25 Enchanting Romanian Gifts for Every Occasion!

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Building with the flag of Romania

Whether you’re a proud local looking for the perfect Romanian gift to showcase your heritage to friends, or you’re a curious traveler seeking authentic souvenirs from the land of Dracula and Dior, you’ve landed in the right place!

Romania is a country rich in history, tradition, and artistic inspiration, and we’ve curated a list of 25 Romanian souvenirs and gifts that encapsulate the essence of this remarkable nation. From authentic souvenirs such as rugs to cute keepsakes for her such as earrings. There is a gift for everyone!

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The 25 best Romanian gifts & souvenirs with a photo of painted eggs

Romanian gifts for large budgets

#1 Map of Romania

A poster with the map of Romania in marble colors
Photo courtesy of ARTZURO

Are you looking for unique Romanian gift ideas for a proud local?

Then a map of Romania is a great idea! Especially if you go for a beautiful design such as this marble one. But you can find plenty of styles on Etsy so there will always be one to match the recipient’s interior.

#2 Painted eggs

Six painted eggs
Photo courtesy of Romanian Rugs

Even though the painted eggs are typically only given around Easter in Romania, they do make beautiful souvenirs year-round. And the good news is that you can buy them throughout the year nowadays. Such as these beautiful ones on Etsy.

#3 Snack gift basket

A Romanian gift box with snacks
Photo courtesy of Cute Krate

Love goes through the stomach, and that’s certainly true for delicious food, such as this snack box from Romania!

Whether you’re looking for gifts from Romania to send to your foreign friends, or for a homesick Romanian, this snack box is the perfect way to bring the taste of Romania to their doorstep!

Do keep in mind that it’s a mystery box, so the snacks in the photo might not be included in the actual gift you send. But they will be replaced by other delicious local snacks of course. 

#4 Romanian blouse

A traditional blouse from Romania
Photo courtesy of Romanian Storey

Traditional Romanian clothing is a great authentic gift from Romania. On Etsy, you can find beautiful handmade blouses, such as this white one.

#5 Rug made in Romania

A handmade rug from Romania
Photo courtesy of Romanian rugs

Are you looking for authentic Romanian souvenirs and gifts?

Then a handmade rug is exactly what you need. It’s great for a housewarming gift or for people who love to bring Romania into their homes.

The rugs on Etsy are one-of-a-kind and handmade which is why they will run out of stock rather fast. But don’t worry if the one I selected is no longer available, simply head over to Etsy or the Romanian Rug Shop and you can find plenty more beautiful designs.

#6 Blanket

A colorful blanket with a typical pattern from Romania
Photo courtesy of Heritage Home Goods Co

This Romanian-patterned blanket is like a warm hug from home for a Romanian expat! 

It’s a cozy reminder of their roots and culture, perfect for those chilly nights when they’re feeling a bit homesick.

#7 Wall art

Vintage map of Bucharest
Photo courtesy of Amazon

For more Romania gifts for someone’s home, head over to Amazon and check all the wall art items.

Or if the recipient loves Bucharest, go for this beautiful vintage map of Romania’s capital city.

#8 Doormat

A doormat with "welcome" writtin in Romanian
Photo courtesy of Very Friendly Boutique

Are you looking for a gift for a Romanian friend that will allow him to showcase his national pride and hospitality? 

Then this “welcome” doormat is perfect! It’s like rolling out the red carpet for their guests, Romanian-style. Plus, it’s a fun way to teach their guest a bit of the local lingo while making everyone feel right at home. Just imagine the chuckles as people try to pronounce “Bine ai venit”! (Which, as you probably already guessed by now, means Welcome).

#9 Sweater

Sweater with text home
Photo courtesy of 22nd of October

This sweater is one of the coolest gifts for Romanian friends who are always cold!

They can stay warm with a sweater that also shows their love for Romania. Whether they’re local or just moved to Romania, as long as they call Romania home, it’s an awesome gift idea.

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#10 Romanian pottery

Six different handmade bowls from Romania
Photo courtesy of Made With Love Ro

Pottery is another typical thing people buy in Romania to bring home for friends and family. So if you are looking for traditional Romania gifts, check out Etsy. They sell beautiful pottery handmade in Romania, such as these bowls.

#11 Plum brandy

Bottle of Palinca
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Okay, before you continue, a word of warning.

Palinca, or plum brandy, is not for the faint-hearted.

In fact, it’s not for the people who don’t like a very strong spirit (like me, unfortunately).

Palinca is probably the most typical souvenir and gift from Romania nd pretty much every family in Romania has a homemade palinca brew at home. It’s a brandy that’s typically made from plum, though the homemade versions can be made from different fruits as well.

Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to get by if you’re not in Romania (it’s often out of stock at Drizly), but if you’re looking for the best souvenirs from Romania to take home, this is definitely it!

#12 Travel mug

A travel mug with a print of the flag of Romania
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Romanian gifts for someone who loves coffee?

Then a travel mug with the Romanian flag is perfect! They can drink their coffee in style.

Or check out Zazzle for other options

#13 Figaro dessert

Romanian dessert
Photo courtesy of Dinas Little Bakery

Are you looking for Romanian gifts for someone who loves sweets?

Then this typical Romanian dessert called Figaro is an awesome gift idea for you. Basically, they are fruit bars with a crunchy crust and a fruit jam in the middle. But my hopeless description doesn’t do right to the actual delicious taste.

