The 30 Best Gifts For Business Travelers

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Finding the best gifts for business travelers requires you to think about travel in a different way. Unlike leisure travel, business travel gifts need to be both functional and stylish (or at least professional). To help you out, I selected the 30 best gifts for a business traveler!

I wish I had access to some of these products when I traveled to Mozambique to conduct research. Especially because I decided to go backpacking around South Africa before heading to Mozambique. Can you imagine what my “professional” clothes looked like by the time I arrived? Whoever came up with wrinkle-free clothes (#7) is a genius!

For those of you who don’t have time to check the entire post, here are my top three gifts for people who travel for work by budget.

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the 30 best business travel gifts for business travelers

Business travel gifts for large budgets

#1 High-quality suitcase

Samsonite suitcase hardcase with wheels
Photo courtesy of Amazon

One of the best brands when it comes to suitcases and bags is Samsonite. So if you are looking for high-quality practical gifts for business travelers, then a suitcase from Samsonite is always a good idea.

The freeform spinner suitcase is perfect for business travelers. It has four wheels meaning that it’s easy to roll and take everywhere.

It’s also available in different sizes. So you can either go for a carry-on size for business travelers who usually leave for short trips. Or buy a large checked bag size.

#2 Noice-canceling headphones

Beat ear buds in a case
My Beats Fit Pro

Headphones are very practical gifts for business travelers. They can use them for hands-free phone calls when they’re waiting in line to board a plane. Or to join meetings while they’re waiting at the airport. Or to listen to music or presentations without being disturbed by the people around them.

What I love most about my Beats headphones (and why I recommend them to everyone)is that they are small, lightweight, comfortable, and have a noise-canceling option. So if the businessman or woman needs to be focused, they can activate noise-canceling and not be disturbed by the people and sounds around them.

#3 Laptop bag

Black laptop backpack
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Gifts for business travelers are distinctly different from regular gifts for travelers. Where the main purpose for regular travel gifts is that they are practical and lightweight. Business travel gifts also need to look stylish or professional. And Samsonite has truly mastered the skill of producing high-class, practical, and stylish bags. For example, this beautiful backpack. It easily fits a laptop and other essentials.

Plus it includes an extra strap at the back to attach it to a suitcase and make it easy for travel.

#4 Portable charger

Anker power bank
Photo courtesy of Amazon

To run out of batteries and not be available is one of the worst things that can happen to business travelers. They can’t arrive late at a meeting just because their phone died.

So to prevent that from happening, a portable charger or power bank is the perfect gift for a business traveler.

And the Anker power bank is one of the favorites among frequent travelers because it’s relatively lightweight, but has a lot of power.

#5 Travel trimmer

A set of trimmers for men
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looks matter more for business travelers than they do for leisure travelers. So business travel gifts that help the recipient to look clean and polished are perfect.

For men, this small beard trimmer is a great tool for that.

#6 Business travel pants for men

Black chino pants
Photo courtesy of Bluffworks

Bluffworks is one of the best brands when it comes to clothing for business travelers.

I also shared this when I talked about the best travel gift cards. But Bluffworks aims to provide practical, comfortable, and business-proof clothing for travelers.

One of their best products for men is the chinos pants.

For business travel gifts for women, check out the next option.

#7 Business travel gifts for women: blouse

Navy blue blouse
Photo courtesy of Bluffworks

Wrinkle-free clothing is one of the best business travel gifts for women.

As I mentioned before, Bluffworks is a brand that designs travel clothes for business travelers. So any piece of clothing will be a great gift for a business traveler.

#8 Priority pass

Airport lounge
Photo by mark chaves on Unsplash

Are you looking for practical gifts for business travelers that are not material gifts?

Then the Priority Pass is the gift you need.

You can go for the annual subscription which gives the recipient access to over 1300 airport lounges around the world, plus refreshments, shower facilities, and free wifi.

It’s the perfect gift for a business traveler who spends a lot of time at airports.

#9 Mobile hotspot

Mobile hotspot from Glocal me
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Mobile hotspots are super practical business travel gifts because they allow business travelers to work anywhere at any time.

There are different mobile hotspots, but GlocalMe is the best pay-as-you-go hotspot.

You don’t need a prepaid mobile plan or contract. The recipient can simply buy instant data online in 140 different countries. Plus the hotspot can connect up to 10 different devices, meaning that the recipient can help his or her colleagues as well!

#10 Business travel gifts for coffee lovers

Portable espresso maker
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for gifts for business travelers who also love coffee?

Then this portable espresso maker is perfect. It will allow them to brew a strong and delicious coffee wherever and whenever.

#11 Fitbit watch

A Fitbit watch
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for the best gifts for business travelers who are also sporty and into techy stuff?

Then a Fitbit to track all their activities and receive important notifications on their wrist is perfect. I’ve actually given this Fitbit to both my parents and they absolutely love it!

#12 Portable speaker

JBL speaker small size
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for business travel gifts for someone who spends a lot of time alone in a hotel room? Then a small portable speaker is perfect!

They can create their own hotel party or simply enhance their Netflix sessions with great sound quality.

#13 Travel iron

A travel-sized iron that you can fold
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Remember what I said about arriving polished at a meeting? Well, one way to look polished is by wearing wrinkle-free clothing. But that’s quite a challenge for people who travel a lot.

This is why this travel-sized iron is one of the best gifts for business travelers. It hardly takes up any space and it can transform all their outfits into polished wrinkle-free business clothing.

For more business travel gifts that help prevent or remove wrinkles check out #24 and #25.

