Canadian land to your friends or family members.

Once the one-time payment is done, they’ll receive an official title deed with their name on it. Plus, they get to use the piece of land whenever they like, whether for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, or even for just a picnic. It’s perfect for celebrating any occasion or just chilling out!

#4 Map of Canada

Map of Canada
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Maps of Canada are great Canadian gifts for people’s homes. The two options I liked the most were the illustrated print of Canada you can see in the photo and a personalized map of Canada.

The personalized map is a great wedding gift for people who got engaged or married in Canada. But also for people who simply love Canada. Because you can completely customize the message.

#5 Maple leaf waffle maker

Waffle maker in the shape of a maple leaf
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for the best Canadian gifts for people who love waffles? (And come on, who doesn’t love waffles?).

Then this waffle maker in the shape of a maple leaf is the perfect gift.

Fun fact.

Did you know that Canadians eat about 2,65 times more waffles than people from other countries?

Yeah, apparently the Canadians love waffles. (source).

#6 Canadian outdoor clothes

Man wearing rain jacket
Photo courtesy of Canada Goose

Canada is home to many great outdoor and winterwear fashion brands. One of those is Canada Goose. A great brand with high-quality outdoor clothing, such as the men’s rain jacket.

But really all items from Canada Goose will make great Canadian-made gifts.

#7 Local Canadian beauty box

A box filled with beauty products from Canada
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Do you have a friend who just moved to Canada?

Why not get her up to trend with this monthly Canadian beauty box?

Let her explore the wonders of proud Canadian brands that’ll be the twist on her wonderful adventure and lifestyle. Allowing her a whole new experience – leaving her feeling both happy, patriotic, and beautiful!

#8 Canadian ice hockey jersey

A white ice hockey jersey from Canada's national team
Photo courtesy of Hockey Canada Store

Ice hockey is the official national sport of Canada, it has the highest number of indoor an outdoor rinks in the entire world!

So if you are looking for gifts from Canada for sports fans, a jersey of the national ice hockey team is the gift you need.

#9 Indigenous art

A piece of indiginous art from Canada
Photo courtesy of Canadian Indigenous Art

Want to buy Canadian-made gifts and support the indigenous community of Canada at the same time?

Give them a painting from indigenous artists on Canadian Indigenous Art. And if you’re not sure of their taste in art, you can also let them pick their own piece and buy a gift card instead.

All paintings are 100% original, very stunning, and unique pieces of art!

#10 Canadian-themed wall art

A set of five panels canvas of Morain Lake in Canada
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you need unique Canadian gifts for someone’s home, this 5-panel set of Moraine Lake at the Canadian Rocky Mountains is the gift you need.

#11 Canadian culture and history book

Book cover of 'Canada's first nations'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for the best Canadian gifts for a culture and history lovers?

Then this book about the history of the First Nations, the first inhabitants of Canada, is a great book! Besides the past, this book also covers the current effects of political, ecological, and global changes on the indigenous populations.

#12 Whiskey from Canada

A bottle of whiskey from Canada
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Are you looking for unqiue gifts from Canada for someone who loves whiskey?

Then obviously, a bottle of Canadian whiskey is the best gift for them!

#13 Anne of Green Gables doll

A typical doll gift from Canada
Photo courtesy of Zeylum

Do you know anyone who’s a fan of Anne of Green Gables or someone who loved Anne with an E on Netflix?

If yes, then they’re in for a treat!

This lovely doll is definitely the perfect traditional Canada-themed gift! Whether it’s for a child or an adult, it will bring back some sweet memories to the class book by Canadian Lucy Maud Montgomery.

#14 Candian-style connect 4 game

A wooden game of connext four with maple leafs
Photo courtesy of Cutts Studio

Want to give a fun and unique Canada-themed gift to your Canada-loving friends?

Take a look at this awesome connect 4 board! It’s great for parties and game nights.

You know what else? It can also be personalized! So not only will it be a fun game for everyone but will also serve as a fantastic and stylish decoration.

#15 Soap carving kit

A box of soap carving in the shape of a bear
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The art of soapstone carving has been a long tradition for the Inuits, an indigenous tribe in Canada. The earliest known carvings were believed to be worn by Inuit’s ancestors as an amulet to keep bad spirits away.

