The 25 Best Gifts For History Buffs

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Ancient ruin in Guatemala

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Are you looking for the best gifts for history buffs? For someone who is obsessed with history, and preferably international history? Luckily for you, I spend hours searching the web to find unique gifts for history lovers. And in today’s post, I gathered the 25 best gifts for history nerds. And no worries, you will find more unique history gifts than just history-related books. (Though, I’ll have to admit that books for history buffs are always a good idea).

Save the best gifts for history buffs

the best gifts for history buffs

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The best history gifts for large budgets

#1 History by mail subscription

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

I will start with one of the coolest and most unique gifts for history nerds: monthly physical mail with replicas of documents of major historical events. Some examples include a letter by Albert Einstein or the police report of Rosa Parks’ arrest.

The documents are sent each month by FedEx, so it’s not just another spammy mail that they will probably never read. No, it’s a paper document that will take them back to that historic moment in time.

#2 A New York Times collection of a specific topic

NYT edition about women rights
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for gifts for history lovers who are super interested in women’s rights?

Then the New York Times collections on everything related to women’s rights would be a great gift for you.

It’s a collection of the most important articles that were published at the time in the newspaper. That way you can experience the entire movement as if you are reading the newspaper of that time.

#3 History gifts: board games

History of the world game

For some reason, many history nerds are also board game lovers. (Though make sure your recipient is into board games before you buy one 😉). And for those who also love traveling, I think I found the best gift: History of the world.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s any better gift for travelers who are into history and board games.

Though, if you are unsure about this gift or if it’s a bit above your budget, but you would like to find game-related gifts for history buffs, check out #14

#4 History of the world: map by map book

History of the world book

Obviously, I couldn’t finish a list of gifts for history buffs without including a few books. So here is the first one that I thought was one of the best books for history buffs and travel enthusiasts.

History of the world: map by map. The book covers human history from across the globe starting in prehistory and finishing in the present time. And as you probably already guessed by the title, the book doesn’t just contain dry text. It tells the story by 140 custom maps to illustrate the events.

#5 Mini museum souvenirs

Stonehendge specimen
Photo courtesy of Mini Museum

The mini-museum is an awesome website to find gifts for history buffs. In fact, they even have a special section for history lovers.

And one of the things they offer are these decorative items that include a specimen of some historical event or place.

For example, this item with a mini bluestone quarry slab from Stonehenge, but they offer a lot more options such as

Check out the mini-museum shop for more options.

#6 Historic map of the world

Ancient world map wall arts

In my previous post with 25 stunning world maps, I already explained that maps are always great gifts for travelers. The only thing you have to do when looking for gifts for history buffs is to find an ancient map. And that is exactly why this vintage map is such a great gift idea.

#7 World history timeline poster

World timeline poster

This giant poster that depicts the timeline of the history of the world is a great gift for history buffs who would love to decorate their home with history items.

#8 Personal heritage discovery test

DNA string
Photo by Braňo on Unsplash

This is one of the best gifts for history lovers who would love to discover more about their personal heritage.

My Heritage uses DNA tests to discover information about one’s ethnic background and heritage.

The best history gifts for mid-budgets

#9 History-related clothing

T-shirt with Ceasar quote
Photo courtesy of RedBubble

If you are looking for gifts for history nerds who also love traveling, books might not be the most practical gifts. In that case, clothing, such as this funny Caesar reference shirt, might be a good alternative.

I thought it was quite a funny design, and I am sure that Roman history lovers will agree. Though check out RedBubble for more history-related clothing.

#10 History gifts: travel mug

Travel mug
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for gifts for history nerds who also love the series Game of Thrones, this travel mug is a great gift.

The phrase: “I read history and I know things” is a reference to one of the lines of the character Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. Where he says: “That’s what I do, I drink wine and I know things.”

#11 History buff water bottle

Water bottel with history buff
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

I promised you I would also add gifts for history nerds that wouldn’t include books. And this water bottle is one of those gifts.

It’s still perfect for history buffs. I mean the bottle literally says “History buffs”.

