The Best Gifts For Walkers Beyond Walking Shoes

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Are you looking for the best gifts for walkers that go beyond the classic walking shoe or nordic walking stick? You came to the right place! I have spent hours researching the best walking gifts to find a good mix of practical walkers gifts as well as funny or unique gift ideas for walkers.

So let’s have a look at the 25 gifts I gathered for you today!

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The best gifts for walkers

The best gifts for walkers for large budgets

#1 Walking tours

Church with people walking in front
Walking tour in Krakow

Obviously, I couldn’t write a guide to the best gifts for walkers (who also love to travel) without including the number one gift!

Which is a walking tour of course.

Viator literally offers over 100,000 walking tours across the world (and no, that’s not a typo, it’s 5 zeros), so I am sure you will be able to find one of a place they’ll love! For example, this art deco walking tour in Miami.

#2 Comfortable shoes

Sketcher shoes

I know I said I would give you a list of walkers gifts that go beyond shoes. And I promise the other 24 gift ideas for walkers do go beyond shoes.

However, shoes are a great example of useful walking gifts. If you pick comfortable walking shoes of course. So I just had to include them on this list.

Now, there’s a whole range of shoes you can choose from. I did not opt for those heavy hiking shoes. Instead, I chose comfy, yet fashionable shoes, such as these Sketchers. Though feel free to pick any design you like on Amazon.

Personally, I am a big fan of Sketchers for walking shoes. They are pretty much the only shoes I wear since I broke my back three years ago.

Sketchers are my standard travel shoes nowadays

#3 Sport watches


Watches with GPS trackers are great walking gifts for people who are obsessed with keeping track of their records. Check out all smartwatches on Amazon, or go for this smartwatch by Garmin.

I know that smartwatches are not the cheapest walking gifts. So an alternative could be the Fitbit, which is still a bit pricy, but way cheaper than the smartwatches and it still keeps track of the distance covered.

#4 Practical walking clothes

Walking gifts: pants
Photo courtesy of The North Face

Another example of practical walking gifts is clothing.

Alright, I know not it’s not the most exciting or unique gift. But hey, you actually took the time to find something walkers would actually use, which actually makes this a super sweet and thoughtful gift!

Personally, I am a fan of The North Face for outdoor, hiking, and walking clothes, so definitely check them out. For example, these men’s active pants.

But of course, you can find practical walking clothes on Amazon too.

Ooh, and if you are looking for unique walkers gifts in the shape of clothes, check out #11 on this list.

#5 Foot massage

Elektronic foot massage

If you are looking for walking gifts to treat a walker after a long hike, this electronic foot massage is one of the best gifts. It uses heat and two intensity levels to reduce muscle tension and soreness of the feet.

If you are looking for smaller walking gifts that travelers can take on a trip, this foldable massage mat might be a better alternative.

#6 Sport hydration bags

Sports hydration bag

I’ve shared this hydration backpack before when I talked about the best cycling gifts. And since these hydration packs are great for any type of activity, I thought they would also work great as gift ideas for walkers.

#7 Rainjackets

Man wearing rain jacket
Photo courtesy of The North Face

I know I mentioned clothes as walkers’ gifts before, but I just felt like rain jackets are one of those essentials for walking lovers, so I had to make a separate item for them.

The North Face is still one of my favorite brands, which is why I included this men’s Dryzzle Futurelight Jacket.

However, I do understand that this might not be within everyone’s budget. And that is why I also included this cheaper rain jacket by Columbia.

#8 Headphones

JBL earbuds

Who doesn’t love a long walk while listening to a good book, podcast, or your favorite music?

One of my favorite brands for headphones and speakers is JBL, which is why I picked these JBL Tour Pro.

However, check out all headphones on Amazon for more options.

The best gifts for walkers for mid-budgets

#9 Walking bags

Walking bag

Bags are super practical walking gifts. Especially if you pick practical bags (no sh*t Sherlock) such as a waist bag or a crossbody sling bag or a small daypack.

#10 Walking-related water bottles

Water botter with Walk
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Walkers need to stay hydrated, so water bottles are always great gifts for walkers. But I found a gift that’s even better!

A water bottle with a walking design.

And if you don’t like this design, check out the other options on Zazzle.

Another alternative, are water bottles with filter. So they can drink water safely, even if they’re walking somewhere out in the woods.

#11 T-shirts for walkers

The best gifts for walkers: shirts with Walk On
Photo courtesy of Redbubble

If you are looking for random gift ideas for walkers these shirts by RedBubble with funny walking-related designs are great.

I quite liked this simple design that says “walk-on”. But they offer many more options.

#12 Cookbooks for walkers and runners

Cookbook for outdoor adventures

The dehydrator cookbook for outdoor adventurers is one of the best gifts for walkers who are also adventure seekers. It is also a great gift for camping lovers and pretty much anyone who loves the outdoors.

Another alternative is the runner’s world cookbook, which includes 150 recipes to keep runners and walkers energized!

