The 25 Best Gifts For Surfers

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One of the best gifts for surfers is a surfing trip to an awesome surfing destination, such as Hawaii, Australia, or Mexico. But don’t worry if that’s over your budget. You will find 25 awesome surfing gifts for all budgets in today’s post!

From practical surfing gift ideas to cute surf accessories, you will find something for all types of surfers.

If you just want a quick gift tip, here are my top 3 surfing gift ideas in each price range:

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The 25 best gifts for surfers

Surfing gifts for large budgets

#1 Surfboard

surf board
Photo courtesy of Surfdome

Surfboards are one of the best gifts for surfers if you have a large budget.

Obviously, you would need to know what type of board they normally use.

Is it a longboard, a shortboard, a soft or hard one, or are they advanced surfers and use guns (A surfboard, not to be confused with the weapon)?

Once you’ve figured out which board they use or which board they would like to have, head over to Surfdome and check out all the different surfboards.

#2 Surfboard sock

surf board cover
Photo courtesy of Surfdome

This surfboard sock is not something surfers put on their feet but on their surfboard. It is used to protect their boards, for example when driving to a surf spot.

The striped one by Northcore is specifically designed for longboards (which is why it’s a relatively long sock). But if the surfer you are getting this gift for uses a different board, head over to Surfdome for more surfboard sock options.

#3 Surf traction pads

Surf traction pad

For all the non-surfers out there. Surf traction pads are placed near the tail of the board to improve grip and help the surfer to make sharp turns and maneuvers. This immediately shows why surf pads are not great surfing gifts for all surfers.

Surfers who generally do not make sharp turns (longboard surfers) or surfers who simply prefer wax to improve grip, won’t need a surf pad. For those surfers, check out surf accessory gift #18.

#4 Wetsuit

Photo courtesy of Surfdome

All surfing essentials make great gifts for surfers. And wetsuits are one of those essentials.

Check out Surfdome for wetsuits for all weather types. For example, long or short sleeves, jackets, or springsuits for warm temperatures.

#5 Smartwatches for surfing

One of the best gifts for surfers who love tracking their progress is a smartwatch that’s designed for surfing.

The Garmin instinct solar surf is one of those watches. It’s able to track things such as tides and the number of waves surfed in one session. Something that most regular smartwatches can’t measure.

Another option is the Apple Watch in combination with the Patrol App. Because Apple Watches by themselves don’t track valuable data for surfers, but in combination with the App it does.

So depending on which phone the recipient uses, you can go for the Apple Watch or the Garmin watch.

#6 Surf fashion brands

Men's swim shorts
Photo courtesy of Outerknown

One of the many great surf clothing brands is Outerknown. You can find plenty of cool clothes here that will be great gifts for surfers.

For example these swimming shorts for men.

#7 Floating sunglasses

Rheos sunglasses

These floating sunglasses by Rheos are another example of practical gifts for surfers.

Normally, when surfers’ sunglasses fall into the water they would need to be quick to pick them up or they would be lost. This is one of the reasons why many surfers don’t like to surf with sunglasses. But with Rheos floating sunglasses, surfers no longer have to worry about that.

Surfing gifts for mid budgets

#8 Surf-themed socks

Socks with surfers
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

You can find two different types of socks on this surfing gifts list. One for a surfboard (#2) and one for human feet.

And you can find over 200 different surfing-themed socks on Zazzle (for human feet). Or simply go for these cute ones with surfers and palm trees.

#9 Beach changing poncho

Blue poncho

Beach and surf-changing ponchos are great practical gifts for surfers.

Thanks to the long design of the poncho, surfers can easily take off their wetsuit and change into something clean and dry after surfing.

With the surf poncho, the awkward changing dance with a towel around their waist while also trying to keep their balance and changing into dry clothing is a thing of the past. And I am pretty sure that most surfers will agree with me when I say that that’s a good thing.

If you are looking for surfing gifts for someone who loves happy and colorful items, check out all the ponchos on Surfdome. For people who are happy with simple ones, the poncho on Amazon is a great gift.

Also, check out the next surfing gift idea for another gift to make changing clothes easier for surfers.

#10 Beach changing mat

Wetsuit changing mat

If you are looking for surf accessories gifts to go with the poncho, this beach changing mat is the gift you need.

If you have ever worn a wetsuit and had to take it off on the beach, you may remember how annoying it is to have your wetsuit covered in sand. Not to mention the fact that you have to take that soaking wet thing into your car or backpack to go home.

And that’s exactly why this changing mat is so perfect.

Surfers can simply change while standing on the mat and once they’re finished all they have to do is dump their suit and poncho on the mat, pick it up, pull the straps and the mat has changed into a practical waterproof bag for their wetsuit.

#11 Books about surfing

The book of surfing

The book of surfing: The killer guide

Not all gifts for surfers have to be practical. Books about surfing can also be great gifts. The book of surfing is a guide to teach them everything there is to know about surfing and being a great surfer.

