The 25 Best Canadian Gifts For People Obsessed With Canada

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If you are looking for the best Canadian gifts for people who love Canada, there is only one gift to satisfy them all; a trip to Canada! But don’t worry if that’s not within your budget, you will find 24 more typical gifts from Canada in today’s post. From delicious Canadian-made gifts, such as maple syrup to Canadian personalized gifts, such as a map.

If you need help picking the best gift, here are my top 3 for each price range

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25 unique Canadian gifts

Canadian gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to Canada

Lake with mountains in Canada
Photo by John Lee on Unsplash

Okay, let me start this list of Canadian gifts with the number one gift for someone who loves Canada:

A trip to Canada!

So if you have a large budget, head over to Skyscanner and book a flight and hotel for the recipient.

You can also go to Viator and book a fun tour or activity for the recipient to do when they’re in Canada. For example a helicopter flight over Niagra Falls or whale watching tours.

And lastly, if you are not sure which type of activity the recipient likes, you can also go for the Viator gift card; The Global Experiences Card.

#2 Canadian outdoor clothes

Man wearing rain jacket
Photo courtesy of Canada Goose

Canada is home to many great outdoor and winterwear fashion brands. One of those is Canada Goose. A great brand with high-quality outdoor clothing, such as the men’s rain jacket.

But really all items from Canada Goose will make great Canadian-made gifts.

#3 Map of Canada

Map of Canada
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Maps of Canada are great Canadian gifts for people’s homes. The two options I liked the most were the illustrated print of Canada you can see in the photo and a personalized map of Canada.

The personalized map is a great wedding gift for people who got engaged or married in Canada. But also for people who simply love Canada. Because you can completely customize the map.

#4 Canadian maple leaf waffle maker

Waffle maker

Are you looking for the best Canadian gifts for people who love waffles? (And come on, who doesn’t love waffles!). Then this waffle maker in the shape of the Canadian maple leaf is the perfect gift.

Did you know that Canadian eat about 2,65 times more waffles than people from other countries?

Yeah, apparently the Canadians love waffles. (source).

#5 Canadian ice hockey jersey

Canadian ice hockey jersey

Ice hockey is the official national sport of Canada, and also one of the most popular sports.

So if you are looking for gifts from Canada for sports fans, a jersey of the national ice hockey team is the gift you need.

#6 Tim Hortons coffee

Tim Hortons coffee

If you are looking for typical gifts from Canada for coffee lovers, this package of Tim Hortons’ ground coffee is the gift you need.

Tim Hortons (or as the locals say: Tim’s or Timmies) is the most popular coffee, donut, and other food restaurant chain in Canada. It’s a bit comparable to Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks.

So basically all items from Timmies will make great gifts from Canada.

The package I selected is a medium roast ground caffeine-free coffee. So it’s perfect for people who love to drink coffee in the evening, but who still want to have a good night’s rest.

For more Canadian-themed coffee gifts, check out #10.

#7 Canadian-themed wall art

Canvas of Morain Lake

If you need Canadian gifts for someone’s home this 5-panel set of Moraine Lake at the Canadian Rocky Mountains is the gift you need.

Canadian gifts for mid budgets

#8 Gifts from Canada: maple syrup

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is one of the most famous Canadian export products.

About 80% of the world’s Maple syrup is produced in Canada (mostly in the province of Quebec). This is also why maple syrup is one of the most popular gifts from Canada people take home as a souvenir.

#9 More gifts from Canada: ice wine

Canadian ice wine
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

If you are looking for more authentic gifts from Canada, then a bottle of ice wine is the gift you need.

It’s perfect for people who love sweet dessert wines.

In case you are like me, and you are wondering how it’s possible for wine to be produced in such a cold area in the world. The grapes that are used for ice wine are actually supposed to be frozen in the vineyard.

#10 Canadian-themed travel mug

Travel mug with Torornto skyline
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With more than 700 different Canada-themed travel mugs on Zazzle, you can surely find one for the Canadian coffee lover in your life!

If you are looking for gifts for someone who loves Toronto, then the travel mug with the Toronto skyline is perfect.

#11 Books about Canada

Canada’s First Nations

Canada’s First Nations: A history of founding peoples from earliest time

Are you looking for Canadian gifts for a culture and history lover? Then this book about the history of the First Nations, the aboriginals of Canada, is a great book.

So you want to move to Canada, eh?

So you want to move to Canada, eh? Stuff to know before you go

This is a funny and informative gift for someone who is moving to Canada soon, or for someone who loves learning about typical Canadian things, such as the use of the word “eh”.

A concise history of Canada

A concise history of Canada

The Cambridge “concise history” series offer great books for people who love history, such as this one about the history of Canada.

#12 Canadian-themed beanie

Canadian beanie

This Canadia-themed beanie is perfect for people who love Canada and who are living somewhere cold (such as Canada).

