The 39 Best Puzzle Gifts For Puzzlers From Around The World

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Jigsaw puzzle of national parks
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Are you tired of looking for the same old boring gifts for puzzle lovers? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the 39 best puzzle gifts that are perfect for those who love to travel and challenge their minds. From jigsaw puzzles featuring iconic landmarks to brain-teasing wooden puzzles, these gifts are sure to keep your loved ones entertained during those long layovers or rainy days in their hotel room. And hey, who knows, they might even learn a thing or two about geography along the way.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three puzzle gift ideas by budget.

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The best puzzle gifts

Puzzle gifts for large budgets

#1 Monthly puzzle subscription

A gift box of puzzles
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

The monthly puzzle subscriptions by Cratejoy are awesome gifts for puzzle lovers. Every month they will receive an interesting and difficult new puzzle to think about.

Cratejoy offers three types of puzzle subscriptions:

  • The puzzle culture box. Each month a new 500-piece jigsaw puzzle with a different theme is sent to the recipient’s home. As you probably already guessed (there is a little Sherlock in you too!), this gift is great for jigsaw puzzle lovers.
  • Enigma fellowship. This is perfect for people who love solving crimes and mystery types of puzzles.
  • Personalized puzzle post. Each month the recipient will receive a message from you. However, in order to figure out what the message says, they need to crack the code. The puzzles are related to a story and are great for people who love escape room-style puzzles.

#2 A 3D globe puzzle

Wooden 3D globe puzzle
Wooden 3D globe puzzle

This is one of the coolest gifts for puzzlers who also love to travel: a 3D globe they need to assemble.

And what’s even cooler about this gift is that the globe is also illuminated, so they can use it as a night lamp (once assembled of course).

#3 Puzzle roll-up mats

Roll up puzzle mat
Roll up puzzle mat

Jigsaw puzzles are definitely not the most practical hobby. They take up a lot of space, and cannot be easily moved around the house (or on the road, you never know) because the pieces will go everywhere. But with this roll-up mat, that’s a problem of the past!

Puzzle lovers can finally combine puzzling with an organized home! All they have to do when they’re finished puzzling for the day is roll up the mat, and the pieces will stay in place, while they can create some space at the table.

And that is what makes it one of the best gifts for jigsaw puzzle lovers!

The mat allows them to puzzle wherever they want and simply roll up the mat once they’re moving to a different place. And the pieces will stay in place!

#4 Jigsaw puzzle gifts for the home

Puzzle photo frame
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

These puzzle pieces photo frames are perfect gifts for jigsaw puzzle lovers who just bought a home. They can decorate their new house with their favorite hobby!

One thing to know is that you have to buy each puzzle piece separately.

#5 Jigsaw puzzle of their favorite country or city

Stack of wanderlust jigsaw puzzles
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Do you know what their favorite county, city, or national park is?

If you do, you may have found the best puzzle lover gift: a puzzle of their favorite country.

Amazon offers an immense selection of jigsaw puzzles, so there’s a big chance you will find a puzzle related to their favorite destination.

Orgo for these beautiful 1000-piece wanderlust puzzles from Uncommon Goods.

#6 National Parks puzzle

Cylinder with national parks jigsaw puzzle insides
National Park puzzle

Are you looking for gifts for people who love puzzles as much as they love nature?

Then this beautiful vintage puzzle of US national parks is perfect for them!

#7 Largest jigsaw puzzle in the world

Kodak's 51,300-piece puzzle
Kodak’s 51,300-piece puzzle

This is by far the best gift for puzzlers; a 51,300-piece puzzle!

This will surely keep the recipient busy for months (or maybe even years). It includes beautiful photos of 27 Wonders from Around The World, so not only will they be solving a puzzle, but they’ll be learning about amazing places too.

And the best part?

It’s a world record holder! So if you don’t mind giving up your living room floor, this is the ultimate gift for puzzle lovers!

#8 Personalised wooden heart Puzzle

A wooden heart puzzle with sweet messages on each piece
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Is your significant other an avid puzzler? And do you want to surprise them with a unique puzzle lover gift?  