For high-quality gifts that business travelers will actually use, check out these 30 luxury travel gift ideas!

Business travel gifts for mid-budget

#14 Travel electric power toothbrush

Toothbrush for travel
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This travel-sized electrical toothbrush is another one of the great gifts for business travelers to help them arrive fresh at the job. Plus, it comes with a travel case, so it’s easy to take on a business trip.

#15 Self-inflatable travel pillow

Travel pillow that is inflatable
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Travel pillows are super practical gifts for business travelers because they allow them to sleep more comfortably on a plane.

But this one is even better.

It’s a self-inflating pillow. All you have to do is press the inflation button, and the small and lightweight pillow will transform into a pillow in a minute.

#16 Travel adapter

Travel adapter
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Any gift that keeps the recipient connected is a great gift for a business traveler. One great example of such a gift is this power plug adapter. This way the recipient can charge their phones, laptops, and whatnot in every country in the world.

#17 Journal

Moleskin travel journal for business travelers
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Being alone and in a new environment are two ingredients that fuel creativity. So a journal to write down all these brilliant ideas and plans is a great gift for a business traveler.

Moleskin provides professional and beautiful journals that work perfectly for business travelers. However, if you want to add a bit of a travel theme, you can also check out my top 25 travel journals for inspiration.

#18 Compression travel socks

Compression socks for people who travel for business
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for gifts for a business traveler who often takes long flights? Then compression socks to make their legs a little more comfortable on those long hauls are perfect!

Compression socks promote blood circulation, even if you can’t stand up or walk around (which is often the case on a flight).

#19 Portable hairdryer

Hairdryer with a compact bag
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for business travel gifts for women? Then a travel-sized hairdryer is perfect!

This mini hairdryer also comes with an EU plug adapter, so the recipient can use it abroad as well!

#20 Toiletry bag with hook

Toiletry bag that waterproof and can be hanged on a wall
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for practical business travel gifts that a business traveler can also use for leisure travel, then this toiletry bag is perfect!

The bag comes with a hook and it’s made from water-resistant material so it can be hung in the bathroom.

Another (pricier) option is a toiletry bag from Samsonite. As I mentioned before, they produce high-quality travel accessories, so it’s definitely worth the extra money.

Business travel gifts for small budgets

#21 Passport wallet

Black passport wallet
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for small and practical gifts for business travelers? Then a passport wallet holder is perfect.

It’s a stylish bag that has enough space for passports, important cards, cash, coins, and documents such as a plane ticket. It’s a great bag to help business travelers stay organized.

I think by now you’ve realized that I am a big fan of Samsonite. So check out their travel wallet too. Or head over to Amazon where you can find plenty of different passport wallets.

#22 Travel umbrella

Mini umbrella
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Another one of the great gifts for business travelers to help them arrive clean and neat is a travel umbrella.

No one can control the weather. Not even the most controlled business travelers. So a small travel-sized, yet strong umbrella is perfect for rainy days.

#23 Master lock

Master lock
Photo courtesy of Amazon

One of the best gifts for business travelers who travel with expensive gear is a lock to keep all their stuff safe.

I know, it’s not the most exciting gift. But gifts that keep them and their belongings safe are actually a beautiful message. Basically, you’re saying “I love you and I care for you”.

#24 Anti-wrinkle packing folder

Ant-wrinkle packing folder for travel
Photo courtesy of Amazon

One of the best business travel gifts is something that will help the recipient look neat when they arrive. Such as this packing folder.

We all know that it’s quite hard to keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free in a suitcase. But not with this folder.

It helps the recipient to bring their clothes in a suitcase without getting all wrinkled!

#25 No-iron wrinkle remover spray

Unscented anti-wrinkle spray
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I know, it almost sounds too good to be true. But really, this spray removes (almost all) visible wrinkles without having to use an iron!

All the recipient has to do is spray a bit on their clothes and the wrinkles will dissolve before their eyes!

Now, I don’t want to share business travel gifts under false pretenses here. Obviously, this wrinkle spray doesn’t remove all wrinkles. But trust me, it does an incredible job at removing about 85% and helps the recipient to appear polished without wasting time on ironing.

#26 Travel lint roller

Lint roller to remove hair from clothes
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is another one of the great gifts for business travelers that helps them to arrive clean. This travel-sized lint roller removes all pet hairs, dust, and everything else you don’t want on your business suit.

#27 Luggage tag

Luggage tag made from brown leather
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Luggage tags may not be the most exciting gifts for business travelers, but they are very practical and simple. And that’s exactly what makes them great gifts.

You can either go for the brown leather one on Amazon or check out Samsonite for a black tag.

#28 Sleep mask

Sleep mask
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you travel as often as business travelers do, then sleep becomes even more important. So any gift that helps them to sleep better is perfect. This is why a sleeping mask is a great practical gift for a business traveler. It will turn any environment into black darkness, so they can sleep.

#29 Cable organizer

Cable organizer
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Business travel gifts are all about arriving well-rested and organized. And one way to stay organized is by having one place for all your cables, which is where this cable organizer comes in.

#30 Business card holder

Business card holder
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Traveling for business is all about making personal connections. And one way to transform these personal meetings into meaningful business connections is by handing out business cards. And what’s better than handing out business cards in style?

So if you are looking for gifts for business travelers who actually have business cards, this cardholder is the perfect stylish gift.

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the 30 best business travel gifts for business travelers

Final note on gifts for business travelers

Alright, since you are still reading this post, I will assume you haven’t decided which gift to buy yet. So perhaps my top three gifts for people who travel for work can help you decide.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!