50 Unique Gift Ideas For History Buffs: Uncovering The Past Through Gifts

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Ancient ruin in Guatemala

Are you on the archeological expedition of looking for the best gifts for history buffs? For that one friend or relative who can recite the entire timeline of the American Civil War and knows more about the Roman Empire than Julius Caesar himself? Then look no further! Because in this list, you will find 50 gifts for history nerds, that will bring the past to life.

Whether you’re navigating the treacherous terrain of finding a birthday gift, a holiday surprise, or just a spontaneous “you’re awesome” gift for history lovers, we understand the struggle. The good news is, that you’ve stumbled upon a goldmine of ideas (no less than 50!) that are as fascinating as a Pharaoh’s tomb but won’t require a brush and chisel to reveal. So let’s have a look!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gift ideas for history buffs by budget.

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the best gifts for history buffs

History buff gifts for large budgets

#1 History by mail subscription

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

I will start with one of the coolest and most unique gifts for history nerds: monthly physical mail with replicas of documents of major historical events. Some examples include a letter by Albert Einstein or the police report of Rosa Parks’ arrest.

The documents are sent each month by FedEx, so it’s not just another spammy mail that they will probably never read. No, it’s a paper document that will take them back to that historic moment in time.

#2 History of the world: map by map book

History of the world book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Obviously, I couldn’t finish a list of gifts for history buffs without including a few books.

So here is the first one that I thought was one of the best books and gifts for history buffs.

History of the world: map by map.

The book covers human history from across the globe starting in prehistory and finishing in the present time. And as you probably already guessed by the title, the book doesn’t just contain dry text. It tells the story with 140 custom maps to illustrate the events.

#3 Mini museum souvenirs

Stonehendge specimen
Photo courtesy of Mini Museum

The mini-museum is an awesome website to find gifts for history buffs. In fact, they even have a special section for history lovers.

And one of the things they offer is these decorative items that include a specimen of some historical event or place.

For example, the mini bluestone quarry slab from Stonehenge on the photo, but they offer a lot more options such as

Check out the mini-museum shop for more options.

#4 History nerd gifts: board games

History of the world game
Photo courtesy of Amazon

For some reason, many history nerds are also board game lovers. (Though make sure your recipient is into board games before you buy one 😉). And for those history nerds, I think I found the best gift: The history of the World board game.

Honestly, I don’t think there are any better gifts for people who like history, travel, and board games.

Though, if you are unsure about this gift or if it’s a bit above your budget, but you would like to find game-related gifts for history buffs, check out #23.

#5 A New York Times Women’s Right collection

NYT edition about women rights
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for gifts for history lovers who are super interested in women’s rights?

Then the New York Times collections on everything related to women’s rights is the history lover gift you need.

It’s a collection of the most important articles that were published at the time in the newspaper. That way you can experience the entire movement as if you are reading the newspaper of that time.

#6 Historic map of the world

A historic map of the world for on the wall
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you have a friend who loves to travel back in time and explore the world as it once was?

Then, a vintage world map is the gift they never knew they needed!

This map not only adds a touch of charm and elegance to their home, but it also allows them to relive history and imagine what it would have been like to sail the seven seas in the days of yore. And that makes it one of the best gifts for history buffs.

#7 LEGO remakes

A remake of the Titanic with LEGO blocks
My boyfriend’s Titanic LEGO

This gift for history fans is actually inspired by my personal favorite history enthusiast (my boyfriend), so I’m pretty sure other history-obsessed people will love it too.

Every year, he and his mom make a giant Lego project together to get through the wintertime, and last time, they made this 9000+ pieces version of the Titanic!

It’s a super fun gift for people who love history, ships, and, of course, LEGO!

Do keep in mind that this LEGO version is actually quite big (18″ x 7″ x 54″ or 44cm x 16cm x 135cm), it takes up a decent amount of space in my boyfriend’s house. So make sure the recipient actually has space for it, or check out Amazon for smaller options.