This beanie will keep their heads warm in Canadian style.

#13 Canadian cookbooks

More than poutine

More than poutine: Favorite foods from my home and native land

This is a great Canadian gift idea for people who love cooking and who would love to try Canadian food beyond poutine.

Rocky Mountain cooking

Rocky Mountain cooking: Recipes to bring Canada’s backcountry home

This is a great gift for people who love the Rocky Mountains in Canada, or for people who would love to try dishes from this lesser-known area.

A rising tide

A rising tide: A cookbook of recipes and stories from Canada’s Atlantic coast

Are you looking for Canadian gifts for people who love the Atlantic coast and cooking? Then this is the perfect gift for them.

#14 Canadian plaid pajama pants

Pajama bottom

The red and black checkered pattern is one of the most iconic patterns associated with Canadian clothing.

Now, don’t expect all Canadian to wear checkered clothing all the time when you’re visiting Canada. But it’s definitely a typical souvenir or gift that people take home from Canada. And that’s also why these pajama bottoms are great Canadian gifts for this list.

#15 Canadian indigenous art jigsaw puzzle

Puzzle of dolphins
Photo courtesy of Native Northwest

Native Northwest is a company that gives indigenous Canadian artists a platform to sell their designs and products. They mostly operate around Vancouver in British Columbia.

You can find all sorts of products that are inspired by artists’ designs, such as this jigsaw puzzle. But check out the website for more unique Canadian-made gifts.

And for more gifts for jigsaw puzzlers, check out these 25 puzzle gifts.

#16 Canadian travel guides

The rough guide to Canada

The rough guide to Canada

Travel guides are great Canadian gifts for people who are traveling to Canada soon. You can go for a general one that covers the entire country, such as the Rough Guide. Or for guides specific to certain regions.

The best road trips in Canada

Lonely Planet Canada’s best road trips

If you are looking for Canadian gifts for people who love road trips, this travel guide by Lonely Planet is the book you need. Check out #19 for another fun Canadian gift idea for a road trip lover

Lonely Planet: Canada

Lonely Planet: Canada

The Lonely Planet Canada is one of the best Canadian gifts for people who travel on a budget.

#17 Canadian-themed passport cover

Passport cover with Canada
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for practical Canadian gifts for travelers, a Canadian-themed passport cover is a perfect gift!

I quite liked the one with the Canadian flag and butterfly, but you can find 107 different designs on Zazzle.

Canadian gifts for small budgets

#18 Whiskey-related gifts from Canada

Book titled Canadian whiskey
Photo courtesy of World Market

Are you looking for gifts from Canada for someone who loves whiskey? Then obviously, a bottle of Canadian whiskey is the best gift for them.

But if you only have a small budget, this book about Canadian whiskey is the next best gift. It’s the complete guide to Canadian whiskey and includes information about tasting, different Canadian brands and varieties, and the production process.

#19 Canadian travel journal

Canadian travel journal

This Canadian travel journal is another great gift for someone who loves road trips.

They can keep track of their entire trip in the journal. It also includes pages to plan the trip and keep track of the purchases and the amount spent on the trip. So it’s a road trip planner and journal combined.

If you are looking for a regular journal, check out these 25 awesome travel journals.

#20 Canadian-themed tote bag

Tote bag with moose
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

One of the most typical Canadian animals is the moose. So anything related to the moose will work, such as this cute tote bag (or check out #23).

But for more Canadian-themed tote bags, head over to Zazzle (they have over 1000 different options).

#21 Canadian gifts for her: maple leaf necklace

Maple leaf necklace

This cute necklace of the iconic Canadian maple leaf is one of the best small Canadian gifts for her.

#22 Canadian language books

Canadian slang book

For people who love learning new languages or who love to understand local slang, language books are the best gifts!

For someone who wants to learn more about typical Canadian English sayings and slang, the first book is a great gift idea.

For those who are more interested in learning Canadian French, the second book “Learn Canadian French” is perfect.

#23 Canadian-themed socks

Moose socks

These moose socks are great small and practical Canadian gifts for travelers. (And non-travelers).

Everyone needs to wear socks, so why not buy some funny socks related to the country they love?

#24 Canadian-themed coloring book

Adult coloring book

Adult coloring books are extremely popular for people who are looking for an activity to calm their minds.

And what’s cooler than a gift to calm their minds, while they can think about their favorite country?

The patterns in the book are all Canadian-themed.

#25 Canadian-themed luggage tag

Luggage tag with Canada
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Another example of practical Canadian gift ideas for travelers are the Canadian-themed luggage tags on Zazzle. You can choose from 414 different options, or simply go for the red maple leaf one.

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25 Canadian gifts

Final note on these gifts from Canada

Alright, these were my 25 best gifts from Canada. If you haven’t decided which gift you should buy yet, let me share my top three in each price range to give you some inspiration.

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