If you want your family or friends to get in touch with Canadian culture and tradition, then gifting them this DIY bear soapstone carving kit is the right way to go!

It’s great for kids and adults alike and might even spark their inner artist.

#16 Coffee table book

Book cover of 'Canada in pictures'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looking for an illustrated Canada-themed gift for your friends?

Then this coffee table book would be the best choice!

It contains more than 500 picturesque photos of Canadian wilderness. Authored and photographed by travel specialist Karl-Heinz Raach, it will take anyone on an amazing journey through the natural beauty of Canada.

#17 Personalized doormat

A doormat with a funny message for Canadians
Photo courtesy of Coco and Bass

Are you looking for a unique housewarming gift for Canadians? Check this out!

This handmade doormat is the perfect way to personalize one’s front entrance. You can imprint it with a funny Canadian-themed welcoming message or any message you like at all!

#18 Tim Hortons coffee

A box of Tim Horton coffee from Canada
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for typical gifts from Canada for coffee lovers, this package of Tim Hortons’ ground coffee is the gift you need.

Tim Hortons (or as the locals say: Tim’s or Timmies) is the most popular coffee, donut, and restaurant chain in Canada. It’s a bit comparable to Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks (but don’t tell the Canadians, I said that).

So basically all items from Timmies will make great gifts from Canada!

#19 Personalized chopping board

A wooden cutting board with a maple leaf engraved
Photo courtesy of Headwall Creative

Thinking of a useful and aesthetic gift for families new to Canada?

Give them this handmade cutting board! Not only is it of high quality that’ll last for years but it can also be personalized, giving that famous warm Canadian welcome.

#20 Traditional board game

A board game from Canada
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Crokinole is a traditional dexterity game that originated in 1876 in Perth County, Ontario, Canada. It is said that it was made by Eckhardt Wettlaufer as a birthday present for his son.

The game is fairly simple. Each player will flick one disc towards the center of the board, once the first disc is on the board, the player must take turns in hitting another disc or else, the player must discard his disc which doesn’t count for any points. The first one to reach 100 points wins.

But if they get tired of all the action, they can just flip the board and play Checkers!

Canadian gifts for mid-budgets

#21 Ice wine

Canadian ice wine
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

If you are looking for unique gifts from Canada, then a bottle of ice wine is the gift you need.

It’s perfect for people who love sweet dessert wines.

In case you are like me, and you are wondering how it’s possible for wine to be produced in such a cold area in the world. The grapes that are used for ice wine are actually supposed to be frozen in the vineyard, which gives them a unique taste.

#22 Funny book for people moving to Canada

Book cover of 'So you want to move to Canada, eh?'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is a funny and informative gift for someone who is moving to Canada soon, a book with everything they need to know about their new home country!

#23 Inushuk gifts

A small white stattue of an inushuk from Canada
Photo courtesy of Zaine Canada

For generations, the inukshuk has been a part of Canada’s culture. Ancestors of indigenous tribes such as the Inuit built these stone landmarks which serve as a guide to travelers, and a warning sign for danger. It has helped a great deal in assisting hunters and is made a place of reverence.

If you’re looking for a Canadian souvenir that’ll remind you of this amazing tradition, then why not choose a small replica or imitation of the Inukshuk, such as this statue?

You can choose from a variety of options on Etsy like hand carved sculptures, key holders, pendants, and many more!

By the way, did you know that it’s illegal to destroy an inukshuk? So if you ever see one, remember, it’s a sight to behold.

#24 Funny hoodies

A black hoodie with "The Eh Team"
Photo courtesy of oTZIshirts

Are you looking for funny gifts for Canadians? Check out Etsy’s selection of hoodies. I mean, who wouldn’t want a hoodie that shows their roots in a fun way?

There’s plenty of other designs for Canadian Hoodies, so definitely check them out!

#25 Puzzle for kids

200 piece jigsaw puzzle of the map of Canada
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for a fun Canadian gift idea to familiarize your kids, cousins, or nephews with your home country? Then why not gift this Canadian map puzzle to them as a start?