#8 A history experience gift

A wall with prints of old bicycles and other forms of transportation
Taking them to a history museum is a great gift

If you’re looking for a gift for history buffs that will truly impact them, stay in their memories forever, and create a stronger bond between the two of you, an experience gift is what you need.

And no, that’s not me just talking here, these are facts that are actually backed up by science!

So go ahead and give your favorite history nerd a ticket to a history museum, take them on a historical walking tour, or give them a membership to their favorite history museum! Do you need more inspiration? Check out Tinggly for fun history-themed experiences!

#9 Personalized historical portrait

A portrait of someone dressed as the queen of Egypt
Photo courtesy of Turn Me Royal

Alright, this is probably one of the funniest gifts for history fans. But hear me out before you order this personalized historical print right away.

Please make sure you’re recipient actually appreciates such a prank and will actually hang this portrait in their house. Because it’s such a unique and customized piece of art, it would be a waste if they just stored it somewhere in the basement.

#10 World history timeline poster

World timeline poster
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This giant poster that depicts the timeline of the history of the world is a great gift for history buffs who would love to decorate their home with history items.

#11 Personal heritage discovery test

DNA string
Photo by Braňo on Unsplash

This is one of the best gifts for history lovers who would love to discover more about their personal heritage.

My Heritage uses DNA tests to discover information about one’s ethnic background and heritage.

#12 Magazine subscription

A magazine cover of National Geographic's History
Photo courtesy of National Geographic

Your favorite history nerd doesn’t just deserve one cool history gift this one time. No, they deserve to be treated every month, and that’s exactly what makes a National Geographics History magazine subscription such a great gift idea.

They get to enjoy your gift and an in-depth magazine about history every month.  

#13 Boston Tea Party tea sample

Tubes of tea leafs
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

The Boston Tea Party gift set is a super fun and unique gift idea for history buffs and tea drinkers. It contains five different varieties that were actually in the 342 chests thrown overboard on the Boston Tea Party. Making it a fun way to commemorate this important day in history with a cup of tea!

#14 Antique chessboard

A chess board with pieces that look like medieval soldiers
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I’ve actually created an entire gift guide for chess players, so definitely check that one out if your recipients love to play chess.

But one of my favorite gifts from that list was the unique chess boards and I think they make great gifts for history buffs too, especially if you go for one of the history-inspired versions from Amazon, such as this medieval one.

#15 Constitution tie

A red neck tie with the constitution of the United States writting on it
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This tie with the U.S. Constitution is the perfect gift for a history buff who wears ties to work. It’s a stylish conversation starter, so they can stir any conversation into the direction they love. And allowing them to wear their passion proudly (even at work).

#16 Ticket to Ride board game

The package of the game Ticket to Ride
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I love Ticket to Ride! It’s by far my favorite board game, and with its historical map of the world, I am pretty sure that it will soon be your history lover’s favorite board game too!

The aim of the game is to build railways across the map to score points, which doesn’t sound too interesting like this, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it, and believe me, it’s a super fun strategy game!

#17 Vintage globe cabinet

A bar cabinet on wheels with a print of a vintage globe
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is a beautiful piece of decoration for true history buffs and drinkers, a cabinet decorated with a gorgeous vintage map of the world!

I think it’s one of the most unique history-themed gifts on this list, but because it’s such a unique piece of décor, I want you to really be sure that you’re recipient will actually place in their home. Do they love vintage decoration? Do they have space for it? And do they love ancient world maps?

Then yes, go for this cabinet.

#18 Declaration of Independence scarf

A scraf with the text of the declaration of Independence
Photo courtesy of Universal Zone

Wrap her in America’s most important document in history with this Declaration of Independence scarf.

It’s not just a stylish accessory; it’s a soft and cozy piece of American heritage, the words that shaped a nation around her neck. It’s the perfect gift for history lovers who want to make a patriotic fashion statement

#19 Ancient board games

A board game called senet
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Did you know that many ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, The Greeks, The Egyptians, and the Romans all had their own variations of games?

Historians have identified quite a few games that have been played in different parts of the world in history, so how cool would it be to give a history lover the opportunity to an ancient game at home?