Barbarian Days: A surfing life

Barbarian Days: A surfing life

Barbarian Days is a beautiful memoir and biography by William Finnegan about his surfing life.

The history of surfing

The history of surfing

As you probably already guessed, this is one of the best gifts for surfers who are also interested in history.

#12 Surf-themed water bottles

Water bottle with surfer
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The surf-themed water bottles on Zazzle are perfect surf accessories gifts for surfers who also care about the environment. They can use their stainless steel water bottle instead of buying one-time-use plastic bottles.

You can find over 2500 different options of Zazzle, or go for the personalized option I selected for you.

#13 Surfboard repair kit

Surfboard repair kit

Another one of the most practical gifts for surfers is this surfboard emergency repair kit by Ding.

Nothing is more important to a surfer than keeping his or her surfboard in good condition. This emergency kit by Ding allows them to instantly fix most of the common surfboard damages for both epoxy and polyester surfboards.

#14 Surf leash

Surf leash

Surf leashes are also great practical gifts for surfers. It is not uncommon for leashes to break, so most surfers always bring a spare one. So if you want to go for surf accessories gifts that will actually be used, a leash is a great option.

Keep in mind that leashes come in different lengths. They should be about as long as the surfboard, or slightly longer. So try to find out what size board the recipient uses, so you can find a leash with the right length.

#15 Surf-themed travel mug

surf-themed travel mug
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for surfing gifts for someone who also loves coffee? Then a surf-themed travel mug is a perfect gift for them.

They can take a hot coffee in their mug when they’re driving to their surf location early in the morning!

My favorite one was the travel mug that said: “Sorry I can’t, I have a board meeting”. But with nearly 3000 different options on Zazzle, I am sure you can find one that you think is funny too!

#16 Surfing travel guides

Fifty places to surf before you die

Fifty places to surf before you die: Surfing experts share the world’s greatest destinations

This is one of the best gifts for surfers who love to surf in different places around the world. Perhaps this book can give them some inspiration.

The world Stormrider surf guide

The world Stormrider surf guide

The Stormrider guides are one of the best surfing travel guides out there. This one is perfect for surfers who are planning a surf trip and who would love some practical information.

#17 Surf-themed passport cover

Passport cover with surf boards
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for surfing gifts for people who travel often, a surf-themed passport cover is a perfect gift.

I quite liked the one with surfboards, but you can find nearly 200 different designs on Zazzle.

Surfing gifts for small budgets

#18 Wax

Mr. Zogs wax

Wax is one of those practical gifts for surfers that will always work.

If you know which wax brand they use, you should definitely buy wax from that brand because some surfers can be very picky and particular about their wax.

However, if you don’t know which brand they use, Mr. Zogs is a safe bet as it’s a popular brand among many surfers.

#19 Wetsuit cleaner

Wetsuit cleaner

Are you looking for more small surfing gift essentials? This wetsuit cleaner is perfect!

A wetsuit is an expensive item, so most surfers will want to take good care of their suits.

Slosh’s wetsuit cleaner removes odors, chlorine, and salt and helps to extend their wetsuits’ life.

#20 Surfing gifts for her: necklace

Surfboard pendant

This pendant of a surfboard with waves is one of the cutest surfing gifts for her.

All you need to add is a necklace and your gift is finished.

#21 Surf-themed wall art

Surfboard wall art

Are you looking for surfing gifts for someone’s home? Then this print of surfboards is a great gift!

Or check out Amazon for more cool surf-themed wall art ideas.

#22 Surf logbook

Surfing logbook

Surf logbooks are great gifts for surfers who travel around the world and try different surf spots. Or for surfers who simply love to keep track of their surf sessions.

The journal includes structured pages for them to track things such as temperature, location, waves, tide, and current.

#23 Reef-friendly sunscreen


Water often washes away sunscreen and it reflects the sun. This makes surfing one of the highest risk sports for sunburns.

Luckily, you can now find water-resistant sunscreen with zinc which is one of the best sunblocks to use for watersports.

And what’s even better about this one by Badger is that it’s reef-friendly, so it doesn’t harm the ocean when the surfer gets in touch with the water.

This makes sunscreen one of the best gifts for surfers who care about their safety and the environment.

#24 Surf-themed luggage tag

luggage tag with surf the wave
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Another example of useful surfing gifts for people who travel a lot are surf-themed luggage tags. For example, this “surf the wave” one.

But check out Zazzle for more options because they offer nearly 1200 different designs!

#25 More surfing-themed gifts: tote bags

Tote bag with surf's up
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Surf-themed tote bags are great surfing gifts for people who care about the environment. Because they can use a tote bag instead of plastic bags and reduce their plastic waste.

And with nearly 4000 different surf-themed tote bags on Zazzle, you will surely find one for your recipient!

I quite like this “Surf’s Up” bag, but again check out Zazzle for more options.

Save these gifts for surfers

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The 25 best gifts for surfers

Final note on gifts for surfers

Do you need help with choosing the best gift for a surfer? Here are my top three surfing gift ideas in each price category:

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