Look no further than this personalized heart puzzle!

The heart-shaped pieces offer a challenging yet rewarding puzzle-solving experience, and with the option to include your own quotes, jokes, and milestones, you can create a one-of-a-kind keepsake that celebrates your unbreakable bond of love.

#9 Challenging wooden puzzle

Challenging wooden puzzle
Challenging wooden puzzle

Do you want gifts for people who love puzzles that will bend their minds?

Look no further than these unique mind-bending wood puzzles!

They’re available in three different sizes (and difficulty levels) that will stimulate their brains, provide hours of enjoyment, and relieve stress!

#10 Custom New York Times front page puzzle

Front page of the New York Times turned into a jigsaw puzzle
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

History buffs and puzzlers will love this New York Times custom front-page jigsaw puzzle!

Not only will your recipient get to relive their special day through the news of the time, but they’ll also get to exercise their brain power by piecing together 500 interlocking pieces.

#11 Personalized family jigsaw puzzle

A wooden jigsaw puzzle with a family at the beach
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Do you need puzzle gift ideas for a puzzling family who also loves the beach?

Then check out Uncommon Goods’ personalized wooden beach puzzle that will bring the beach to their living room.

#12 World’s largest crossword puzzle

World's largest crossword puzzle
World’s largest crossword puzzle

Looking for a puzzle gift idea that’s big enough to make even the most avid puzzler sweat?

Then check out the world’s largest crossword puzzle!

Measuring a whopping 7 feet by 7 feet and containing over 28,000 clues, this puzzle is sure to keep them busy for weeks. It’s so big, they’ll have to hang it on the wall or cover the entire floor! But with a challenge this size, your loved one will need all the help they can get, you may finally be allowed to join (or they can just use the clue book).

#13 State-themed jigsaw puzzles

Puzzle with Pennsylvania postcard
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for unique gifts for people who love puzzles and who are moving states?

Then check out these beautiful US state-themed puzzles, so they will never forget where they came from, or buy one from their new state so they can start adjusting. 

Puzzle gifts for mid-budgets

#14 Stackable sorting tray

Jigsaw sorting tray
Jigsaw sorting tray

This sorting tray on Amazon or the one by Ravensburger is another one of the great jigsaw puzzle gifts.

These trays will help them to sort, organize and finish their jigsaw puzzle faster. Plus once they are done sorting for the day, the tray is easily stored. Because one of the downsides of jigsaw puzzles is the space they need when unfinished. However, with sorting trays and the roll-up mat (#3), this is no longer the case!

#15 World map jigsaw puzzle

World map jigsaw puzzle
World map jigsaw puzzle

Obviously, one of the best jigsaw puzzle gifts for travelers is a puzzle of a world map. I already wrote an entire post about the best world maps wall art for travelers. Because for some reason, travelers just love world maps. Whether it’s for their wall, as an accessory, on a notebook, or as a puzzle!

#16 Funny puzzle shirt

Shirt with puzzleologist
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This “puzzleologist” shirt is the perfect gift for die-hard puzzle lovers, or as they are officially known; puzzleologists! (Alright, maybe not officially, but I feel like we should introduce that word).

If you prefer a different design, check out Zazzle for all puzzle-themed shirts.

#17 Vintage travel poster jigsaw puzzle

Vintage travel posters jigsaw puzzle
Vintage travel poster jigsaw puzzle

If the world map jigsaw puzzle is not quite the gift you were looking for, what about this vintage travel poster jigsaw puzzle?

It’s a 1000-piece puzzle and it includes cool travel posters from countries around the world.

#18 Wine bottle puzzle

Wooden puzzle to open a wine bottle
Wine bottle puzzle

For puzzle gift ideas for people who love a drink (and perhaps should drink a little less), the puzzle wine bottle holder is perfect!

This ingenious device will challenge the recipient to solve the puzzle before they can pour themselves a glass of wine. It’s perfect for the puzzler who also enjoys a good drink, or maybe for the drinker who should be using their brain more!