Senet is game that was invented by the ancient Egyptians, and even though historians don’t quite agree on the official rules of how to play it, this board game comes with a set of rules from the manufacturer so the recipient can actually play it at home. (It might not be exactly how the Egyptians played it, but it’s close enough 😉).

#20 Prohibition history glasses

two glasses with the laws of prohibition
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These Prohibition-themed glasses are a fun history lesson with a twist – literally!

They are the perfect gift for history lovers who want to study with a side of spirits. One glass delves into the 18th Amendment, banning booze, while the other celebrates the 21st Amendment, which set it free again. So, they’re not just sipping, they’re sipping with knowledge.

#21 Sundial compass

Antique Brass & Copper Sundial Compass
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for unique historical gifts for boaters?

Then this beautifully crafted sundial is perfect. Made of premium-grade brass and copper, it’s a pocket-sized gem that comes in a luxurious leather gift box. It’s a piece of maritime history and a stylish decoration that adds a touch of vintage class to their boats and homes.

History buff gifts for large budgets

#22 Official piece of the Berlin wall

Piece of the Berlin wall
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you have a friend who can’t get enough of historical events? Particularly the ones involving communism, or German history? And who loves to collect unique memorabilia?

Well, look no further because just found the best history nerd gift; an official piece of the Berlin Wall!

Not only will they have a tangible piece of history in their hands, but they can also relive the events of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall every time they see it.

#23 Chronology card game

Chronology card game
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Does your history-obsessed friend have a knack for remembering all the important events in history but struggles to recall what they had for breakfast yesterday?

Then, the card game Chronology is just the gift they need!

Not only will they get to test their knowledge and see if they truly do know what happened first, but they also get to play with friends and family to see who will come out on top as the ultimate history buff. It’s the perfect history nerd gift if the board game (#4) was over your budget.

#24 Monthly paper money subscription box

A collections of colorful cash from different countries
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

History buffs love old stuff! And do you know what they love even more?

Collecting old stuff.

So help them expand their collection with something that’s actually valuable;


With this subscription gift they will receive a collection of international billets from around the world each month. And don’t worry, they won’t be sending some worthless cash from Randomstan. No, each month the recipient will receive the equivalent of 20 USD in cash from around the globe!

It’s a fun way to collect and to actually save some money.

#25 Travel mug

A tumbler with a funny history print
Photo courtesy of Bevvee Co

If you are looking for gifts for historians who love coffee, a travel mug, such as this funny one is a great gift.

Or check out Etsy to find nearly 3,000 history-inspired tumblers and travel mugs.

#26 US WWII cricket signal

A vintage clicker from the second world war
Photo courtesy of Dog Tags by Macs

This WW2 101st airborne cricket signal is a quirky piece of history and therefore a great gift for history lovers.

It’s actually the same clicker carried by paratroopers of the 101st Airborne on D-Day (a replica though) and it even comes in a fancy cotton-lined gift box.

#27 Hoodie

A woman wearing a sweatshirt with "that's what I do, I read history and I know things"
Photo courtesy of Tee Spill

Give your history-obsessed friend a warm hug from the past with Etsy’s collection of history-inspired hoodies. From Game of Thrones-themed ones such as this “I read history and I know things” one, to funny ones for teachers, there is a great hoodie for every history buff.

#28 Sapiens: a graphic history book

A graphic book about history
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is the graphic edition of Sapiens: A brief history of humankind, the best-seller by Yuval Noah Harari.

It’s the perfect gift idea for history lovers who are not really into reading. (I know it’s a rare thing, but it happens). This book is filled with fun and easy-to-understand graphics, so you will still learn a lot, you just don’t have to read as much.

However, if they are into reading, the regular edition of Sapiens might also be a great gift idea.

#29 Candles

Candle with a funny label that says "well behaved women rarely make history"
Photo courtesy of Wax and Wit Candles

Check out Ety’s collection of history-themed candles to spread the smell of their favorite hobby.