So just take my word for it, and believe me this is one of the best things to buy in Romania if you have a sweet tooth. Or check out this post that does a way better job of explaining authentic Romanian food and what’s great about it.

#14 Romanian cookbooks

Taste of Romania cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Taste of Romania

This expanded edition of the Taste of Romania contains over 140 delicious local recipes. From the typical polenta (Mămăligă) to the cabbage rolls, this book will help the recipient to create a true Romanian meal at home.

Carpathia cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Carpathia: food from the heart of Romania

Romanian cuisine is a blend of Greek, Turkish, Slavic, Austrian, Hungarian, and Saxon influences, and this beautifully designed cookbook is a great gift for someone who wants to learn how to use all these influences to create an authentic Romanian meal.

From dill to Dracula cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

From dill to Dracula: A Romanian food & folklore cookbook

The last cookbook on this list contains 80 traditional recipes from the countryside of Romania.

#15 Earrings

Photo courtesy of Two lodges

Are you looking for Romanian gifts for her?

Then these earrings which were inspired by the stained glass windows at the Palace of Culture in Romania are perfect! They are cute and represent their favorite country in the world.

#16 Candle

A soy wax candle with "te iubesci"
Photo courtesy of EMNONA

Whether you’re looking for romantic Romanian gifts or just want to show a friend or family member that you care, this candle with “te iubesc” is perfect! 

It’s the perfect way to set the mood for a cozy night in, Romanian style. And it might even have them saying, “Te iubesc” right back at you!

Oh, in case you haven’t guessed from context, it means “I love you”. 

#17 Coffee mug

A coffee mug with a print of Romania verb conjugation
Photo courtesy of Language Mugs.com

This is one of the best Romanian gifts for someone who is trying to learn Romanian. It’s a fun way to practice their grammar skills while sipping their morning coffee. Getting better and more fluent with each sip!

However, if you’re looking for gifts for Romanians, a grammar mug might not be the best. In that case, check out Etsy for funny Romania-inspired mugs of all kinds. 

#18 Martisoare friendship bracelet

Hangers with shapes of different flowers from Romania
Photo courtesy of Romotiv

Martisoare bracelets are the best gifts from Romania for your friends and family. They’re super cute and small bracelets that represent friendship, respect, or admiration.

They originated from the Mărțișor celebration that happens each year on the first of March to celebrate the start of spring. People typically give or wear red and white items, such as this bracelet. The colors are supposed to bring you joy and prosperity in the coming year.

Whether you believe it or not, it’s a sweet symbolic gift.

#19 Pendant of the map of Romania

A silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of the map of Romaniac
Photo courtesy of McLaughlin Creations

This is probably the cutest Romania gift for her and him!

They can finally carry a piece of their favorite country with them with this golden necklace in the shape of the map of Romania.

And of course, it’s also a cute gift for a Romanian abroad, so he or she can wear something that will remind him or her of home.

Romanian gifts for small budgets

#20 Wine

A bottle of wine from Romania
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

Are you looking for traditional Romanian gifts or souvenirs for someone who loves alcohol or wine?

Then a bottle of Romanian wine is another great idea!

Internationally, Romanian wine hasn’t gained much fame yet. I say yet because Romanian wine is delicious and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world will find out.

Romania is the fifth-largest producer of wine in Europe and has been producing wine for about 6,000 years. Meaning that they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their process, and you can taste that. You can find both white and red wines from Romania. I typically prefer a red wine, which is why I selected this one made from the Feteasca Neagra grape that’s native to Romania, but head over to Total Wine for more varieties.

#21 Pillowcase

pillow cover of a couple in traditional Romanian attire
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This pillow cover of a couple in traditional attire is a great heartwarming gift for a Romanian! It’s like having a slice of home and a mini folk festival right on their couch which they can cuddle up with when they’re feeling lonely.

#22 Castorland jigsaw puzzle

Castorland castle jigsaw puzzle
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This Castorland castle jigsaw puzzle is a fun gift for Romanian lovers who miss the country. 

They can journey through Transylvanian legends and architectural wonders from the comfort of their homes. It’s a fun way to explore Romanian history and creativity.

#23 Honey

Honey made in Romania
Photo courtesy of Amazon

With Romania’s diverse landscapes and beekeeping traditions, their honey is a delicious and popular souvenir to take home. Plus, you’ll be supporting local beekeepers who are protecting nature by helping bees thrive. So if you’re still not sure what gift from Romania to take home, go for a jar of honey and give a jar filled with sweet history and nature’s love!

#24 Luggage tag

Luggae tag with the skyline of Bucharest
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This is another great Romanian souvenir for someone who travels a lot; a luggage tag with a Romanian theme.

For people who love Bucharest, this tag with the colorful skyline of Bucharest is a great gift idea. Alternatively, check out the 90+ options on Zazzle.

#25 Tote bag

Tote bag with folk art print
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With nearly 200 different Romanian-themed tote bags on Zazzle, I am sure you can find one that the recipient will love.

Personally, I quite liked this tote bag with the typical Romanian folk art motive.

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Final note on these Romania gifts & souvenirs

Alright, these were the 25 Romanian gifts for today. I hope you found the perfect gift for your recipient and if you need more help, have a look at the editor’s top three, or shoot me a message so we can brainstorm together!


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