It’s also a fun way to make gifting a bottle of wine a little more interesting.

#19 Puzzle-themed water bottle

Water bottle with puzzle pieces
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Besides the fact that this water bottle raises awareness for autism, it is also a cool design for people who love jigsaw puzzles.

But head over to Zazzle if you want to see more puzzle-themed water bottles.

#20 Murder mystery jigsaw puzzle

A book of Murder mystery that is a jigsaw puzzle
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is a unique gift for people who love puzzles and solving mysteries!

With this murder mystery jigsaw puzzle, they need to put their detective skills to the test. Not only will they enjoy the challenge of piecing together the puzzle, but they’ll also get to solve a thrilling murder mystery at the same time.

#21 Puzzle-themed travel mug

Travel mug for crossword lovers
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for crossword puzzle gifts for people who also love coffee, this ‘I need my crossword time” travel mug is perfect!

Or check out all puzzle-themed travel mug designs on Zazzle.

#22 Completely white puzzle

Devilish white jigsaw puzzle
Devilish white jigsaw puzzle

Are you looking for the ultimate tease gifts for puzzlers?

Then this pure white hell jigsaw puzzle is the gift you need!

This devilishly difficult puzzle will challenge even the most experienced puzzler, as every piece is the same blank white color. It’s the perfect way to test your puzzle friend’s patience and perseverance. Just be warned, they may start to lose their sanity after hours of staring at a blank canvas. But hey, isn’t that half the fun?

#23 Puzzle box for money and gift cards

Enigma puzzle box for money
Enigma puzzle box for money

If you are looking for a fun way to give money to a puzzle lover, then this puzzle box is the perfect gift for you!

The recipient has to try and discover the series of moves that are needed to open the box and get access to the money or gift card that you put in.

And for unique ways to give gift cards, check out the plastic holder where the recipient can already see the gift, but just needs to figure out how to access it

#24 The Moscow puzzle book

The Moscow puzzle book
The Moscow puzzle book

This is a unique puzzle book with riddles, brainteasers, and more that was first published by the Soviets and has since been updated 8 times for new challenging puzzles. It’s particularly great for non-Russian readers who want to gain insights into contemporary Russian life and customs.

#25 Practical puzzle gifts: neck lights

Neck lights
Neck lights

Neck lights are super practical gifts for puzzlers. If you have ever been puzzling at night yourself, you may remember how annoying it is when your own head is blocking the light to your puzzle. And that’s exactly why this neck light is so practical!

#26 Personalized jigsaw puzzles

Personalized puzzle gifts
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

If you are looking for a personalized gift for people who love puzzles, then obviously, the best option is to get a personalized jigsaw puzzle. Lucky for you, Personalization Mall offers such gifts.

You can get a puzzle of the favorite photo of your recipient or a photo of the two of you. Or perhaps a photo of a stunning sunset you watched together.

Puzzle gifts for small budgets

#27 Riddles and brainteasers book

Book with fun riddles titled "of course"
Book with fun riddles

Books are also great gifts for puzzle lovers who travel since they are a lot easier to put in a suitcase than a puzzle. And one fun book that will keep them entertained for hours is “Of Course”. It’s a book filled with riddles and brainteasers that will expand their minds

#28 Puzzle scoop magnifying glass

The puzzle scoop
The puzzle scoop

The Puzzle Scoop is the ultimate puzzle tool for those who like to keep their pieces in check. With the built-in LED magnifying lens, they can see even the tiniest details, and with its three-times magnifying capabilities, it’s one of the best puzzle gift ideas for older people whose eyesight is not as good anymore.

#29 Fun book for puzzlers

The puzzler book cover
The puzzler book

In The Puzzler, The New York Times bestselling author Jacobs explores everything there is to know about puzzles. Why do we like them so much? Do they improve our brains, and if yes, how?

It’s filled with interesting facts that puzzle enthusiasts will absolutely love!

#30 Double-sided jigsaw puzzle

Double-sided beach-themed jigsaw puzzle
Double-sided beach puzzle

Double-sided means double the fun!