#12 Historical prints

Black and white print

 Wall art, such as this beautiful print, are great gifts for history lovers at home. Besides black and white photos, you could also go for posters from major historical events, such as the constitution bill of rights.

#13 History-related card games

Chronology card game

If the history board game (#3) was over your budget, you might like some of these history-related card games. I collected the two games I thought were the most interesting.

  • Chronology. A card game to test your knowledge about when things happened.
  • Civio. This is a strategy game where you have to try and build the most successful civil rights movement.

#14 History book about another topic

A book about the history of gin

Are you looking for gifts for history buffs who are also into gin? What about this book about the history of gin? Or whiskey, if they are more into that. Or what about the history of their favorite vacation destination?

What I love about this gift is that it actually shows that you have put some thought into it. Because you remembered the fact that they’re into history as well as what other topic or country they love.

Check out my destinations, food & drinks, or hobby page to find gift guides for other topics, in which I usually also add a book or two about the topic.

#15 Sapiens a graphic history book

A graphic book about history

This is the graphic edition of Sapiens: A brief history of humankind, the best-seller by Yuval Noah Harari.

It’s perfect for history lovers who are not really into reading. This book is filled with fun and easy-to-understand graphics, so you will still learn a lot, you just don’t have to read as much.

However, if they are into reading, the regular edition of Sapiens might also be a great gift idea.

#16 History-related puzzles

Declaration of independence puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle of The Declaration of Independence is a great gift for people who are into American history and who love puzzles.

For a more personalized touch, this custom New York Times front page puzzle is a great idea.

#17 History-related cookbook

A history cookbook

I know what you’re thinking.

Seriously, another book gift? Can’t you think of something different?

But wait. Before you continue. This is not just a book about history.

This is actually one of the best gifts for history nerds ánd food lovers.

It’s a cookbook that includes 150 recipes that are linked to American history in some way.

The best history gifts for small budgets

#18 Funny mug

Funny mug for history lovers

If you are looking for funny gifts for history nerds, this mug with “Don’t make me repeat myself” is a great option!

#19 History-related socks

History socks

Anyone who has checked more articles on my site knows that I am quite a fan of socks related to someone’s hobby or interest. And well, the gifts for history nerds are no exception to that.

So if you know someone who’s all about American presidents, these socks with the faces of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy(JFK), Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington are great gifts.

#20 History calendar

History calendar

If you want to find gifts for history nerds at home, this history calendar is one of the best. It’s a great way to learn more about history every day. Because each day on the calendar tells what happened on that day sometime in history.

#21 Bad days in history book

Books for history buffs

Since I also included a few books within the higher price range, here is a small, yet fun and informative book that history nerds will love.

Bad days in history covers 365 stories (one for each day of the year) in history when something unfortunate happened. From romantic tragedies to enormous economic misfortunate. I am sure it will contain stories even the most die-hard history nerds didn’t even know about.

#22 History crossword

History crosswords

Crosswords are a fun way to keep travelers busy, for example on long flights or while chilling at the beach. Personally, I also travel with a crossword book, which can keep me entertained for a couple of hours.

So if you are looking for gifts for history buffs who are also into crosswords, this history-related crossword is one of the best gifts.

#23 History-related gifts


Are you looking for small gifts for history lovers? This notebook with important figures from history (and some still from today) is a great gift.

If you are looking for regular travel journals, check out these 25 cute journals. Or if you are looking for more small history gifts, continue to the next two items.

#24 More small history gifts: key rings

Cute keyring

The best gifts for history buffs who are about to leave for a long-term trip are small gifts that do not occupy too much space. And for that, keyrings are simple, sweet, and cute gifts. For example, this one with the same as the mug: Don’t make me repeat myself.

Or this one about women: Well-behaved women, don’t make history.

#25 Tote bags

History gifts: tote bag
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Just like the previous two gifts, tote bags are super small and practical gifts for travelers. So if you are looking for gifts for history buffs who are going on a trip, a history-related tote bag, is a great idea.

Save the best gifts for history buffs

the best gifts for history buffs

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