From candles that smell like fresh parchment and old books to candles with funny history-inspired labels, there is a candle that can bring the vibe of any historical event right into their homes.

#30 Egyptian figurines

A bowl with a lid in the shape of and ancient Egyptian sphynx
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This small and elegant Egyptian guardian decorative bowl is a cool history gift for those obsessed with the ancient Egyptians.

It’s a cute way to add some Egyptian and historical flair to their rooms and desks, without screaming “I LOVE HISTORY”, which is probably what they would have done otherwise 😉.

#31 History-related puzzles

Declaration of independence jigsaw puzzle
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This jigsaw puzzle of The Declaration of Independence is a great American history gift idea for those who love national history and laying jigsaw puzzles, of course!

#32 Julius Ceasar pencil holder

A pencil holder of the bust of Julius ceasor with holes for pencils in the back
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Whether you need gifts for historians, history teachers, or art enthusiasts, this pencil holder inspired by Julius Ceasar’s being stabbed in the back is  a fun and functional gift that adds a touch of class (pun intended) to any space.

Pencils not inlcuded, of course.

#33 Da Vinci Code puzzle box

Da Vinci Code puzzle box
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re planning on giving cash or a gift card as a gift for history buffs, this is the perfect way to wrap you gift in a unique way!

With a puzzle box inspired by Da Vinci designs, the recipient will need to think and puzzle their way through your gift! You can set the password yourself, or stick with the cute standardized one (“I love you”) if this is a gift for a loved one.  

#34 History-related cookbook

A history cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I know what you’re thinking.

Seriously, another book gift? Can’t you think of something different?

But wait. Before you continue. This is not just a book about history.

This is actually one of the best gifts for history fans ánd food lovers.

It’s a cookbook that includes 150 recipes that are linked to American history in some way.

#35 Archeology kit for kids

A mega gemstone and fossil exchavation set for kids
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need history-themed gifts for young enthusiasts?

Then let them play with their first excavation and feel what it’s like to explore like an archeologist with this fossil kit!

It includes 15 pieces that they need to excavate carefully, just like a true archeologist would.

History buff gifts for small budgets

#36 History calendar

On this day in History calendar by National Geographic
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you want to find gifts for history enthusiasts at home, this history calendar is one of the best. It’s a great way to learn more about history every day. Because each day on the calendar tells what happened on that day sometime in history.

#37 Bad days in history book

Books for history buffs
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Since I also included a few books within the higher price range, here is a small, yet fun and informative book that history nerds will love.

“Bad days in History” covers 365 stories (one for each day of the year) in history when something unfortunate happened. From romantic tragedies to enormous economic misfortunes. I am sure it will contain stories even the most die-hard history nerds didn’t even know about.

#38 American trivia

A game of American Trivia
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Though I highly doubt you will win a round of trivia from a true history buff, I still think that trivia is one of the best gifts for people who like history, particularly American history.

Because remember, giving is not about you, it’s about the receiver. And with this game, they can finally put their historical knowledge to good use and show off!

Plus, participation is more important than winning right?

And if you do want to give a trivia game that you might actually win, check out these 25 fun trivia gift ideas!

#39 Funny mug

Funny mug for history lovers
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for funny gifts for history nerds, this mug with “Don’t make me repeat myself” is a great option!

#40 History-related socks

History socks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Anyone who has checked more articles on my site knows that I am quite a fan of socks related to someone’s hobby or interest. And well, the gifts for historians are no exception to that.

So if you know someone who’s all about American presidents, these socks with the faces of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington are great gifts.

#41 History-themed mad libs book

A book cover of Mad Libs, historical edition
Photo courtesy of Amazon

“History of the World Mad Libs” is another hilarious gift for history lovers.

For those of you who are not familiar with Mad Libs, it’s basically a fill-the-blank story, so you can create the funniest and most random stories together. It’s not just a great gift for kids but for adults too. Especially, if you go for this history-inspired one because it’s based on true stories that the recipient can add their own funny twist to.

It’s like rewriting history (literally) with a humorous twist.