Give the gift of endless puzzles, with this double-sided beach puzzle, which will allow the recipient to make two different puzzles using the same pieces!

It also adds an extra level of complexity, because they need to figure out which side of the piece they need to use. It’s a great gift for people who like puzzles, a challenge, and the beach.

#31 Puzzle gifts for game lovers

Box of Black stories game
Black stories game

Black stories is a super fun game where each card tells the story of how a character passed away. There is one reader and the other participants need to figure out how the character of the story died. But they can only ask yes and no questions to the reader.

And no worries if after a while you already know all the stories, there are different editions, so you’ll get new stories each time.

#32 Puzzle piece gifts: jewelry

Personalized puzzle piece jewelry
Personalized puzzle piece jewelry

If you are looking for sweet and thoughtful gifts for puzzle lovers, then these necklaces are definitely it. They’re two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together (like you and your recipient). And you get to personalize the text you want on either piece.

Besides being a great gift for puzzle lovers, necklaces are also great gifts for travel lovers. They are small and don’t take up any space when traveling.

It’s also a great gift idea for Valentine’s day. Though if you need more inspiration for that, check out my Valentine’s Day gift guide!

#33 More puzzle piece gifts: keyrings

Puzzle pieces keychains
Puzzle pieces keychains

These puzzle keyrings are another one of the best jigsaw puzzle gifts for Valentine’s Day and for travel lovers.

Ideal for Valentine’s Day, because well, you can add any sweet message you want, And ideal for travel lovers because keyrings are small and light accessories that they can always take on a trip and think about the sweet person who gave the keyring.

#34 Crossword puzzle gifts for travelers

Lonely Planet's crossword book
Lonely Planet’s crossword

This is definitely one of the best crossword puzzle gifts for travel lovers; a crossword about traveling!

Lonely Planet is famous for its amazing travel guides, so I have nothing but high expectations of this crossword puzzle travel edition of theirs.

#35 Small brain-teasing puzzle gifts

Enigma brain-teasing puzzle
Enigma brain-teasing puzzle

This Hanayama cast puzzle is a great gift for people who love puzzles and brain teasers.

The point is to try and take the metal pieces apart. Which is a challenge to start with. But once they’re taken apart, the challenge is to put them back together. It’s a great small gift to keep a puzzle lover occupied for a while. And I guess it depends on the skills of the puzzle lover, how long that while is going to be.

#36 Jigsaw puzzle logbook

Jigsaw puzzle logbook
Jigsaw puzzle logbook

If you are looking for jigsaw puzzle gifts for a true jigsaw puzzle connoisseur, this jigsaw puzzle logbook is it.

The notebook allows them to track everything they always wanted to track about the jigsaw puzzles they’ve completed. Alright, I’ll be honest. I guess most people don’t feel the need to track anything, but for true jigsaw puzzle lovers, this might actually be what they have always wanted.

#37 Puzzle-themed socks

Socks with colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces on them
Puzzle-themed socks

If you are looking for puzzle pieces gifts that are a bit less personal than the necklace or keyrings, then perhaps these puzzle pieces socks are what you need.

#38 Sherlock Holmes brain games

Sherlock Holmes puzzles book cover
Sherlock Holmes puzzles

The Sherlock Holmes puzzles book includes over 100 small brain teasers that only the true Sherlock Holmes among us can solve. It’s one of the great gifts for puzzle lovers who need something to do on long flights or bus rides.

#39 More puzzle notebooks

Grandma's curse words search word puzzle book
Grandma’s curse words

I’ve only shared a few types of puzzle gifts in this post, but besides jigsaw, crossword, and Sherlock Holmes, there are a ton of different types of puzzles. From sudoku to word searches (such as the grandma’s curse words one), to mazes and whatnot. So check out Amazon for more fun puzzle books to keep travelers entertained on a flight.

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The best puzzle gifts

Final notes on puzzle lovers gifts

Alright, these were the 25 awesome gifts for puzzle lovers.

Did you find something for the puzzle lover in your life? Or do need a bit more help? Then check out the editor’s top 3.


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