Not only will they learn about Canada’s geography, but it will also allow them to discover Canada’s native animals.

This way, the whole family gets to learn a thing or two and even enjoy themselves while they’re at it!

#26 Personalized maple leaf sign

A metal sign of a maple leaf and a cutom name
Photo courtesy of Monogram Metalshop

If you have friends who are new to Canada then giving them this personalized maple leaf monogram would be a fantastic gift!

It’s a great way to show your support for their stay in Canada, and a wonderful housewarming gift, the mark of the beginning of their new journey and the sign to a place they’ll call their new home.

#27 Canadian-themed travel mug

Travel mug with Torornto skyline
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With more than 700 different Canada-themed travel mugs on Zazzle, you can surely find a fun gift for the Canadian coffee lover in your life!

If you are looking for gifts for someone who loves Toronto, then the travel mug with the Toronto skyline is perfect.

#27 Balderdash game

A card game called 'Balderdash'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looking for the best gift for game nights with your Canadian friends?

Give Balderdash a chance! Balderdash (which means senseless talk or writing; nonsense) is a bluffing game where you have to guess the definition of an unbelievable yet equally real word or come up with a convincing definition for it.

#29 National park checklist poster

A poster with the map of Canada and its national parks
Photo courtesy of The Geo Project

Do you know any national park lovers who just moved to Canada?

Gift them this national park checklist poster! It’s an interactive map of Canada’s national parks where they can check off the ones they have visited.

It’s a wonderful way of getting them excited about their new adventure in a different country.

#30 Variety beer package

A box of different kinds of beers from Canada
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Are you looking for the best Canadian gift ideas for beer lovers?

Look no further! With this big variety beer pack from Canada, you won’t have to look anymore!

It has a wide diversity of lagers, ales, any beer you can think of! Perfect for pairing with different kinds of (Canadian) food.

#31 Canadian-themed candle

A soy candle with a label of "Canada" and the skyline of Toronto
Photo courtesy of Joyful Fox

Do you need gifts for Canadians who just moved to a new home?

Check out Etsy’s selection of candles, because you can never go wrong with scented candles, especially if they smell like their favorite country.

#32 Maple leaf earring

Two pairs or earring buds in the shape of maple leaves
Photo courtesy of Teeny Tiny

Jewelry is always a nice and well-appreciated gift! (Especially for the ladies!)

Rest assured, this Canada maple leaf stud earring will make the ladies happy.

It’s handmade with sterling silver components (including the earring backs) which is suitable for delicate and sensitive ears, and has two varieties: silver, and gold.

#33 Flag beach towel

A woman standing with a towel of the flag of Canada
Photo courtesy of For the Love of Canadian

Want to gift your friends the Canadian flag but also want it to be functional?

Give them this Canada flag beach towel instead! It’s made of microfiber with vivid colors and design. Is quick drying and lightweight as well, made for easy packing and perfect for beach lovers!

#34 Poutine fork

A fork with the text "I love poutine" etched
Photo courtesy of Impressions Stamped

In case you’ve never heard of poutine, it’s a famous Canadian dish made from fries, flavorful gravy, and cheese curds, and has been the symbol of Québéc’s culture and cuisine since the 1990s.

It has also been dubbed as the country’s national dish, and it gives the Canadians a great sense of national pride.

So if you are looking for a great gift for Canadians, this “I love poutine” fork will be greatly appreciated.

#35 Maple sugar candy

A package of maple candies
Photo courtesy of Walmart

Maple syrup has always been a popular Canadian souvenir and gift, but this pure maple sugar candy is just even better!

It contains 5 pieces of candies that are shaped like beautiful maple leaves and simply delicious.

#36 Maple tea

A box of tea from maple leaves from Canada
Photo courtesy of Walmart

Here’s a gift for both Canada and tea lovers: Tealish “oh Canada maple tea”!

This maple tea is made of premium black tea decorated with orange safflowers, blended with real pieces of Ontario maple sugar.

#37 Book about Canadian history

Book cover of 'A concise history of Canada'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Cambridge “concise history” series offers great books for people who love history, such as this one about the history of Canada.