#42 History-related clothing

A woman wearing a shirt with a funny history-related text
Photo courtesy of GW Custom Tees

If you are looking for practical gifts for history nerds clothing, such as this funny shirt, might be a good alternative.

I thought it was quite a funny design, and I am sure that history majors will agree. Though check out Etsy for more history-related clothing.

#43 More funny books for history lovers

Why do we say that? book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Alright, I couldn’t help myself, and I had to include another interesting book. This one is perfect for people who love languages.

In Why do we say thatthey will learn everything about random idioms, phrases, and words, where they came from, and what they originally meant.

#44 Coin treasure

Historic pennies from America
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Remember what I said about history lovers and collecting old sh*t?

Well, one of the most popular things to collect is money (which is why the subscription gift #24 was such a fun idea). But if you’re looking for a smaller-budget history gift or for someone who is just obsessed with coins, these ancient coins are a perfect addition to their collection.

The two options I selected for you are for two different budgets. The first one is probably one of the most unique ones (which is also reflected in the price) and it’s a collection of truly ancient coins from the Mini Museum Shop. Alternatively check out Amazon for American coins, which are still authentic and awesome, but not as rare as Mini Museum’s options.

#45 Viking gifts

A necklace with a pendant of a Viking Rune
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you know someone who is obsessed with the Vikings?

Then this rune necklace is the historical gift you need!

Made from high-powered zinc alloy, it’s tough and scratch-resistant, just like a Viking’s armor. The rune represents protection, honor, and strength, making it a beautiful gift for anyone who wants to have a bit of a modern twist on ancient Viking history.

Plus, it comes in a packaging fit for a history buff, making it a great gift for those who appreciate a touch of Nordic history and strength.

#46 History crossword

History crosswords book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I love crossword puzzles! I even travel with a crossword book to accompany me on long flights or while chilling at the beach.

So if you are looking for gifts for a history buff who is also into crosswords, this history-related crossword is one of the best gifts.

#47 Tote bags

History gifts: tote bag
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

A history-themed tote bag is a practical and stylish gift idea for history lovers that allows them to proudly flaunt their historical passions while carrying groceries, books, or ancient artifacts (because you never know with history nerds).

There are plenty of fun designs on Zazzle or go for this “History Chicks” bag.

#48 “Events that Changed History” book

Book cover of 'Napoleon's Hemorrhoids: And Other Small Events that Changed History'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

You probably already noticed that I love funny, yet informative history books, and “Napoleon’s Hemorrhoids: And Other Small Events that Changed History” is no exception to that.

It contains hilarious and mind-boggling what-ifs and lesser-known stories in history and uncovers how accidents, fortune, and sheer luck shaped the course of history. From Communist jets running out of fuel during the Cuban missile crisis to Napoleon’s hemorrhoids keeping him off his horse at Waterloo, it’s a collection of astonishing anecdotes.

#49 Coasters

A collection of coasters with print of old world maps
Photo courtesy of Whirligirl Designs

Do you need gifts for history nerds who love to sip their way through centuries? Then check out these beautiful world map coasters (or other history-inspired coasters on Etsy).

They’re not just for keeping tables dry; they’re a journey through time and place with every sip. It’s the perfect history-themed gift for those who love a dash of the past with their cup of tea or cocktail.

#50 Historical prints

Poster of the constitution bill
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for unique history buff gifts for someone’s home? Then this poster of the constitution bill is perfect!

This poster is not only a fantastic decoration piece but also a constant reminder that even the founding fathers had the occasional disagreement (as evidenced by the Bill of Rights).

Though for other historical posters, check out Amazon.

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the best gifts for history buffs

Final note on these gifts for history lovers

Alright, I hope that these gift ideas for history lovers helped you to find the perfect gift for the history buff in your life. If not, check out the editor’s top three for a final call.

FAQ about gift ideas for history buffs

What to gift someone who loves history (for Christmas and other occasions)?

Whether it’s for Christmas, birthdays, or graduation, these are gifts for history buffs that always work; books about history, history-themed apparel, board games, historical specimens, and historical posters.


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