#13 Touchscreen gloves

Warm touchscreen gloves

These warm touchscreen gloves are great walkers gifts during the cold winter and autumn days. I probably don’t even have to explain why they’re so useful. But the fact that you can still use your phone while also keeping your hands warm is one of the greatest innovations for all walkers and phone addicts.

#14 Umbrellas

Mini umbrella

Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch and we get a lot of rain in The Netherlands. But I consider umbrellas an essential item for walkers. Though I am sure it rains a lot in other places too. So this mini umbrella that fits in any bag, yet is still strong enough to hold against relatively strong winds, is a great gift for any walker.

Another umbrella that’s also a great gift is this walking stick ánd umbrella combination.

#15 Travel mugs for walkers

Travel mug for walkers
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Travel mugs are excellent gifts for walkers who also love coffee. With a travel mug, they can enjoy a good, warm coffee while also enjoying a beautiful walk.

Just as with the water bottles, I found a way to turn travel mugs into unique walking gifts by adding a design related to walking.

If the recipient is also into Star Wars, this “take a walk on the dark side” travel mug is perfect!

Otherwise, check out all designs on Zazzle.

The best gifts for walkers for small budgets

#16 City walking guides

New York City walking guide

What are better gifts for walkers who love city trips, than a walking guide for a city they love?

Yep, that’s right, nothing!

Amazon offers city walking guides for pretty much any city, so definitely check that out if you know which city the recipient loves. Some of the most popular include:

Oh and don’t worry if you need to find walking gifts for someone who’s not into city trips, check #22 for more cool walking-related travel guides.

#17 Gifts for walkers and runners: belt

A belt for runners or walkers

If you are looking for gifts for walkers and runners then this belt to guard their phone, money, keys, and whatnot, is the perfect gift.

They can simply roll the belt over the items they would like to take on a run or walk and they don’t have to worry about it anymore.

#18 Compass keyring

Compass keyring

Are you looking for walking gifts for someone who has no sense of direction? Perhaps this compass will help them to navigate during their walks.

Or not.

In that case, it’s still a fun gift with a wink to their terrible navigation skills ;).

#19 Walk travel journal

Travel walking journal

Travel journals are always great ideas for travelers. But if you are looking for the best gifts for walkers, then this journal might be it. The walking journal helps them to keep track of all the awesome walks they’ve done, how hard it was, and whatever additional information they would like to remember from that track.

Another alternative is this daily walking logbook for women in which they can keep track of all the walks they’ve completed in a year.

#20 Sunhats


Alright, I’ll be the first to admit that I do not like the look of these sunhats.


They are super practical walking gifts. And since (luckily) not everyone shares my opinion, I still included them on the list.

If you do share my opinion, you might prefer these caps. They serve the same purpose (to protect one’s face from the sun), but just look different.

#21 Odor eliminator

Odor eliminator’s

If you have ever (regretfully) snuff the smell of your hiking shoes after a long hike, you will understand why these odor eliminators are awesome walkers gifts.

If you don’t understand. I challenge you to go for a long walk, take off your shoes, bring them all the way up to your nose, and then take a nice and deep breath in through your nose. And I’m sure you’ll understand. (I do not take any responsibility for the unpleasant sensation).

#22 Fun books about walking

Book titled 3 MPH

Besides travel guides for walking, just fun books about walking are also good gifts for walkers.

My three favorites are:

  • 3mph: The Adventures of One Woman’s Walk Around the World. A book about, you guessed it, a woman who walked around the globe. It’s a great book for leisure reading as well as for inspiration.
  • The Walk of a Lifetime. This book covers one man’s experience of the famous Camino the Santiago. Again, it’s just a fun book to read as well as inspiring to read how a 61-year-old decided to give up his job and go for his lifetime dream.
  • In praise of walking. Walkers probably already knew, but this book covers the science (but in a fun, low-key way) behind walking. Why it’s good for us, why we do it, and how we do it.

#23 Walking socks

Socks for walking

I know, walking socks are not the most unique gifts for walkers, but they are super practical!

Plus, if you do want to add some originality to this gift, you could also opt for socks with a funny design related to walking. For example, these ones that say: “you had me at hiking”.

#24 Walking gifts at home: wall art

Painting of a woman in the rain

This canvas of a woman walking in the rain is a great gift for a walker at home.

#25 General walking travel guides

Walks of a lifetime

If you don’t know which city your recipient loves the most, or if your recipient simply prefers walking outdoors, then these walking travel guides are the best walking gifts for you!

  • Walks of a lifetime. This book includes beautiful photographs as well detailed information and personal tips about the hike. It includes hikes along coastlines, through cities, forests, mountains, historical sites, and anything in between.
  • Where we walk. This is a collection of 100 illustrated maps from across the globe. The maps are drawn by artists who have shared their favorite hikes in this book.
  • Outlandish: walking Europe’s unlikely landscapes. As you probably already guessed, this book is great for people who love walking and Europe.

Save these best gifts for walkers

Alright, these were my 25 awesome hikers gifts! I hope you found the perfect gift for your recipient. If not, remember you can always shoot me a message and we can brainstorm together!

For now, save these gift ideas for walkers so you’ll know where to look the next your need a gift for a walker.

The best gifts for walkers