#38 Canadian-themed beanie

Red and white beanie in Canada style
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This Canadia-themed beanie is perfect for people who love Canada and who are living somewhere cold (such as Canada).

This beanie will keep their heads warm in Canadian style.

#39 Canada flask set

A gift set with a flask and shot glases with the flag of Canada
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looking for a unique gift for Canadians? Give them this Canada flask gift set!

The set includes a round stainless-steel flask engraved with the word “Canada” on it together with the Canadian flag, a funnel, and two shot glasses.

It’s made of high-quality material that resists rusting so they’ll be able to enjoy using it for years to come.

#40 Canadian cookbooks

Book cover of 'More than poutine: Favorite foods from my home and native land'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

More than poutine: Favorite foods from my home and native land

This is a great Canadian gift idea for people who love cooking and who would love to try Canadian food beyond poutine.

Book cover of 'Rocky Mountain cooking: Recipes to bring Canada's backcountry home'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Rocky Mountain cooking: Recipes to bring Canada’s backcountry home

This is a great gift for people who love the Rocky Mountains in Canada, or for people who would love to try dishes from this lesser-known area.

#41 Canadian plaid pajama pants

Checkered pyjama pants
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The red and black checkered pattern is one of the most iconic patterns associated with Canadian clothing.

Now, don’t expect all Canadians to wear checkered clothing all the time when you’re visiting. But it’s definitely a typical Canadian souvenir or gift that people take home from Canada. Making these pajama bottoms a fun gift idea.

#42 Scratch map

A scratch map of Canada
Photo courtesy of Kuulys

Are you looking for unique gifts for someone traveling to Canada?

Check out this Canada scratch-off map!

#43 Maple syrup

A jar of maple syrup from Canada
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Maple syrup is one of the most famous Canadian export products.

About 80% of the world’s Maple syrup is produced in Canada (mostly in the province of Quebec). This is also why maple syrup is one of the most popular gifts from Canada people take home as a souvenir.

#44 Canadian-themed passport cover

A brown leather passport cover with a Canada print
Photo courtesy of Blacknote Shop

If you are looking for gifts for Canadians who love to travel, a Canadian-themed passport cover is a perfect gift!

Canadian gifts for small budgets

#45 Canadian-themed socks

A pair of socks with moose in the color of the Canadian flag
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These moose socks are great small and funny Canadian gifts for anyone.

Everyone needs to wear socks, so why not buy some funny socks related to the country they love?

#46 Nanaimo gifts

A candle with a label of a typical Canadian food 'the nanaimo'
Photo courtesy of Black Bear and Pine

Looking for a typical Canada gift for a friend who’s miles away from home?

Check out this handmade Nanaimo soap and scented candle. They have the smell of Nanaimo bars – a classic Canadian dessert! So even though they can’t taste their favorite dessert, at least they can smell it.

#47 Canadian-themed tote bag

Tote bag with moose
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

One of the most typical Canadian animals is the moose. So anything related to the moose will work, such as this cute tote bag.

But for more Canadian-themed tote bags, head over to Zazzle (they have over 1000 different options).

#48 Funny birthday card

A birthday card with a typical Canadian greeting
Photo courtesy of North and Nature

Do you want to share some Canadian humor with your friends? Try this funny birthday card!

Can’t think of a message to write on your card? Then check out these funny birthday card messages (we got your back)!

#49 Coasters

A set of coasters with Canadian prints
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for a unique Canadian gift idea for the home?

Why not buy this spill-absorbent coaster?

It’s made of ceramic stone and cork, with one side showing the gorgeous Canadian landscapes and the other cork side preventing scratching or damaging of any surfaces. It’ll be of great use when drinking the Maple Creek ice wine (#21).

#50 Personalised birthday poster

A personalized newspaper page from Canada for someone's birthday
Photo courtesy of Elice Artist

Wanna give a birthday ] gift that they’ll never forget?

Go for this Canadian newspaper birthday poster!

#51 Trivia book for kids

Book cover of "weird but true, Canada"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Choosing gifts for children is never easy but fun books are always a good option.

And if you need Canada-themed gifts for kids, check out National Geographic’s book about Canada! It contains facts, trivia, and tidbits that will surely catch a child’s interest (and the whole family’s as well). For adults, check out the next gift.

#52 Trivia book for adults

Book cover of 'so you think you know Canada, eh?'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need Canada gifts for adults who love trivia? Then this is the book you need!

With the help of the short quiz part (with answers of course) at the end of the book, they can even test how well they really know Canada.

#53 Notebook

A notebook with a cover of typical Canadian things
Photo courtesy of Darcy and Lulu

A notebook is always a practical and useful gift, perfect for students and adults alike!

But if you want to make it more stylish and personal for Canadians, check out this handmade Canada notebook, it has a hardcover and contains 150 lined pages (75 sheets). 

#54 Canada-themed shirts

A funny black shirt with the text "Canada is calling and I must go"
Photo courtesy of White Lily Clothing

Are you looking for funny Canadian gift ideas? Then check out Etsy for shirts of all designs.

I quite liked this “Canada is calling and I must go shirt”, but can find something for everyone.

#55 Maple leaf bookmark

A bookmark with a pendant of a maple leave with "Canada" engraved
Photo courtesy of Charm Philosophy

Are you looking for Canadian souvenirs for a bookworm?

Why not give them this gorgeous maple leaf bookmark?

#56 Drinkware

A beerglass with the skyline of Toronto etched
Photo courtesy of Toasted Drinkware

Know someone who loves Canada?

Why not give them a custom-made gift like this handmade printed glass showcasing the beauty of Canada?

Not only is it environmentally friendly using lead-free ink but it’s also dishwasher safe (although hand-washing is recommended for ensuring print longevity)!

Looking for a different design? No problem! There’s a variety of designs available on Etsy. Pick whichever one you like!

#57 Canadian travel journal

Travel journal for Canada
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This Canadian travel journal is another great gift for someone traveling to Canada.

They can keep track of their entire trip in the journal. It also includes pages to plan the trip and keep track of the purchases and the amount spent on the trip. So it’s a road trip planner and journal combined.

#58 Flag pillow

A pillow case with the flag of Canada
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for a unique Canadian gift idea to add a bit of home pride to someone’s home?

Then this pillowcase with the flag of Canada is a great gift idea!

#59 Canadian-themed jigsaw puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle of a landscape in Canada
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for unique Canadian gifts for puzzle lovers? Then check out this gorgeous Canadian landscape puzzle, that will surely keep them entertained for an hour or two!

And for more gifts for jigsaw puzzlers, check out these 25 puzzle gifts.

#60 Swear word coloring book

A coloring book for adults with Canadian swear words and insults
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Want to take fun to another level? Check out this Canadian swear word coloring book!

It has mandalas, patterns, doodles, and many more. But the best part? It has Canadian insults and swear words too!

#61 Flag photo frame

A photo frame with the flag of Canada
Photo courtesy of Golden Owl Decor

This picture frame is a wonderful gift for someone traveling to Canada or for friends who just visited the country!

It’s handmade from acrylic glass and it’s a fun way to show the highlight of their visit or their favorite photo!

#62 Maple leaf necklace

A silver neckalce with a pendant of two maple leaves
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This cute necklace of the iconic Canadian maple leaf is one of the best small Canadian gifts for her.

#63 Canadian-themed coloring book

A coloring book for adults with Canadian patterns
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Adult coloring books are extremely popular for people who are looking for an activity to calm their minds.

And what’s cooler than a gift to calm their minds, while they can think about their favorite country?

The patterns in the book are all Canadian-themed.

#64 Maple leaf keychain

A keychain with a maple leaf
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for a small Canadian souvenir?

Then check out this maple leaf keychain.

#65 Funny mug

A funny mug with "bring you eh game"
Photo courtesy of Strictly Business Mugs

Looking for a funny gift for a Canadian friend?

Why not give him this mug as a gift?

It’s practical, convenient (dishwasher and microwave safe!), and has a little bit of humor too.

Save these Canada gifts

Did you save these gifts from Canada to Pinterest yet?

25 Canadian gifts

Final note on these gifts from Canada

Alright, these were my 65 best gifts from Canada. If you haven’t decided which gift you should buy yet, let me share my top three in each price range to give you some inspiration.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!